The Best ATV Ramps – Trusted Reviews & Guide

As far as pastimes go, Off Roading is amongst one of the most fun and many unique. Tearing around on your own dirt bike or ATV may be the best time outdoors, which is why it's such a sport that is favorite. But how can you obtain your vehicle that is off-roading to the website? Evidently, you'll require a truck, however how will you load everything? Where the Best ATV ramps come in, that's.

What is an ATV Ramp?

In other words, these ramps are intended to assist you off load and load vehicles that are smaller. As you ca lift your ATV or dirt bike on your flat-bed, you will be needing ramps you can push on it with ease.

These ramps are intended to make this process as simple as you can so that more can worry about having a great time. I'll be showing you the best ATV ramps, as well as highlight features you need to pay attention to so it is possible to make sure that you're getting the very best one for your requirements.

How to Pick the Best ATV Ramps – Important things to consider

ATV Ramps


When referring to ramps for the own truck, there are two ways that you may go about it. To begin with you could possibly get two separate drops which sit alongside, or you may get one piece that excels in two. Listed here are the advantages and disadvantages of each and every design.

2 Piece

Speaking, getting two ramps is more affordable than buying one whole slice. You provide with the way you position them more versatility meaning that in the event you possess a vehicle that is wider, it won't possess any issues waking up to your automobile. They could consume more weight.

2 ramps' downside is they can't be used by you to get a ATV, and they will not utilize treads. It will take more time to get them installed, and they'll simply take up more room inside storage.

A Single Piece

The benefit of working with one ramp is that you can set this and it will do the job for all types of vehicles. If you use a three wheeler a dirt bike, or a fourwheeler, they could climb such a ramp with ease. Additionally, you may take more weight this way.

The drawback of this model is that you're limited in how wide it is possible to proceed. In addition, these models are higher priced.


When looking at your ATV ramps, you would like to ensure they are tall enough and wide enough for your own ride. Then you will have a much steeper incline to get, if they are too short.

Then be sure that they are enough for your own threads, if you purchase two drops. If you get a bit, make sure that the issue is big enough for your ATV.

Another thing to bear in your mind with size would be the weight of this ramp. Models are manufactured from aluminum, which means they are relatively light, with ramps weighing approximately twenty pounds and also a double-wide weighing about total.


One other factor you have to look at is just how much burden that the ramp may endure. Then it should buckle under the weight of your ATV when it's too flimsy. Ramps can encourage at 1,200 pounds, using models. Be sure prior to purchasing a ramp, to gauge the burden of your vehicles.

How To Load Your ATV Into Your Truck?

Top 10 ATV Ramps Reviews

 1. 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Top Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramps

7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Top Lawnmower ATV Truck Loading Ramps

Our first stop is with their system that is two-ramp and Titan Ramps. These ramps are designed for lawnmowers, as well as ATVs as well as other fourwheel vehicles. They're over seven feet long, giving you up on which to push into the flat bed, a more shallow level. They are also arched so that you obtain loads of clearance.

The drops every hold 1500 total or even about 750 lbs. To help maintain them stable within your own truck, they include rubber palms to ensure that they don't slide around while you drive. They have straps to get a grip.

What's nice about such ramps is that they fold in half for easy storage and then weigh just about 5 pounds overall (sixteen lbs each).

Feature Highlights

  • Arched layout can carry up to 1500 pounds
  • Plate high design with rubberized palms
  • Security straps included
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • Twist in half for storage
  • Lightweight design weighs thirty-three pounds
  • two and a half foot span


  • It's Very strong
  • It's Lots of traction to your ATV tires to continue to
  • Includes security strap which are quick and easy to Connect
  • It can be utilized for other items too apart moving ATVs
  • The ramp Is Extremely mild, made using great stuff and Simple to move


  • No schooling on how to use the strap

 2. 8 ft Aluminum Atv Loading Ramps truck ramp pair by Titan Ramps

8 ft Aluminum Atv Loading Ramps truck ramp pair by Titan Ramps

We now have another design. What makes these much better compared to a few of the models we've seen is that they fold two instead of once. This makes them far more compact and easier to store.

Each ramp may take about 600 lbs, and they have serrated crossbars (rungs) to provide you better grip in general. Because they extend to about eight feet long, you get yourself a lot tier than you do along with other models.

One other fantastic thing about these ramps is they're arched to offer clearance to you if driving into the flat bed.

Feature Highlights

  • 8 ft long
  • Security straps included
  • Holds 11.25-inch treads
  • Weighs Thirty Eight pounds complete
  • Arched layout for simpler clearance
  • Heavy duty aluminium construction
  • Ramps fold twice to get longer compact storage
  • Serrated cross bars to get better traction
  • Stands up to 1,200 pounds complete (600 per ramp)


  • It is a Great Excellent ramp
  • It is made of quality substance
  • It is powerful, durable and exceptionally useful
  • It is mild and powerful enough to load ATVs plus some other vehicles


  • The strap wears readily when used often

 3. Motoalliance 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Lawnmower ATV Ramp

Motoalliance 7.5 ft Aluminum Plate Lawnmower ATV Ramp

Next, we have another strategy. These are equal to the ones above, although the plan of this rungs is a bit different. These ramps are over seven feet long, providing you with plenty of room.

Thankfully, in addition they fold in half for more easy storage when not being used. The ramps holds approximately 1500 pounds total, and they include rubber fingers for greater equilibrium. Additionally, security straps be certain that they don't slide around when you go.

Feature Highlights

  • Holds around 1500 lbs
  • Plate high design with rubber palms
  • Made with durable aluminum
  • Weighs only Thirtyone pounds
  • Adjustable safety straps comprised
  • Built-in traction surface
  • Folds for simpler storage
  • Seven and a half foot total length
  • Holds 11.25-inch treads


  • It's rust proof
  • It's a strong plate design
  • It has a flexible safety strap
  • It is lightweight and powerful
  • It can be used for different application


  • It May turn out to become too weak for several Automobile

 4. Highland (1127200) 69" Aluminum Smooth Rung Tri-Fold Loading Ramp

Highland (1127200) 69" Aluminum Smooth Rung Tri-Fold Loading Ramp

Next, we have another slide from Highland. Which means that you can utilize this kind of model for four wheel ATVs, and it can hold up to 1,600 lbs.

This ramp's only disadvantage would be that the length, which is just under six feet. That provides you a high speed grade, that is often harder for several vehicles. Thankfully, it includes traction control that is excellent so that it really should not be too much problem.

Feature Highlights

  • Anti-slip ribs
  • Supreme Quality aluminium construction
  • Stands up to 1,600 pounds
  • Improved grip from the rungs
  • 75 ft long, 3.75 feet wide
  • Weighs just twenty-five pounds
  • Adjustable Security straps comprised
  • Oneyear restricted warranty


  • It's Very Simple to Use
  • This functions perfectly well
  • It could be used for heavy duty vehicles
  • It has a Fantastic strap to Stop Your Car or Truck from falling
  • It could handily withstand anything thrown in it


  • The sunk isn't well Developed

 5. Rage Powersports IBF-9444 ATV Loading Ramp

Rage Powersports IBF-9444 ATV Loading Ramp

As far as brands that are off-roading proceed, Rage Powersports is one of the best. This is a single piece unit, meaning it is ideal for three or four-wheel ATVs. It folds in two down the middle, which makes it more easy to store well.

This ramp may hold up to 1,200 pounds, and it comes with rubberized feet for extra firmness. You obtain two safety straps to keep all tight and nice as you move up.

As far as size goes, this kind of version is all about 7.8 feet and 3.6 feet wide and weighs approximately thirty-seven lbs. The span is superior than unit ramps, meaning you get yourself a good, shallow pattern.

Feature Highlights

  • Heavy-duty aluminum building
  • Holds around 1,200 lbs
  • Folds down the middle for a Larger frame
  • Works on three or four wheelers
  • Rubber hints for better stability
  • Open layout gives perfect traction
  • two safety straps included
  • Weighs Thirty Seven pounds
  • 8 ft long, 3.6 feet wide
  • One Year limited guarantee


  • It has a strong framework
  • It is a Powerful and dependable ramp for loading ATVs
  • It is made of High Quality materials (aluminum)
  • It is very easy to use and it's a lightweight tool however strong
  • It can quickly accommodate any vehicle within the range of 1200 lbs


  • This has no negative inspection as the second of writing this informative article

 6. Yutrax TX104 Silver 78-inch XL Aluminum Tri-Fold Ramp

Yutrax TX104 Silver 78

When looking at single-piece drops, then Yutrax TX104 can either fold half (bi fold) or double (Tri Fold). I choose the latter because which means that the thing is wider when used, but doesn't take that much space when up in storage.

This ramp is far better than many because it can be over four feet wide and can consume to 1,750 lbs. Which means you could use it for any ATV. To allow it to be stronger, the hinges are welded, not riveted.

The sole disadvantage is that it is 6.5 feet long, which means that you have a steeper grade to get into the flat bed. That can be.

Feature Highlights

  • Stands around 1,750 lbs
  • Six 5 feet long
  • Just more than four feet wide
  • One powerful slice works for three and four wheels
  • Open rung design helps give better traction
  • Hinges are welded, not riveted
  • Folds lengthwise for easier storage
  • Rubber feet for stability and also to protect your cab
  • Adjustable safety straps contained
  • Weighs only thirty pounds


  • It's lightweight and durable
  • It is Made from quality aluminum substance
  • This extra broad and is Great for taller or longer vehicles
  • It has adjustable strap to keep you vehicle by moving out of location
  • It is coated which help to prevent your bicycle from scratches


  • It's overly thin for small vehicles

 7. Aluminum Bi-Fold ATV Loading Ramp 95 x 50

Aluminum Bi-Fold ATV Loading Ramp 95 x 50

This next ramp by Black Widow the very best of both worlds. It's the length of a style that is dual-ramp, however additionally, it has got the versatility and strength that you get from one piece.

At eight feet, this really is among the ramp units you'll be able to find. It folds down the centre, meaning that you need it to be held by atleast eight feet of storage space. The ramp itself can take around 1,500 lbs, as it comes with increased serrated ribs to get traction control.

Other options include rubber feet, safety straps, and also also a one-year limited warranty.

Feature Highlights

  • Heavyduty aluminum construction
  • Can hold up to 1,500 pounds
  • Bifold layout is Great for three or four wheels
  • Raised serrated ribs Offer perfect grip
  • Folds lengthwise for easier storage
  • Two safety straps included
  • Rubber feet for better stability
  • Almost eight feet, just over four feet broad
  • One Year limited guarantee


  • It's two caliber strap
  • It is secure when Used
  • It may be utilized for automobiles
  • Made from heavy duty substances
  • It's strong and dependable to Take Care of vehicles of about 1500 lbs


  • No bad review with this particular Item as at the point of writing this

 8. Rage Powersports TF-7754 Full Width Tri-Fold Aluminum ATV Loading Ramp

Rage Powersports TF-7754

Here we have another winner from Rage Powersports. This ramp is ideal for a good deal of reasons. To begin with, it's roughly 6.5 feet long, and that's about ideal for most ATVs (even though steeper than others that we've seen). It can take as much as 1,500 lbs, also it is about 4.5 feet wide, that will be ideal for just about any Offroading car or truck.

Features of this ramp comprise a one-year limited warranty, and raised ribs for rubber feet better grip and safety straps for stability.

Feature Highlights

  • Heavy duty aluminum construction
  • Tri-fold layout for storage
  • Stands around 1,500 lbs
  • Raised serrated rungs for better grip
  • 5 ft long, 4.5 feet wide
  • Solid piece is Great for three or four wheels
  • Rubber feet for better stability
  • Safety straps comprised
  • Weighs Thirtyeight pounds
  • One-year limited guarantee


  • It is very Simple and safe to utilize
  • It's solid and broad enough to get bigger vehicles
  • Great ramp lightweight and strong
  • This have no ratchets and functions off tension
  • It Is Ideal for unloading and loading ATVs


  • none in the moment of writing this article which shows how ideal It's at the instant

 9. Goplus 7.5' Heavy Duty Aluminum Motorcycle Bike Ramp

Goplus 7.5' Heavy Duty Aluminum Motorcycle Bike Ramp

We end with the Goplus Ramps. This really is just another design, meaning you have to get both of them together with you on your own Offroading outings.

Altogether, the drops may hold about 1,500 pounds, and in 7.5 feet they give you a nice, shallow pattern to load onto your own knee. Best of all fold in two for easier storage. They also have basic safety straps and rubber feet for stability when loading. These are ramps at an affordable price.

Feature Highlights

  • Two folding ramps Made from Durable aluminum
  • Each works in half for easier storage
  • 750-pound capacity, 1,500 lbs total
  • Rubber feet for better stability
  • Wide rung design for better traction
  • Adjustable Security straps comprised
  • 5 ft extended, every holds 11.5-inch treads
  • Each slip weighs roughly twenty five pounds


  • It is quite easy to use
  • It is strong and yet a lightweight instrument
  • This works good for unloading and loading ATVs
  • It may manage a weight of approximately 500 Pounds and above
  • It can be used for both large and Tiny vehicles


  • It Isn't too steep

 10. Highland (1120500) 69" Aluminum Straight Loading Ramp

Highland (1120500) 69"

If you'd like some thing cost straightforward and effective those drops out of Highland can do just fine. Unlike other ramps, these don't fold in half, and that means when storing them, you are going to have to plan for afterward.

What's nice about such ramps is that they're wider than other models (13-inches instead of 11.5) plus they've thicker rungs for greater traction. The downside of not having the ability to fold, nevertheless, is the fact that they're shorter, meaning that it'll be considered a steeper grade.

Each ramp weigh approximately twenty pounds and may take about 625 pounds.

Feature Highlights

  • Made from Durable aluminum
  • Two individual ramps included
  • Adjustable safety straps
  • Each ramp may hold up to 625 pounds (1,250 total)
  • Rust and corrosion resistant
  • Can manage thirteen-inch treads
  • Open rung layout for greater grip
  • Each slip weighs about twenty pounds
  • One Year restricted warranty


  • It is sturdy, reliable and Simple to Use
  • It is has strong flexible strap
  • It is used for loading and unloading ATVs
  • It's durable and lightweight manufactured from aluminum stuff
  • This really is a straight ramp with power to carry about 650 pounds and above


  • Maybe Not too good for wide ATVs

The Last Verdict

In general, when I had to pick out the best ATV ramp out of this specific list, I'd choose the Yutrax Ramp. I enjoy more weight can be supported by it and it possesses a design. In addition, I love it's wider and has the best grip. If you'd like a two-ramp system, however, then I would highly suggest the eight-foot version as that may give you also an easier time and better equilibrium after putting your ATV at the vehicle.


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