The Best Boot Dryer – Top Pick 2019

The best boot dryer for me certainly is the M07F Advantage PEET Dryer and that I recommend it to everybody who wants the best product for your price. Its 4 arid ports are designed to dry two pairs of foot wear quickly and safely.

Its innovative circulation system makes certain you have dry feet at all times, preventing the synthesis of fungus and embarrassing feet odor.

boot dryer

Possessing dry feet might be more crucial than people think, so I want to help you opt for the Top boot dryer for your boots. Besides making our toes cold in chillymonths, wet shoes are likewise a great home for bacteria. Do you know exactly what that means -- feet and also some much more serious problems.

Having the best boot dryer also helps with ski boots or gloves too, in addition to soccer, basketball or running shoes. The best boot dryer may easily dry your shoes and even sanitize them. And in the winter season, they are even able to heat up them for you as soon as you want it.

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Searching For The Best Boot Dryer 2019

Best Boot Dryer

Boot dryers are getting more and more popular, so one can fight to choose the best boot dryer 201​9 has to offer you. It's easy to over spend or receive a bad product without experience. Before you go and spend your hard-earned money, I want to show you a summary of most useful boot dryers whom I have analyzed.

You can get to learn how they work, how well they are created, what extra features they have and how does the purchase price you pay Compare to all of it. So take a look at my top picks for best boot dryer.

 1. PEET Boot Dryer M07F – Best Boot Dryer

PEET Boot Dryer M07F

Once we know, PEET sells a vast variety of boot dryers yet this one must be the best boot dryer I've tried. For starters, this PEET boot dryer can dry two pairs quicker than any other dryer I've seen. Four patented dry vents with the innovative technology will wash your boots or gloves in no time.

Although it uses a fan-powered motor, the dryer is quiet enough not to disturb you, even using little energy at the process. You may even setup a timer up to 240 minutes and then leave it unattended; it will switch off automatically after exercising of time. You may even toggle heat, based on the needs you have.

PEET provides you a 30 day money-back guarantee and a two-year limited warranty, standing behind their merchandise, and the best boot dryer. Its measurements are 9.8"x 13.3"x13.3" and it weighs around 6.4 pounds.

It'd be ideal if I could only shut off the tubes which are not in use when drying an individual pair. With the quality, versatility and speed it provides, this PEET boot dryer is priced more than quite and it's certainly the very best dryer I dried my shoes with.


  • Works quickly and efficiently
  • includes a useful 240-minute timer
  • Consists of warmth toggle


  • Can't turn off just one set

2. PEET Dryer - Original 2-Shoe Electric Shoe

PEET Dryer

We are able to thank Peet Dryer with this particular original 2-shoe model electric dryer because he devised it in 1968 after getting tired of needing to wear boots that are wet. With years the style has improved but the standard and purpose continue to be exactly the same, trying to help make the best boot dryer. This model uses 2 patented PEET dry ports to circulate air and thoroughly dry 1 pair of boots that are wet.

It will not matter exactly what your own shoes are all constructed with, simply leave them overnight and wake up to and including dry and warm couple of foot wear. It operates without making a hum and uses little energy to shield your feet from sweat, wetness, and odor.

You can't actually see it's working, and that explains the reason why they have to have implemented some sort of indicator. Dimensions of this black model are 10.5" x 4.8" x 13.2" and it weighs 4.9 pounds. This very best boot dryer is created in the united states and it's offered in both 220v and 110-120 volt setup.


  • Safe and economical dryer
  • Quiet and sturdy
  • Comes with a 25-year warranty


  • No power index

 3. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer

Over night dryers are terrific for their purpose and price, but sometimes you need a quicker and more effective boot and glove dryer. Besides its ability, this DryGuy model provides great versatility and some amazing features. With four forced-air tubes, you can dry 2 pairs of footwear simultaneously on this electric boot dryer.

Two removable extension tubes may also be attached if you have higher boots to dry. Heat could reach 105 degrees Fahrenheit (40 Celsius) which can be enough to dry your boots in 12 hours and rescue you from embarrassing scents. This 1 2"x7.5"x 15" electric boot dryer includes an ON/OFF switch and a suitable 3-hour timer that lets you just forget about it.

In general, this is a decent boot and glove dryer if you need to dry out your sports shoes immediately, without leaving it all immediately. I'd like it to have an option to show on only two tubes at a time, however it's not really a severe disadvantage.


  • Has 3-hour timer with a heat toggle
  • Drying time 1-2 hours
  • Perfect for many substances


  • Each tubes must operate simultaneously

 4. MaxxDry SD Boot, Shoe and Glove Dryer

MaxxDry SD Boot

MaxxDry pops outside from our list, now having a more affordable and lighter boot dryer. Some boots require taller boot heaters, this is where this MaxxDry version measures.

As it uses air convection, this boot dryer won't create a solid when still working. Your boots will dry out immediately in a noiseless, economically friendly and simple way.

The warm atmosphere it produces dries out high heeled shoes and aids in preventing bacteria growing and foot odor. With its 23" height, it fits most of the boots plus it is completely safe for most boot materials.

It would be cool if it had a lamp or switch it works since it's so silent that you can't tell. MaxxDry is a reputable company that offers free delivery and also over 500 5-star reviews you've got nothing to worry about its credibility.


  • Over 500 5-star testimonials
  • Cheap and inexpensive
  • Appropriate for high boots


  • Regardless of timer or power indicator
  • Slow drying period

 5. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer

DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer

When we talk about practicality, there are not many dryers that can fit up to DryGuy's Travel Dry DX portable Boot Dryer. It uses conventional convection drying procedure with forced air that dries boots faster than nearly all of the boot dryers out there.

Reaching temperatures upto 99 degrees, it will dry your pair of boots over 24 hours, based on the dampness. Travelers and campers will cherish this light (1.1 pounds) and compact (13"x10"x 3") gadget that fits readily into almost any luggage compartment. This orange portable boot dryer also features an AC/DC power adaptor so you can use it into your car once you can't access an outlet.

It fits easily into all sizes and types of footwear minus the chance of damaging the stuff plus it includes 1-year warranty and free delivery. The only disadvantage is that you can't dry both boots simultaneously, but this is exactly why it's good that it's so fast. You receive yourself a fantastic, durable traveling companion to get a rather very affordable price.


  • Compact and easy to carry around
  • Consists of car adapter
  • Ideal for outside actions


  • Dries one shoe at a Period

 6. DryGuy Simple Dry Boot and Glove Dryer

DryGuy Simple Dry Boot

DryGuy introduces us to a very simple and quiet ​Portable DryGuy boot dryer that may dry your wet shoes immediately. One of the greatest approaches to resist foot odor is always to dry and alternate out your shoes. This compact (10.2" x 6.5" x 11") apparatus makes sure that you have a dry pair of boots every day.

One other excellent idea is that this boot dryer is efficiently friendly plus it won't waste electricity to reach its own 150 degrees. It even has a little tray at the bottom to collect leaking water and protect your floors.

Fully ventilated pipes are not removable, but they will remove dampness and fungus from the shoes easily. If you'd like an inexpensive option and don't care about working time, then this will be a excellent enough solution for you.


  • Completely silent
  • Very Reasonably Priced
  • Low-wattage


  • Lengthy working time

 7. PEET Portable Boot Dryer

PEET Portable Boot Dryer

I found a complete sized portable boot dryer you can use stationary, instead of integrating the dryer in to the footwear. Unlike electrical boot dryers, this PEET boot dryer is cordless and uses a 16-ounce propane tank that's sufficient for 60 hours before refill.

This portable boot dryer is perfect if you are regularly on ski and camping trips, or you like to pay winters in your cottage in the woods. Bearing it mind that it will take approximately 3 hours to dry out a shoe, you receive 20 drying cycles with an individual tank.

Two patented PEET dry vents will circulate the atmosphere and sterile any pair of foot wear readily, regardless of material used. This portable boot dryer, produced in the USA, can make certain you've got dry feet wherever you choose to become.


  • Doesn't Require power
  • Safe and quiet
  • More elastic compared to other mobile dryers


  • Slightly Significant price
  • No timer or electricity indicator

 8. Dr. Dry Electric Shoe/Boot Dryer

Dr. Dry Electric Shoe/Boot Dryer

Dr. Dry's electric boot warmer is really a very simple and compact couple of dryers which you could just put in your own shoes and plug it in to wash. You can expect that this yellow dryer to dry your shoes within 3-4 hours (12 hours for soaking wet shoes) with the warmth reaching 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its PTC heater makes sure that it doesn't get overly hot and it's safe with the majority of materials. Once the electric boot warmer is working, a blue glowing light looks. It fits into many bags and suitcases and you can simply take with you almost anywhere, being great for skiing excursions, biking, trekking etc..

For a steal of a price tag, you will not find the best boot dryer, but nevertheless, you are going to have reliable electric boot warmer that has nearly 100 5 star evaluations on Amazon. That which I don't enjoy is there isn't any on/off switch plus it is also easy to overlook it when from the sneakers.


  • Safe and affordable
  • Very practical and portable
  • Unique fitting contour


  • Slow drying period
  • Relatively weak heat

 9. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer, and Glove Dryer

MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Dryer

This powerful and dependable boot and glove dryer use warm or hot atmosphere to allow you to wash your footwear out or accessories as quick as possible. The warmth reaches up to 105-degrees F (40.5 C) also it's safe for many of the regular clothing material.

There is absolutely no need to wait you can dry two pairs of gloves or shoes at the same moment. 2 16" expansion tubes are also contained for taller stuff including vases. You may even render this electric boot dryer to do the job independently as you get yourself a timer that could be installed to stop as much as after 3 hours.

But, you can get that your boots to be dry in about an hour. Having a 4.6-star rating and a 1-year warranty, it is possible to make certain you obtain a trusted and quality boot dryer for your footwear. This is a bit dumb, but luckily, it will certainly do its own job.


  • High Quality
  • Quickdrying time
  • Acceptable for gloves and shoes


  • Can fit Just One pair of sneakers at the Same Time
  • Some users stated it's dumb

 10. Jobsite Boot, Shoe & Glove Electric Dryer Prevent Odor

Jobsite Boot, Shoe & Glove Electric Dryer Prevent Odor

I would lie to start with a straightforward, budget, boot and glove dryer. This electric boot dryer is excellent if your funds are limited and do not want any extra capabilities. This practical boot and glove dryer isn't difficult to come up with and as it will not have a fan it is completely silent.

It is possible to use it on a myriad of accessories, gloves, hats, mittens, caps also it comes with 2-year warranty. Created by 120V AC socket, it reaches to 98-110 degrees and it takes about 8 hrs to dry up damp foot wear. With two degrees of attachments, you can dry components of various shapes and heights.

Boots usually are dried with the blossoms in the place. This compact and mobile (10 ½” x 5 ½” x 14″) boot and glove dryer can save you from embarrassing odors for a very inexpensive price.


  • Safe and noiseless operation
  • Compact and easily portable
  • Has 2-year guarantee
  • Includes removable extenders


  • Slow drying period
  • No indicators

Selecting the Best Boot Dryer Type

Boot Dryer Type

While choosing the best boot dryer for the needs, it's essential to differentiate between the two common types of dryers on industry. Although both do exactly the same -- dry your sneakers with warm air and protect your feet out of wetness and odor -- there are some notable differences:

  • Stationary Boot Dryer: This really is actually the powerful model out of the 2 plus it's the best boot dryer for domestic use. It can have various options and attachments for items such as gloves, capsand hatsand helmets. More powerful models can dry a pair of boots in 12 hours, however there are also economical ones who work overnight.
  • Portable Boot Dryer: This is generally a compact version with limited options, however this is the best boot dryer to take with you while traveling or camping. It normally takes 3-4 hours for drying out process to conclude, reaching the temperature of 80-90 degrees.

The Advantages of a Boot Dryer

Wet shoes are not really a laughing matter. They facilitate fungus that causes that awkward odor that stops you from taking shoes off anywhere outside your house. The best boot dryer may very quickly dry your shoes, without the possibility of damaging them or making any additional effort. You may even dry multiple items simultaneously or warm up them on cold winter months.

Safety Measures for Using a Boot Dryer

If you have inquisitive pets or children caught your house, make sure that the dryer's tubes do not become hot (most useful boot sprays do not do this). Make sure that your shoes aren't soaking wet before using, even the best boot dryer can be a problem if the water melts directly to it.

I expect you may no longer need to leave your shoes next to heating or outside in the sun trying to get them. Any boot dryer is worth the amount of money whether it's going to help save you time and issues. With this extensive guide, I am positive that you are going to find a way to get the best boot dryer to suit your needs and forget about wet footwear.


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