Unbeatable Options To Find Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

best outdoor basketball shoes

Shoes make the ground for the whole body to stand fit and active in an easy way. The same ground can make a person feel imbalanced, achy and tired when the feet are on the wrong ground or the wrong kind of shoes. It is for sure important things to choose a perfect pair of shoes especially when the shoes are intended to be used in a basketball court indoors or may be outdoors. It is a different thing when you need to find the best outdoor basketball shoes rather than for playing indoors. They are different due to the varying conditions and the needs of the player on the court.

To make sure you are pretty much clear about the differences and the various features that make the shoes better for outdoors, here are some details on this to help you understand and find the best of this kind of shoes easily.​

Things To Look For When Buying Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

outdoor basketball shoes for men

For buying best outdoor basketball shoes, there has to be enough focus on the various features that ensure best outdoor game. The outdoor games are prone to high-temperature differences, different kinds of court surfaces and also extreme weather. So, the players have to take up a full control over their gaming activity by choosing the right gear for the most valuable performance they can give to their team. Whether men or women, kids or adults, all players need supportive, durable and long lasting performance.

Here are a few things to consider before you buy your outdoor basketball shoe:

The materials

The first things that are important to know if the kind of materials that are used in making the shoe. You may find materials like synthetic rubber, synthetic leather, mesh fabric, textile and other such materials which are usually used alone or in combination with each other for an added comfort and durability.

Size and fit

The size and the fit are also very important as if you don’t get the right size and fit for your foot, you would not be able to get all the features correctly and the performance would be compromised for sure. So make sure you choose the right size.

Durability and comfort

Durability and comfort also matter the most. Due to the fact if your shoe is not comfortable enough and does not offer a durable structure you will not feel easy and will get tired easily. Durability matters when you need long lasting performance without losing its features.

Structure and support

The structure and design of the shoe bring comfort and increased performance with appropriate support and features that keep the foot in the right positions and gives the right kind of fit that ensures slip-free performance.

Insole and outsole

The insole and the outsole of the shoe can be considered as two of the most important components that plays an important role in keeping the foot safe, easy and active while in use. The insole has to be soft, supportive and well-structured and should be able to absorb the forces applied on the surface, whereas the outsole needs to be rugged with enough grooving for perfect traction.

Air cushion feature

Air cushion feature has been introduced in the latest basketball shoes for an increased bounce and responsive action. You may look out for this feature for maximum performance and easy transitional moves.

The high heel performance

The high heel and perfect arch support also work well for making the shoe perfectly fit for the basketball players. The high heel is one of the prominent features to keep the foot in an active direction so that there is less effort required to jump and manipulate the ball easily.

Rugged rubber sole

The rugged rubber sole is definitely an important feature to look for when you are searching for an outdoor basketball shoe. Due to the fact, the courts can be of different types and you need to have a shoe that tracks well on the wide range of court surfaces. In most cases, the outdoor courts could be of concrete and hard materials. So, need to look for rugged sole with plenty of grooving shapes and cup shape sole to provide maximum stability for the player to avoid slipping.

Breathability and insole perspiration absorption

The breathability and insole perspiration absorption can help a player play easy and with no sweating problem when playing in high heat conditions. Make sure to look for the upper of the shoe that has pores on it or is made with mesh fabric. In addition to that, you may look for the insole and inner lining of the shoe that should have the absorption capability to keep the foot dry and comfortable no matter for how long you keep the shoe on your foot. Definitely, when the foot stays dry, you may also avoid skin problems on the foot.

Bounce and responsive action capability

The bounce rate and the responsive action is enhanced with the help of the heel height and the arch support as well as the angle between the arch support, the heel and the low profile forefoot air flow support. The whole structure gives enough support to the actual posture of the foot while keeping the foot in a position that enhances the bouncing action while jumping and turning and playing with the ball.

You should make sure to have these features if you are an active front player on the court and need to take part with your full energy and force to make sure you can beat your opponent while managing your feet well.

The responsive performance in the shoe is enhanced through contoured padding and the presence of air flow tech for an easy movement and directional transition of the foot. Both of these features play an important role in keeping the foot easy and still performing actively on the ground.

It has been seen that players who have a complete and easy control over their movement and can transit easily in various directions, they can perform better as compared to those who havened focused on ha.

10 Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes Review

1. Nike Men's Lebron XIII - Best Mens Basketball Shoes

Nike Men's Lebron XIII

​Nike has never disappointed its users and same is the case in this pair of shoes. For basketball players, there is always a need to have a comfortable, stable, supportive and snug fit shoes. All these qualities or a few of them have to be there for basketball players to play easily. This Nike shoe conforms to all of the latest standards that support the moves and angles in use for playing an active game. This shoe is made with mesh fabric on the top and rubber sole supporting the whole shoe construction.

For maximum support, the Flywire cables extend from the exact mid-foot position extending all the way covering the heel for a complete locked-in support. Due to the increased need of propelling and responsive action in the basketball court, the shoe comes with a Zoom L.E.A.P system that enhances both kinds of actions while playing. The forefoot area is covered for a low profile cushioning zone accessorized with 4 independent air units whereas 2 zoom air units support the heel forming a responsive base and easy transitioning. Available in 31 different colors, this can be your next fav in basketball shoe range.​


  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Supportive and allows responsive actions without pressure on the heel and toe are.
  • Long lasting and keep up with the features till it lasts.
  • Well-designed and comes with excellent supportive features to keep foot in place.

2.  adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive

adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive

​Adidas is another pioneering shoemaker that has given the best ever basketball shoes on the market. Regarding this men’s crazy basketball shoe, there are much more features for the players to stay excited about.

Due to the fact, a basketball shoe always has to provide enough room for a responsive move while still keeping the foot intact with the shoe. This shoe gives the best of comfort and easy to manipulate your foot moves in an easy manner. The upper part is made of textile and synthetic material of international standard and a rubber sole provides a firm grip on the ground while keeping the foot's table and comfortable while playing.

The shoe features Boost cushioning that offers more energy, more bounce, less fatigue and you will be given as much power as you need. The xeno upper and the unique lacing system offers the least pressure on the upper side where the laces and the shoe grip stays at ease without losing control over the foot.

The inner lining is made with soft and absorptive textile lining for comfort and soft foot rest. The boost midsole has tinted wrap of TPU for extra coverage.​


  • Extremely easy to fit on and stay comfortable no matter how you play.
  • Snug fitting gives more stability and grip on the ground without getting lose on the feet.
  • These come with sufficient lining and cushioning for responsive actions and on-time moves.


  • Not so good for extremely thin feet as it may deform the upper cover and shape and may get loose.

3. Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Men's Shoes - High Top Basketball Shoes

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low Men's Shoes

Air Jordan is a genuine and reliable product that offers easy, comfortable and durable performance for most of the users. Due to its simple yet unique structure, the shoe is capable of providing great usability for the basketball players. The shoe is made with quality leather and synthetic material that is durable and supports gamers to play confidently and with no extra pressure on foot muscles.

The upper leather is made with the leather and dura buck offering leather details that provide extra looks and unique design to the shoe. The midsole is one the most important and supportive region in the basketball shoes has to be comfortable, responsive and supportive. All these characteristics are there in this Air Jordan as it provides and air sole unit in the midsole area for maximum push and support at ease.

The outsole is another important feature that ensures stability and great play for the basketball players. Keeping that in front, Air Jordan has given a multi-pattern rubber shoe sole for maximum grip and supporting curves to offer easy transitioning of the foot. In addition to the carbon, fiber shank offers support to midfoot area and the air sole supports bounce and responsive actions made easy.​


  • Easy to use.
  • Snug fit with well-designed insole and outsole.
  • Durable materials that last longer than average.
  • Durable materials that last longer than average.

4. ANike Air Jordan Men's 7 Retro Basketball Shoe

ANike Air Jordan Men's 7 Retro Basketball Shoe

​Nike Air Jordan comes with a combination of leather and synthetic materials where the upper part is made with a synthetic material providing a durable upper surface with lace up vamp and adjustable snug fit shoe top. The shoe top is made with highly comfortable padded insert and comfortable adjustment of the width through tie up laces with enough coverage to keep a foot in place. The upper part is also well designed while having some small holes to introduce some air circulation for a sweat-free usage.

The inner sleeve is made to fit the foot so that it provides an anti-slip inner room and a comfortable bed for the foot rest. To make sure your foot stays in its best for, the inner sole is made with Polyurethane and Phylon wrap ensuring that you will not feel any kind of issues or stress on your foot.

The front foot area is flexible and provides easy moves while the heel area is covered by the voluminous space with air sole is there to provide excellent cushioning for the foot to rest easy and bounce when needed.

The outsole is made using the solid rubber sole giving its shape of cup sole joined with a triangle like the pattern on it gives the extreme grip during the play.​


  • Very durable and long lasting material.
  • Well designed for maximum bounce yet stable grip on the foot.
  • Solid rubber sole gives great grip and stability on the ground.
  • Fabulous cushioning and air sole makes a perfect combination for luxurious foot moves.

5. Under Armour Men's Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

Under Armour Men's Curry 3 Basketball Shoe

​Extremely comfortable and well-designed shoe that bring comfort, flexibility, and style for the basketball players. The shoe is heavily made with textile and synthetic materials on the upper side. The upper of the shoe is made to comfort the foot while keeping it safe from getting slipped. The lace loops are sturdy and would not be damaged soon.

The specialty of the shoe is that it has been designed to fit the needs of Steph Curry who has been in the game as a professional player and the shoe has a signature on it as well.

Meaning that the shoe has satisfied one of the greatest players and should be doubted on its features in any way.

The upper wraps are made with synthetic materials that make sure the shoe will fit it precisely and comfortably without leaving a room for slipping the foot. The top cloth is the ETC material which has anti-friction properties and a continuous air flow to keep foot dry and comfortable and in place for the best gaming action.

The sock liner makes the shoe even more comfortable and it molds to the exact shape of the player’s foot so that the foot stays easy.​


  • Very comfortable and perspiration free.
  • Holds foot tights yet comfortable inside.
  • The outsole is made to grip on the ground firmly.
  • It is made to the standard of Steph Curry to match his needs, so you will get professional touch in it.

6. Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan 1 Retro High Basketball Shoe

Nike Jordan Men's Air Jordan 1 Retro High Basketball Shoe

​When you need looks as well as the performance, this Nike Jordan Retro High basketball shoe works best in that case. This one has the capability to give comfort and bounce at the best. The upper sole is made of leather materials that give it a professionally perfect look and makes it feel durable as well. The materials used in the making of the shoe is of high quality and imported for providing the best performance and results.

The outsole is made of solid rubber sole that offers grip while having best deign to enhance the grip of the shoe on the ground.The inner sole and the outsole has been designed to give enough bounce, stability, and comfort so that the foot would not feel comfortable while playing long basketball games.

The shoe has a shaft that reaches the high top of the arch hence provide maximum support so that the foot would not slip off and keep it in the best posture.To add more comfort the shoe has been given an extended tongue which also adds to its retro looks. Further, to make it fit for bouncing activity during the basketball play an air unit is there in the cup sole made of high-quality rubber.

Along with the air unit, the grooves on the sole provide an extraordinary flexibility, stability and traction capability for supportive and quick action.

7. NIKE HYPERDUNK 2016 FLYKNIT - Cool Basketball Shoes


​Nike has made a wide range of basketball shoes so far and this one comes with some unique features which may not be found in others. As stated in its title, it is a hyper dunk shoe that offers full high heel support for the basketball players to shoot the ball like never before. They keep the player going actively and easily as they are capable of providing.

The shoe is sturdy, strong and is made with high-quality materials which include fabric and rubber. The fabric on the upper side makes the shoe comfortable, easy fitting and breathable.

This one is the original Nike Product that ensures durability and design for the best of the performance on the basketball court.​


  • Well-designed and well-structure to give maximum support with style.
  • The materials are of high quality and long lasting hence give a durable shoe.
  • Easy to put in and comfortable for the foot.
  • The lacing is well placed and give a good fit for the foot.


  • It is not good for the heavy toes foot or broad feet.

8. ASICS Women's Gel Rocket 7 Volley - Best Womens Basketball Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel Rocket 7 Volley

​Specially designed for women feet, this shoe by ASICS is a gem for handling strong moves with ease. The shoe is made with textile and synthetic materials on the upper side whereas the outsole is made of high-quality rubber. The materials are all important and confirm to the highest international standards hence there are no chances of low-quality things on the shoe.

The shaft is around 2.72 inches that make the whole shoe perfect for keeping the foot easy in the shoe. Due to the fact, when a player is wearing a shoe during the game, there are many factors that play an important role in the ease and comfort of the shoe. One of the factors that affect the ease and comfortability of the shoe is its weight and if the shoe is light weight there are lesser chances that the foot will be strained because of the weight force.

This shoe is made lightweight by using the Trusstic system which ensures the shoe will be lightweight without making its low quality. It is durable yet light in weight and gives a wonderful structure to the shoe for best performance.

For players who play on courts, there is an increased need for better traction. For this, the ASICS shoe comes with the natural rubber content in the rubber sole so that it stay easy and offers strong grip on the court’s floor.

For better transitioning of the foot and shock neutralizing effects, the forefoot cushion comes with a gel insert that makes it a great combination for an easy mechanism of the foot during the game.​


  • The shoe is well-designed and comfortable.
  • It is made with high quality imported materials for ensures durability.
  • Easy and well supporting.
  • The outsole has natural rubber for easy and firm traction.

9. adidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W

adidas Performance Women's Barricade Court W

​The Adidas shoe comes with a combination of high-quality materials making it feel easy and work well in the basketball courts. This one is the perfect shoe for women who need well supportive and easy going shoe for the best game experience.

The upper of the shoe is made carefully with the synthetic materials and mesh fabric that is imported and ensure high-quality shoe structure that lasts longer.

The rubber sole is designed to give high-end tractions, smooth transition of the foot movement and provide maximum support for playing on courts. In addition to these features, the shoe has the torsion system that supports the foot in a unique way to ensure the forefoot and the heel stay easy while playing. The three strip overlying design and the perforated upper makes it easy and breathable and cool feel while the player plays at full potential. The cushioning in the shoe has been combined with adiprene and foam to give extra comfort and reduces the pressure on the joints.​


  • The shoe is well designed and give maximum comfort for women who need easy playing time while on the court.
  • It comes with shock absorption features that keep the foot safe from getting fatigued or even hurt.
  • Durable and high-quality materials are used.
  • Can be used for tennis and in some cases for court system basketball games.
  • Lightweight yet durable.


  • Not too rugged and may not work good for outdoors but works for few short sessions.

10. Nike Kids' Team Hustle D 7 - Kids Baseketball Shoe

ike Kids' Team Hustle D 7

​For kids, it is all the way to the durability and rugged performance when it comes to the selection of the shoe for basketball and other court system plays. These needs are fulfilled by the Nike Kids basketball shoe. This one is made with cow leather, synthetic materials and polyester textile on the upper side making it a winning combination of all the best materials for durability and rugged structure. The outsole is made of high-quality rubber that is flexible and performs well with the shoe structure. The outsole has deep grooving system that offers stable and good grip on the ground with perfect traction mechanism.

The upper of the shoe has pores on it and that makes it breathable to keep kids easy as their feet stay dry. The outsole is also made perfect to fit the needs of continuous movement and playing activities.​


  • Durable and rugged.
  • Easy to use and breathable.
  • Support the foot well and with enough comforted support.
  • Made with quality materials.


Is there any difference between basketball shoe and tennis shoe?

​Basketball shoe needs to be more rugged, a tough structure with enough padding on the collar, sole and front area. Whereas the tennis shoe are flat soled and they may not give enough bounce while they can still provide support for angled moves.

What kind of heel shape should you prefer for outdoor basketball?

​The heel shape that is desired in the perfect basketball shoe has grooves and cup shaped structure for better support and bounce for better strokes and easy manipulative moves.

Should you buy a snug fit shoe or a loose fit basketball shoe?

​A snug fit shoe is always a great choice when people need something that can assist them in playing games outdoors and indoors. It helps to avoid slipping issues and risky situations.

Which materials are best for a basketball shoe?

​For playing outdoor basketball, the players need high-quality shoe made with the materials which are capable of resisting high temperature and climatic changes. In most cases, the upper of the shoe is made with breathable materials whereas the lower parts are supportive, rugged and made with highly resistant materials.


best outdoor basketball shoe

​In our search of best outdoor basketball shoes, we have gone through all the way while reviewing the various outdoor basketball shoes that work best for most of the players and are durable enough to perform at their best. Here we have discussed the best things that you should look for while buying a shoe for you basketball court and how to make sure you get the most out of the shoes by choosing the shoes correctly.

While reviewing the shoes we have found that the best shoe that is available on the market show a particular pattern and features that makes them above all. These features enable the shoe to perform in various directions, perform easy and support the foot well so that the players would feel easy and relaxed when playing on the basketball court.

We also learned that Outdoor basketball shoes are much different as compared to the indoor games as they need to be fully prepared to face the rough conditions outdoors. During our search, we have found that one of the best shoes among our selected list of top 10 best outdoor basketball shoes is the Under Armour Men's Curry 3 Basketball Shoe which has been made to the highest standards and has been in use by Steph Curry a renowned basketball player. Though it is not the only reason the shoe is considered as perfect, rather the shoe offers high-end comfort, ease of use, perfect fit and durability as well. The shoe also features the forefoot support, the ETC rubber sole and inner sock liner that makes it even more comfortable sweat free and snug fit to perform well.

Though the other shoes in the list also consist of most of the high-end features that would be perfect for those who are in need of durable shoes that would work for the outdoor basketball games without leaving them fatigued and strained due to pressure. You may choose according to what your needs are and how well you want to play on the ground for better performance and experience.​


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