The Best 9mm Ammo Review in 2019 for Self-Defense/Range Shooting

The best 9 mm ammunition usually has an ideal balance between penetration in addition to expansion, though they can vary concerning muzzle velocity and muzzle energy (fancy a muzzleloader?) . In all honesty, there are various types of design available, including the type and weight of their ammo. Therefore, this review is here to save your day, to give a small insight concerning the top rated ammo outthere to you.

Besides this, this 9mm ammo, also as known as 9 mm Luger is mainly employed for plinking, range training as well as selfdefense where they are commonly utilized by civilians and law enforcement bureaus. As for the form and dimensions of this ammo it self, they come within an alloy casing (mostly boxer-primed) that is reloadable.

They are then packed with boxes and neatly arranged for effortless handling. That having been said, you can buy them in bulks or perhaps the usual 50 rounds per box. If you're an extreme and enthusiastic shooter, then I would suggest that you get the ammo at bulks because it is a whole lot cheaper per round, thus very worth it, even in terms of investment. The price for a box of 50 rounds is usually 20$.

Bullet Weight

The bullet weight is measured in grains (abbreviated: 'gr'). The weight will not make much difference as long as you employ the caliber on your pistol. For your information, quality describes the internal diameter of the Gunbarrel. Thus, it all comes back on your own preference and also the additional features the ammo offers.

Bullet Type

There are bullet types available on the market. Most of these is sold with the (cited in this review) that the complete metal jacket (FMJ) and jacketed hollow point (JHP). It is a conventional design that's typically used in pistols. It preserves the truth of your taste and offers system that is feeding.

For the jacketed hollow point on the other hand, upon entering the prospective leading to controlled 29, the bullet comes with a shape that is hollowed outside and expands. The hollow point on the other side is covered with alloy metallic coating which comes in handy for improved bullet strength as well as ensures clean fire consequently preventing fouling in diameter.

You are able to check out different styles and designs here.

Primer Type

What is a primer, you could well be wondering? First things first, you have to understand that a magician has an significant role in the firearm. In weapons that were larger, the primer is located at the finish of the barrel and also serve of the gun to ignite the power fee. Conversely, at the back end of this capsule, they're placed in smaller weapons.

The most popular primer style may be the boxer-primed brass style. The brass constructions ensures that the projectile is corrosion-free. For the fighter style on the flip side, it includes a cup and anvil so the projectile could be removed and replaced with maximum simplicity, using a pin nut. It may be reloaded conveniently.

Number of Rounds & Packaging​

The number of rounds is based on what you plan on using the 10mm ammo for. If you find below, the product having a huge number or rounds usually are the best for range training except that the most popular 50 or 20 rounds each box are traditionally used for self-defense.

That being said, should you intend on cleaning or training up your shooting abilities, then you ought to go for the ammo from bulks as it not only is a lot cheaper but in addition you get to fire a large number of rounds continuously with ease. They are packed within an organized manner for handling. So it is well organized, the people in bulks are divided into cases and boxes.

Best Self-Defense Ammo :

1. Speed Gold Dot JHP

9mm - 115 Grain JHP - Speer Gold Dot - 20 Rounds

Developed by Speer Gold Dot, this ammo comes with an overall total of 20 rounds. If you are a beginner who want to use shooting or basically utilize it for home defense, this product would be perfect for you as you won't need to use up many rounds simultaneously, hence why 20 or 50 each box is still sufficient for you and also, in the event you finally pick that shooting isn't your cup of tea whatsoever!

Weighing 115 grain, this self employed bullets is basically the jacketed hollow point (JHP) kind) If you are wondering, the JHP's specialty is that it has a hollowed. Therefore, whenever a hollowpoint is connected with the target, it is going to lead to the deformation of the bullet hence producing devastating results.

Besides that, it's exceptional proven terminal ballistics in addition to impressive knockdown power hence rendering it an superb option to be applied as a superior defense ammo. For the own information, the muzzle velocity measures 1210 feet per seconds (fps) whereas the muzzle energy measures 374 foot pounds (ft lbs).

With brass, it's boxer-primed in terms of the casing around the other hand. The metal structure prevents rust in the case at the very long haul yet the boxer-primed style contributes to suitable reloading since the cartridge could be replaced and removed together with maximum ease.

Furthermore, this hollowpoint ammo is basically packed with bonded core bullets which have been made for critical defense needs. To put it differently, the bonded core bullet refers to the removal of the core-jacket separation and impressive weight retention. As a result of this, it is a lot better in contrast to the conventional hollowpoint bullet, when struck with heavy or bone clothing upon entrance.

Suitable for :

  • 20 rounds per box
  • Boxer-primed case
  • Impressive knock down power
  • Bonded core bullets
  • Jacketed hollow point (JHP)

2. Winchester Supreme Elite JHP

9mm - 124 gr +P JHP - Winchester Supreme Elite- 20 Rounds

First things first, this item is produced from the Winchester Supreme Elite. It's a remarkably common brand in the firearms and ammo field therefore that would express a bit about its costly price. Though slightly costly, it is a excellent ammo, in my opinion! Mark my words, your shooting performance could be quite great with these solidly made ammo.

As it simply includes 20 rounds each box, it's not acceptable for range training. Hence why, it's good for home defense at which you are not essential to use tens of thousands of rounds always. In my opinion, it is one of the most useful home defense 9mm ammunition available so continue to keep a close lookout for this particular ammo.

More over, the bullets would be the jacketed hollow point (JHP) type. Weighing 124 grains, the hollow point bullet was created for maximum energy transfer upon impact as well as controlled expansion throughout penetration, even when in contact with the mark. The JHP style on the other hand has a hollowed out shape where the bullet climbs when inputting the prospective for lower penetration (controlled penetration).

That having been stated, they are usually wrapped in an coat of harder metal (aluminum metal usually) to boost the potency of the bullet as well as prevent fouling in the barrel. Overall, it is intended to maximize terminal ballistics so successfully fulfilling the demands of this FBI test protocol.

Apart from that, the muzzle velocity measures 1200 fps meanwhile the muzzle energy, 400 ft lbs. For the own information, the muzzle energy refers to the bullet's kinetic energy if emptied out of the muzzle. The idea is rather straightforward; the heavier the bullet, the quicker it goes with higher muzzle energy and voila more damage in your own target.

Moving forward to this muzzle velocity, it defines the speed of the ammo when fired out of the muzzle of the rifle. They're a lot higher, of class with higher performance capsules. Along with the ammo casing on the other hand is boxer-primed using nickel-plated brass therefore leading to excellent corrosion resistance as well as simple pruning.

Suitable for :

  • 20 rounds altogether
  • 124 grain JHP bullets
  • Controlled penetration
  • Finest home defense ammo

3. Hornady Critical Defense FTX

9mm - 115 Grain FTX - Hornady Critical Defense - 25 Rounds

First of all, the bullet with the ammunition measures 115 grains. That said, it's of the Flex Hint (FTX) type, where it has a patented Flex Tip bullet. In comparison to the majority of hollow point bullets, the Flex Tip bullet is equipped with a soft plastic insert which leads to continual expansion, to get a reliable and controlled penetration overall.

Along with this, each bullet is custom built to allow for individual heaps conveniently and they have been loaded in nickel plated cases for higher shelf lifetime as the all alloy structure helps to ensure that it's resistant to rust. Speaking about cases, this product utilizes brass instance that's reloadable as well as the nickel plated.

Most ammunition utilize the boxer priming style at which it includes a cup and also anvil therefore it is quite easy to take away the old primer using a very simple pin punch and sew, you are able to garnish it with ease, for the added convenience.

The product comes at an overall number of 25 rounds. If you have seen, the self employed rounds are quite easy to spot because they usually arrive in a tiny amount of rounds when compared with the ammo applied for scope training. To put it differently, you never need to make use of rounds up for self help.

Continuing to the bullet operation, it puts on an awesome performance as there is certainly near no malfunctions altogether up on firing multiple rounds. So it is dependable and consistent. In addition to that, this personalized defense ammo feeds and shoots with recoil and accuracy, for your convenience.

Besides that, it's a suitable ammo for outside take as opposed to home safety as it is designed with a muzzle flash that can be considered a small blinding once used in home. Overall, it is a wonderful ammunition overall which promises the right expansion and penetration faculties, in addition to an accurate and clean shooter.

Suitable for :

  • Flex Tip bullet
  • Controlled expansion and reliable
  • Feeds and shoots well
  • Muzzle flash
  • 25 rounds (11-5 grain bullets)

4. Remington Golden Saber BJHP

9mm - 147 Grain BJHP - Remington Golden Saber - 500 Rounds

First of all, this hollow point projectile is equipped with hard brass jackets which has wide mouth openings in addition to spiraling serrations which leads to deep penetration, gigantic expansion not forgetting, striking terminal ballistics. All in all, the bullet weighs 147 grain and is of the brass-jacketed hollow point (BJHP) type.

To put it differently, this BJHP bullet type pairs extremely well using its suppressors, mainly as a result of subsonic loading. Ostensibly, this item is really a 9x19mm round that is quite durable and built to last with threat-dropping energy to the mark. That said it has also a muzzle velocity and a muzzle energy of 320 feet pounds.

Manufactured by the Remington, this projectile is used for self-defense. Similar to the saber sword, the Remington Golden Saber 9mm ammo provides exemplary defense to cut down risks standing in your course with maximum efficacy. It can be either used as personal home defense ammunition or a outdoor take (fancy a deer hunting rifle?) According to your taste.

The casing alternatively is boxer-primed using nickel-plated brass construction which is rust-resistant and guarantees smooth biking hence contributing to the durability of your merchandise. The boxer-style primer helps to ensure that the ammo can be reloaded with maximum ease because it is replaced and removed using a simple pin punch.

Along with this, it's 500 total rounds. Even the 500 rounds are packed neatly within a organized manner to guarantee convenient and easy management, together with there being 50 rounds per box and 10 boxes per case. If you're an avid hunter, police officer or only a cautious civilian who often shoots and hunts, then you should totally do it.

That said the bulk-case of 500 rounds is available handy to allow the shooter plenty of practice to find just a little penetration and familiarize with the ammo itself, with consistent recoil urge.

Suitable for :

  • 500 rounds altogether
  • Brass-jacketed hollow point
  • Boxer-primed nickel plated brass
  • Excellent terminal ballistics
  • Massive expansion & profound penetration

5. Federal Premium LE HST JHP

9mm - 147 Grain BJHP - Remington Golden Saber - 500 Rounds

Manufactured by the Federal Premium company, this 9mm ammo is sold with 50 rounds altogether, in a carton. Weighing 147 grain, the bullet is of the HST Jacketed Hollow Point (JHP) type which comes in handy to offer gigantic expansion.

In other words, the Hollowpoints are covered in tougher metal coating that leads to a stronger bullet as well as prevent fouling in the barrel. Besides that, it has a muzzle velocity of 1000 fps and a muzzle energy of 326 foot pounds. The energy will increase, after the bullet goes faster and voila damage on your target.

The bullet on the opposite hand is equipped with a pre-skived tip that will allow the bullet to expand in to large petals that would likewise lead to a large permanent wound cavity. That being said, that the special design actually ensures that the lead petals protect the copper petals underneath throughout the expansion procedure.

Ergo, the higher weight reduction contributes to penetration through number of barriers. All in all, the product provides a perfect equilibrium between fascia penetration in addition to projectile expansion when in touch with the target to give you the very best shooting operation, for your added benefit.

Besides this, this point ammo is mainly utilized for self purpose purpose. It's created for the usage of law enforcement officers as well as occasionally made available to most people through authorities tradeins.

Apart from that, the ammo casing is boxer-primed and includes a nickel plated aluminum construction to ensure that it's rust-resistant. Speaking of this boxer-style priming system, it is accompanied by an anvil and cup at the middle of the pocket ergo making it reloadable because it's extremely easy to be replaced and removed.

Suitable for :

  • 50 rounds per box
  • Pre-skived bullet hint
  • Jacketed hollow point bullet (147 grain)
  • Boxer-primed case
  • deep penetration

6. Magtech Guardian Gold JHP

9mm - +P 115 Grain JHP - Magtech Guardian Gold - 20 Rounds

Developed by the Magtech Guardian Gold, this self indulgent around has an overall total of 20 rounds altogether, arranged and packaged together neatly at a small and mobile box. I believe that it is well worth your investment since it offers an affordable protection that packs a potent punch to help that you with the ideal shooting performance.

Moreover, the bullet weighs 115 grain and also consists of the jacketed hollow point (JHP) bullet kind) The JHP bullet type is usually used in the majority of 9 mm ammo as it includes a unique design at which its own hollow point is coated with metal metal which leads to the durability of the bullet itself.

That stated, the hollow point bullet includes a hollowed out shape causing the bullet to expand when connected with the mark which further results in controlled penetration. It has a muzzle energy of 397 ft pounds and a muzzle speed of 1246 fps.

This product is mostly used for self reliant purpose, where it makes a superb selection for either home or personal defense. In general, it's really a strong ammo because each situation is primed with a reliable ignition primer in addition to filled with the best burning propellants and finally constructed with the bullet that was specified.

Continuing on to this 9 mm ammo case, it's made of brass that was boxer-primed. The brass construction means that it's rust resistant meanwhile the priming style makes it to be substituted and removed together with maximum ease, only with one pin punch, for the added convenience. Therefore, it could be reloaded every and every time.

Besides that, the bullet can be additionally subjected to the nice qualities such as tremendous stopping power, awesome mushrooming, deep penetration and dead on accuracy. That having been said, it has a constructive and reliable feeding system. Additionally, it shoots directly, of misfiring after multiple rounds with the very least possibility.

Suitable for :

  • 20 rounds per box
  • Great choice for private defense
  • deep penetration +wonderful accuracy
  • Favorable fires and feeding clean

Best Range Training Ammo :

1. Blazer Brass FMJ

9mm - 124 Grain FMJ - Blazer Brass - 1000 Rounds

Designed with an overall total of 1, 000 rounds, this particular product is acceptable for enthusiastic and frequent shooters. In the event that you frequently use it, it's very well worth your investment as it is a lot more affordable than buying multiple 50 rounds separately. You don't just get to save cost, but also convince and exercise on the ample ammo for greater shooting experience.

In a organized manner, all of the rounds are ordered and packaged concerning arrangements. Blazer Brass (producer) did an exceptional job concerning packaging since the ammunition is ordered neatly with 50 rounds each box along with 20 boxes each case. It comes from bulks so it's quite acceptable for range training.

The item can be utilised in scope shooting at tactical training, and target practice. As it's considerable ammo, you can use hundreds of them at a move for training, with maximum convenience. These rounds offer accuracy with the perfect punch to supply the very best efficiency.

Apart from that, this item consists of frog termed 124 grain. They have been of full metal jacket (FMJ) type. The FMJ design can be a design for a eating system in semi-automatic pistols. It is equipped with a heavy jacket resulting in deep penetration.

Concerning ammo performance, it fires shoots and clean well. Don't worry, you don't need to be worried about wasting too a lot of your bullets thanks to misfiring or jams. The chances of the bullet misfiring is very low (less than 10 bullets, within my own experience!) Out from this 1000 therefore that it's safe to state, the product is a wonderful investment.

Though it fires clean, you mustn't utilize it as an excuse to never clean your own weapon. Proper maintenance is really critical for the best operation of your weapon and thus don't forget to clean and oil them often. Continuing to the casing, this product is equipped with a boxer-primed brass instance that's non-corrosive and re-loadable, for your added convenience.

Suitable for :

  • 1000 rounds in total (majority)
  • 124 grain full metal jacket
  • Boxer-primed brass
  • Fires wash and shoots well

2. PMC Battle Pack FMJ

9mm - 115 Grain FMJ - PMC - Battle Pack - 900 Rounds

This item is rather unique because it comes from conflict packs. It has an overall total of 900 rounds altogether which is divided into three battle packs consisting of 300 rounds each. The battle package is split into 60 boxes each pack and 50 rounds per box. So, you might well be asking yourself why put it into conflict package as soon as you're able to leave it be in regular packs only like other services and products?

To answer your query, these conflict packs comes in handy if you are undergoing field training. That being said, it's suitable to be properly used for field training and range shooting because with this particular packs, they are easily packaged into the battle field.

In other words, the 9 mm ammo is vacuum-sealed and wrapped securely at a higher density advance polymer sleeve that's tough and solid to withstand impact and demanding terrains within the field, without your projectile becoming damaged.

To further elaborate on this, the packs are amazing for long term ammo storage; you need not worry about the ammo getting damaged within the long run because the pack is solid. But for additional security, you are able to save them in an ammo can (this measure isn't mandatory) according to a preference. All in all, the ammo itself is exceptionally durable as it's kept in solid packs for safekeeping.

Moving on to the bullets, it weighs 115 grain and is of the full metal jacket (FMJ) type where it features the standard Sierra accuracy and quality. The jacket results in penetration also it is match made for feeding that is perfect and accuracy. This type of bullet provides consistency and great accuracy of one's shooter.

Besides this, the bullet travels out of the fps it's the energy of 338 foot pounds. The ammo casing is resulting in reloading since the projectiles can be readily removed and replaced. In addition, this product is manufactured by PMC.

Suitable for :

  • 3 combat packs (total: 900 rounds)
  • Boxer-primed brass
  • long-term storage ammo
  • 115 grain full metal coat


9mm - 115 Grain FMJ - PMC - 1000 Rounds

Let's walk through a brief history of the item. Firstly, this mulch is produced by PMC for the South Korean military. The cartridges, ranging from small arms ammo were produced to meet the intent that was military.

I think because PMC produces their own components from raw materials all, out of scratch, it's rather unique. They take all the initiative to be sure that the ammo is built with control within consistency and the oversupply chain.

Continuing to the bullet type, it weighs 115 grain and also is of the full metal jacket (FMJ) kind) The FMJ type is utilised in pistols and has an excellent positive immune apparatus. Overall, it is standard for excellence and consistency, a range ammo. As a proof to that announcement, there is near no mis-fire or jams.

It offers groupings and shooting resulting in an accurate shot. The bullet moves out of the muzzle using an energy of 338 ft pounds and a velocity of 1150 fps. The casings to the opposite hand is boxer-primed using metal construction. The brass construction prevents rust the priming that is boxer-style contributes for the convenience.

It comes in a number of 1000 rounds that's divided to 20 boxes each case and 50 rounds each box. It's from bulks it's appropriate for use for scope training since you can fire tens of thousands of rounds continuously. Not only that, it is a good deal more economical and worth your investment buying them in bulks in comparison to purchasing ammo.

Suitable for :

  • 1, 000 rounds altogether
  • 115 grain full metal jacket
  • High consistency bullet
  • Non-corrosive and reloadable

4. Prvi Partizan JHP

9mm - 115 gr JHP - Prvi Partizan - 1000 Rounds

Manufactured by the Prvi Partizan, this 9mm mulch has a 115 grain (bullet lb) jacketed hollowpoint (JHP) bullet) To give you a small in sight, the JHP bullet type identifies to the point of the bullet getting covered by metal metal in order to improve the bullet strength in addition to prevent fouling to the guide.

Furthermore, the casing is brass which is rust-resistant to ensure the shelf life of this bullet in the very long term as well as reloadable. Continuing to the bullet operation, it cycles supplies controlled expansion. As a result of it punches holes in paper targets.

This projectile is employed for range training it may be utilized for self. Its standard pressure load means it works in both full-sized and streamlined handguns. The bullet travels from the muzzle in a velocity of 1148 fps and also energy of ft pounds.

It comes in 1, 000 rounds. The 1, 000 rounds are broken up to 20 boxes per case and 50 rounds per box at. Cost is only one short really saved by buying in bulk such as purchasing 500 or even 1000 rounds as opposed to buying box.

That being said, it is as or perhaps a whole lot simultaneously, such a good deal if you're about to use them range training. Overall, it is a good choice for budget self-improvement using its ability to enlarge impact and deliver insight, to provide you with the very experience that is shooting.

Suitable for :

  • 115 grain jacketed hollow point
  • 1000 rounds completely
  • Cycles well
  • Controlled penetration


All in all, the top-rated 9mm ammo ought to have the ideal balance between expansion and penetration. There are various varieties of bullet with unique designs and types out there therefore that you should choose sensibly depending upon your taste. Thus, I hope my review assists you in making the choice.


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