Best AR-15 Upper Receiver Reviews

Is it true that the expression 'recipient' sounds familiar? That term will surely be familiar to you, if you're a shooting enthusiast personally. But, I'm confident to know about this ar 15 term (should you read the newspapers daily). That being said, that the Colt ar15 is still probably one of the gun, it is an operated SemiAuto rifle as well as a magazine-fed. The recipient can be divided up into two parts, both the upper and the lower.

Both parts play an essential role to ensure smooth functioning of your rifle, once constructed. The receiver is the part that may be sold through a licensed firearm dealer and is marked using a sequential number. Also, before purchasing it you're required to have an FFL license. More over, the low attaches to the barrel, stock, magazine along with pistol-grip in addition to houses the fire control band which is composed of the disconnector, hammer, safety selector along with trigger.

The top receiver however has a modular design so that you can customize the design of this bolt handle, barrel and rail system based on your preference. In actuality, you are able to customize and modify it by purchasing an recipient kit to build the top, based on your imagination. From the review below, read away and we are going to explore the best ar-15 upper receiver so keep tuned in!

Before constructing your receiver, it is really crucial that you lube it. You're lucky if it happens not even dry from unboxing, however when it's, you can use any gun oil to lube it to ensure convenient and smooth recovery later on. Moving on, the very first step pertains to the forward assist. Some products come with a support currently pre-installed, however if it isn't, you certainly can certainly do this by a roll pin.

In terms of configuration, the assist side must be placed. The roster pin will chair and also hold the assembly at a recessed section cut of the assist (facing the bolt carrier). The whole assembly is set in the housing in that you should guarantee it is properly aligned with the roll pin. Once they're properly aligned, use a hammer.

The dust cap alternatively has to be properly set therefore it provides enough force into the dust cover in addition to keeps it taken care of during firing. The spring might be a hassle occasionally, ergo why, you should insert the retaining rod only halfway, followed closely by setting the spring set up with a retaining pole. How do you know whether the configuration is right then? Easy- the long spring end ought to be placed on the gun whilst the end, on the dust cover.

Apart from that, there's the barrel, in which the ammunition travels through with high speed, before the projectile is fired out of their muzzle. In lay man terms, it can be said that the barrel is connected to the barrel expansion, and locked in position by way of a cone nut. With this procedure, you should find a reaction pole which comes in convenient allowing user to rotate the top whilst keeping the barrel aligned. Besides that, you have to be certain the barrel is aligned with the reaction rod slotted end, followed closely by sliding the upper receiver to associate with the socket extension (Hint: it really is best to employ some lube for effortless insertion).

The barrel nut secures into place them once both pieces are emptied. Apart from securely attaching cone into the upper, you'll also be mounting the hand guards at the cone nut. Before that, you will need to by hand twist the nut (together with both hands) in and then with a calibrated torque wrench. As a consequence of the, it needs to be well-aligned together with your gas tube hole, specially when a fantastic amount of torque is applied.

Moving on to the gas tubing, installing it's reportedly rather straightforward. Before that, you ought to be aware a gas tube works to redirect hot gasses made out of the cone to the petrol key on the bolt carrier category, therefore providing energy to cycle to action. First things first, the gas tubing has been trapped into place in the gas block.

The petrol block on the opposite hand will slide across the barrel and connect the tube and port. Once they pinned, you are to install them. If you do this correctly, the gas block will align well with the hole in the cone the gas tube will feed via the hose nut and into the top of.

Besides that, the gas tubing needs to squeeze in the gas key with no issues, when the bolt carrier is placed inside. Last but most certainly not least, you merely have to add in the hand guards- only screw them into the barrel nut and then voila, you're all set! Similar to the decrease receiver, the top receiver comes with the billet arrangement style. Let's take a good look at the benefits of each fashions.

Upper Receiver Style:


The billet construction style is significantly more tedious compared to the forged style. That said, plenty of time and workmanship must be invested in making the top recipient using billet style, hence resulting in its high priced overall price. Besides that, the billet process comprises the alloy being CNC machined, then carved from one billet block in to the shape of a solid upper receiver.

In terms of strength, it's poorer compared to that of this forged method. It is able to handle recoils. The plus point with this style is that one can conveniently create aesthetic changes and alterations, based on your own personal preference.


Just so you know the forged method is one of the very common kind of receiver mode available. That having been said, this procedure involves hot aluminium or steel metal to become molded as well as hammered to become the conventional shape of a single upper. In addition to that, it is subsequently heat treated to increase its own strength and rigidity.

For your advice, this structure style produces the most powerful recipient. The finishing process includes modifications being made such as holes being drilled, engravings, coatings and sharp borders getting smoothened to make a good and high quality upper receiver.

Top 8 Best AR-15 Upper Receiver Reviews

Radical Firearms Upper Receiver Assembly

Radical Firearms Upper Receiver Assembly

Radical Firearm's solid upper receiver comes completely assembled so you do not need to spend time on making modifications and constructing the upper itself. It's forged, hence it may be stated that the item itself is of high endurance and quality, because of this superb strength from the forged process. Up on buying this item, you are eligible to a forward aid, cone nut and ejection port doorway.

However, it doesn't include things like a bolt carrier set and charging handle regrettably, therefore you have to buy them separately. What's more, this item comes with Radical Firearm's free float handguard, which includes QD points. All these QD points are located at various points along its round exterior. In other words, it includes small circular holes on the rail so as to allow for quick detach sling mounts.

Equipped with a great black finish, this fully milspec compliant receiver is said to create a high quality top for any shot. In actuality, it has a excellent fit and finish. In terms of fit, it evolves perfectly into the receiver and fires many of rounds thoroughly. Along with this, it chambers at the 300 AAC Blackout cartridge. The 300 Blackout round do not have much recoil power however, compared to the .223 Remington cartridge, it produces only a little more recoil due to the thicker projectile.

Concerning operation, the system works on a pistol duration gas system. This type of surgery system comes in handy if you own a suppressor and plan on shooting subsonic rounds through it because then it may have enough back pressure to cycle the bolt system. The hose using a 1:8 spin on the other hand is straight out of 4150V Chrome moly steel and it has a melonite coating. For the own information, the melonite coating greatly enhances the warmth of their barrel as well as improves corrosion and wear resistance.

Besides that the coil and upper comprises the M 4 feed as well as A2 flash hider over the muzzle, which will be attached via 58-24 threads. I think, this a 2 flash holder will not do much to reduce the recoil because the AR-15 platform do not possess a great deal of recoil to start with. In addition to this, the dust cover is a little tight so that it might be hard to close for the first couple of times.

By applying a fantastic quantity of lube at the 17, you can correct that problem. All in all, this 16" flat-top, law enforcement grade, drop-in upper recipient is more solid and ready to be mounted to some mil-spec ar 15 lower receiver.

Suitable for:

  • Forged
  • Free Float handguard which comprises QD points
  • Melonited barrel
  • Pistol length gas system operation

V-Seven Weapons System Receiver

V-Seven Weapons System Receiver

Even the V-Seven receiver is quite unique as it's assembled from the Form III hardcoat anodized, lithium/aluminium alloy that is high level. This type of metal is proven to be lighter, stronger, more rigid, and has a superior corrosion resistance in contrast to the typical aluminium. Consequently, its greater strength and durability ends in a much better ability to deal with feature at a firearm.

This product is made employing the billet style, to be accurate. The alloy carved and is CNC machined from a cube that was billet to the recipient shape never to mention, you're ready to easily make changes according to your taste. Weighing 5.8 ounce (very light weight in contrast to others), it comes with a polished black finish with all an stripped style.

Furthermore, this upper chambers in the 5.56mm NATO cartridge. It should be able to room from the .223 Remington, but you need to take precautions before doing so, by reading the documentation to be sure. For your information, the V-Seven urges that all components such as snare, screws and springs should be set up lubricating grease or oil.

This knowledgeable 2055 upper however isn't harmonious with the MK-8 rails, without modification or fitting of the rail. In fact, it has solid feed ramp, or known as extended feed. The M 4 feed ramp extends past the close of the barrel extension and has a deeper cut through the upper that is available in handy to help in feeding rounds into the room by the magazine, with maximum ease.

Besides that, this AR-15 accessory has an port doorway and pole. Once you set it you may notice that the pole is pressure healthy and secured. That having been said, it has a design that was fairly intriguing, however the rod needs to be installed before the cone nut. When the amount of torque is applied the barrel nut works to mate the top receiver to the barrel extension for a fit.

Suitable for:

  • Billet 2055 lithium/aluminium
  • Ultralight jack door
  • One-piece pole
  • Stripped with black end

D.S. Arms Flattop Upper

D.S. Arms Flattop Upper

Equipped with a rugged matte black finish, the D.S. Arms M4/A3 style upper receiver has been stripped off. In other words, a upper describes to the upper itself without dust cap, the pit and bolt carrier band. The upper is hardcoat anodized that comes in convenient to add strength, resist wear as well as protect it from corrosion at the very long term, consequently leading to its own durability.

On top of this, its hard dry-lube surface treatment plays an significant function in protecting the anodizing from scuffs, to not mention reduces friction between the recipient walls and bolt carrier collections, in order to ensure diminished wear, an ultra-smooth functioning and also a longer service life altogether. Not only that, the system chambers in the .223 Remington cartridge that's really a rather popular round used particularly for the ar15, with the exception of the 5.56millimeter NATO.

The top is machined forging which offers exceptional strength to manage batteries of tens of thousands of shooting cycles. In actuality, it's forged to USG measurements and is ready to partner with the mil spec lower and some other internal component of one's choice. The forging structure style results in its superb strength as the metal hammered and is molded to shape.

Besides this, it includes the M4-type feed cuts. Therefore, when picking the proper barrel to pair on this top, you need to get yourself a barrel with the M4 feed ramp socket extension, that will be not uncommon in most mid-length gas system. It may be said that the barrel expansion determines the compatibility.

The M4 feed cuts alternatively tend to be somewhat more extended compared to the normal ones which means that you are able to eradicate any chance of ingesting malfunction or problems of these rounds out of the magazine, in the chamber. Not only this, it has .250" takedown/pivot pin holes which means that you may attach both the upper and lower with total precision.

In general, the D.S Arms top features a terrific fit and finish. It has a forward. For the advice, the forward assist is used for manually pushing the spool carrier forward, as a way to chair the round in the room. This particularly comes in handy at case where there happens to be a mistake, along with the bolt carrier group don't seat fully and lock in the battery.

Suitable for:

  • 7075 T6 aluminium alloy forging
  • H AS forward help
  • M-4 feed cuts
  • Alpha-numeric position markers
  • Stripped M4/A3 upper

Colt AR-15 Receiver (LE6921CK)

Colt AR-15 Receiver (LE6921CK)

The CK inside this product stands for 'conversion kit'. In other words, it usually means that upper comes with the ability to fit any receiver. For all those who possess lower receivers with large or smaller pins, this conversion kit allows you to fit it into just about any Colt mil spec lower, much like your added convenience.

Up on buying this product, it includes a charging handle, bolt carrier group, backup sights, forwards assistance and also an ejection port cover, Hand guard and rear sight. In reality, it could be stated that the upper comes with an entire assembly so that you only need to concentrate on attaching the upper and lower together.

For the advice, an ejection port cap is applied to help keep the dirt and debris from entering the bolt and also top notch although the charging handle acts to pull the bolt carrier group straight back once again to shut the bolt to loading, unloading or draining the firearm if whatever the case it gets jammed up.

Moreover, the product includes a interesting sight feature in. This ladder style comes to allow for elevation and windage adjustments to improve the accuracy of your shot. Once the gun was uninstalled, you just have to click it hence, you will see the a variety of yardage symbols well. I can guarantee that this top receiver is a must have as it kept me going consistently for most rounds, but as well as providing true shots with tighter groups.

Moving on to the barrel, it has a 14.5 inch socket with 1/7 RH twist. The barrel is strong and durable because it is M-4 trimmed and chrome-lined. It can adapt the feed since it's cut that is MM-4. The chrome-lined material alternatively is a good pick in my opinion as it provides superior rust resistance, easy cleaning and extended barrel life. I love the 'ease of cleanup' feature since the hose needs to be cleaned after every shooting session.

A conventional flash-hider is also included with this specific upper. The system makes it extremely user-friendly. Just so you know a flash hider or also called a flash suppressor is directly attached with the rifle's muzzle to reduce observable flash on account of the burning off gases that exits the muzzle up on shooting a go. It includes stamped T-markings on top of the rail.

Suitable for:

  • Screw-on flash hider
  • CK attribute
  • Chrome-lined M 4 cut barrel
  • Stamped T-markings

Aero Precision AR-15 Assembled Upper (No Auto Sear Cut)

Aero Precision AR-15 Assembled Upper

Aero Precision is known to tend well with their customer needs with a few of their proof being that cut 'upper recipient sears. Let's imagine that you wish to buy ar15 accessories, however do not have the legal records to possess that for the ones that work with a installed auto-sear at the lower receiver. But not to worry, this Aero Precision receiver with no auto sear cut will be the ideal product for you personally and can accommodate your needs.

That said, the item is said to match every specification of a conventional upper, including having an ejection port cover, dust cap as well as forward assistance (assembled style). Just so you understand, the assembled style is often in between your stripped (bare) and total meeting. The gap between the complete and your assembled is the meeting usually comes with a charging handle and bolt carrier collection.

From the 7075-T6 aluminium metal hence leading to its strength and corrosion resistance, it's forged in terms of structure. Not only that, it is available in the dark or black earth finish, that you may choose based on your own taste. The product chambers in the 5.56millimeter NATO cartridges as well as is machined with the .250" takedown pin holes that attaches the top and lower receiver together.

The assist includes a screw in lieu of a roll pin. Deemed rather handy and easy, you simply have to repair it by screwing or unscrewing the twist so that you do not need to worry about slamming the roll pin and potentially marring the finish of the upper. The shapes with this system are tidy and nice.

Besides this, the needle nut is already pre-installed and machined into the top. For that reason, building the upper will probably be a slice of cake. The barrel nut works to tighten the barrel pole to the upper locking it into place. On top of that, it includes laser-engraved T-markings in addition to the M4 style feed ramps. As it assists in feeding performance, I enjoy the M4 style feed ramps .

Suitable for:

  • Nice and clean shapes
  • Laserengraved T-markings
  • M4 design feed ramps
  • Screw for forwards assist (rather than roll snare)

Midwest Industries (MI) Upper Assembly

Midwest Industries

This item model is the very first complete upper recipient of MI. That said this top notch has a solid 16-inch barrel with 1:7" spin that's ready to be installed on any mil spec lower of one's choice, in accordance with your preference. It chambers in the .223 Wylde cartridge and is about to shoot on any type rifles with accuracy.

Equipped with a black finish, it comprises the very lightweight M LOK G3 Hand guard which is available to support plenty of accessories of MI. In other words, it supplies attachment versatility. One of the advantage of working with a free floating handguard will be that you are able to create sure they are simply by having a low profile gas block.

It sports 2-port muzzle brake and a forward assist that is installed onto the muzzle. The muzzle on the other hand involves the new MI ar 15 flash hider impact device and MI low profile gas block having diameter of 0.75". Both accessories are made from the 4140 tool steel, therefore contributing to its durability in the long term. But, it doesn't add bolt carrier group or a charging handle.

By which its thick walls bring to amazing strength and rigidity, the upper is made from the aluminium. It ought to be very good that it is equipped to manage stress and powerful recoils, once the rifle is terminated. On top of that, its own hose is medium contoured, hammer forged and chrome lined that is available in resistance.

Besides that, it includes as it contrasts the G2 or even K-series, G2SS T-free floating handguards a proprietary barrel nut which is versatile. In addition to this, the top comes with an extra T-slot, T0 that's best to adapt a more stationary sight or to attain proper eye relief for many specific platforms such as your ACOG range. It has 1913 rail numbering in T-slots.

It features the M4 style feed meanwhile the adaptive 1-8" rifling stabilizes a wide array of bullet weights. Last but most certainly not least functions on the span gas system that usually has barrel length between 14-20 inches and vent space of 9 inches altogether.

Suitable for:

  • Free Float M LOK G3 Hand-guard
  • Laser-etched numbering at T-slots
  • Mid span gasoline system
  • M-4 kind feed ramps
  • 2-port muzzle brake

Brownell’s AR-15 Complete Receiver Keymod

Brownell AR-15

First things first you ought to know that this item, manufactured from Brownells it self, chambers at the 5.56mm NATO cartridge. For the own information, the 5.56mm NATO around is just one of both popular rounds used-to room in the ar 15, using the latter being none other than the .223 Remington.

Weighing 4.85 oz, it's completely assembled with a dark finish. The term indicates the receiver assembly that features that whole package composed of the bolt carrier group, very low profile gas block, charging handle, ejection port cover, forward assist therefore leading to an outstanding upper receiver solution.

You need to keep in your mind the bolt carrier set is obviously the M16-style. It won't assist the Colt lowers that includes a sear block. For your information, the port cover keeps the dirt and debris out from the bolt and also also upper. The cover is held closed with a detent and opens upward under spring pressure, each time that the bolt goes forward or rearward.

Furthermore, the 16-inch normal carbine length barrel is equipped with a regular M 4 contour with 1:8 twist. In addition to that, the 416R steel barrel of the 7075 aluminium mil spec upper additionally has black nitride finish on both inside and exterior, for long lasting performance and extended service life.

This standard A3 13-slot aluminium flattop receiver also contains a 10" FreeFloat Hand guard that uses the Keymod rail system. For the own information, the Keymod describes a universal interface system for firearm accessories which was made to supersede the MIL STD 1913 railings that are accessory. Not only that, this railing system has a modular layout, with rails and accessories which may be removed as well as attached in attachment points that are specific, depending on your preference.

That stated, this A3 flat top upper will put on any typical ar 15 lower and can be closely machined to milspec measurements. Besides that, it features feed ramps as well as the normal A2 birdcage mode threaded flash-hider.

Suitable for:

  • A3 13-slot aluminium flat top receiver
  • A2 Bird Cage design threaded flash hider
  • M4 feed
  • 416R steel barrel with black nitride finish
  • 7075 aluminium mil-spec upper

Seekins Precision SP223 Upper

Aero Precision AR-15 Assembled Upper

I am sure that you have heard of the Seekins Precision brand because the brand's receiver sells like hot cakes. You might get this upper receiver to pair it lower therefore it will be described as a tight and perfect fit. Designed using a black finish, this system chambers at the .223 Remington cartridge, which is a across combined with the ar 15.

In terms of style, this upper is not completely built. To put it differently, it assists pre-installed and is accompanied by an ejection port cover. For the own information, the forwards assist is available to shut the spool completely in battery when there is a malfunction, where the BCG don't seat and lock from the battery life.

This product is said to be compatible with any pattern AR lower receiver as well since most rail system such as the 1913 Picatinny rail. Weighing 11.2 oz, this uniquely-sculpted receiver is machined and carved out of the solid billet using extra metal in critical areas to give added durability and rigidity. It's machined from 7075-T6 aluminium and Type III Class 2 hardcoat anodized for corrosion resistance and wear to be accurate.

This item known as feed drops that comes to ensure reliable feeding of their ammo, or includes M-4 feed reductions. I personally like the part to be able to maintain the assist, which averts any potential marring of the finish at which it includes a set screw instead of a roll pin. All in all is said to have a high notch fit and finish.

Suitable for:

  • Machined from solid billet
  • M4 feed cuts
  • 7075 T6 aluminium
  • Hardcoat anodized
  • Has ejection port cover & forward help


Overall, it's quite critical to have yourself a premium top quality receiver to match your lower to form a solid and effective AR-15 rifle. Thus, I hope my inspection assists you in making the option that is correct. Happy shooting!


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