Best Handheld GPS For Fishing & Hunting – Reviews & Ratings

Whether you're in the countryside or onto a waternavigation is equally vital. You need handheld GPS device that is ideal to locate finding right or path, recording track geocache.

The GPS apparatus that we'll mention below best gps for hunting and also comprise the best gps for fishing, and also are user friendly to ensure your experiences are relaxing and fun.

In Case You Have been a sufferer of Being dropped throughout your fishing experience on water or missing a fishing place as You Couldn't follow it, then below are some reasons why you Want a handheld GPS time You're seeing waters:

  • ​Lock your coordinates to maintain your favourite fishing spot
  • Do not get lost on your fishing experience
  • Find where you're!
  • Encourages anglers to take to brand new fishing things

Best Handheld GPS For Fishing - Comparisons


Product Name


Battery life


3 in (Color)

16 hours

buy from

2.6 in (Color)

30 hours

buy from

2.7 in (Grayscale)

18 hours

buy from

2.2 in (Monochrome)

20 hours

buy from

2.6 in (Color)

20 hours

buy from

Best Handheld GPS - ( Top 5 Reviews)

 1. Garmin Oregon 450t Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin Oregon 450t Handheld GPS Navigator

It may not be locators in Garmin's most famous, but it can hold its own with the brands.

Garmin Oregon 450t Handheld GPS Navigator is a apparatus with operation. There's perhaps not just a lot. Its feature is your signature monitor.

You are not going to need to squint to observe advice; nevertheless, it is available for the user. The display also simplifies viewing that enriches the ability of working with the apparatus into degrees that are brand new. Technology is that an individual gets value for the money.

Information needs to came out of somewhere, the point where a higher sensitivity receiver is available from and that's. It display it and can access GPS information fast and accurately.

The screen can be read in sunshine. The significance of this can't be over stated. It gives a time while to the user. You will find stored avenues of places individuals are very likely to see and which can be understood. These maps create the access to information simple and quickly.

The apparatus can be used by the user even due to those stored channels will have the ability to relish its own functioning and though GPS information is inaccessible.

This really really is but one of the apparatus available on the market. The operation is quite basic as you may find in higher priced models and also the features less complex but it really does exactly what it does and it's recommended.

Highlighted Features

  • ​850mb RAM storage
  • Sharing both manual and wireless empowered
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Sensitive compass
  • Accessories Accessible
  • Effortless to browse consumer guide

 2. Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx Handheld GPS Navigator

The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx is your government of the GPSMAP 60CS, with all features and top craftsmanship that are fantastic for usage.

This 7.5 oz navigator is a favorite for its incredible accuracy delivered with its own high-sensitivity GPS receiver, so ensuring you can accurately track your location in every ailments.

What's more, 64MB of memory by means of a card supports The Garmin GPSMAP navigator, giving you the opportunity to put away most your maps that were step by step and your track logs to get an fishing encounter.

The machine is sold with a pre-loaded Americas auto-route basemap, a U.S TOPO and amateur map together with fishing hotspots, as well as other Garmin MapSource products. Once you've recovered the map data, you're able to visualize it by the 2.6 inch TFT color display that's very evident in all lighting environments.

Additional interesting and convenient features with this gps-navigator comprise USB connectivity for both charts/maps loading and transport, an electric compass for directional guidance, two AA batteries for 20 hours of battery life, a light weight, waterproof and robust case for simple portability, high-use switches for simple performance, and also a dedicated geocaching mode for outdoor experiences.

Highlighted Features

  • ​High-sensitivity gps-receiver
  • 64 MB microSD card for storage of optional map detail
  • Quick USB connectivity
  • Color-handheld mapping well suited for both indoor and marine usage
  • Bright, sunlight-readable colour TFT display

 3. Garmin 72H Waterproof Handheld GPS

Garmin 72H Waterproof Handheld GPS

To get a number of tasks that are marine, a few apparatus are will need to possess. The locator could very well be the main.

Direct an individual and locators are utilised to discover places.

Probably the most striking are people from Garmin, although there certainly are a range of such apparatus. This 72h is just one of the flagship products. It's a system which may impress the user that is toughest to impress.

It really is as light as they are weighing at the order of six oz. This lets it float making it simple to take care of. Still another feature is that the massive screen that includes the most current LCD technology to get an exceptional display and in addition permits clear screening as the letters and numbers displayed are all large.

This device's performance does not want a great deal of experience. There are buttons, and all these can offer that the consumer requirements to the control. It's likewise a device meaning. Is that connectivity. The user may have to talk about some of her or his findings.

There was given a connection such that it could link to a pc and enable sharing to achieve so on this particular apparatus. This would make it feasible store the info and to make use of this apparatus even.

Overall all of the user may get the very best performance out of a ruggedness in addition to the apparatus and robustness that'll aid him well in states which devices wouldn't farewell in. That is among the apparatus from Garmin, and there's a reason behind this.

There can be more advanced level apparatus than that, apparatus that undoubtedly use newer procedures of display for example TFT, nevertheless an individual that must stay glued to standard will love the easy potency of these sorts of apparatus which have existed for long.

They will give as heights of services whilst the apparatus that are fancy and are reliable. Users have to deliver a try to this device.

Highlighted Features

  • ​A Great Deal of storage
  • Very LCD screen
  • Four degree Gray Scale
  • Water Proof
  • USB interface for link
  • Property and water usage

 4. Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin eTrex 10 Worldwide Handheld GPS Navigator

Do you anticipate presenting an handheld GPS? Even the Garmin eTrex 10 Handheld GPS can be an GPS which every angler needs to possess.

This GPS is offered in two colors including black and yellow.

It's a monochrome display that one are able to browse easily. This display is among the greatest and could rival a few displays that are established. You will find shades of significance advice read along with that different locations of the screen could be split.

This conserves costs and produces the machine reliable as it takes money to earn a display. This is ofcourse translated into the consumer with regards to prices that are cheaper.

The apparatus is made it can take care of all misuse thrown in it. The surface is as rocky as they are, it is going to survive slamming other surfaces and being lost. End users should, however take care go around banging it and while employing the apparatus.

Maps can be obtained directly. These maps will be areas that are common, and this also usually means that the consumer should have the ability to rely on advice that is there while she or he is outside in to the sea.

These maps are not very likely to fool the consumer and accurate. For the gadget has a gps-receiver which ought to have the ability to provide of the information.

Memory is no problem. Tons of space for storage is provided, and connect with different apparatus and computers can also be potential. This conserves the consumer a lot of stress. In brief, by purchasing these simple apparatus, you won't do any injury, they have been accurate and dependable

Highlighted Features

  • ​GLONASS Service
  • Water Proofed into the Maximum degree
  • Two AA batteries
  • Spine mounting accessories supplied
  • Gps-receiver
  • black and Yellow versions

 5. Garmin GPSMAP 62S Handheld GPS Navigator

Garmin GPSMAP 62S Handheld GPS Navigator

The GPSMAP 62stc out of Garmin is actually a waterproof and robust navigator which accompanies a camera.

This navigator has a inbuilt compass that's tilt-compensated, so you are able to come across one's destination's bearings when you're standing.

This compass is steered with a WAAS enabled GPS receiver, and may economically and very quickly pinpoint your position once trees heavily cover the waterway in. If it has to do with the channels of this GPSMAP 62stc, you may gain from detailed marine paths, a global basemap as well as the reverted TOPO 100K which are stored on 4.3GB of internal memory.

If it has to do with the channels of this GPSMAP 62stc, you may gain from detailed marine paths, a global basemap as well as the reverted TOPO 100K which are stored on 4.3GB of internal memory.

All these maps will fully insure most of the oceans found from the U.S and also Puerto Rico, also may be supplemented with maps and satellite imagery which might be downloaded into a unit for optimum water coverage.

You've got the occasion to use 5 mp megapixel camera to take images, that you can talk about with your pals and rescue so you are able to reevaluate the spot if it involves recording your fishing travel.

The light weight Garmin GPSMAP 62stc additionally includes a 2.6 inch color TFT display, in addition to multiple analytical and sharing choices which may get your fishing experience more reliable.

Highlighted Features

  • ​Constructed 3-axis tilt-compensated digital compass and barometric altimeter
  • 1.7G of onboard memory and microSD card slot for adding a Wide Variety of topographic, marine and street routes
  • Rugged handheld navigator 2.6-inch
  • Sunlight-readable TFT screen with 160 x 240 pixel resolution
  • Constructed globally basemap with shaded relief Down-load Garmin Connect photographs for image navigation

Matters to Consider - Best Handheld GPS

You want to understand points flood with those which are not worth seeing and also fish. Long fishing demands that the water to be understood by one . Marking your point that is grabbing may not be easy with no tracking system that is ideal.

That's the reason you must think about the features gps for searching for or when picking your fishing handheld GPS.

You can also assess to your own rule in the video on Pick the Best fishing GPS:


There are several display technologies utilised in designing fishing managed GPS apparatus. Color screens, sun-readable TFTs and LCD screens are a few of the widely used VDUs on such apparatus.

That is, hence a significant concern in the event that you're interested in finding a trustworthy GPS.For case, investing in a GPS having a sun-readable TFT display can make it simpler for one to acquire accurate locations inbright sunny moment.

That you never need to start looking for sunglasses to employ your GPS machine.Consider that the Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS Navigator (reviewed below), assembled using a 3-inch improved touchscreen display with sun-readable display, that has gotten popular in now market as a result of its precision and vibrant demonstration.

Water Proof Design

Purchasing a handheld GPS for fishing, also with High-Sensitivity just like the Garmin 72H Waterproof Handheld GPS removes the probability of damages.

As an angler, then you have to be prepared and aware for water accidents the majority of gadgets and one's tools should be immune to water.

GPS Receiver

The faster the GPS system is, the more better. You ought to select receiving GPS devices. Consider fishing GPS that are handheld .

Typically, GPS apparatus with WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System)enabled receiver are worth according to. This atmosphere navigation system enriches location of aim points and accuracy.

In Built Basemap

Whether you're a casual or skilled puppy, you mustn't overlook also the water-bodies, coastlines as well as out the landmarks round you. With a base maps that are within-built that are GPS, round once you're fishing, there's no necessity to carry maps. The in built base map means of those very best fishing handheld apparatus or best gps for hunting you're conscious of of the vital points in your own fishing.

You might even use GPS devices that allow shredding applications to be installed by you . With global location apparatus, to put it differently, you're in a position to view satellite channels that are upgraded making your fishing experience greater.

Mode of Operation

If you're paddling your kayak and seeking to discover your favourite location in precisely the exact same time frame, you may really be needing a easy to use seeking your gadget.

In cases like this, I would suggest touchscreen. They supply navigation, which makes point location and the functionality interface simpler as well as quick.

Final Verdict

I can state that the 5 handheld GPS navigators given previously will be the most useful which Garmin has to offer you. Combining watertight and rugged construction having maps along with a intuitive interface, now you can apply your fishing experience to boost.

Stop wasting time, also choose which among those handheld GPS navigators you'll take on the next fishing adventure.


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