The Top 5 Best Basketball Shoes For Wide Feet

Basketball Shoes Wide for Feet

Finding basketball shoes that fit your wide feet can be a real pain. Performance shoes are cut sparse to guarantee a tight match to athletes using feet that are often wide. This could be annoying being a normal footwear will fit well and you'll need to take care of blisters and pressure marks if you're a wide-footer. But are a couple of basketball shoes which appeal to wide-footers.

I am going to Reveal you five current basketball shoes which should fit smoothly, even in the event that you own have "Shrek" feet!

Your player a Also you and signature sneaker found a colorway that is fine, you have to own it? The single real problem: that the shoe isn't designed for wide feet...

Would you make it function?

Look for stretchy upper materials

Shoes Include distinct Substances on which you become, based. Therefore, for those who own a pair wide feet better will be accommodated by opting for a conductive material such as a lace or lace compared to leather or business net.

On the There are basketball shoes just like the KD signature lineup which run so narrow that you can not make it act like a wide-footer. Check out, if you would like to know your shoe operates. Click also to observe a profile of this shoe which lets you know if it conducts regular, wide or narrow also on any shoe.

Basketball Shoes for Wide-Footers

​How can I show up with this particular list?

​I'm Constantly recording every baseball shoe inspection which is published on websites such as, and also on hot sneaker Youtube stations. Whenever a reviewer cites that a shoe operates wide (or narrow) that really is input to a database.

This also allows me to mechanically Create a set of current shoes which were defined too wide by sneaker experts 

1. Air Jordan 31

 Air Jordan 31

Over All The Air Jordan 31 disappoints programmers. The others predict it dangerous while a few think the grip is adequate. The material that is superior receives a great deal of compliments however, the leather heel is enjoyed and caused distress for a couple reviewers. The grip is murdering what may have really been a shoe.

2. Under Armour Drive 4

Under Armour Drive 4

The most powerful Purpose of the is its own traction. The competitive and thick herringbone layout works on every surface - outdoors. The fore-foot feels quite dead, although the cushioning at the heels is fine. The substances are and a few reviewers said that the period that is painful. This really is a shoe which certainly will get the job done with every manner of player and out performs its funding pricing - !

3. Adidas Harden Volume 1

Adidas Harden Volume 1

The Adidas Harden Volume 1 plays well in most types anyhow fit. Reviewers praised Traction. Materials vary among different colorways but are of top caliber in every and every one. This shoe's weakness is that the period that is debilitating. The leather fur cap caused a great deal of trouble.

4. Nike Lebron 14

Nike Lebron 14

The Nike Lebron 14 receives mixed reviews. Bigger, more heavy players with feet and also the demand for plenty of impact protection will probably prefer that the Hex Zoom cushioning installation. A lot of reviewers commented throughout stops and cuts about heel slippage and movement. Not really suggested for players.

5. Under Armour Charged Controller

Under Armour Charged Controller

The Under Armour Charged Controller can be a affordable basketball shoe developed for guards. The grip is inconsistent. On courts, you'll have to wipe. For a light and slim shoe, the fit isn't quite as excellent as you'd anticipate. Lots of reviewers cite that the exact roomy (and profoundly glued) Cable box. Cushioning is adequate and service features are somewhat nominal but adequate. The Charged Controller can be really a shoe that is solid, however you will find basketball shoes that are better at the lower retail cost of 100.


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