The Best Paintball Barrels 2019 [Top 5 Reviews]

​Most paintballers look to upgrading their weapons for better features. As skills increase the features on the weapon also need to be upgraded to fit the game. Serious paintballers find that paintball barrels are one of the most important features that they need to upgrade for better accuracy and design. Many of the paintball barrels that are designed are manufactured with expert players in mind. Some of these barrels are fit only for their particular branded guns. While some players who want them on other guns find the closest match and fit them on with a few O-Rings.

DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber one piece Paintball Gun Barrel

When walking onto the playing field, one thing that you are going to need is confidence in getting every single shot right. This can only be possible with the right barrels to give you the accuracy to take down your opponents in no time and with little effort. Every player who takes on paintballing as a serious game will definitely benefit with choosing one of the best paintball barrel and replacing the standard one they have on their guns.


  • The design is straight bore
  • .688” inside bore of the barrel
  • Weighs 50 grams
  • 14” in length
  • 3 layer construction
  • 2×2 satin twill
  • Uni-direction fibers
  • Silk-fiber inside


  • The DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber paintball barrel is ultra light in its weight and is accurate in its shoots
  • The shots are delivered quietly with this barrel making it another interesting feature
  • This barrel might be extremely light, but it is extremely sturdy as well to even have a car run over it
  • Many carbon barrels do not have the 3 layer construction that the DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber has
  • The silkfiber on the inside of the barrel allows it to be easily swabbed
  • The components that are engineered into this barrel is 100% made in the USA and is thoroughly quality checked for its accuracy
  • There is no need to add anymore inserts to get the barrel to work, it just needs to be fit onto the gun and you are ready to go
  • The barrel is perfect for guns that are meant for SpeedBall
  • The overall thickness of the barrel is very small making it a highly accurate item that every paint baller must have
  • The DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber improves the accuracy of the shooter
  • The barrel fits the A5 or the Phenom x7 perfectly without any trouble


  • ​While many paint ballers might be tempted to use it in smaller guns, this barrel is purely for the advanced guns that have the ability to allow for upgrades

Easy to Use

​The DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber is very easy to install and use. There is no need to worry about extra bits to attach to it. The barrel is also easy to clean because of the insides being extremely silky. Maintenance of this barrel is a breeze. The cost is completely worth the design and durability of the barrel. Clearly the DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber is one of the best paintball barrel that you can find it in the market. Players who have tried the DeadlyWind Null Carbon Fiber find that there is a remarkable difference from this barrel to the other barrels that come pre-fit into their guns.

2. TIPPMANN Sniper 16″ Barrel (For 98 Custom and Custom Pro Markers) 

TIPPMANN Sniper 16″ Barrel

​Paint ballers who are looking for a good barrel to fit into their existing guns look for two things in particular. The first being accuracy and the second thing they want is silence. There is nothing better than shooting opponents without giving away the position of the sniper in the team. Most snipers thrive on the ability work by stealth. This barrel is perfect for the quiet shots that it emits and is one of the best paintball barrels that you can find or sniper shots.


  • 1 Pound in weight
  • Shoots out to 100 feet
  • Works on a Tippmann 98 custom
  • Quiet
  • Accurate
  • Good Cost
  • Look and feels great
  • Minimalistic in design
  • Micro-honed
  • Lower signature sound
  • Polished inside and outside


  • The only thing that you can hear when you use this barrel is the sound of the bolt clicking in place. This is the best paintball barrel you can find for its quiet feature alone
  • The price of this barrel is relatively cheap considering the accuracy and quietness of its workings
  • The barrel is durable and lasts for a long time without any problems
  • The maintenance required on the TIPPMANN Sniper 16″ Barrel is fairly easy and does not pose any issues
  • The sleek looks and feel of this barrel is noteworthy
  • Shoots from 50 yards without a problem while still maintaining good accuracy
  • The TIPPMANN Sniper 16″ Barrel is best suited for the 98 custom and other custom pro markers
  • When the barrel is used with a good gun that does not chop balls, it work without any need for excessive cleaning
  • If the shots are arch shots, this gun can also shoot upto 200 feet with no problems
  • The TIPPMANN Sniper 16″ Barrel is a lot better than even the flat line barrel


  • ​This barrel is not quite suited for WoodsBall as the range is not as high

Easy to Use

​The barrel is easy to use and install without a problem. It just needs to be fit onto the right gun that will allow its design. The shots can be fired from several yards and it is a great barrel if you are looking for accuracy while being quiet and stealth about it. The barrel is the best paintball barrel for its accuracy, which is enhanced by the exquisite polishing both inside and out. This barrel is the icon of ultimate precision and performance that is superior to other standard barrels.

3. J&J Paintball 14″ Ceramic Barrel Tippmann A-5

J&J Paintball 14″ Ceramic Barrel Tippmann A-5

​If there is one barrel that can stand out as being the best paintball barrel for accuracy it’s the J&J Paintball 14″ Ceramic Barrel Tippmann A-5. There are people who have invested in the more expensive barrels and found that the performance and accuracy of this one is as good as the expensive barrels that are available.  The unique ability to ‘self-clean’ is what many barrels need these days. And that is exactly what the J&J barrels promises its owners.


  • Light
  • Ceramic coasting inside and out
  • Quiet
  • Tight Shot Roundings
  • Made with aluminium and is CNC machine finished
  • Teflon impregnation on the insides allow accuracy
  • Friction rate arresting design


  • While making this barrel, Teflon is injected into the pores of the ceramic. This makes the J&J the best paintball barrel there is
  • The noise cancelling and accuracy of this barrel is completely worth the price tag on it
  • The barrel is known to perform well for several years without having any trouble with breakage
  • This barrel is the best paintball barrel to work with a 98 custom and pairs well with other upgrades on the gun
  • The consistency of the shots are also very good and commendable
  • When any balls break inside the chamber, the Teflon coating on the inside of the barrel pushes out any excess paint
  • There is little concern with cleaning when it comes to this barrel
  • Durability is not a point of concern with this barrel as it does not chip or break when in use
  • The flatline barrel can never hold a torch to this barrel
  • The Boomstick weighs a lot more than the J&J
  • The paintball does not spin because of the less friction within this barrel. Thus making this a great candidate for accurate shots
  • The J&J is more tolerant towards paint because of its bore barrel
  • It is CNC machined for accurate engineering and design


  • ​Only round paints can be used with this barrel, else it tends to break the balls. Therefore, well reputed paintballs should be used. Sub-standard paint balls can get messy.

Easy to use

​The best feature of the J&J is that there is no need to clean this barrel. Due to the ceramic finish of this barrel, it tends to clean itself effectively without any problems. The barrel as such is very light as well and has very tight shot groupings, which is important for a good game. The quietness of every shot fired is what makes this barrel stand out. There are several paint ballers who find that they are able to find features that this barrel has, which the insanely expensive barrels have as well. This makes the price tag seem great for this barrel.

4. Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels

Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels

​The Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels is the best paintball barrel for a player who has a limited budget but is looking for a really good barrel. The features on this barrel are quite astounding. Each barrel is marked and designed to precision with a lot of forethought. This barrel has the ability to change the way paintball has been played because of the design of the barrel system. With the release of the Apex 2 system, the ability to shoot long-distance has been completely revolutionized.


  • Adjustable ramp switch
  • Ramp switch enables curves
  • Nine adjustment spin positions
  • Aluminium construction
  • Durable
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Left and right hook
  • Drop shot


  • The Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels is stealth like in its appearance and provides advantage over a distance that is unmatched
  • The accuracy of this barrel is perfect enough to hit targets spot on
  • There is an adjustable ramp switch which allows the user to customize the control
  • The level of curve and spin can be controlled with the ramp switch
  • There are left and right hooks on this barrel
  • The Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels fits into the x7 Phenom or the A5, well as it uses the same kind of thread
  • When the barrel is used with HPA the accuracy is astounding
  • There are trick shots possible with the Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels which is achieved by twisting the barrel
  • Unlike the older generations of Empire Barrels, the Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels are stylish ones
  • The Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels looks exactly like a silencer and is a good inclusion for an upgrade
  • The distance that is covered with the Apex 2 barrels is much better than the flatline ones
  • The distance department is the one department that the Apex 2 will never fault in
  • The ability to take on opponents with curve balls are unbeatable with the APEX 2 barrel system


  • As you keep increasing the ramp, the accuracy of the barrel decreases. As a result the barrel has to be lifted higher for the sake of compensation
  • If this is fit on another barrel, it tends to wobble a little. This can be fixed with a few O-Rings

Easy to Use

​Your paintball opponents will definitely to be shocked by the abilities of the Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels.  The Empire BT APEX 2 Barrels is also very easy to clean and maintain without issues. The 9-adjustment spin position help to get every single target on the field. The aluminium construction makes this barrel sturdy and good to keep for a few years. Aluminium is known for its impeccable durability and its ability to stay light and this is exactly what is promised with the Empire BT barrels.

5. Dye Precision Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel Boomstick .684 Auto Cocker Threads

Dye Precision Carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel Boomstick .684 Auto Cocker Threads

DYE is one of the brands to make the best paintball barrel you can find. The DYE brought out the Boomstick Platinum series, which is not comparable with any other brand. This Dye Precision carbon fiber Paintball Barrel Boomstick is an exact shadow of the Platinum is known to perform as well for a lesser price than the other. This barrel is light in its weight and is made of less expensive material with the same amount of precision and engineering. Tournament players find that this barrel is the best for their tournaments mainly for its weight and looks.


  • Made of carbon fibre
  • Light in weight
  • Superior performance
  • Surgical grade stainless steel
  • Honed and finished to shine
  • Wrapped up in aircraft grade carbon fiber
  • 6-micron finish which is the highest of any barrel


  • This barrel is a wonderful one in terms of both beauty as well as accuracy
  • The engineering that has gone into the design of this Boomstick is definitely noteworthy
  • It is highly recommended for Speedball tournament players
  • The weight of the barrel is ultra light bringing down the entire weight of the gun as well
  • The barrel is of high quality for a lower price
  • There are many brands that offer barrels for lesser costs, but this is one barrel which is made by an extremely reputed brand for a small cost
  • If the paintball breaks inside there is no need to squeegee the barrel out to clean it
  • Several intermediate players find this DYE barrel to be trendy to attach onto their existing guns
  • The interchangeable tips provide as a good selling point for this barrel
  • Players who have used this barrel claim that this is one of the best paintball barrels that is made with carbon fiber
  • Even though most of the DYE products are known for its expense just like this barrel, the quality that is promised with this barrel is excellent.


  • ​This is a little pricey for beginner players to invest in. This DYE Precision Carbon Fibre barrel is for the serious player looking for a barrel to attach to their high end guns

Easy to Use

If you are unsure about which barrel you should choose, then the Dye Precision carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel Boomstick .688 Auto Cocker Threads is the right barrel to go with. This is because of the incredible brand stability that DYE has achieved for itself. The barrel is easy to clean and maintain and does not take long to install as well. Many tournament players find that this is the barrel that is able to provide them with the accuracy that they need for their games.

The Dye Precision carbon Fiber Paintball Barrel Boomstick .688 Auto Cocker Threads is a good barrel to buy if you don’t already have a barrel that is ultra lightweight. Many players prefer this barrel to any of the other carbon fiber barrels because it is easy to fit this barrel into a wide range of markers.


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