The 42 Above Ground Pools With Decks – (Tips, Ideas & Design Inspiration)

There are a number of situations where a inground pool is not possible within a space; inferior soil, high water table or simply just zoning and building restrictions can place a stop to such plans.

However, when you have been delay the thought of aboveground pools rather alternative as you think they look unsightly -- think again.

With careful design planning above ground pools with decks are far more than a workable alternative. They can be an extremely beautiful addition to your yard.

They are also much more affordable than building an above ground pool.
Within this article we'll dive deep (forgive the pun) in to the advantages of building above ground swimming pools. We'll look at the thing you will need to think about before taking the plunge, and the illusions of installing decking.

However, before we delve into most of the technicalities; let us whet your appetite along with a few ideas on how amazing the above ground swimming pool with deck might look.

Your family and friends are going to love you after installing these.

Above Ground Pools

Here we have a very slick design above ground pool. The wooden decking encircles the entire pool space, with enough space to get loungers too. Note the very fact that the plants at the upper right of this image. This helps create the ullsion the remaining part of the garden is of precisely the same degree since the decking.

The varying elevation of the design is also aided by the fencing and increased steps and platform to the upper left. A wonderful use of design and space.

ground pool

This above ground pool has wooden decking which encircles the entire structure. The simple touch of using pine style railings tends to create the structure match lush surroundings. (Note that the green foliage in the background this pool is in a tropical location).

This really is a very important issue to take into consideration when installing a pool. Because of this to really work, the look has to enhance the landscape of your space just as much as possible.

And should you want to put in a pool slide, you want to ensure there is enough deck space readily available to accomodate the aid arrangements.

wooden deck

This wooden deck construction is made of a simpler and practical structure. Even the slat wooden slides permit access to the workings of this swimming pool, whereas the enclosed fencing ensures most people are safe, (you may imagine a family group with kids owning this type of swimming pool).

The roofed area to the rear of the swimming pool is a great improvement too. Seating or even a BBQ could move here.

oval above ground pools with dick large surface area

This increased above ground pool build actually looks as though it flows from the first floor of your home. The wide decking space allows for fun and entertaining, (including a roofed area) using safety fencing too. Exemplary for your family dwelling.

above ground swimming pool employs

This above ground swimming pool employs a gorgeous glass border that appears exceptionally stylish. The small decking into the back acts as a small entertaining area and entry to the pool.

The opinion out of the rest of the garden awaiting to the pool is obviously interesting since you're able to discover what's going on under the water. Sleek and contemporary in equal measures.

above ground swimming pools

This solid appearing design, takes the abruptness of contour that a few above ground swimming pools could possess within their environment by employing wide steps as much as the top level.

The thin teak style decking is very attractive too.

pool decking

Here we now have a budget, no nonsense way of pool decking. The steps and platform provide an entry to the pool, with enough space to get a seating space too. The rest of the pool sidewalls are left vulnerable.

This is probably the most economical way of take.

particular pool

Yet another contemporary design with this particular pool. The black almost breeze block construction is offset with wood panelling on the back wall and walk out decking.

On the right of this image you may view a pool degree platform using loungers for relaxing between stints from the pool.

beautifully designed pool

Yet another beautifully designed pool. This time that the decking encircles either side of this pool. However, the design allows for a very interesting infinity pool type perspective across the sides without decking.

above ground swimming pool

This above ground swimming pool actually for goes raised decking. Alternatively, only a single group of steps allow for entrance into the pool, with the decking area spread out in ground level. This layout also accommodate a hot spa within the lower of the image.

This shows that you don't also need to build raised decking for the overall effect to appear great.

a swimming pool

Quality grey rock slate and brick work is traditionally used here. The overall effect is a swimming pool structure that looks as if it's been in place for many years. An almost ageless design.

The fountain advantage is a superb method of beautifying the hard vulnerable edge of the pool. Designs like this make you understand precisely how beautiful above ground pools might be of their landscape.

 another pool

That is another pool which doesn't use raised decking. However, the good stone surround helps to ensure that the structure stays comfortably within the garden without looking like out of place.

raised pool

Here the raised pool fits with the rest of your home. It actually resembles part of the overall structure rather than an inclusion.

above ground pool a feasible option

This slick structure includes an infinity edge in the back wall. The builders have used the scene to amazing effect, (demonstrably the land drops sharply into the river making an above ground pool a feasible option in this specific situation.

The stone work stops quality and enhances the overall effects of the style greatly. Who doesn't want a pool like this at the close of the lawn?


This pool advantages from the maintenance the owners have taken to build the environment to the arrangement. The stone walls, plant beds and timber decking to the back of this swimming pool helps guarantee that the finish is pleasing on the eye.

The simple fact the exposed walls of the pool are fitted using wooden slats increase the overall aesthetic.

the pool

Here no decking has been used. Stone steps lead up to to a single entry to the pool. The walls of this structure use wood panelling. A rock border with a well kept yard keeps everything simple yet captivating.

extremely post

An extremely post modern approach used here. The glossy glass utilized on either side of the pool set from the tiled and wood work of the back walls is interesting.

Gray stone work is used instead of decking and provides steps up to the oceans edge. Simply amazing.

pool inside

The standing with this pool inside the surroundings really get the job done. With the exposed edge running alongside the perimeter of the garden compensates the simple fact that this can be definitely an above ground pool.

The decking afterward overlooks the others of the lawn, and in place making the entire garden pool and poolside space. Perfect if you've got a limited area by which to play.

above ground pool might look

Definitely a design like that is beyond most mere mortals but it can demonstrate how sophisticated an above ground pool might look. The black edge with the water filled into the surface gives the feeling of glass.

The light stone work decking compliments the colour strategy to great effect. An option design for your type of this garden having on less ground level to your home above.

A tiny above ground pool

A tiny above ground pool solution here. Again with the pool getting piled against a fence and a practical deck and steps structure, the entire spacial footprint of this pool is minimised.

above ground pool or inground

It is actually tough to decide whether this really is a above ground pool or inground. It would be contingent on the overall thickness.

However, since we can see, the various layers of this garden accommodate the pool very well here. From the reduce grass area into the mid level wooden deck, and then the stone and tiled entertaining section built for the identical degree of this pool. An extremely elegant design really is.

This above ground pool indicates you don't need

This above ground pool indicates you don't need a whole lot of space to have just one installed. The thin rectangular silhouette fits from the perimeter fence and the side of the house.

Small and compact, the look is very efficient, even allowing for a fun hot tub area at one end of this pool.

This pool uses the gradient of the landscape

This pool uses the gradient of the landscape with wonderful effect. It is above ground construction built into the side of a sloping garden. With the backdrop of trees and a wide wood surround this is actually just a gorgeous structure. Very smartly designed while being sympathetic to its own environment.

large wood deck

This design utilizes a large wood deck area that one supposes adjoins the trunk of the house. Because of this the decking serves as a major terrace area of the home too.

The pool is actually used as a centre point of attention

Stone and glass are utilised to great effect here. The wood decking is at groundlevel. The pool is actually used as a centre point of attention, rather than being concealed to the landscape. Wood decking supplies the entrance way in to the swimming pool above.

A huge deck space to the front of the pool

This very simple design works nicely. A huge deck space to the front of the pool, along with the sidewalls are hidden with all the closeness against the ceiling wall. An addition of leaves and the trees encroaching behind all increase the general aesthetic.

Another infinity edge above ground pool

Another infinity edge above ground pool. An increasing stone platform acts as the fun area here. A great touch is the how a medial side of this pool has been become a water feature with the pool water flow over the edge and right into a small strip of plain water at ground level.

 the surroundings using this above ground pool

The master has made no effort to cover up the structure in to the surroundings using this above ground pool. Built in the middle of a plot of land, the pool and wood decking is there for everyone to visit.

on this above ground pool

Ornate stonework has been utilized on this above ground pool. Equipped with the nearby landscape at heart the total effect is very pleasing from a decorative perspective.

An attractive above ground pool that fits into the surroundings acutely well

An attractive above ground pool that fits into the surroundings acutely well. I fact one might assume that the pool was built at exactly the exact same time as your house the stream of the design would be that good.

Benefits of Above Ground Pools

Benefits of Above Ground Pools

Overall Costs

Above ground pools can be a true benefit for those which do not need tens and thousands of dollars to spend on swimming pool. They have been often a lot more affordable than their in counter parts.

That being said, as the example above demonstrates, should you desire to devote alot on an above ground design the finished results can be just as visually pleasing as an in ground pool.

Space economy & Safety

above ground swimming pools are a wonderful choice

If you are restricted to distance, above ground swimming pools are a wonderful choice. The pool deck can be a natural barrier that will help stop children and creatures from end up in the pool.

The increased structure prevents leaves and leaves from blowing into the water too.

Additional the increased deck doubles as an excellent closet using the distance underneath. Filtration equipment can fit underneath, as can all the other garden items which don't need to be exposed all of the time.

Essence of this surroundings

Essence of this surroundings

If your garden has a large gradient, or maybe the soil isn't acceptable for an in ground pool, then the aforementioned ground option will fit and install without problem.

In ground pools also have the disadvantage for the reason that build needs to defy the surrounding earth and what may be structure.

Additionally there is the problem of the table. An above ground pool ensures that you do not have to concern yourself with such details.

With careful design that they can look lovely

an above ground pool submerged within a smartly designed wooden deck space is able to appear fantastic

As the cases above reveal, an above ground pool submerged within a smartly designed wooden deck space is able to appear fantastic.

If your budget can stretch to a few of the slick appearing glass and stone structures, your above ground pool can really have the wow factor.

Adding contrasting wood work, landscaping and plants (as well as fountains and infinity borders) ensure that aboveground pools are able to appear amazing when done correctly.

Things to consider before installing an above ground pool with decking

Whatever way you approach matching a pool in the garden

Whatever way you approach matching a pool in the garden, careful planning is unquestionably demanded.

The pool will become a focus of one's premises. Perhaps the construction connects the pool into the trunk of your dwelling via decking, then the job of the swimming pool into your lawn, perhaps the surround are the level of the pool edge or the floor -- all of those problems need to be thought about.

From a realistic perspective you need to determine what substances to use. (A topic that will be heavily influenced by budget in addition to over all aesthetic).

Aboveground pool decks can provide you plenty to think about. Size, durability, heat and slip resistance are all factors.

Where you live can determine design decisions, do you need a massive sunshade area, and do you prefer to entertain? Do you've got kids and will need comprehensive security gates and fencing installed. Each one those problems need to be considered.

Let us look at a few of these in greater detail.

The size of the above ground pool deck

The size of the above ground pool deck

The space available and the use of the deck will ascertain the dimensions you opt for.

For those who get a huge garden and also like to entertain you may require a deck space to allow for furniture and potential a sunshade.

If your garden is small, you may only need steps leading upto the water edge.


one's poolside decking

The size and substances of one's poolside decking will have an impact on the amount of maintenance you will need to carry out.

A solid rock surround to a aboveground pool will probably soon be more expensive to build, but will survive longer without the need of delicate maintenance.

An all wood structure though, will need frequent treatment to ensure moisture will not start to rust that the material by the inside.

Heat Resistance

With young kids possibly with your swimming pool area

With young kids possibly with your swimming pool area, you need adequate heat resistance on the decking.

The substances you use will all have different attributes in this regard.

Dark bricks and Saltillo tiles can become extremely popular in direct sun. Teak wood on the other hand is more suitable to walking on bare foot.

A favorite choice beyond the standard wood deck is concrete or stone slabs with reflective properties. These stay cooler in sunlight. They look amazing too.

Slip Resistance

when designing your swimming pool decking

Slip resistance is a consideration you need to own when designing your swimming pool decking. Different substances will end up dangerously slippery in wet conditions.

Safety should become a top priority for anyone installing a swimming pool. With above ground pools often desiring stairs, a slick surface can be described as a real hazard.

Railings need to be in place also it is sometimes a very good strategy to include slide mats at many walked areas across the pool.

Pool deck materials

pool decks

Since we have touched upon above, pool decks can be made from several substances that most have their advantages and disadvantages.

Whether you choose wood, tiles, natural rock, bricks or limestone will chiefly deend on practicalities in addition to the thickness of one's own pocket.

With each of these types it's best to get the finest quality stuff you can find, (in addition to a recommended builder to construct it).

Let us look at different types of above ground pool decks available.

If you have opted for an above ground pool

Wood decks are the most popular option. If you have opted for an above ground pool on the budget, then the very versatile and affordable decking to elect for is the wood one.

Wooden decks could be constructed in to all manner of shapes, sizes and spaces. Wood may also be useful for your own basic safety railings, steps and gates in addition to the supporting structure.

Beyond cost and practicality, a wood deck done properly can look very beautiful.

The construction meets the security criteria and also regular treatment may persist for quite a while.

Cedar, cypress and walnut would be the most popular choices for pool decking.

Aluminum Decks

Some aboveground pools

Some aboveground pools will probably soon be sold with accompanying aluminium decking. Whether that is a little stairway and platform or full environment will be based on the item.

The fantastic point about aluminum decks is that they are easy to install. They also resist changing temperatures therefore aren't prone to damage in winter.

Carpet floor is occasionally laid on top of the construction making for a slip-proof, more surface.

Stone / Brick Decks

Stone or brick pool decks will be the priciest

Stone or brick pool decks will be the priciest, however they're also the very durable and in several cases would be the very aesthetically pleasing.

Smooth bricks are advocated since they are easier to walk on.

Stone slabs can go more than bricks, (that require sealing and maintaining), but they can be exceedingly slick in wet situations.

It's best to avoid stones in dark colors because they truly are probably the most heat absorbent.

Concrete Decks

around your above ground pool

Poured or stamped concrete is just another economical method of fabricating deck space around your above ground pool.

Concrete can also be painted to satisfy the requirements of your own styling. Like stone, a smooth concrete finish might be slippery.

A combination of materials

amazing looking above ground pools

Frequently the very practical and amazing looking above ground pools will have decking and surrounding areas made from assorted substances.

Each can be chosen to balance the overall aesthetic, in addition to supply the maximum heat and slippery proof coating.

Whatever your design, careful planning will ensure you implement it in a means that will provide waterside fun for the family for a long time to come.

Roll on summer!


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