Azodin Kaos Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set

​This mega set is designed and developed with the highest standards of usability in mind. The latest in technological breakthrough in the paintball industry is implemented in the design of this mega set. There are features in this marker that are available with all the big brands and expert markers. This is exactly what an amateur player is going to need to start playing paintball as a sport.

​Azodin Kaos Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Se
  • Azodin Kaos Marker
  • GSX XVSN Mask with a visor and anti-fogging feature
  • 3Skull Black Hopper
  • CO2 Tank
  • Deluxe paintball harness
  • 6 x 140 round paintball clear tubes
  • Gold Cup oil – 1oz
  • 21” orange jerk squeegee


  • This kit comes with everything that is required for a game
  • This set is ideal for newbies and intermediate players
  • The durability of this set is good and can last many years
  • The marker comes with a hopper that holds 200 paintballs
  • Consists of a feather light striker design
  • The technology allows for a breakthrough in the mechanical recoil
  • The length is short and the marker is one of the lightest there is
  • The weight of the marker is 2.1 pounds
  • It is a .68 caliber
  • Any brand of paintballs can be used in the marker as long as it is .68 caliber
  • It is a perfect starter gun if you are interested in playing RecBall
  • The price is worth the different pieces you get with this set
  • The mask is durable and provides enough protection
  • The lens of the mask also does not allow for fogging while playing
  • The mask can also be worn over prescription glasses without a problem
  • The marker shoots at around 8 bps which is excellent for the price
  • The hopper is a gravity hopper
  • The player can see how many paintballs they have left with the transparent back of the hopper
  • A electric hopper can be fit to the marker if required
  • The gun is a strong one and can handle an electric hopper without a problem
  • The mask comes with a visor that can be used during outdoor play
  • The CO2 tank that comes with the set is 20oz and has a pin valve


  • The paintballs get chopped sometimes when using the gun at high velocity. This can be fixed by a better hopper or reducing the velocity of the shots
  • Players cannot unscrew the twist lock feed neck as it can be tough to put back if you require

Easy to Use

​The Azodin Kaos Paintball Marker Gun 3Skull Mega Set is very easy to use and makes a perfect gift for beginners. The marker and all the accessories can be cleaned easily. The barrel will need a squeegee to clean it out and there is one already included in the set.


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