The Best Paintball Gun Reviews – Top Rated Markers For Beginner Players

Finding the best paintball gun to fit your preferences isn't always a simple job. There are so many diverse kinds of paintball guns on the market today it can be a bit confusing to get which one is the correct selection for you personally. Fortunately our team is here to help make it easier personally! With our years of experience on the field we have gathered a list of the top 10 best paintball markers now.


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Whether you are beginner or pro, there's the perfect version available for you, and also our handson buyers guide is intended to highlight the options of the many models and styles. We have categorized the reviewed and selling paintball markers as beginner, intermediate, or professional in our quick reference guide. Our intention is to assist you to save time and money by making certain that that you receive the perfect paint ball gun for your adventure degree, while also sharing our love of paint ball!

Remember, the most expensive paintball mark isn't necessarily the best for everybody else, you have to choose your skill level and preferred playing style into account. A rate basketball participant will normally decide on a speedy shooting model with an autococker and rapid firing e-trigger, while woodsball players might narrow towards simulation or tactical style gear. But more importantly below, lets take a good look at our top ten list. We have also included our selection for the very best paintball pistols for people who are looking for a convenient weapon. Remember to play safe and have fun!

The Top Rated Paintball Markers ​

 1. Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun Mega Set

Tippmann Cronus Paintball Gun Mega Set

A wonderful entry in to realistic and the strategic seeming models. The Cronus is like the improved on it, and shot the awesome 98 habit. An optional removable hose shield and stock can add a cool look to the intermediate flat rifle. Acutely reading user reviews on this one and it is famous for the accuracy of it. With a railroad system to attaching a variety of accessories like lights, red dot sights or grips the Cronus surely doesn't disappoint! With a very affordable price range and great general durability, yet this is among the best options for novices or intermediate players that are looking for a high quality solid marker that will endure.

Excellent for beginner: - Intermediate players that want a well rounded softball mark for a terrific price vs value ratio.



The Tippmann A5 is like the big brother into the 98 custom on steroids! With a lot of options for realistic seeming body builders, you could create your A5 resemble a menacing AK-47, strategic HK 417, , a Spec ops MP5-SD or whatever your favourite gun is. With a large variety of barrels, stocks, magazines, grips and barrels available, the combinations are almost endless. The gun has a fire selector and may fire a second to 15 paintballs up.

You can also swap out the traction to get an updated electronic trigger which supports full auto as well as single shot fire modes. Another pleasant feature is that the infamous A5 threaded barrel, which is compatible with a wide assortment of other paint ball guns, making it easy to swap out. The A5 is accompanied by a loader the Cyclone loading system, out of this box, perfect for loading the gun and avoiding chopping paint. All this combines to make the Tippman A5 an extremely versatile mid range package for any serious player. One of the widely used paintball markers for players.

Ideal for: -Intermediate players who need the best paintball gun for that money. Players looking to balance performance and price and have a great deal of available accessories for upgrades.

 3. Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball

Dye Proto Rize MaXXed Paintball

While the Dye Proto Rail may possibly be on the higher end of the purchase price scale for some entry level players, then it is a great alternative for anyone looking to upgrade to your top quality gun although nonetheless not violate the bank. Dye makes some of the best paintball gear, with a concentration on excellent manufacturing companies. The 14 inch barrel shoots and it might fire 15 balls per minute, and rarely disables paint. Everything about it end marker cries quality.

The Proto Rail Maxxed comes equipped with a e-trigger straight out of this box, so utilizing an electronic circuit to power the autococker firing mechanism, so you save a great deal of air over the course of several games. It also means a gun gun lower recoil and tighter accuracy. As you would expect from the brand, because of the design this is everything and a light marker is designed new. Even the "tacky grips" are a great improvement, with the material adding extra comfort and grip, even in the event that you wear tactical golves or move barehanded. For those that have budget this is an choice that is awesome.

Ideal for: - Intermediate players seeking to a superb high excellent marker that's about to go out from this box also will your game up on a basic version.

 4. Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball

 Spyder MR100 Pro Paintball

A very similar design to the Tippmann Cronus, the Spyder MR100 sports a longer barrel and features a stock for accuracy. The black style looks amazing and the whole paint ball marker is constructed from high quality materials that can take anything you throw at it. The default double tap activate makes it pretty versatile, for either speedball or woodsball thanks to the more barrel which offers adequate variety.

Ideal for: beginner - Intermediate players.

 5. Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun M-FDP Edition

Tippmann US Army Project Salvo Sniper Paintball Gun M-FDP Edition

The Tippmann Project Salvo is decidedly one of the coolest looking guns we have gotten on our hands, and one of our favorites for woodsball and in door rec-ball games. This marker is fantastic for people that want a realistic looking gun and want to play sports games. This thing just looks bad ass and receive compliments from other players.

You can find the project salvo bundled with a red dot sight, collapse-able rear stock and front grip, which makes it exceptionally versatile for whatever game type you happen to be playing. Combine it with the wonderful cyclone feed system and you have an exceptional paintball marker to control the area. These accessories give it a bit of additional burden that may be a good or bad thing depending on your own taste, however it adds to the simulator element and we like it. Thanks to accuracy is great. While you won't be shooting tight groupings like the highend Dye or Empire mark, it really is more than accurate enough to non invasive tournament play. If you're trying to find an excellent looking rifle which could kick some ass, the Tippmann Project Salvo is a fantastic choice.

Perfect for Beginner - Intermediate players looking for a super fun, high excellent paintball marker that looks amazing.

 6. Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Basic Series 3Skull Paintball Gun Marker MEGA Set

Tippmann 98 Custom Platinum Basic Series 3Skull Paintball Gun Marker MEGA Set

To express the Tippmann 98 Custom is perhaps one of the most widely used paintball markers on Earth would be an understatement. By the wonderful price point which makes it attractive to first time buyers entering the sport, to it's reliability and simplicity of usage, there is no wonder why those things are constantly on back order at most local shops. This is what divides Wall-mart and it.

The universal Picatinny rail system permits the accession of optics such as a reddot sight for reflex sharp target acquisition. This Tippmann marker is a workhorse and quite possibly the most effective marker for new players. Mechanical operation powered by CO2 or HPA. The integrated railing system means despite the fact that this is an entry level marker, you can certainly upgrade it on time, and then insert the insanely popular flatline barrel for added precision and range. Probably one of the most widely used paintball markers on earth. Many advanced players still possess their 98 custom as being a backup even with upgrading to a highend gun, great to advance to friends and get them in the game also!

Excellent for Beginner players search for a amazing gun with a lot of choices that are attachment to upgrade and tweak performance.

 7. Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire Paintball Mini GS Marker

Empire is the high end paintball marker brand which always generates quality equipment that is excellent. The Empire Mini lives up into the name, it is hands down one of the softball firearms on the industry. This can make it light weight and simple to regulate. The electronic trigger system causes it equipped and quiet to shoot as fast as you can pull on the cause.

The 2 handle design is comfortable and also the included pressure gauge on the atmosphere compressor is a nice touch, allowing you to quickly assess the rest of the air in your tank at a fast glance. This is a great entry level tournament style paintball marker and given play to the smaller size, speedy speed of passion and general accuracy.

Fantastic for Intermediate players trying to a highend paintball marker that is streamlined and user friendly, using some superior features as an e-trigger and integrated pressure gauge.

 8. Empire AXE Paintball Gun

Empire AXE Paintball Gun

If you are receiving into serious paintball tournaments, then chances are you have see the popular Empire Axe for action. This is just a high end paint ball marker that may really revamp paint quickly. With shooting modes from ramping, single shooter and complete auto, you're able to lay out fire without difficulty.

The Empire Axe lives up to the top quality bar set set by the brand and higher level players looking for a reliable paintball gun with a insanely great e-trigger system which can be corrected for any match type, from speedball to extended outdoor woodsball games this can be a great choice for all those players with a little greater budget. Given the lots of aftermarket, accuracy and versatility upgrade parts on the market for the Axe, it's not surprising this paintball marker is really on players wishlists.

Ideal for: Intermediate - advanced players looking for championship play for a few of the very accurate models on the market in 2018.

 9. Tippmann Alpha Black Elite

 Tippmann Alpha Black Elite

Empire is the high-end paintball marker brand that creates excellent equipment. The name is really lived up into by the Empire Mini, it really is definitely one of the softball guns available on the market. This would make it extremely light weight and easy to regulate. The trigger system makes it able and quiet to shoot as fast as you can pull on the trigger.

The two handle design is comfortable and the included pressure gauge to the atmosphere compressor is a wonderful touch, allowing you to quickly check the rest of the atmosphere in your tank in a swift glance. This is a superb entry level tournament style paintball markers and awarded drama to the smaller size speed of fire and overall accuracy with.

Best for: Intermediate players seeking to a top quality paintball marker that is streamlined and user friendly, with some premium features as an e-trigger and integral pressure gauge.

 10. Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun

Tippmann X7 Phenom Paintball Marker Gun

Badassery? Is that even a word? Who knows, but it really sums up this high tier paintball marker. Like the A5, the X7 Phenom is customizable and a common sight in simulation game game types. The strategic visual upgrades appear fantastic sitting beneath the lightweight frame and it comes built with a mechanical single shooter, however, you could upgrade to the e grip that includes full auto, 3 round burst and single shot flame manners.

Yet another trendy e-grip feature: in case the battery expires mid match, it is still possible to switch to single shot which is powered by propellant, keeping you in the fight. Shifting the gun also turns off the interior circuitry to save battery. This rifle is mortal true over medium-long variety and perfect for woodsball players, and also the light frame combined with a compact body builder which makes it perfect for intimate quarters Recball/scenario play. As the purchase price point is considerably greater compared to the typical 98 custom, it has a well deserved place in the hearts of many higher level players, and something of the greatest Tippmann markers on the industry.

Best for: Players looking for the very best paintball gun that is terrific for all game types, has lots of upgrade options and availiable accessories. A high-quality of the line mark.

Paintball Gun

The Best Paintball Pistols

A great deal of serious paintball players like to carry a weapon in the event of a barrel mid game that is clogged. Having a paintball pistol strapped to your own side can come in handy in such situations.In the event you go out of ammo, acquiring a whole loaded paintball pistol ready to go is a lot quicker than leveling with ammo pods and seeking to re fill your own hopper at the heat of combat. While they have been definitely a luxury item, these handgun style markers might be handy and fun to use.

Tippmann TPX Paintball Pistol Starter Kit

Best for: Intermediate - skilled gamers that need a high excellent luxury machine to expand their arsenal.

For people that have a bit of extra money to burn up, the Tippmann TiPX paintball pistol can be an awesome addition to your arsenal. An exceptionally higher excellent piece of the TiPX includes 3 magazines that carry 7 rounds of standard paintball ammunition which makes it quick and simple to reload. 

This paint ball handgun is quite compact and not overly thick, but still seems realistic. Small CO2 capsules slot underneath the hose to present semi firing as fast as you can pull the trigger. There is also. This is by far the the very best paintball pistol on the market now. Premium quality design from extreme reliability and Tippmann make the TiPX our top option in regards to side arms.

Kingman Eraser .43 Caliber Paintball Pistol

Ideal for: Intermediate

This company paintball pistol is awesome for people who need an extremely small weapon. It enables you to go upon the playing field quickly in the event you draw on attention and sling your own rifle, and also the magazine that is integrated usually means no annoying hopper or tube. This is the most streamlined of a few of those favorites and the side arms we have analyzed out.

This mark shoots smaller .48 quality rounds, and fire at 250 fps, making it no slouch when it comes to firepower. CO2 cylenders that is small is used by the Eraser just like can power through a number of magazines in one air cartridge, and the handguns with this list. The aluminum structure means its exceptionally durable and may take a significant beating for those players who love tumble to jump and generally misuse their gear.

JT ER2 Pump Pistol

Excellent for: beginner- target shooting at paintball pistol.

For more casual players trying to find a side arm option, the JT ER-2 pump actions is a rather compact handgun style marker that fits the bill. It comes with 3 packed tubes which plug into the feed interface, each taking 10 0.50 caliber paintballs.

It flames using little CO2 containers also is sold with two of them right from the box. This means spring powered paintball pistols, unlike more economical, the ER 2 packs a punch. On account of the tube feed system, this marker is much less compact and streamlined however it's also a portion of the purchase price. Overall quality is high and this really is an extremely fun.

The Ultimate Paintball Gun - Buyers Guide

When you've read this way, it is likely that, you're on the market for a new paintball gun. We expect our top 10 recommendations previously has been of use at highlighting some of the better options available. None of these models will leave you disappointing that is without a doubt.

Should you require a little more input to help limit the options, then continue reading! There are really your experience level, price 3 factors when it comes to choosing paintball guns, and your play style.

There's no purpose in with a top of the line gun if you only play lightly after a month or it is your first time on the area. If you are still having a inexpensive marker and are a hardcore player you have. In that circumstance, odds are you understand you like the sport and would benefit from upgrading to a heightened model now that you've spent in your paintball gear. Let's dip!

Choosing The Best Model For Your Play Style

In terms of choosing the perfect paintball gun, your favorite game type should impact your purchasing decision. It depends upon what game modes your field supports, as well as the type of experience which resonates with you personally. If you're wanting to move towards the circuit this probably means focusing on a single play style and getting quite good. However, more casual players might want a mark that is acceptable for whatever is going down at the field on any particular day, at which case something similar to the Tippmann A5, Cronus or Spyder MR100 would all be described as a choices.

Woodsball Paintball Guns

If you're a fan of woodsball (field combat), scurrying around out doors between the trees, you are going to want a paintball gun with a longer range, and also possibly a stock for extra accuracy throughout longrange shoot outs. Something such as Project Salvo or even the United States Army Alpha Elite will suit you nicely. Gamers or those players on a budget seeking to maximize dollar value may also pick the Tippmann 98 Custom that is classic. Together side an extendable stock and reddot sight you wind up when you add the protracted barrel for range is an extremely reliable, full woodsball markers.

Speedball Markers

Accuracy is not a big issue as opposed to fast putting paintballs range. We would recommend Mini or even the Empire Axe, or Dye Protorail as a guns . With their flexible fire styles and designs that are compact, get angles for firing and it is more easy to remain in cover. The Empire Axe was the very accurate paintball gun we've tried for players, even as we noted previously, of all the models we have tested. Higher end models that are electronic using HPA will mean that you become more shots per tank fill, that will be essential if firing off countless chunks in one round.

RecBall and Milsim Paintball Guns

Fans of RecBall (inside with bunkers and arrangements) may lean towards something more streamlined, possibly with an inventory for added stability when stringing tight corners. In cases like this, X7 Phenom, that the Chronus or the 98 Custom are choices based upon your budget. Recball is fun as it combines elements of most game types. The nature of woodsball and Milsim together with the smaller arenas and cover established shooting of speedball. This is a really fun game type for beginners to make an effort to present them.

Milsim players ' are all about using the maximum hardcore warfare or tactical simulation as possible and you also usually find them outfitted with realistic paint ball firearms such as the Project Salvo or US Army Alpha Black. Undeniably milsim players consistently have the coolest looking markers and softball equipment. To using role from full set ups specific equipment, like sniper paintball guns with scopes and long barrels that may provide long range aid, to more rushing style set ups markers that enable quicker movement and mobility.

Mechanical or Electronic Paintball Guns: That Is Best?

Your choice of mark means choosing between an mechanical firing system or a electro pneumatic one. In general electronic mark eat less propellant because they truly are currently shooting by means of a battery rather than extra gas to power up that the shooting mechanism. Activate systems increase the rate of shot firing as well, and also allow for burst and automatic firing modes. Moving parts has a tendency to mean a much gun that is more accurate without recoil when shooting. Many serious paintball players tend to decide on grips/trigger systems that are electronic and the prevalence of this X7 and A5 eGrip speaks for itself.

But there are undoubtedly some advantages to mechanical markers. They are usually easier, less complex and cheaper to keep. All of the moving parts tend to be made from alloy and will readily be disassembled and cleaned. There are not any electronics, wires or batteries to worry about, which can make matters easier for beginner players, perhaps not having to be concerned about turning in their activate system, so making sure batteries are charged etc.,. Sometimes simple is fine!

Avoid Cheap Paintball Gear And Always Wear a Mask!

A majority of the models available now are simply not worth your hard earned money in regards to endurance, value and performance. By flood the market with low quality paintball 30, many organizations want to profit whilst the paintball industry continues to explode at an astonishing rate. This is the reason why we fully endorse the high quality bar set by Tippmann, Empire, Dye, Spyder etc.. You can rely on these to work efficiently every time you are from the area. Nobody likes an amazing day of paintball cut short by a faulty gun.

Don't waste money and your time on a affordable paintball gun that will not last or block paint once you might be controlling your competitors each time you step on the field! Only at bestoutdoorpicks we expect to pass on our own years of experience to simply help you bring your skills.

In the end, Always, wear a paint ball mask each and every single time you step to the field to play. That is compulsory in to be honest is just common sense and everywhere we've played. Your vision is priceless which being an action sport with higher velocity projectiles, we recommend choosing a excellent mask that wont fog or will need to be constantly adjusted.


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