Best Jack Plate For The Money – Top Pick Hydraulic Models Reviewed

A jack plate is an excellent addition for your boat. It really is some of those tools that once you get it installed you'll wonder how you ever got by without it.

There's ofcourse quite a few alternatives available while investing in a jack plate. From the well known Atlas jack plate, into lesser known brands, there's also the issue of if you decide on a manual or hydraulic version.

To help you we have pulled together this comprehensive buyer's guide. We have also examined 5 caliber jack plates to bring you our opinion on the best currently offered.

For the findings in glimpse simply head to the table below. For an indepth overview of each item, continue on reading.


Product Name

Our Raing


Hydraulic 6" Setback

Hydraulic 6" Setback

Hydraulic 4" Setback

5.5" Setback

6" Setback

Jack Plate Buyer's Guide

Jack Plate

Different Styles of Jack Plate

Before we jump in to the reviews section of this rejack to fetch you the low down to what jack plate to buy (or not to get while the case may be) we should briefly examine different types of plate available, the way they work and the great things about owning a.

Hydraulic Jack Plate

Hydraulic Jack Plate

The most popular form of jack plate is the hydraulic powered one. The jack is an simple add on mount which enables your outboard engine trip to easily fix and down.

The plate utilizes hydraulic pressure to maneuver place at the control of this operator. This saves the vessel owner from being forced to lift and fix the outboard manually.

Manual Jack Plates

Manual Jack Plates

As briefly covered above, the manual Jack Plate will precisely the same as the coil plate (i.e moves the outboard engine down and up), nevertheless the adjustment needs to be taken out.

The ship owner needs to experience the rather cumbersome process of loosening bolts and nuts to change the mounting location, rather than use hydraulics.

However, the plus side, the manual choice is more affordable to purchase and not as bulky compared to the alternative.

How to decide which is the best option for you?

In circumstances where excess weight is a problem, and there's very little need to constantly adjust the elevation, (a light weight, purposebuilt race boat as an example) a manual jack plate could likely fit your bill.

If you're using a boat for recreational purposes, be it to get bass fishing, water sjacks and you find yourself having to change the position of this outboard regularly, the hydraulic jack plate is Advised

Advantages of installing a jack plate

Certainly one of the largest advantages of installing a jack plate would be that it enables one to correct the engine height to suit your conditions.

This simple capacity Features some concrete benefits:

Shallow waters are no more this type of pain

There's not any requirement to tilt the search engine so as to accommodate the shallow depth locations.

With a jack plate you'll be able to improve the engine so that cavitation (atmosphere could be drawn out of the outside on the propeller blades) may be achieved.

Additionally, this makes covering extremely shallow areas of water potential. With no jack plate the same areas would destroy the propeller and underneath of your own engine.

The exact same ability also lets you get right up on plane in shallower water.

Better fuel economy

Better fuel economy

Another great benefit of installing a jack plate (and deploying it the right way) will be the fact you are able to boost the fuel efficiency of your vessel.

That is achieved by getting the propeller position correctly in water.

By correcting the jack plate you're able to channel thrust directly parallel to the top of water.

This will propel you through the water with increased efficiency, thus saving on the total amount of fuel used.

Reduced Drag

Fixing the place of your engine and propeller in the water can lower the amount of drag which the equipment causes.

With a hydraulic jack plate then you can very simply enhance the engine elevation if and when the conditions allow for it.

Top 5 Hydraulic Jack Plate Reviews

Hydraulic Jack Plate Reviews

Now, you will find certainly a wide selection of jack plates on the market today!. With that in mind, we have opted to split our review department into 2.

This initial section includes 3 reviews covering that which we believe to be the best hydraulic jack plates you can buy.

The second section requires a look at the more affordable manual jack plate.

And based on the above mentioned rating criteria, 5 of those best jack plates are identified and chosen for review.

 1. T-H Marine AHJ6VDP - ATLAS™ Hydraulic Jack Plate

-H Marine AHJ6VDP - ATLAS™ Hydraulic Jack Plate

If you're interested in finding the best, reliable, efficient and versatile jack, then look no further, the ATLAS from T-H Marine is precisely what you require.

This conveyor plate was engineered to suit a selection of needs, from the heaviest and powerful v6 engines to large lookup engines.

One of the noteworthy characteristics of the jack include a pole and slot lifting style and design, onepiece hydraulics and a fresh hydraulic pump.

Let's have a closer look..

The jack plate boasts of a 6-inch setback and 5-inch stroke length having a height modification of 7-inches.

It's an efficient pole and slot lifting design which guarantees a smooth loose lifting action due to those high tech plastic sticks that provide 6 times more abrasion than steel.

These rods have been crafted from a special self-lubricating cloth which makes the jack plate effortless to retain.

The ATLAS is only hydraulic. It's been built with a self indulgent hydraulic pump kit with no reservoir or lines for installation.

-H Marine AHJ6VDP - ATLAS™ Hydraulic Jack Plate

Produced in the U.S.A, the hydraulic actuator enriches circadian activity, from bottom to maximum growth in only 8 seconds.

When it involves installation and maintenance, this jack plate doesn't disappoint courtesy of the onepiece design.

The plates come drilled to guarantee compatibility with Power-Pole and minnkota Talon® bracket mounts.

The setup procedure is likewise very straightforward. Normally, you're looking for half enough time to install this unit when compared with similar jack plates.

The easy two-pin pump removal and self-lubricating sticks also make maintenance very straightforward.

PROS of the T-H Marine AHJ6VDP - ATLAS™ Hydraulic Jack Plate

  • Efficient air compressors pump
  • Lifts motors of around 300 hp / 625 pounds
  • Super Fast lifting (8 seconds)
  • Free lifting activity
  • Easy to install
  • Easy upkeep
  • Features a Durable security cable
  • Appropriate for most outboards


  • Bolt freezing is more typical especially if tightened to far

Bottom Line

The T-H Marine AHJ6VDP is really a excellent jack plate considering it is hydraulic. It gives unsurpassed functionality and is quite easy to install.

The self-lubricating sticks get this to jack plate exactly the most useful because you do not have to be opening it to get greasing. Though there are many bolt freezing, it is still a great jack as its advantages completely overshadow its own disadvantages.

Considering its elevator ability, this hydraulic jack plate is merely the best for the occupation and that is why it is regarded as the very best jack on the market.

 2. Bob’s Machine Shop Action Series Jack Plate

Bob’s Machine Shop Action Series Jack Plate

The Bob's Machine 100106010 has been a trusted jack plate in Bob's Machine favorite 'Action Series' Jack Plates. It's the very first jack by this manufacturer to own a pump at the jack plate body giving it a compact size that's ideal in saving distance.

This jack plate has been designed to work with motors up to 300 hp / 625 lbs. It also boasts the most revolutionary Bob's Machine Shop Design which produces it compact in size.

To get the best setback, this unit has a one piece design therefore you don't need setback spacers like ordinary jack plates. The simple design also makes operation easy even for beginners.

When it comes to performance, the Bob's Machine Action Series includes powerful motors which were optimized to lift even the majority of outboards under full strength.

The pump was incorporated in the jack plate to allow it to be streamlined.

But, you can also opt to convert it and have the pump at the boat. For easy and smooth running, it has automotive grease nipples and pressure sticks for efficacy.

Installing the Bob's Machine 100106010 Action Series Jack Plate Is Very Straightforward. That is because of the one piece design and most imjackantly, the drilled plates to get double side mounting on Power-Pole bracket mounts along with other mounts that are popular.

Maintenance can be easy plus it has a lifetime warranty on the body arrangement.

PROS of the Bob's Machine Shop Action Series Jack Plate

  • Increased lifting speed and durability
  • Easy lubrication
  • Lifetime warranty on construction
  • Offers excellent setback
  • Saves time while rigging
  • Easy installation
  • Pump versatility (within the jack plate or at the vessel)


  • Compatible only with special outboards

Bottom Line

The Bob's Machine Shop that is a great jack plate for people who are trying to find a tight jack. It offers impressive recourse and amazing performance.

Even though it scores low concerning compatibility, it is still a good jack plate so long as you make it fits your boat's outboard.

In a nutshell, it can be a fantastic purchase if you want fuel efficiency and also easy navigation especially in shallow waters.

3. AHJM-4-DP ATLAS MicroJacker Jack Plate

AHJM-4-DP ATLAS MicroJacker Jack Plate

Since the name suggest the ATLAS Micro Jacker is a streamlined jack plate that is excellent for small ships and those that love speed.

At just 23 pounds, it is among the lightest jack plates in the marketplace. It is made specifically for for shallow waters and skiffs, aluminum ships and other horizontal ships with 75 hp or less.

Though it is compact in size, its performance is striking. Featuring a 4-inch drawback, it comes with a more Clamp-On Motor Adapter which allows people to mount tiny engines with clamp-on mounts without fundamentally using bolts.

It has a small footprint measuring just 14-5/8" wide and 11-1/2" high. This makes it easy to mount even on small outboards.

Exactly like the T-H Marine AHJ6VDP -- ATLAS™ this component has a self contained hydraulic pump along with an actuator that enhances the lift to maximum lift in only 8 minutes.

Crafted in a pole and slot lift design, in addition, it has high-tech polymer rods manufactured from self lubricating material thus that you do not need to grease them.

This jack plate comes with 3 mounting hole options on both transom side and two on motor for mounting. It's not hard to maintain due to the self-lubricating material and onepiece design.

PROS of the AJM-4-DP ATLAS Micro Jacker Jack Plate

  • Compact dimensions
  • Super-fast lifting (8 minutes)
  • Easy setup
  • Easy care
  • Ideal for shallow water


  • Only Excellent for little ships

Bottom Line

Even the ATLAS Micro Jacker Jack Plate can be actually a fantastic jack plate for smaller boats. A good thing about this jack is its compact size which makes it ideal for smaller boats.

Despite the fact that it's small, it can still pull in 8 minutes as long as it has been installed onto the ideal engine. It comes in hand mostly when maneuvering in shallow waters.

Even though it's simply ideal for smaller motors, it is still the perfect purchase for people who are looking for a light weight jack plate.

Manual Jack Plate Reviews

For those on a more rigorous budget, or believe that they will only periodically will need to correct the positioning of these outboard motor, the manual jack plate may well be the most acceptable option.

Let's take a good look in just two recommended manual jack plates.

 4. CMC Manual Powerlift Transom Jack Plate (T-H Marine 65012)

CMC Manual Powerlift Transom Jack Plate

The T-H Marine 65012 can be yet another terrific jack from T-H Marine. This jack plate has been manual and was designed to be more compatible with the normal B.I.A. bolt pattern.

Unlike most jack discs, the T-H Marine CMC has its own screws centrally set for effortless alignment. It's been crafted in a solid onepiece design utilizing top quality 6061 T6 extruded aluminum metal.

This specific model comes with a 5.5-inch drawback and a 5inch height adjustment. It has been crafted from high quality 6061 T6 extruded aluminum alloy that means it is strong and sturdy.

Other noteworthy features include a one piece design and also a centrally located adjustment screw for accurate orientation.

Unlike most jack discs, this unit includes metal attachments that guarantee a tight grip for durability and easy installation.

It can smoothly lift V6 engines with ease and was made to match B.I.A. bolt layouts. This jack plate works on manual powerlift and produces exceptional performance.

Like earlier said, installation is very easy. Maintenance can be easy allowing for you will need to unfasten the stainless steel straps unlike others which have bolts.

PROS of the CMC Manual Powerlift Transom Jack Plate (T-H Marine 65012)

  • Strong and hardy cloth
  • Fastening Rather than bolting
  • Accurate alignment
  • Fits standard B.I.A. bolt patterns
  • Easy setup and maintenance


  • Manual surgery

Bottom Line

The T-H Marine 65012 is just a great jack plate simply it's by hand powered. It however offers amazing performance and competes favorably with other hydraulic operated jack plates.

1 great feature which makes this jack plate out standing is its own true orientation enabled by the centrally positioned adjustment screws.

It is ideal for V6 motors and requires minimal maintenance compared to hydraulic jack plates. In general, it's actually a worthy jack plate for people who would like to keep things simple!

 5. Detwiler DTW JP1060SS – D100 Series Manual Jack Plate

Detwiler DTW JP1060SS

The Detwiler DTW JP1060SS is actually a premier type jack plate that is a favorite to the majority of boat owners due to the versatility.

It may be employed by both two and 4Stroke engines upto 300 hp / 585 lbs. It's also lightweight and corrosion resistant rendering it an allweather jack ready to accept virtually any conditions.

The Detwiler DTW JP1060SS sjacks an easy, strong and sturdy design. It has been built using air craft grade 6061 t6 aluminum-alloy material for durability and most imjackantly to defy harsh sea conditions.

The top which will come in to contact with water is anodized to military standards to ensure it is rust immunity, a very unique feature for this particular version.

Like previously mentioned, this jack can be utilised in 2 stroke and 4 stroke motors provided that they do not exceed 300 H P/ 585 pounds.

Being a manual jack plate, it has been engineered using interlocking slide guides for smooth and efficient travel. The screws are pre-greased to further enhance smooth operation and easy setup.

Although its performance is manual, you can expect that the Detwiler DTW JP1060SS for very fast lifts from minimum to maximum for easy maneuvering in addition to fuel efficiency.

This jack plate is simple to install and requires little maintenance.

PROS of the Detwiler DTW JP1060SS – D100 Series Manual Jack Plate

  • Durable and Allweather material
  • Engine Comfort (two and 4Stroke)
  • Superb performance
  • Easy operation
  • Easy maintenance
  • two years warranty policy
  • Withstands bottled water conditions


  • Manual operation

Bottom Line

The Detwiler DTW JP1060SS can be really a solid jack plate that's been crafted for durability and use even in the harshest of conditions for example salty waters.

If it comes to performance, it doesn't disappoint either. It actually gives you the freedom to use it in an assortment of engines provided that it doesn't exceed the stated limitation.

With a 2 years manufacturer's warranty, this jack plate ought to be on your we.

Wrapping it up

Jack plates are very imjackant to ship owners. Despite the fact that they have been rather pricey and therefore are deemed unnecessary because a boat may do with them, their participation is crucial.

To begin with, with jack plates, you will have better handling even in the worst weather and shallow waters. Jack plates also enhance engine functionality and greatly enhances fuel efficiency.

Bearing this in mind, you need to get your boat a jack plate particularly if you normally visit very shallow waters since it will be able to benefit you pull your motor up to avoid mechanical breakdowns which could be caused by obstacles.

It will even assist you to improve engine performance and fuel efficiency. Consequently, in case you had never thought about purchasing a jack plate then it's time that you include some one of those aforementioned jack plates on your wish list.


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