Best AR-15 Magazine Reviews

There is A battle rifle reliable because its magazine. This announcement demonstrates how important a great and higher excellent magazine can add to the smooth firing of one's ar15. In addition to this, you should be well aware that a magazine failure can be more than inconvenient, in fact, it can be fatal.

Hence why, check out this review to offer you a small insight in choosing the very best AR-15 magazine for the firearm. Before that, let us consider what kind of magazine is and how it works!

Understanding the Magazine

A magazine is also known as an ammo storage or storage device in just a firearm. There are two styles of magazines, with all the initial one being the latter and the removable mag being a mag that is stationary. Besides this, it is composed of a few parts altogether which would be base, nourish lip, spring leash, body and the spring.

And so they're able to load in the barrel breach correctly, the follower of the mag functions to contain the ammunition in place. The feed lip on the other hand is located at the top of the magazine, whereby it prevents the cartridge until it is pushed into the breach and forwards, via the bolt from receding of the magazine.

This ensures pressure on the capsules allowing them to grow hitting on the feed lip. What's more, you have to ensure the magazine includes good balance and tilt. The gun might get jammed in the midst of feeding in case the follower tilts one way or the other.

Apart from that, this ar15 mag comes in all sizes and shapes, based on the amount of all round/capacity that it's to accommodate. For instance, some are able to accommodate as low as 20 or 10 or as high as 60 rounds at the magazine room. The most capacity is 30 rounds. Thus, it might be said that the magnitude of the mag rises when the number of rounds increases it can take each of the intended rounds securely.

There are 2 different feed lip designs which are the double-feed along with single-feed magazine style. To get single-feed one, the top capsule touches both lips and is chiefly used at single-column box magazines meanwhile for the double-lip type, its wider set of lips ends in the next cartridge in line forcing the upper one against one lip. That said that the double-feed design is known to possess resistance against jamming.

Now, let us look at the gap between your detachable and stationary magazine. The fixed type is also called an integral box. It's constructed into the firearm therefore, not readily removable. Frequently employed in bolt-action rifles, the box is charged via the activity, with just a single round at a time. Conversely, the detachable box is really a ostensibly a self explanatory apparatus whereby you are able to load or load it into the server firearm.

For your own information, they are attached having a slot in the lower recipient of their ar 15. Since it's removable, then you substitute it, and then can detach it with ease. One of the positive point of having this kind of magazine is that it speeds up the reloading process as well as provides you with quick access to this ammo. Moving on, the common confusion a lot of people have is differentiating a magazine and a clip. Thus, I would like to clear your doubts.

Clip vs Magazine

The rectangular apparatus may be the magazine. It holds capsules on the firearm and slips out of the bottom of one's rifle. To put it differently, it retains cubes under spring pressure so it is possible for the feeding method, in that the ammunition is fed into the firearm's chamber. Some of those magazines incorporate types that are rotary in addition to the tubular, drum, box.

Meanwhile, the clip comes without a spring. It doesn't feed the cubes into the chamber, alternatively it sets the capsules in the right sequence to control the magazine. As an example, the stripper clips helps to ensure that the rounds are stripped into the magazine while the others are usually fed together with the cubes to the mag. After all rounds are fired, the clip is ejected/ released from the firearm. Simply speaking, the procedure goes like that; the clip feeds the magazine and the magazine feeds the firearm throughout shooting.

Top 8 AR-15 Magazine Reviews

Brownells AR-15 30RD Magazine CS

Brownells AR-15 30RD Magazine CS

Brownell's very own magazine is able to adapt the .223 Remington as well as 5.56millimeter NATO AR-15 cartridges. For the information, these cartridges are very popular and well-known to be paired with all the ar15 rifle into the point that you may even interchange them, according to your taste. However, it is best to refer to this documentation before doing this.

In terms of power, the item holds around 30 rounds fully, 30 rounds is now really a rather common number/capacity of course, if you notice, most mags offer 30 rounds. But in the event that you are going competition shooting or thus, it is advisable to get a mag with high rounds to get shooting. Built with a gray finish, this version is produced of aluminum. Though many individuals prefer polymer mags, the aluminum ones are ready to go as well.

But, you will give it a small drop test before proceeding to shoot with it. The test is quite straightforward, whereby you want to drop the magazine to the ground, from the specific height. If it contributes to severe feed lip deformation, then it's really a bad sign indicating it will not have the ability to handle the powerful recoil from the weapon. Furthermore, all components are produced under strict ISO quality control standards and are constructed from mil spec materials.

Concerning structure, it is said to be rather sturdy and solid because the magazine will be heat treated and features a welded aluminium frame. On top of that, the body is hard enough to give exceptional rust resistance, then employed using a tough-dry lubricant coating that is available in convenient to eliminate any demand for extra lubricant, which could sooner or later bring sand, dust and dirt.

Besides that, this upgraded material and design with this product that holds the 30 round mag have also been adapted and incorporated to Brownell's very own straight bodied 20-round version. The follower on the opposite hand is created of the hottest military-type glass-fiber augmented composite material which further guarantees perfect and flawless feeding, even under the harshest strategic conditions.

Just so you know, having a strong believer is important therefore that they properly load the ammo in to the breach of their barrel. Even the high-lubricity, dry-lube coated acoustic is also corrosion resistant, in reality it is certified to an overall total of 500 hour salt spray standards as well as is less prone to spring 'place', therefore providing fantastic pressure into the ammo, so they grow with a reasonable level of force going to on the feed lip.

Suitable for:

  • Heat-treated, welded aluminum body
  • Glass Fiber augmented composite follower
  • Dry lube-coated silicon spring
  • Hardcoat anodized

Lancer System L5AWM Translucent Mags

Lancer System L5AWM Translucent Mags

Similar into the Brownell product above, the Lancer System magazine also accommodates the .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO, ar 15 ammunition. Additionally, it holds 30 rounds (capacity) altogether and is traditionally created of solid plastic structure. The polymer material is said to be really durable in contrast to employing a metallic mag, dependent on the drop test results ran.

Apart from this, it has a total of 5 magazines, nevertheless it's also available as a single item. If you're a frequent shooter or buying in a group, it is a good idea to get them in bulks as it would have been a wonderful investment in the long term. Buying in bulks also contributes to cheaper price as it's a bit less expensive than original price itself.

The most unique part is that it has a crystal clear and translucent finish which means that you can observe your ammunition in the mag. Along with that, this lightweight molded polymer mag stands up to extreme circumstances and rigorous handling at a tactical operation, for example heat as well as impact of continual full-auto fire. In reality, it's tested to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -50 F to 180 F. Also, it is thought to defy a 5 ft drop onto concrete (with fully filled capsules) miraculously with no handicap or malfunctions.

Not only that, the non reflective exterior comes with molded-in ridges together using an improved texturing design which will come in easy to boost the structural strength and ensure a solid grasping surface. In addition to this, the tough plastic foundation plate leads to some positive gripping surface and that means that you can extract the mag from tight fitting components and take them off easily, for cleaning and disassembly.

Lancer System's magazine features the AWM (Advanced Warfighter Magazines) that fills in the gap between the current alloy and polymer mag designs, for a more reliable solution. This 30 round model can accommodate parts for the normal USGI-spec mags. Fixing it to the receiver of your ar 15 is quite straightforward, you just have to load it into the complete capacity and insert it in the weapon with the bolt closed.

More over, the feed lips come with a permanently attached and wraparound feature. That being said, the feed lips are produced from one piece of precision shaped, tempered steel that is PTFE coated to enhance its resistance to corrosion.

Other than for improving corrosion resistance, this PTFE feed anus boosts ammunition movement without any sign of deformation, if the packed magazine is stored for a long time. Also, follower feature in addition to constant-radius human anatomy curve feature comes in handy to guarantee smooth and snag-free feeding, minus jamming.

Suitable for:

  • AWM characteristic
  • Molded polymer mags
  • PTFE coated feed eyebrow
  • Hard plastic foundation plate
  • Anti-tilt follower
  • Constant tubing Human Anatomy curve

Magpul PMAG Gen M3 (100-011-220WB)

Magpul PMAG Gen M3

For your own information, the Magpul brand is popular under the AR-15 magazine department. That the Magpul PMAG gen3 polymer mag proceeds to reevaluate their magazine technology to accommodate the M4 and ar15 platforms. In reality, the third creation PMAG can be said to extend versatility, the strength and dependability of the PMAG version.

Concerning construction, it's molded from a powerful and durable plastic formula, along with extra reinforcement at the feed lip and mag grab areas, that perhaps not only provides improved corrosion resistance but also is strong enough to withstand all types of effect, but in the roughest tactical conditions. You certainly can execute a drop test, to examine the strength of out the mag. The feed lips stay intact with minimal deformation and also should this drops, then the magazine is good to go.

Not only that, but holds the .223 Remington along with 5.56mm NATO ammunition. Built with a shiny finish, it has a capacity of 30 rounds. In other words, you're able to load up up the magazine before taking a go and inserting it into the receiver. 30 rounds is a capacity in most mags.

This ar 15 product is fully suitable for all these services and products that will be the HK 4 16, M27 IAR, British SA 80, MR556A1, FN SCAR MK 16/16S. Along with this, it's a pencil dot matrix on each side feature which comes in convenient to present consistent ID indicating that handling wear. At the bottom of your own mag, you can create a letter or number to put it differently predicated in the printed sheet provided for a ID marking.

Besides that, the pop-up dust cover aids in lessening the debris intrusion in the mag, consequently leading to its durability in the future. Which means you can conveniently take it off with your palms, together with maximum 24, the disassembly on the other hand doesn't require any tools. Thus, this tool-less dis-assembly contributes to cleaning. In addition, do not neglect to grab your self an ar 15 cleaning kit!

The spring has been constructed of the solid long term USGI-spec stainless steel which is crucial that you give enough pressure to the cartridge to grow upward, so as hitting the feed. The removable floorplate is both more durable and thinner in design. Last but not the least, the item is equipped with a 4 way anti-tilt follower as well as some constant-curve internal geometry which further contributes to feeding that is reliable, together with minimum chances of this mag getting jammed.

Suitable for:

  • Tool-less Disassembly
  • Pop-off dust protect
  • Removable floorplate
  • USGI-spec Stainless spring
  • 4 way anti-tilt follower

Magpul PMAG Gen M3 (100-011-219WB)

Magpul PMAG Gen M3

This magazine model is nearly like the last one, using the only difference being PMAG gen3 version is now available with a clear polymer window on each side. Why can this feature used? To answer your query, it comes in handy so you are in a position to see the strain status in a glance, using additional convenience.

These windows are constructed from an All New formula of advanced, clear polymer that provides enhanced resistance to chemicals and powerful impacts, in comparison to which of the original Maglevel PMAG solutions. Moving forward from the Gen2 PMAG, this polymer magazine continues to reevaluate the mag technology to fit the M-4 and ar15 platforms. In fact, the third creation PMAG is more durable and more versatile compared to prior models.

With extra reinforcement at the mag capture and nourish places, this polymer mag has excellent resistance to rust and is able to defy all forms of impact from your firearm, hence contributing to its durability in the long term. The spring is made from long life.

My favourite part about it PMAG gen-3 model is really your pen Dotmatrix feature which allows you to mark different ID on your magazine with the pencil provided. The pen scatter matrix notion is rather innovative because it resists handling wear, at the long run. Along with that, its pop-off dust cap reduces the intrusion of dust and debris into the mag thus which makes it simple to wash.

Speaking about cleanup, you'll need not have any tools to disassemble the magazine in order to clean it. In fact, you can do so by using the hands so contributing to a advantage. The floorplate comes with a robust and slim design.

What's more, this PMAG gen-3 mag contains a 4 manner anti-tilt follower together with a constant-curve internal geometry which results in reliable and smooth feeding. Just so that you understand, getting an anti-tilt and solid follower is vital since it serves to keep the cartridges in place, so for them to load in the barrel properly. In addition to that, it's appropriate for these rifles including the HK 416, M27 IAR, British SA-80, MR556A1, FN SCAR MK 16/16S.

Suitable for:

  • Tool-less disassembly
  • Pop-off dust cap
  • Removable floorplate
  • USGI-spec Stainless spring
  • 4 way anti-tilt follower
  • Clear aluminum window on each side

Magpul 60RD PMAG D-60

Magpul 60RD PMAG D-60

The PMAG D-60 version is a durable, lightweight and reliable product. It holds a total of 60 rounds altogether which is useful if you're a contest or shooter. The reason being as opposed to the traditional 30 rounds, you will end up with an extra 30 rounds to take, without needing to displace or reload them.

To put it differently, with larger capacity (dual) than the preceding P Mags, the PMAG D-60 makes it possible for the shot with 60 rounds of ammunition. Thus, it efficiently allows the same round count as two standard 30-round mags without requiring critical reload. Since it accommodates 60 rounds it is possible to imagine a more impressive and different shape of this magazine.

Compared to the other models, this item comes with a unique configuration to pay for the 30 rounds. Instead of making it bigger regarding height, Magpul chose to offer it a drum-like base to guarantee that the height is manageable as well as to enable simpler firing and easier storage, hence improving your shooting experience.

Discussing about the rounds, it holds the .223 Remington and 5.56mm NATO ar ar15 cartridges. In actuality, this plastic mag can fit any ar 15 or even M-4 compatible weapons. To be more specific, it is extremely harmonious with a large variety of NATO firearms such as the M16, M4, HK416, M27 IAR, MR556 along with SCAR MK 16/16S.

Besides that, the D-60 magazine is equipped with a paint pencil dot matrix feature to enable easy signaling and a MagLevel system which results in instant power indication. The paint pen dot matrix allows one to mark at the underside of the magazine at the holes. It is possible to either create number or alphabets indicating using the pencil, in fact it simplifies managing wear and is not prone to fade away after a lengthy time.

Built with a dark finish, the D-60 model is constructed from polymer, therefore making it sturdy and solid. Nevertheless, you can certainly do a little drop test to test its own sturdiness where you just have to drop it on the earth and assess whether it remains in tact with close to no deformation, especially in the feed lips and follower.

Suitable for:

  • Unique pixel setup
  • 60 round capability
  • Paint pencil Dot-matrix feature
  • MagLevel method
  • Polymer structure

Magpul PMAG Gen M2 Window Mag

Magpul PMAG Gen M2 Window Mag

The Magpul Gen M2 magazine features an exceedingly rugged, combat as well as competition-ready characteristics, whereby it works to work perfectly constantly, even if left fully loaded for lengthy periods. Along with this, it's a total of 30 rounds fully, and it is just a standard capacity in the majority of Magpul ar15 magazines.

It comes with 10 quantities of magazine. But, you could even choose between a single bit, 10 or even 100 bits, according to your personal preference that includes varying prices of course. I like because it's worth my investment in the long run buying in bulks. That stated, it not merely cost more economical, but also saves me a trip to the store each time, simply to find a fresh mag.

If you are an enthusiastic or contest shooter, you just totally acquire the ones in bulks as you'll really be needing it. Also, should you anticipate buying together with a massive group of people along with your pals, the magazine at bulks would really be convenient. For the information, this model holds the same ammunition whilst the prior products; .223 and 5.56 NATO.

This single slice that is self-lubricating and corrosion-proof polymer body is accompanied by an impressive dark finish. To make certain, it is created of fiber-reinforced, molded polymer that's near no spot welds or joints that will impair the follower. In reality, its internal curve that is steady ends in a movement of around pile.

This curved body 30-round version on the other hand includes the MagLevel configuration including windows on both sides, paired with an innovative orange indicator which serves to display exactly the ammunition level. The anti-tilt follower offers stability from occurring to the stack which in reunite prevents bolt and nose-diving over-head failures.

Besides this, I personally like the easy to understand ledge feature on the floorplates that comes in handy to extract the magazine from components, and of course, these floorplates may be removed effortlessly, for cleanup. In addition to the outside ribbing leads to an additional gripping surface in which the magazine capture notch replaces the standard hole, to keep the dust and debris out.

Last but most certainly not least, the spring, heat treated and constructed of metal, is stress-relieved, in order to guarantee optimum functionality. Thus, it's able to resist heat from protracted full-auto fire and is not damaged by the majority of solvents and bore cleaner, thus leading to its durability.

Suitable for:

  • Stress-relieved stainless steel spring
  • Effortless to Understand ledge on floorplates
  • MagLevel Setup with windows
  • Constant, internal curve

Magpul 40RD Gen M3 Magazines

Magpul 40RD Gen M3 Magazines

Built with a holding capacity of 40 rounds, this Magpul GEN M3 model is made from a solid molded polymer formula which provides exceptional resistance to corrosion, thus rendering it durable in the long run. It has extra reinforcements in the feed lip and mag catch which comes in handy so it can withstand crushing and all types of impacts.

The pencil Dotmatrix feature on each side of this mag is rather interesting because you get to make a regular ID marking which will persist for a lifetime, because of its exemplary wear tackling resistance. The sturdy USGI-spec stainless steel spring, constant-curve internal geometry and also 4-way anti tilt follower leads to the outstanding feeding system of their mag.

In addition to that, the spring pushes the capsule into the feed lips the follower will not tilt, hence there will not be any jamming of the magazine. The removable floorplate is slimmer and stronger meanwhile the popup cover reduces any form of dust intrusion. In other words, it might be said that the pop up dust cover helps during the cleanup procedure.

Speaking about cleanup, the disassembly is almost tool-less therefore you can strip down it with your hand in fact, to undergo cleaning. Apart from this, is fully appropriate for these products which are that the HK 416, M27 IAR, British SA 80, MR556A1, FN SCAR MK 16/16S and additional lowers.

Overall, the 3rd generation of PMAG further expands the versatility, strength and reliability of the first P Mags. In actuality, it might be said that 40 round polymer magazine continues to reevaluate magazine technology to accommodate the ar15 platform. If you are an enthusiastic shooter or presume 30 rounds are inadequate for you, the solution or the 60 round model stated earlier will be ideal for you.

Suitable for:

  • USGI-spec stainless steel spring
  • 4 manner anti-tilt follower
  • Pen Dot-matrix on each facet
  • Removable floorplate
  • Tool-less disassembly

Magpul AR-15 20RD PMAG Gen M3

Magpul AR-15 20RD PMAG Gen M3

First things first, this PMAG model brings all the Gen M3 enhancements of this traditional 30-round version to a compact 20 round form factor. So, if you're a fan of shooting, the 20 round mag is fantastic for you since you'll not have way too many rounds as an instance, 30 rounds or even too little rounds, such as for example 5 or more 10 rounds, then to a place where you have to often reload it.

Departing from the previous PMAG 20 standard, the Gen M3 has a curved body configuration, together with the exact constant-curve geometry of this 30 round model, for your added convenience. In reality, this setup not only assists in an even more reliable feeding process but also will provide you a briefer mag. That having been said, a shorter mag might come in handy since it's simpler to handle from the position.

Along with that, this product is said to be super conflict, ultra-dependable and durable hardened by combat encounter. Moving for its compatibility, it's appropriate for these rifles/firearms like the HK416, MR556A1, ar 15/ /M4/M16, M27 IAR, British SA 80, FN SCAR MK 16/16S as well as other products that are similar.

Similar to most of the preceding magazines, it can keep the .223 and 5.56 NATO ammunition. Just so you realize, the .223 and 5.56 NATO rounds are the main and popular AR-15 ammunition. Built with a dark finish, this 20 round magazine has a solid polymer construction. In other words, it is made of impact in addition to crush-resistant molded polymer, consequently leading to its exemplary strength and sturdiness.

It's available in a quantity of or 2-10. In the event you are an avid shooter, then you should obtain them in bulk since you will not just have to save money, but it will soon be a great investment in the future.

Suitable for:

  • 20 round model
  • Shorter mag with reliable feeding
  • Molded plastic construction
  • Easy tackling in vulnerable place


In short, a magazine is a vital part of the firearm as it stores your cartridge to become fed into the chamber as a way to fire a shot. Hence you ought to select the product which is strong enough possess an superb corrosion resistance in addition to to defy impact that is strong and solid.

A magazine is going to bring about an accurate and good performance that is shooting. I hope my inspection aids you for making the ideal choice. Happy shooting!


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