Best ATV Battery And UTV Battery Reviews

​If you are out and about looking for good ATV batteries to buy, it can get confusing because of the choices available today. Although, not all batteries are the same and manufacturers tend to vary in terms of quality and you should not end up buying the wrong one.

Normally, ATV batteries are formed after supplementing batteries and bulbs are mostly made for fun or with Quads. However, you will disagree with the situation when you have dead batteries and you need to get the most from it.

​This can be a tricky task, but it is really necessary for you to know what to consider before buying an ATV and UTV battery. In addition, there will be products listed here that you can pick from so that you will know which one to really buy. It would also depend on your requirements, that is why you need to thoroughly look at the details of the products you are considering. By picking any of the products listed here, you cannot go wrong and you will surely find one that fits you.

Before anything else, here are the things you need to consider when buying an ATV or UTV battery:

Tao Tao ATV

Pick the right measure of cold cranking amps (CCA)

This determines the measurement of power that the battery releases when you are starting the ride. If the rating of the CCA is higher, there is more power produced and consistently kept. This is crucial if you are considering these:

Your ride’s age – As time goes by, a lot of components may start to deteriorate, like the starters, electrical wiring and alternators. These components need more power from the battery then it can produce. This is a usual case and is normally called “starting hard.” A battery with a higher CCA is going to help meet the added demand because of old components.

The accessories that you can buy once you have the battery – Majority of the accessories which are not original cause a strain on your battery. This means the lighting kits, radios, winches, and engine parts are included. If your battery has a higher CCA, it can meet most of the aftermarket demands when it comes to power.

The brand of the battery

​There are a lot of local ATV batteries that can be bought today. You need to pick a reputable manufacturer to avoid any inconvenience later on. Although, reviewing the experience of people about manufacturers before buying batteries is one of the diligent things you can do to change the outcome. Buying a mediocre brand is never recommended because you might find yourself buying a replacement earlier than expected.

Conventional technology of the battery

​You have to fill this battery with electrolyte and charge it before installation. It is normally the lowest CCA if there are options available. These kinds of batteries cannot be sealed or they cannot spill. Conventional batteries are made with removable caps, and some have a strip vent. It is advised that you must have the electrolyte levels regularly checked. These types of batteries require maintenance and proper care.

The correct fit

​This is linked to common sense, but there are terms that you do not think about like the correct size, wires, and connectors. You may have an easy time performing the task, but a lot of products being sold today are just duplicates. Hence, you should observe caution while choosing the right fit for your battery.

Reviewing a good type of battery 

​This factor is one of the most important terms that should be considered prior to buying ATV batteries. There are a lot of types of batteries such as ignition, lighting, and starting. The wisest thing you can do before purchasing batteries could be reading about them and look for information that will tell you about their advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the perfect match your ATV needs is the best result for the issue of dead batteries.

AGM Battery

The Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) is a current power advancement in the technology of sport battery. It has a glass mat separator that is tear resistant to keep the electrolyte in place removing leaks or spills. The majority of AGM batteries are known to be factory activated, which means they have been originally filled and ready for installation.

AGM batteries do not need maintenance and are spill-free. These batteries do not contain electrolyte so there is no free-flowing acid. The caps are not removable and the cells are inaccessible. Most of the time, people think that AGM batteries are the same as Gel batteries. However, the similarities are a couple of distinct differences found in both technologies. AGM batteries are not restricted in terms of charging unlike the gel batteries and the rate of discharge is a lot lower if it is not used for a long time. AGM batteries normally have higher CCA than Gel batteries.

These are ideal if you do not use your vehicle every day, and you do not have to use distilled water to make sure they are not empty. It is a recommendation that you stick with AGM or Gel batteries so that you will not waste money on them.

Lead batteries

This type pf battery is not commonly used like before, especially when it is for powersports. They need a lot of maintenance, that include consistent topping off that comes with distilled water to ensure that there is an ample amount of fluids so the electrolytes will function correctly.

Lead batteries are sensitive to both vibration and heat, and are not a recommended option for any off-road vehicle. With the production of other types of cheaper batteries, using lead batteries is not a wise option unless you are one of those people who want to have old batteries lying around.

Best ATV Battery And UTV Battery Reviews

Now that you know what to look for when buying a battery for your vehicle, here are 5 products you can choose from:

1. ML5-12-12V 5AH Chamberlain 41A6357-1 Garage Door Opener Battery-Mighty Max Battery

ML5-12-12V 5AH

​The battery is an ML5-12 SLA and it is a Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) that is rechargeable and you do not need to maintain it. The dimensions of the battery are 3.54 x 2.76 x 4.21” The terminal is F1 and it is only a listing for batteries. There is no harness for the wire or other mounting accessories. The SLA/AGM type of battery has a high rate discharge characteristic, can operate on wide temperatures, has a long service life and deep recovery for discharge. This a rechargeable battery that you can mount on any position, can resist shock and vibration. A lasting high performance in temperatures both high and low is also a function of this battery. There is a refund policy of 30 days and a full warranty that is good for 1 year. The weight of the battery is 4 pounds.


  • ​This is the 2nd time I purchased this kind of battery because it has always worked great for me
  • The seller delivered right away and it came on the day I expected it to arrive
  • This battery lasts for more than a year because it took that long before I had to buy a new one
  • The ad about the battery is not false because it works according to how it is described and so far, I have not encountered any problem
    It is reasonably priced that is why I know that buying this battery is a good decision I made
  • I also love their customer service because they are responsive and prompt in answering


  • ​I expected it to last for 3.5 years, but it lasted a little less than that, but I think it will last 3.5 years if I did better in using them

This is one of the better batteries you can buy for the price and the category it belongs to.

2. Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery

Odyssey PC545 Powersports Battery

​The CCA of this battery is 150 and comes with a full replacement warranty of 2 years without pro rata. It has a longer service life of about 3 to 10 years and these batteries save consumers time, aggravation, and money. There is a 70% longer cycle life than the normal cycle batteries, with about 400 cycles with an 80% discharge depth and the voltage is high for extended periods of time. It recharges fast and its efficiency is higher than most on the market with a capacity of 100% recharge in 4 to 6 hours. It is easy to mount because of its non-spillage feature and it is resistant to vibration. The design is a protection against extreme shocks. Its construction is rugged and packed with lead plates and AGM non-spillage design. The dimensions of the battery are 8 x 6.9 x 4.3” and the weight is 11 lbs.


  • ​The battery turns on strong even if the weather is really cold and I have not experienced any trouble on its amperage
  • The size of this battery is like the ones used in motorcycles, but it has no trouble turning on 360
  • The item arrived on my doorstep the day I expected it to which means that they have great service
  • The battery gives enough power to all of the extra equipment I use with the ATV
    When I received the battery, it was only a month old which is good because it means they are not selling old products
  • I do not have to recharge it monthly because it still has lots of power even after 30 days of use


  • ​It can crank a little slow sometimes, but that is not a big problem for me

​This product is one of the most reasonable batteries I have ever bought and the size does not determine its power because it packs a punch.

3. Battery Tender BTL35A480C Lithium Ion Phosphate Battery

Supersmart BMS Lithium Battery

​It is a replacement for the Yuasa Battery model YIX30L-BS, but its weight is 80% lesser and has about 5 times more life compared to the normal lead acid with approximately 2000+ deep cycles with a discharge depth of 80%. The foam spacers that are included so they can fit different battery boxes. The configuration of the quad terminal and its feature that is mountable from any direction makes installation easy. The dimensions of the case are 6.49 x 3.38 x 5.11” and the weight is 3.75 lbs. The specifications of the voltage are 12 CCA 480 with lead acid replacement ranging from 26-35 (Ah). Its operating temperature is 0-140 degrees F. The highest charge rate is 10 Ampere.


  • ​I like it because it starts similar to other batteries but weighs a lot less
  • It has no liquid or gel and has more usable power, and this battery can be thrown like normal trash​
  • I can easily tell that this battery has got a lot of power despite its size
  • There are extra poles that are useful for the charge pigtail and the CCA is a lot more compared to the traditional ones
  • I have been using it for 2 years and it still works great
  • Installation was easy and it came just as expected


  • ​The start-up seems slow, but it gets better after a while so I know that was just a minor issue

If you want a light weight battery that has a lot of power, then you should buy this one.

4. Expert Power Standard 12V 7Ah Rechargeable Sla Battery

Expert Power Standard 12V 7Ah Rechargeable Sla Battery

​This is an original Expert power battery which is the most reliable, trusted, and recognized lead acid battery that is well-sealed. The type of battery is 2 x 12V 7Ah with F1 type of terminals and it fits the apc Back-ups XS XS1000 ups.

This type of battery is maintenance free and the valves are regulated. It is great for alarms, automobiles, lighting, electronics, medical devices, solar power, scooters, wheelchairs, and others. The installation is pretty simple and the construction is durable and rugged because it is made to last. The dimensions are 5.9 x 5 x 3.7” and the weight is 4.7 lbs.


  • ​It fits perfectly and it costs a lot less than the first one I had
  • When it arrived, I checked its condition and I can say that it was handled properly during delivery
  • The battery arrived with full charge so I was able to install it right away
  • The product works exactly like how it is advertised so I know that they are an honest company
  • They have a great customer service that is ready to answer any question about the product
  • From what I can tell, this battery will last a long time and I will buy again if needed


  • ​The charge does not last as long as expected, but I do not have other issues aside from that

​It is an awesome battery that will give the power your vehicle needs and you can expect that it will last for years.

5. Yuasa YTX14-BS Maintenance Free Battery

YTX14-BS Battery

​The voltage is 12 with 12 amps per hour and the CCA is 200 that does not require any maintenance. It is completely sealed and this battery does not spill. All of the acid seeps into special plates and there are glass separators that are there for absorption. There is no need to add water, and it includes a 20mm height space that can be used to replace YB16CL-B. An advanced technology is used which is lead-calcium to hold it in a certain gravity 3 times longer compared to normal batteries. The battery is supplied dry using acid bottle, and the top front terminals are mountable. The dimensions are 6 x 3.4 x 5.8” and the weight is 7.8 lbs.


  • ​The mixing and filling of the acid has a great design and it is simple enough to not cost any spills
  • It costs less than some of the replacement batteries out there, but I love how powerful this is
  • When the battery arrived, it was well packed and the condition was excellent
  • After I installed this, it immediately gave enough power so it runs smoothly
  • The installation instructions are easy and filling it up was safe because I did not have any trouble doing it
  • It is an awesome replacement for batteries and it will surely last long
  • Sometimes I let them sit for quite a while and it does not get drained at all


  • ​I wish it lasted more than 3 years, but that is under heavy use so I guess it could vary depending on the use

​I like this battery because of how the mixing and filling happens. In addition, I have not encountered any problem so far.

How to charge an ATV battery

If you do not use an ATV battery for a long time, there is a tendency for them to become dead. This is why it is important to recharge them effectively to avoid issues like this in the future. The process is simple if you have the right tools, and almost anyone can do it.

You need to push the ATV close to a power outlet and then take a socket wrench to loosen the bolts that secure the seat of the ATV. After that, you will be able to lift the seat and remove it by pushing it backwards, sliding it, and then finally pull it up.

After removing the mount covers on the battery, place the correct clamps from a normal battery charger that is on the mounts. You need to be sure that there is a right positive and negative match before you continue.

You can now take the charger and plug it into the power outlet, then the charger needs to be set at 4-volt output setting.

Allow 45 minutes for the battery to recharge and when done, unplug the charger. You can now remove the clamps from the battery’s mounts.

If there is enough time, use the charger on the setting of 2-volt and allot 2 hours for charging instead of only 45 minutes.

Make sure that if it is charging in the 4-volt setting, it should not exceed 45 minutes because it can overcharge it and the battery will be ruined for good.

How to maintain the battery

  • ​Make sure there is no grime and dirt on top of the battery, so always clean that part
  • Inspect the cables if there are any loose connections, and make sure that it does not tighten too much
  • The battery has to be held down tight and keep it secure
  • The battery’s case needs to be checked for any damage
  • The terminals and cable ends have to be cleaned as needed to insure there is the right amount of contact
  • The exhaust tube should not have any kinks or any form of clogging so there is proper ventilation
  • Lift off the caps and inspect the levels of acid. Fill it with water if needed and you need to be sure that you are staying only between the lower and upper lines that are located on the battery’s front. If you are removing and replacing the caps, always be cautious
  • If you are already replacing the caps, you only need to use your hands when tightening them
  • Use a volt meter to check the voltage; that its minimum is 12.6 or 6.3 volts

For AGM batteries

  • ​There should not be grime and dirt on top of the battery
  • See if the cables have any loose connections, and make sure you do not tighten them too much
  • Insure the battery is held down securely and then tighten it
  • Check if there are any obvious damages
  • Clean the terminals and ends of the cable as needed to make sure there is proper contact
  • Never remove the caps of the AGM battery
  • Use a volt meter to check the voltage; that its minimum is 12.6 or 6.3 volts

​You are now ready to buy an ATV battery and make sure to choose from any of the products listed above.


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