10 Best Fidget Spinner / Hand Spinner Toys

Fidget Spinners toys

The Fidget spinners toys the next best thing that is gaining popularity amongst the masses due to the stress relieving and calming properties it has to offer to the users. These toys are very easily available in the market. The fidget consists of a bearing which is located at the center and the outside material can be made out of stainless steel, plastic, brass or any other material with high tensile strength. These toys have a proven history and hence they are backed by experts as well.

They generally tend to help people who are finding it difficult to focus on anything. Due to the bearing present in the middle, this toy can spin for over 3-4 minutes when once started with a small push of your finger. They provide you calming effect over the user and very much helpful. Since there are many products available in the market, we present you with a few of the best fidgets citing its pros and cons which you see and decide upon your decision of purchasing the one which suits you best.

​What Is A Best Fidget Spinner?

​​If you would have eyes, children or internet you would have surely noticed the fidget spinner craze among the young generation. Spinning around their way right into the hearts of children across the states like UK, USA the toy has made its way into people’s life helping them to deal with anxiety and ADHD. Often we may have seen children are playing with a tripod like kind of thing, spinning it here and there around in the air. Well, that’s what a Fidget Spinner is. It is a three-pronged disc mainly having two parts, one is a nearly palm-sized piece of metal or plastic which spins around usually and a centrally weighted disc that fits in your hand. It is also known as a modern version of the old spinning top.


​A Fidget Spinner is designed such that it has a ball bearing in the center which is generally made of ceramic, metals enclosed in a circular pad. The ball bearing is surrounded by materials including brass, titanium, copper and stainless steel. Some Fidget Spinner are also made of 3D printed plastic. One can play this gadget by balancing it on finger tops nose, toes or forehead. Doesn’t that sound crazy like balancing a toy on one’s nose? But that’s where the fun part lies.

The biggest challenge lies in throwing the spinner to an opposite direction and trying to catch it, and also performing various stunts while the forces take hold. And if you can spin more than two fidgets at a time then you are said to be ‘Lord of Rings of Fidgeting’. Some people consider it addictive because of the sensation that one gets by holding this fast-spinning contraption tilting it back and forth.​


It’s a kind of stress relieving toy. It is a very helpful toy for those who have trouble in focusing, mostly the people who are affected by autism, anxiety, and AHAD. Autistic children have a different world, they see things differently.Many of them find it difficult to focus on thing said in class, or the stuff going around. So having something around them which spins or twists can help them in grounding. Studies also show that Fidget Spinners helps students in concentrating during the class. The National Autistic Society showed anecdotal evidence given by parents that the spinners are beneficial. Some schools have also included them in their school’s budget.

​​What else to Know?

​The investment in high-end spinner can range anywhere ranging from $20 to $100whereas the average one can be available right from $5.The fidget spinner industry has rapidly flourished over the last month by getting a huge range of toys into the market. They have also started to market toys for adults, unlike those for children’s, they do come in a variety of shapes, size, and colour. If you want to know more about the tips and tricks of fidgeting you can search for the videos on YouTube and Instagram.

Last but not the least, it proves itself as one of the most useful toys, for those who like to play unlike some people simply categorize them as a craze or fad, whereas others try to read meanings out of such fad. The choice is all yours!​

​10 Best Hand Fidget Spinner Toy On The Market

Zekpro The Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner Helps Focusing Fidget Toys - Best Fidget Toys For Kids

Zekpro The Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner Helps Focusing Fidget Toys

View All Fidget Spinners By ZekPro »

Zekpro Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner is the fidget spinners. The spinner is used as a stress-relieving toy, which helps people who have trouble with anxiety or autism. This product claims that through the use of this product the people can get away from their stress. Many experts have their different opinion on this claim. Some of them believe on this claim and support these products while the others refused and have said that the product might be more distracted. Although the product was discovered long back, but it gets popular recent in 2017 as a stress relieving toy. Due to the health benefits, the school children began to use this toy. As a result some school banned this toy saying that it has become the distraction in the classroom while some schools supported this toy with believing that this could help children to concentrate on their work in the classroom.


  • This product is a good reliable spinner
  • Prefect for children who have ADHD
  • Really quiet new model
  • The spinner is durable
  • The device operates really well and smooth
  • Spin quality is good on some devices
  • The size of the spin is nice and can go for long periods of time with one small swing
  • Worth the money and more
  • Product showed up on time


  • The product stops working once the blue covers popped off
  • Weight off
  • Speaks a lot ie; really loud
  • Potentially dangerous. Poorly constructed
  • The manufacturer needs better quality assurance.
  • The metal in the product is not durable and could be scratched easily
  • The product having Faulty covers, which doesn’t have any work
  • Things are not properly settled within the product; outer ring covers keep falling off
  • This product is an Addictive fun.
  • Poor quality material for the price

​EWR- Original 360 Spinner Fidget Toy R188 Bearing Quiet - Best Fidget Toys For ADHD

EWR- Original 360 Spinner Fidget Toy R188 Bearing Quiet

View All Fidget Spinners By EWR »

​The fidget toys known for its benefits for ADHD and autism are a huge craze amidst all age groups today. Earlier a fidget toy was suggested as a remedy to only diagnosed condition need. The absolutely unexpected results have all of a sudden changed the need across all children and adults who want to take advantage of the toy for other reasons such as stress, hyper tension, low level of concentration, confidence building and much more.

The fidget toys are so popular today with a growing need across. The positive results are seen in less than expected time. This toy is perhaps the coolest way to make peace with your sensory organs which otherwise are really disturbed due to the entire work load. The Original Anxiety, ADHD, Boredom reliever EDC WeFidget toy comes with a 608 "ceramic" ball bearing which provide the least resistance and allow the toy to spin longer. Unlike the other fidget toy spinners available in the market this makes absolutely little or no noise. It is a delight for bigger hands for solid spins. It is a must buy which will make spinning all more fun.

Attractive features

  • Unique Removable finger buttons
  • Premium bearings for smoother spin
  • 608 "ceramic" ball bearing for longer spins
  • No noise for overall satisfaction
  • Fully customizable


Attractive peaceful white color which is non-distractive to be used in classrooms or office


  • Fast spinning even for starters and kids
  • Good weight for balanced sensory spinning
  • Plastic finger caps for ease
  • Easy to carry
  • Amazing grip even for large hands


  • Delicate will break if dropped
  • No color choice available

​Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner Toy Stress Reducer EDC Focus Toy Relieves ADHD Anxiety

Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner Toy Stress Reducer EDC Focus Toy Relieves ADHD Anxiety

​View All Fidget Spinners By Holisouse Tri-Spinner »

​The high performer guaranteed boredom and stress reducer Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner Toy is a savior for sensory and concentration issues. This Sensory fidget toy encourages focus, helps to reduce self-stimulatory behavior and can help to calm and de-stress. The toy keeps your hand busy while developing your skills, concentration, tactile awareness and visual perception skills. The spinner toy is made of injection mold from ABS plastic which material guarantees stronger and environmental service life.

As a better result, you will have a smooth finishing and not so easy to break compared to the normal ceramic bearings which are cheaply available in the market. The smooth feeling during the spins puts an end to distractions and helps focus which is very helpful in ADD and ADHD suffers. You can just get it out of the box and start using makes it almost fun to just spin even without getting the thought of boredom to come close to you. You are early to school, office or are waiting for someone or at the airport, traveling alone long distances just carry the small, discrete and fun Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget and put it to use right away.

Attractive features

  • Injection molded from ABS plastic guarantees durability and longer service life
  • Small and simple easily portable
  • High performance ZrO2 hybrid ceramic bearing allows for up to 3-minute spins
  • Extreme good quality makes your fingers feel special
  • Bearing is removable and easy to clean


Magnificent black which leaves your jaws dropping


  • Fast and long spinning
  • Very durable, best for children
  • Comfortably fits into your pocket
  • Non-distracting color
  • Super easy to use
  • Smoothness increases stimulation
  • 100% safe for children
  • Extremely decent piece best suited for office


  • Costlier compared to similar toys
  • Slightly higher weight

​TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC ADHD Focus Toy

Holisouse Tri-Spinner Fidget Hand Spinner Toy Stress Reducer EDC Focus Toy Relieves ADHD Anxiety

View All Fidget Spinners By TYZEST Spinner Fidget »

​TYZEST Spinner Fidget is a remarkable 100% red copper fidget toy. The spinning fidgets are gaining popularity as anxiety and stress reducing tools among all age groups. These effective toys are used worldwide now by people suffering out of Autism, ADD, smoking, ADHD, fidgeting, stress, hyper tension, and other sorts habits. Fidget toys are a great choice to relieve yourself of these habits. The fidgets are even helpful in many ways. They help you recuperate from low concentration level, focus, and energy level inside yourself and comes with proven results making these toys even more popular.

This is an outstanding fidget made with copper which is treated as a survival essential these days. Copper helps with the formation of collagen, increases the absorption of iron and plays a role in health benefits such as increased red blood cell formation, reduced cholesterol energy production and many more. Copper is known to destroy negative energy from within hence adversely increases the life span. This combination of copper and a fidget toy is a must for every member in the family for positive attitude and a flow of correct thoughts. The copper spins are recommended increasing stimulation (copper also may play a role in Alzheimer's disease) and making most humans healthy.​

Attractive features

  • 100% High-quality copper body
  • Ceramic stainless steel hybrid Bearings
  • Long 3 – 8 minutes spin
  • Perfect small sizes for pocket carry
  • Very good gravity feels with fast rotation
  • Copper stimulation increases focus and attention
  • Metal makes cleaning easy
  • Effortless spinning
  • No noise at all


The copper look makes if extremely fashionable


  • Awesome new design
  • Highly durable
  • Solid weight for extra grip
  • Extremely stable
  • No blemishes


  • Heavy weight can make spinning difficult for kids
  • Makes noise if falls on the floor
  • Requires extra energy

​VICTOREM EDC Hand Spinner Metal Fidget ADHD Focus Toy

VICTOREM EDC Hand Spinner Metal Fidget ADHD Focus Toy

View All Fidget Spinners By VICTOREM EDC Hand Spinner »

​We need extra energy to stretch on the long day filled with important tasks, stress, studies, mental pressure and disturbances. There are some who need more attention for greater anxiety, focusing, ADHD, Autism, Quitting Bad Habits and many more reasons. This fabulous combination of “The EDC VICOTREM Spinner of Brass & Copper Metal Made up for High-Speed Focus Toy” is just the right practice your fingers/hands need. This 3-inch spinner makes it an absolute delight for your fingers to feel the copper and Brass metal which act as a toxic agent. Brass & Copper are known for their electromagnetic property forces which alter blood flow and increase your energy levels.

The benefits of holding copper and brass can cure neurological and inflammatory disorders. This spinner toy can alleviate anxiety and soothe nerves while just having fun. This handheld gadget lets you twist and stretch that extra energy and stress away helping you to refocus on your work and bring in outstanding results. Your favorite moments will be just watching the magnificent colour swirls between your fingers. The spinners are selling out everywhere in schools, offices, home just name it and the toy fidget best suits the need. The spinning fidgets are best-known partners to cope up with our deskbound lifestyles.​

Attractive features

  • Magnificent gold colour stand outs from the rest common fidgets
  • Removable high-speed Brass bearings
  • Efficiently designed
  • Flicks and spins for hours
  • Metal makes it highly durable
  • Smooth no sharp edges
  • Metallic non plastic
  • Small size
  • Dissembling makes cleaning easy


Magnificent Golden color, shining spotless and blemish less mix of copper and brass


  • Small easy to carry
  • Balanced spinning
  • Ultra-fast, quiet and smooth brass bearings
  • 3 minute average spinning time
  • Silent design makes it noiseless
  • Great fun and easy to carry around
  • Comes in cool golden shining shade
  • The heavy weight keeps it spinning for a long time
  • Feels solid


  • Takes time to get used to spinning
  • Careful while using on glass tables can leave scratches
  • Handle with care while children are using

​AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner High Speed Stainless Steel Bearing ADHD Focus Anxiety Relief Toys - Best Fidget Toys For Anxiety

​AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner High Speed Stainless Steel Bearing ADHD Focus Anxiety Relief Toys

View All Fidget Spinners By ​AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner Toy »

​AMILIFE EDC Fidget Spinner Toy is a simple, small and fun effective toy, which is perfect to carry for the people in their pockets. This toy is effective for focusing, quitting a bad habit, removing stress and deep thought.

Attractive features

  • It’s gold in colour.
  • The diameter consists of 2.75 inch (7cm).
  • Its thickness is 0.39 inch (1cm).

How to use the spinner toy?

The spinner toy can be used in the following way as mentioned: We have to hold the spinner in one hand and use your other hand that is your fingers to start and stops the spinning. You can also spin the spinner faster by using the fingers of the other hand.

Following are the Pros and Cons of the Spinner toy.


  • A very decent product.
  • It does not make much noise.
  • It is very easy to carry as it is smaller in size.
  • Spinner helps to remove stress and quitting bad habits of the peoples.
  • It is a great toy for the persons who are impatient.
  • The look of the spinner is very attractive.
  • It spins a longer time i.e. one or two minutes.
  • The spinner spins great and is a fun effective spinner.
  • It is available at a feasible price.
  • This toy is good for the people who always want them to keep busy.


  • The spinner makes noise when it is spin from side to side.
  • The spinner toy fits in the fingers of small kids or in the tiny fingers.
  • It is hard to spin due to the heavy metal.
  • The spinner will break as soon as it is fallen from the hand.
  • The spinner at times tends to move unsteadily from side to side.
  • The screw gets loose of the spinner after spinning it a lot.
  • It does not last long.

Ultra White Original Fast, Smooth, Anxiety Fighter EDC WeFidget's Spinner - Best Fidget Toys For Adults

Ultra White Original Fast, Smooth, Anxiety Fighter EDC WeFidget's Spinner

View All Fidget Spinners By ​Ultra White Original Fast »

​The fun handheld gadgets are spinning across the country. Spinning fidgets are a solution for autistic children. This sensory toy acts as an intervention therapy for children as well as adults. This smooth Anxiety Fighter EDC WeFidget's Spinner has evidence of reducing stress and anxiety. These popular toys are incredibly simple to use as a therapy used to relieve symptoms of attention disorders, autism, and anxiety. The spinners are flying the store shelves and showing up in companies, households, and classrooms. It keeps your mind stable and focused, body relaxed and composed and fingers busy. The Fidget spinner toy increases your executive functioning and working memory for completing challenging jobs.

This toy is so handy it can be used in classrooms instead of toys which will act as an excellent tool for children. This drifting from toys to tools will support their behavior and keep them focused on their lessons. You can be a part of the changing autism world by introducing the positive fidget spinner. The soothing benefit of fidget spinners is very helpful in ADD and ADHD suffers. Fidgets first developed to help children with autism became popular when individuals with milder diagnoses realized the difference made by this toy. Fidgets can actually help children and adults focus on their work avoiding distraction. The ease of use is beneficial as no supervision is required while a child is using it. The spinner is non-distracting and easy to carry which makes it popular in an office environment.

Additional Features

  • Simple white dignified colour
  • No noise because of the silent design
  • Lightweight and durable


Simple and pleasant white color


  • 608 bearings used makes it well balanced
  • Quality sleek and durable frame
  • Ultra-fast, quiet and smooth ceramic bearings
  • Spins fast
  • Good quality


  • Does not spin for long
  • No choice of colors
  • Not good for adults
  • Not durable
  • Unbalanced

​NEW 7D Customs EDC Spinner Tri- Fidget Toy - Sensory Toys For Adhd

​NEW 7D Customs EDC Spinner Tri- Fidget Toy

View All Fidget Spinners By NEW 7D Customs EDC Spinner »

​The fidget fans here’s the “The custom made EDC 7D toy spinner with Tri Fidget” a unique handmade toy for the power of high performance. The fidget toy keeps your hands busy reducing the stress levels and increasing your concentration. Involved practice regulates establish a safe and calming mood. It also is a useful tool which helps hyper children to relax and keep calm. It is a must to carry to the office for those who undergo a lot of stress at work. This easy toy is easy to carry and promotes mindfulness which will help you to focus.

Additional Features

  • Unique handmade product
  • Every piece is Quality tested for
  • High-performance spinning
  • Balanced performance
  • Soft edges
  • Central bearing includes finger grips
  • Non-distracting colors
  • Glow in the dark center caps
  • Sealed ABEC 9 ball bearings


Made in non-distracting black and white glow colors this stands out from the regular Fidget toys.


  • 100% guaranteed product
  • Smooth finish for faster spin
  • New design and colors
  • Easy to carry in your pocket
  • Durability; even with a crack it achieve 60- 90-second spins
  • Perfect for office environment


  • Color combinations not easily available
  • Makes little noise

​Compact X6 Fidget Spinner X6 with Hybrid Ceramics and Si3N4 Tri

Compact X6 Fidget Spinner X6 with Hybrid Ceramics and Si3N4 Tri

View All Fidget Spinners By Fidget Spinner X6 »

​Spend more productive time at work and play with the new compact “Fidget Spinner X6”. Fidget toys are sensory tools for calming, better attention and focus. The toy is a must for logical thinking, long term memory, handle mental pressure, out of the box thinking, ability to focus and many more essentials’. It has proved very effective even for special needs. So keep your hands busy by spinning at the click of your finger. This sensory toy increases tactile awareness of fingers/hands keeping your mind and body relaxed. Fidget toys are a fun way to strengthen your fingers/ hands. Happy fidgeting.

Additional Features

  • Compact version easier for smaller hands
  • 65mm across unlike most of the 75mm across
  • High durability due to strength injection molding
  • Great spin time and quality
  • Concave shape finger pads for better control
  • Amazing quality of the bearings, balanced, and built around a high-end Si3N4 bearing
  • Excellent storage tin box


Black in colour with a neat compact packing which is craving for all


  • Very useful for children due to smaller diameter and light weight
  • Highly durable
  • Excellent balance with good user control
  • Effortless spinning
  • Incredibly smooth and fast
  • Small size spins with your thumb, middle finger or index finger


  • Smooth and glossy black look not deserved
  • Faint noise

​Fidget Spinner by Toplay for Stress reducing purposes: Perfect For, ADHD, ADD, Children with adult Autism

​Fidget Spinner by Toplay for Stress reducing purposes

View All Fidget Spinners By Toplay Fidget Spinner Toy »

​The To play Fidget Spinner Toy is designed for adults as well as kids. It is a tried and scientifically tested toy which is suited for all age groups. The growing stress level among all age levels has made this a very popular product. The toy helps you in focusing on your work and further in reducing stress. It promotes relaxation for wellbeing by controlling anxiety. It is safe and made of Ultra-durable ABS plastic Body which makes spinning easy which is helpful to stimulate circulation due to vibrations. Relieve your tension and promote relaxation with this unique experience of using “Toplay Fidget Spinner Toy Stress Reducer Ceramic Bearing”.

Attractive features

  • Ultra-durable ABS plastic Body best suited for your fingers
  • Ceramic bearings ensure longevity and smooth rotation
  • Safe and ease of use helps it to be introduced to kids at early age
  • Small size easy to carry
  • Attractive colours


Multiple colour combinations are available letting you make a choice whether to carry it to the office, school, outdoor as per your mood.


  • Can be carried in your pocket
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Controls distraction in kids
  • A must at work place
  • 100% safe
  • Very smooth rotation


  • Faint noise

​Fidget Spinner / Hand Spinner - Buyer’s Guide

What Are The Different Types Of Fidget Spinners?

​There are more than 48 types of fidget spinners available in the market. Retailers like Amazon, eBay are the some selling industry providing various types and variety of spinners. Some of the best ten top selling types Fidget Spinner are listed below. EWR Spinner Fidget Toy: This is the top-rated one which is been sold on Amazon. The center is composed of hybrid ceramic bearing surrounded by three steel bearing on the outer spokes. This is one of the classic spinner giving an average spin speed between 1 and 3 minutes.

TYZEST Spinner Fidget EDC: This elegant piece is made of CNC milled copper. It has a hybrid bearing composed of ceramic and stainless steel right at the center. This spinner is considered to have the capability to spin for ages, thanks to the combination of weighted metal and the quality bearings. However, it is more pricy compared to other spinners.​

VICTOREM Metal Hand Spinner: This fidget spinner is composed of copper and brass, it is ultra-compact, and just has a single bearing. This is also a tempting choice for the buyers.

Hand Spinner Warped: The Hand Spinner Wrapped is a curvy hand one and has scope to be modified into a neat two-tone design provided that you have the patience to switch filaments a couple of times by pausing the printing. The printing speed is 200 microns giving 20% infill.

Axle by Destroyer: The Axle owned by Destroyer Brands is most unique, in the world of hand spinner toys, due to the two-tier design it uses. It not only spins from the center, but also it has planetary gears with open face frame so that the outer bearings can spin too. This spinner is not 3D printed however it has a plastic injection.

Batman Hand Spinner: If you read comics, or watch videos with cartoons fictional image forms in your cerebellum. This Bat-Spinner has more of a batman mask-like look, it’s in more of craze among the boys.

The Triplex: An aesthetically appealing model with three spokes coming together to form a shape like a six-pointed star. Recommended ball bearings for triplex are 8mm ID,22mm OD and 7mm wide.

Bones Reds: This one is skater’s favourite, and is becoming go-to for fidget spinner aficionados. These spinners come with lube, so they achieve long spin times.

Dual wave Spinner: The Dual Wave is the simplest and minimalist hand spinner for those who want to keep their fidgeting concealed. It has a two spoke design, smooth curves and requires three bearings to operate.

Anti-Anxiety 360 Spinner: This spinner is designed as a cure for anxiety. This spinner has a sheer volume of reviews by verified purchased customers and is found trending on Amazon. It hits the sweet spot between price and quality and is plenty anxiety relieving in itself.

Apart from the above-listed fidget spinner the other different kinds of fidget spinners available in markets are Cog Triple Spinner, Fidget Toy, Porta Tri-Spinner v3, Fidget Hand Spinner, Sasha Hand Spinners, Holi souse Tri-Spinner, The Newton, Tri-Star Spinner and so on.

​What Is The Need For Fidget Spinners?

​A fidget spinner is nothing, however, a tool designed with an honest intention to keep people focused. We can either term it as a tool or device but nowadays, it has been known more as a toy for kids. A fidget spinner or a product similar to it has been invented by many but a spinner’s invention has not been supported anywhere in the world. The spinning fidgets are available in numerous colors and are spherical like a disc. The material used in these spinners, are mostly plastic but could have a bit of metal as well. According to the New York Times, the Guardian and New York Post, a woman named Catherine Hettinger has been linked to the creation of these fidget spinners.

Although there has not been any claim made by herself but in 1993, she filed for patency of a toy which looked somewhat like fidget spinners. Similarly, one more person named Scott McCoskery came up with a spinning device whose material is metal in 2014. He invented it because of his habit of doing some movements with hands or feet during his meetings. Thereafter in 2016, he filed for its patency.

But, what is the need for fidget spinners? The answer lies in the following lines.​

  • For Special people/ children: Being light in weight and easy to be carried in pockets, these have become an instant hit among kids. They are carrying it everywhere be it home, outside to play and even in schools. These have been invented keeping in mind the needs of kids who are suffering from anxiety, autism, and ADHD. As children with these issues face problem in concentrating in classrooms, so fidget spinners help them get their attention. There have been reports where parents have found a significant improvement in their children’s minds.
  • For Professionals: A fidget spinner is also being bought by professionals working in big companies. It is a toy which helps them in concentrating during their work. Sometimes, what happens, is that people tend to lose focus in an environment which is noisy and disturbing. So, in order to get them back to work, they want to keep something in hand to get their focus back. In those times, a fidget spinner comes to rescue.
  • For People who cannot walk: There are people with different needs. There are those who can work in a noisy environment and then there are those who need pin drop silence. But there can also be a third category who wants to walk, go and take a cup of coffee, go around to get their focus, but unfortunately cannot do so. Then, what is that they can do? A fidget spinner can be of great help to such folks.So, fidget spinners in a way is helping everyone be it kids or grown-ups with its unique feature of getting everyone along without getting distracted.

What to keep in mind while buying fidget spinners?

A fidget spinner comes in numerous shapes and sizes. It is nothing, however, a frame created from plastic, having a ball bearing within the middle. These ball bearings are an important element as this is often what permits them to spin the manner you would like. You only have to be compelled to keep it between your fingers and flick it. As said, it comes in numerous varieties and there are some which light up getting a kid’s attention. And most importantly, they don’t create any sound, or in other words are silent. These have been invented keeping in mind the need of people who wants something in their hand while working like a pen. So, instead of having something which disturbs others, they can use a fidget spinner.

We can conjointly term it as a toy for teenagers of all ages. However, these have been extremely helpful for kids suffering from autism and ADHD. Since they are kids with special behavior, these spinners help their teachers and parents in getting their concentration as and when desired. These fidget spinners can be bought at stores or online through various websites like Amazon, the Works. But one needs to keep few things in mind while buying these fidgets spinners:

  • Although, these spinners have a plastic body but there are points where metal have been used, so parents have to be compelled to keep this factor in mind that they are buying it from a well-recognized source or from a retailer who is reputable. Because there have been cases reported where safety standards have not been kept in mind and a kid has got hurt or has lost vision in his eye.
  • There are fidget spinners which are cheap in design. This cheap designing can accidentally hurt a child or a grown up man who is using these fidgets. So, one shall see to it that apart from its looks, what other components it has? And whether these components have the ability to hold the spinner intact at one place or not. If not, then it is going to definitely hurt someone in the near future.
  • One shall also keep in mind some age-appropriate warnings being printed on these spinners while buying them online or through stores. You might get fooled by many companies stating that this spinner can be used by a child up to age 8 or 10 or 12. But when you will read their reviews, you will get to know that someone bought it and it broke on the same day.

It has been always said that whatever you buy, in this case, a fidget spinner, you should go through all the instructions being given for the product. And especially when it comes to buying something for kids, it is better to be extra cautious.


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