Best AR-10 Lower Receiver Reviews

Have you ever been aware about this ArmaLite ar-10, or even the AR-10 rifle more? It's basically a battle rifle which feeds in the 7.62x51mm NATO or even .308 Winchester cartridges. That being said, I am positive you have very well heard of the most popular ar 15 rifle (you need to, after all the mortal mass shooting tragedies that happened in America on the last few years).

A recipient is a firearm part that's different successive numbers, where these serial numbers play a significant role which means that you can purchase your own firearm. Besides that, the receiver's key job is to accommodate and assemble the shooting parts on the upper and lower receiver (lower only carry serial number). The lower section attaches into the barrel, magazine, and stock, pistol grip in addition to houses the fire control bands meanwhile the top absorbs the barrel and bolt.

Concerning construction on the flip side, the lower has 3 different techniques it is made of, that's the forged, billet and 80%. Before delving further into the best AR-10 lower receiver, let us see the gap between both the ar-10 and ar-15 rifle.

First things first, the ar 15 was assembled depending on the ar 10 design, but has been created to be lighter and bigger. In terms of appearance, both rifles look similar, in many aspects with the first difference being the quality 26, but they change. The ar10 firearm chambers at the 308 caliber Twist meanwhile the latter chambers in either the .223 Remington or 5.56mm NATO caliber.

If you compare the sizes of the calibers, then you'll observe that the 308 is really a good deal bigger compared to the 223 caliber. As a result of heavier mass and bigger size, the projectile stores massive kinetic energy which will be interpreted in to exceptional knocking power onto the goal. Therefore, you can imagine how powerful one shooter from the AR-10 would soon be!

Shifting, there are more gaps than meets the eye, that goes beyond compared to just the caliber or cartridge. The Armalite AR-10 rifle's pieces is slightly larger since it pops in the bigger standard. Due to the size gap, a few of the pieces of receiver are not synonymous, especially the receiver.

They comprise, take down hooks, bolt catch, the pistol grip and magazine. In the case of the magazine wells as an instance, magazine to get AR-10's larger size ensures its larger size conveniently that is bullet can be accommodated by them. Conversely are the trigger as well as trigger springs. Next on this list, we will look into the difference between Armalite series and your DPMS, which can be both main.

DPMS LR308 vs Armalite AR-10

Unlike the ar 15, the AR-10 firearm has no stages. In other words, they aren't standardized for construction at the absence of standardization resulted in the market open for assorted interpretation and notions. At your day's close, there were just two unique platform configurations which stood out above other people. These platforms will be the Armalite AR-10 series and DPMS LR308 series.

As it is of patterns and also not standardized, the regions of the rifle are not interchangeable. If you notice, you can find two different barrels and perhaps even receivers designed for both the ar10 platforms. If you choose a certain one, you'll need to further select other gun parts which can be harmonious with it. Next, check out the details in regards to the 3 different structure varieties of receivers.

Lower Receiver Style:


The throw design is quite popular, it's recorded as the most common sort of style in industry because it produces the most powerful product among all 3 structure styles. Therefore, what exactly is the receiver? To answer your lingering question, a sheet of metal, be it hot or steel aluminium is molded and hammered to select the form of a standard receiver.

It's subsequently heat treated to ensure endurance and strength. Continuing to the process, alterations are made as the. These modifications include engraving it and smoothening drilling holes, borders and coating. All that and voila, your product is going to be of exceptional quality.


The billet approach to make the recipient is a bit more tedious compared to this forged style mentioned above. In fact, there's a great deal of time, electricity and workmanship involved with the making of the decrease receiver working with this approach, thus leading to the costly price. In terms of construction, the metal used is carved in addition to CNC machined from a single billet cube to shape the shape of a decrease receiver.

This structure style produces a product when compared to method. However, it is strong enough to withstand the powerful recoil from the firearm. The plus point of this method is that you are capable of making aesthetic changes according to your taste, with maximum ease.

80% Assembled

80% assembled? A word, not believe! The receiver not being fully constructed is referred to by it. In reality, it is just 80% built it is not regarded as that a firearm. Since it isn't a firearm, you need not receive any FFL license to purchase it.

This recipient style would be ideal if you're a handy person, who loves adding, changing and designing your receiver, notably in the a pre-machined state. That having been stated, you might need to get yourself extra receiver and tools parts to fully assemble it. Not only that, you should also be well-equipped with technical skills in order to precisely assemble the product with excellent precision.

Top 8 AR-10 Lower Receiver Reviews

1. Aero Precision 308 AR M5 (Lower)

Aero Precision 308 AR M5

Designed with a solid black finish, the Aero Precision ar 10 lower receiver is designed to adapt the Gen 1 DMPS 308 components, particularly that the DPMS magazine and top recipient. It chambers in the .308 Winchester cartridge, which is quite common among all Armalite AR10 lower. For your information, this cartridge is slightly larger and longer than the normal AR-15 cartridges (223 Remington), ergo why you'll find that the mag well is significantly more pliable and bigger, in order to accommodate the larger rounds together with maximum ease.

In terms of assembly, this item is forged with a style. This meeting method is said to be the most effective as it produces a solid (most powerful among the 3 assembly techniques) and lightweight product. All in all, it allows one to build a custom-made, large-bore AR gun from ground-up.

Continuing on to the quality, it includes mil spec measurements in addition to good coat to guarantee accurate component interface and superb quality, hence causing its durability in the future. The coat prevents rust which is useful if you frequently search with your firearm, particularly under wet weathers. Thus, what exactly does it mean by measurements that are mil spec?

To answer the query, the milspec dimensions refer to this buffer tube and referred to as the receiver expansion. For your information, the buffer tube is supposed to be just two hundredths of an inch bigger than the one. It costs slightly more than the latter and it has versatile choices for after market stock up grades later on.

Besides that, this 308 AR is machined from the 7075-T6 aluminium, together with a matte black hard-coat anodized Mil 8625 Type 3 Vintage 2 finish, which further contributes to its excellent resistance to rust. In addition to that, it has a trigger guard. The incorporated trigger protector is firmer compared to almost any plastic piece in the industry. Its own selector markings alternatively comes with 45, 60 and 90 degrees safety selectors.

The selector markings additionally has an intriguing pictogram depicting the safe and flame option therefore you'll be well aware whether the safety is switched or not, at all times. On a side note, the 308 AR lower not merely accepts the Battle Simulator Development short-throw safety selectors, but also works nicely with the standard safeties. Continuing forward to the mag well, it is fresh with a non-rough and glossy surface.

That being said, the front part of the mag well is greater compared to the rear therefore it really is much easier to find the books inside and seated without needing to lift it up and down. The primary positive point of the mag well (profiting from the DPMS style lower) is it take in the PMAG mode magazine. The magazine is flared out quite to guarantee rapid reloads.

Last but not least, the rear takedown pin detent hole is threaded 4-40 which comes in convenient to make certain that the set screw keeps the takedown pin. Considering that the bolt catch is threaded for a screw pin, then you are not going to need a roll pin. In reality, with the threaded feature, you simply need to unscrew it, then put it in place, screw it back and voila, you're nearly finished with the installation.

Suitable for:

  • Integral trigger guard and selector markings
  • Polished and flared mag nicely
  • Accepts PMAG
  • Stripped/ forged assembly
  • No roster hooks demanded

2. Mega Arms Maten Billet Receiver Set (Upper and Lower)

Mega Arms Maten Billet Receiver Set

Much like your luck, the Mega Arms Maten offers both top and lower receiver together so that you can kill two birds with a rock, as opposed to purchasing separately a upper receiver. In fact, you should be aware that this particular lower is ONLY harmonious with all the Mega Maten upper receiver. That being said this Maten billet receiver collection has been a superb platform to create a versatile and powerful AR 308 rifle, since it's designed to accommodate the broadest variety of multifunctional components.

Upon purchase, this item includes both the billet machined top and lower receiver, Mega Arms billet charging handle, dust cap doorway, bolt discharge, bolt grab pin and pivot/takedown hooks. The bolt includes a complete ambidextrous feature, which I feel is quite user-friendly so you are in a position to release the bolt out of either side.

Discussing in regards to the billet type, it's complicated to create compared to the style. The billet assembly consists of a CNC machined metal that's machined and carved out of a single billet block to form the decrease recipient form. It is possible to very quickly make alterations with this particular particular assembly style. Furthermore, in terms of design, it's pretty impressive and rugged mainly because of the laser engraved T-numbers on top of this Picatinny rail.

In fact, its aesthetics standout for the remainder of the rifle on shooting line. Besides that, there is metal therefore that any failure point later on will be expunged, beefing up the attachment point to the buffer tube. On the rear, where the extension goes, there are no holes for your detent and spring because position of the setscrews are altered (at which the detent and spring are also included).

The safety selector on the opposite hand defines the flame and also safe pictograms for evident visual assistance if your protection is either on or off. The magazine well opening is flared its chamfer aids in quick and effortless magazine reload and clipping. The trigger guard is oversize and incorporated for enhanced rigidity and strength, remembering it provides a lot of room for your gloved finger.

Discussing about the trigger guard, it includes a set screw rather than a roll pin. Thus, no additional tools are necessary to put in that, you just need to screw at the set screw to add the 308 AR upper and lower receiver firmly set up.

Suitable for:

  • Billet machined receiver place
  • Oversized trigger guard
  • Flared magwell openingSet twist instead of roll hooks

3. James Madison 80% Lower Receiver with Jig

ames Madison 80% Lower Receiver with Jig

First things first you ought to be aware that all JMT (James Madison Tactical) enhances are equipped with a machining jig. Made from plastic, the jig comes with a 3-piece structure that is solid. Besides that, JMT has amazing machining guidelines therefore you don't have to fret about adding modifications and completing the receiver. All in all, it is said that JMT incorporated its formula of hybrid components and polymers, together with additional reinforcements in high stress areas to produce among the best product in the market.

This 308 AR lesser isn't thought to be an FFL item, since it is only 80% assembled. To put it differently, since it isn't an entire receiver (needs further machining to be performed), that you don't need a FFL license to get it. That being said, the surgeries that have to get done to this 80% lower are installing the hammer and trigger trap, fire control set, activate slot and safety selector hole. On one note, it has a upper firing control box section in addition to an extended upper mag well box department.

The various tools required for the meeting are drill pieces of different lengths and sizes, razor, craft machine, mill, and machine vice and other gunsmithing tools, based on a taste. You need to drill, file and cut certain portions of the merchandise to collect the lower receiver.

Concerning structure, it's made from material that was polymer80. In reality, it could be said that most JMT products are engineered into milspec tolerances. Due to it being machined out of durable fiber oxide material, you don't have to be worried about it corroding in the long run, as you may find when utilizing a aluminium lower.

Furthermore, this Armalite lower is DMPS compliant and features the JMT Gen two logo markings. Its features that are special additionally extends into its bolt discharge pin posts that are extended. The webbed magazine wells on the left and right side are suitable to allow for Magpul magazines. Apart from that, the webbing on the mag appears impressive of course, if you notice, the flare on the mag well is actually curved out in the place of sharp line.

The webbing contributes to it being an fantastic support hand grip. The item has a brass insert. For this reason, you can twist the clasp screw . Certain key regions of the low are strengthened consequently leading to its own durability.

Suitable for:

  • Hybrid polymer 80 and fiber substance
  • Webbed mag wells
  • DPMS compliant
  • 80% assembled and comes with a jig

4. Black Rain Ordinance Stripped Upper & Lower Receiver

Black Rain Ordinance Stripped Upper & Lower Receiver

Adding the Gen I design and lower receiver design, the Black Rain Ordinance receiver set is supposed to accept the DPMS LR 308 design components. Thus, it can accommodate the setup of a variety of parts. For example, since it features the DPMS pattern, it accepts the DPMS magazines, specially the Magpul PMAG .308 magazine. If you are wondering why the PMAG is popular sought out, it's principally as it will not have flexed feed lips and is pretty simple to wash and reload.

Besides this, this upper and lower 308 AR set are fully machined from the 7075 billet aluminium material as well as paired to make an ultra-stable and complete touch match without any happenings of slops or rattles. Even the 7075 aluminum material is supposedly somewhat solid, not forgetting that it has a fantastic resistance to corrosion, hence contributing to the sturdiness of your goods.

In terms of design and finish, it's available in either a rugged, parkerized matte black finish along with a non-guard electroless nickel finish that provides an impressive resistance to corrosion as well as surface wear. The assembly style alternatively would be that the stripped ar-style, with construction. As it is constructed using the billet method, it might be slightly costly in contrast to the ones which are forged.

For the information, all the parts within this AR .308 lower are interchangeable except the rear takedown pin, pivot pin as well as bolt catch and discharge. Continuing on to the specifications, this Armalite 10 lower has a 3.9millimeters (.154") hammer/trigger snare holes along with .275" (6.4mm) takedown/pivot pin-holes. Nevertheless, the bolt twist screw is not included up on buying this product.

More over, the bolt grab pinhole is threaded with a forward assist, hence you need not work with a roll pin to secure both upper and lower together. For your convenience, it is possible to simply twist and unscrew the trap, in fact. The lower is also equipped with an integral trigger guard that comes in handy to give maximum rigidity.

Not only that, there are pictogram selector markings on the 308 AR lower by that you may select it to get safe, flame or 3-round burst shooting position, based on your preference. The aid via the pictogram selector can be a good idea, because you view and can remember the selector you've selected. The upper receiver comprises a 1913 picatinny rail.

Suitable for:

  • 7075 T6 billet aluminium
  • Accept DPMS LR 308 components/pattern
  • Threaded bolt capture pin hole
  • Integral trigger shield
  • Pictogram selector markings

5. Cross Machine Tool Billet Receivers (Upper and Lower)

Cross Machine Tool Billet Receivers

This Cross machine-tool product comes at a assembly which comprises the top and lower receiver 308 AR collection. In terms of construction, it is said to be solid because this recipient has been machined from the 7075 T6 billet aluminium material, therefore enhancing its potency in addition to corrosion resistance, so to help improve its durability in the long run. Therefore is the aluminium?

When compared with the 6061 aluminium metal, the 7075 one is known to among the strongest alloys available. Its enhanced strength and high strength-to-weight ratio is very crucial so that the lower is able to take care of the powerful recoil out of the firearm. Shifting, it has a black finish and can be hardcoat anodized, which makes it a rather rugged appearance. All in all, the upper and lower receiver combination is best to make an AR style .308.

Moving on to the gun build, it utilizes the normal DPMS design and components which is composed of the bolt carrier groups, charging handle, .308 lower parts and dust cover. The ar10 upper receiver on the opposite hand works to suit the DPMS high profile .308 style hand guards. Just so that you realize, it's quite important to get the appropriate parts to assemble onto the receiver to guarantee a tight and secure fit, using minimum gunsmithing required.

Dependent on the specifications, the diameter of the hammer pinholes and activate from the lower will be .154" (3.9mm). Take good care of it you get the perfect pair of screws and triggers. Up on installation, the bolt catch assembly doesn't require a roll pin besides that. Instead, they start using a hex head screw which makes the installation process a piece of cake because you only need to simply screw and unscrew them.

Furthermore, it includes a upper tension screw that is created in to the receiver, to be able to make sure that the trimming means of the upper into the lower is easy and quick, as well as secure. The fit may be a bit loose (in my own instance), from top to bottom but you may always make modifications to rectify the issue. Just so you realize, the lower and upper should be closely fastened and aligned perfectly with each other to improve the accuracy of your shot.

The mag well-featured is wire. I like using PMAG magazines as they have been solid, without any bent feed lips. Last but not least, this group includes a take down pin and has mil-spec tolerances. Regrettably, it comes without a forward assistance.

Suitable for:

  • 7075 T6 billet aluminium
  • Utilizes DPMS design parts
  • Ultra-flared mag well
  • Hex head screw instead of roll pin

6. Matrix Arms DPMS High Receiver Set (Upper and Lower)

Matrix Arms DPMS High Receiver Set

This Matrix Arms product includes a upper and lower receiver mix. Unfortunately with the product, you can't swap yet another top to be paired using this lower. That said, you can make use of upper pair was provided by this . All in all, it has a secure and fantastic fit. A secure fit comes in handy to guarantee alignment which results in improved precision after shooting.

Don't get me wrong, it really is just a solid receiver set for its cheap price, however be prepared to do just a small amount of extra work and alterations such as filing, cleaning and drilling for both the top and lower to fit perfectly. For instance, cleaning the threads tend to be typical in order to acquire the screws to move in smoothly.

Concerning construction, the item is CNC machined from the version mil spec 7075 T6 aluminium forgings improving its durability and durability. In order to ensure corrosion to resistance nevertheless, the receiver has a top notch black anodized finish which will come in handy should you usually go shooting during rainy weathers.

Apart from that, it is slightly thicker compared to other models. As a result of the extra thickness, this product will be somewhat thick if you are putting it on a 29, but the sweetness of it is. The barrel will return into where it was for the advantage. This AR receiver features T-markings which are soldered across the very top of its rail that is mil-spec were etched by the laser.

Categorized because DMPS high compatible, it integrates a slant format which is generally considered as the Armalite DPMS pattern. It is nevertheless not compatible with the DPMS curved receiver due to the format that is slant. Also, the ar10 lower carries a pivot and takedown pin. One of this situation that I faced with this lower would be that the bolt grab pin not threading far enough the pin hole.

This is since the trap has been larger compared to the gap of the receiver but you can get some alterations by simply carrying a sand-paper and filing this. Last but most certainly not the least, this Matrix Arms receiver set chambers at the 7.62x51mm NATO round. On a side note, the 7.62 lower takes both DPMS along with PMAG magazines for simple and convenient reloading.

Suitable for:

  • Laser etched T-markings
  • DPMS top compatible
  • Slightly thicker building
  • Stripped receiver place

7. Tennessee Arms Hybrid AR 308 (Lower)

Tennessee Arms Hybrid AR 308

To be clear, this receiver utilizes the similar lower part kit because a mode rifle, with the difference being the pins which are marginally larger in size. These hooks are oversize to accommodate the wider 308 magazine (considering that the 308 rounds are larger compared to the 223). Its meeting is similar to the ar15 style. That said, this lower is pretty versatile since it could chamber in a number of calibers from the .22LR to the 50BMG.

Apart from that, its size will be 30% bigger compared to the normal size, remembering that it includes reinforcements in key areas to ensure durability. It's reinforced with solid brass folds in the top stress areas, to be specific. All in all, this recipient contains a assembly made using reinforced polymer cloth, with a matte finish.

The cause pin diameter follows exactly the milspec dimensions and measures .154". Moving on the bolt catch/release of this product was included with a threaded pin (in my own case) in the place of a roll pin that's pretty typical once an AR308 lower is involved. The TN Arms uses a standard roll pin therefore that you should check what type of pin you got.

Not only that, it has a integrated trigger guard that is extended. Personally, I adore the trigger protector because it provides ample space, so you shoot and are able to wear at the firearm with your gloves. There are a few issues for this particular product you should pick how it affects you personally. The initial one (well, it's nearly a challenge) is the fit and finish is a little rough, some parts atleast.

The important problem for me is if I noticed that the gap with all the receiver extension for the buffer retainer (where in fact the spring and pin enter in to) is drilled at the incorrect spot. It's 16th of an inch, to be more specific. Should you opt to put in an A2 or A1 style receiver expansion, as it won't thread much enough to really go in as a consequence of this, it is going to pose as an issue.

If you're using a style buffer, then you don't need to be concerned because pruning it's not going to be a problem anymore. My suggestion would be that you're able to choose a sandpaper and sand away 16th of an inch, in the event you are a individual who want to repair the problem above. But I strongly advise you to use a cube sander which means you can guarantee that it's directly registered.

Suitable for:

  • Carbine style buffers
  • 30% bigger in dimension
  • Reinforced with metal inserts
  • Built-in extended trigger guards

8. WMD Guns NiB-X Beast Receiver (Lower)

WMD Guns NiB-X Beast Receiver

The world's first AR pattern rifle that's completely coated using their nickel boron coating process that is proprietary is presented for one of by even the WMD Guns Beast model. Because it turns out to be extremely corrosion resistant, this nickel boron coat is unique. Not only that, it's machined from a solid block (billet) of both 7075 T6 aluminium alloy and coated with all an NiB-X treatment as stated previously, therefore ensuring its durability in the long run.

Wanting to move bigger the WMD Guns developed the .308 WMD Big Beast which consists of a massive frame rifle. They did this by taking all the features of their 5.56 predecessor as a standard and beefing up them to .308. The size is needed to accommodate the size of the 308 Winchester rounds.

Not only that, but comes with an trigger pin having mil-spec dimensions of .154" diameter. Finger grips that are great are well offered by the front magazine. In other words, it is shaped and textured as a finger remaining yet its trigger guard was angled to provide finger room to act. The arrangement is the following; the magazine release on the best in addition to the bolt release and security selectors on the left side.

Besides that, I wish to stress on the receiver tensioning screw on to the ground of the receiver, then located underneath the rear takedown pinhole as well as on top of this pistol grip. It is essentially an adjustable Allen screw using a plastic texture. It has an significant role in implementing up pressure in order to remove and insert the take down pin without difficulty, while still keeping secure and tight fit between your upper and lower receiver.

Suitable for:

  • Fully coated with NiB-X coat
  • Billet design, machined from 7075 T6 aluminium
  • Checkered mag discharge
  • Integral trigger guard


In short, I hope my inspection assists you for making the proper choice. Happy shooting!


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