Best Rosin Press On The Market – Top 5 Picks

What's the best rosin press available on the market in 2019? That is exactly what we shall look at today. The industry has exploded in recent years, with quite a few brands releasing products of varying quality.

In this top 5 review round up we have brought together a variety of rosin presses and place them through their paces.

For the findings at a glance just head into the table below. For indepth reviews of each press, and a dedicated buyer's guide, keep on reading.






Plug and Play
Press, 6500 PSI

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Double hole
heating aluminum
plate system

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1140 Lbs./psi

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15000 PSI

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Clamshell Rosin

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What is a Rosin Press?

A rosin press is used to generate solvent-free cannabis concentrate.

It uses a solvent-less way to create cannabis rosin. This gets rid of any virus contamination of their cannabis end product.

In addition, it removes the dependence on your own dab enthusiast to wash out the machine of solvent impurities.

Heat & Pressure - The Core Basics

This solvent-less technique is based on two mechanisms to generate solvent-free rosin; questionable and controlled heating.

At the solvent-based chemical extraction system, solvents are utilised to extract cannabis chemicals out of raw cannabis.

This will be really to preserve the extracted oil-soluble cannabinoids and terpenes in their natural shape as much as you possibly can.

Essentially, these two chemicals give the cannabis concentrate its flavor, color, and potency.

But the majority of the solvents used were hydrocarbon-based and in almost all cases, the residual solvent has been discovered in the last cannabis concentrate.

To avert such contamination, then there is a necessity to produce cannabis concentrate from raw cannabis without introducing any other ingredient to the manufacturing procedure.

This caused the invention of a mechanical solvent-less extraction procedure which is based on how the current rosin moves do the job.

Best Press For Rosin – Our Top 5 Review

A top quality rosin press is durable, long-lasting, and also can generate high pressures while keeping the temperatures between its press plates at a pretty low amount.

Based on these evaluation criteria,

Top 5 of their Best rosin presses are identified and chosen for review.

1. LilSmasher - Rosin Press


This is a high-quality pneumatic rosin press purposely assembled for high-volume production of high quality cannabis concentrates.

It is made, fabricated, and tested by NugSmasher, a reputable U.S-based maker of top notch rosin presses.

U.S-made rosin presses are often of good quality, partially as a result of the simple fact that users can easily get into the manufacturers when their counterparts develop an problem.

Additionally, U.S-made presses are manufactured from top quality components and materials, and the same also applies towards the LilSmasher-Rosin Press.

The LilSmasher is created of T6-6061 high quality steel-reinforced aluminum. In addition, it features high-grade steel components.

This makes it a more lasting, high-quality machine which features a long life span. However, it's not simply the durability and substance quality which matters with a rosin press; the yield and high quality of the cannabis focuses matter also.


The press weighs about 65.6 lbs, and this may make it relatively mobile as two different people can certainly move it around your house.

It is made as a personal in-house utilization rosin press. In reality, it's built as a plug and play machine. This means that an individual does not need to tweak it or execute some assembly duties while the machine is shipped in a ready-to-use state.

It simply needs to be plugged into an electrical socket, and the pressure preferences corrected until the raw cannabis placed between your very top and bottom push plates may be crushed. This ease lets home users to work with this press in making high-grade cannabis concentrates.

Even the LilSmasher rosin press features double element heating system. This usually means that each press plate features a heating element that heats it up.

A correctly heated press plate induces the thick oil squeezed out of raw cannabis to liquefy and flow readily.

Without heatingsystem, the raw cannabis squished by LilSmasher would produce very thick acrylic that could solidify, as well as jelqing while at the press dishes.


This press comes designed with an electronic digital thermometer and thermostat. The thermostat allows the user to choose the particular temperature for oil extraction.

This rosin press can generate pressures of up to 6,500 psi (pounds per square-inch), which translates to 468 tonnes per square. Such a high pressure can squish just about all the cannabis oil from the cannabis material placed between the press plates.

The raw cannabis has to be placed in a parchment paper, which is subsequently brushed until it's set on underneath press plate (also known as the smash plate).

Broadly speaking, that the LilSmasher can press each of the oil out of the cannabis over 1 minute or so. The parchment paper also allows the impurities-free oil to be of food-grade quality.

LilSmasher-rosin press comes built with large rectangular-shaped smashing plates, each measuring 4 inches by 3.5 inches.

Using rectangular smash plates instead of the ordinary square plates does advantage the user because the oil travels a shorter distance across breadth when compared with the span, unlike square discs where the oil needed to travel the same space to any of its four borders before it might be accumulated correctly.

The longer the length the oil travel, the longer it has to keep onto a heated plate, and this leads to evaporation of the volatile terpenes thus lowering the overall flavor and yield of their cannabis concentrate.

For that reason, a square plate lets oil to visit a shorter distance over the width of the plate, and also this not merely boosts the yield, but also retains the terpene content of this hash acrylic.

The smashing plates are built from top quality alloy that permits them to immediately distribute and dissipate heat. This enables the oil between your plates to conserve their terpene information.

The top crushing plate is repaired, as underneath hammering plate is movable. Their is a handily placed hand-dial that lets an individual to position the bottom crushing plate.

To press both plates one needs to utilize the manual arm pump. Once the two plates have been pressed tightly against the cannabis cloth they're left to endure so as to allow the acrylic to exudate.

Later, the plate is retracted down. Additional this rosin press features a fast-retract plate discharge, which is applied to quickly alleviate the pressure on these plates. The manual arm includes an ergonomic handle.

The press also features circuit protection to secure its internal circuitry against damage.

The LilSmasher-rosin press includes a life time warranty.


  • Lifelong guarantee.
  • Simple to Use.
  • Characteristics dual-element heating system.
  • Made from Supreme Quality material.
  • Easy to keep.
  • Affordable.
  • Outstanding cost-performance ratio.


  • Pressure restricted to 6500psi.

Bottom Line

The Lilsmasher-rosin press is a complete rosin extraction system intended to perform both concentrate extraction and purging processes, while producing large quantities of high quality cannabis concentrates.

It sports a dual element heating that assist its rectangular-shaped press dishes to raise the yield of hash oil.

The ability to generate high yields of premier connoisseur-grade cannabis concentrate, easy-to-use options, and unique cost-performance ratio makes the LilSmasher Rosin Press the best pick in our very best rosin press round up.

2. Weselltech - Rosin Press 6061 Aluminum Plates Kit

Rosin Press 6061 Aluminum Plates Kit

This is definitely an aluminum plates kit that comes built with a supreme quality heating rod and precision-driven control.

Normally, this kit is sent by DHL, and also the user can get it done in 5 minutes. Its fast delivery is because of its compact design and light weight nature which makes it possible for the delivery agent to go it along side other lightweight packages. This apparel was created, manufactured, and tested with Weselltech.

Unlike the LilSmasher rosin press, this Wesselltech kit is not a complete gel extraction system as it features the frame on the press plates is well fitted. It is thus sent within an incomplete resin push.

Rosin Press 6061 Aluminum Plates Kit

However, this allows the consumer to make use of this aluminum kit together with any rosin press which the kit may squeeze into.

The press dishes are 5 inches, and 3 inches wide. Each plate is 30mm thick. Consequently, this kit uses rectangular smash plates that permit the cannabis acrylic to travel a shorter space across its width as compared to this length.

As stated in the review previously (and over the purchaser's guide), square plates assist to produce a higher yield of hash oil, in addition to conserve the terpene content.

The blasting plates are built from high quality aluminum. Using aluminum plates gives this kit a unique advantage over the ones that can come equipped with steel press plates.

Aluminum press plates could quickly distribute heat across the surface, which also promotes optimal heat dissipation thus steering clear of the parchment paper out of charring or becoming burnt up.

Rosin Press 6061 Aluminum Plates Kit

Unlike the LilSmasher rosin press that comprises double component heatingsystem, the Weselltech Rosin Press 6061 Kit comes equipped with 2 heating rods, one on your top plate and one other for the base plate. Each heating rod measures 115mm in total and it has a diameter of 9.5 inches.

The rod is fitted firmly into a pit hole at the press plate. This enables the rods to properly warm the press plate, which in turn causes the thick oil pumped from raw cannabis to liquefy and flow easily.

This 6061 Kit comes with an electrically-powered temperature controller box. The heating sticks are mounted on the control box via adjustable coated pads that sew electrical cables that re-lay power out of the controller box into the heating poles.

The controller rod features a thermostat which enables the user to select the precise temperature for oil extraction.

This 6061 kit has been sent with an M-8 wrench and 6 parts of M8 screw. It also will come with a dual PID control and an electric cable. The double PID (proportional--built-in--derivative) control serves to strengthen the heating precision of both heating sticks.

This kit has a 12-months warranty.

Rosin Press 6061 Aluminum Plates Kit


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Attributes two heating sticks.
  • Made from Highquality substance.


  • Requires to be built into a rosin press frame.
  • Requires expertise.

Bottom line

The Weselltech Rosin Press 6061 Kit is an aluminum plates apparel which comes designed with a high quality heating rods. If you can brave the installation procedure this is an interesting option for your extraction enthusiast.

3. Mr.Rosin IDAB edition Pneumatic Hot Press Solventless Oil dual heated Rosin Press

Mr.Rosin IDAB edition Pneumatic Hot Press Solventless Oil dual heated Rosin Press

This can be a high-quality pneumatic rosin press purposely built for production of high-grade cannabis concentrates.

It's made, manufactured, and tested by Mr.Rosin, a U.S-based manufacturer of top of the range rosin presses. This press model is classified as from the IDAB edition, and this also usually means it is intended to used as a tabletop personal-use rosin press.

Just like the LilSmasher rosin press, this U.S-made rosin press is made of top quality materials, and Mr.Rosin provides after-sales services.

The crucial addresses are given to the users they can easily get to producer as soon as their presses develop an issue.

The Mr.Rosin IDAB edition is created from high-grade metal plus also features high-grade steel components. .

This lightweight press is readily moved about in your house. Exactly like the LilSmasher rosin press, Mr.Rosin IDAB Edition is designed as a personal inhouse use rosin press, which is assembled as a plug-and-play machine.

Hence, the user doesn't have to tweak this, or perform any assembly as the system is shipped in a ready-to-use state. It only needs to be plugged to an electric outlet, and the pressure settings corrected until the raw cannabis is set between the frying plates to be defeated.

Its own compact-design and easy-to-use features allow beginnersto dab addicts, hash aficionados, and even ordinary home users to utilize this particular press in making high-grade cannabis concentrates.

Mr.Rosin IDAB edition Pneumatic Hot Press Solventless Oil dual heated Rosin Press

The IDAB press has a power rating of 300 watts, and it works together with 110volts power source.

This table top press comes with a powerful telescopic cylinder along with also an air filter; along using an abysmal lever and also a heater control box.

The atmosphere filter ensures that the atmosphere which gets in to the pneumatic system is free of particulate matter, which can cause the moving regions of the air-pressure system to become stuck or work out quickly.

Just enjoy the LilSmasher, the IDAB Edition is an entire rosin extraction system that features heated press plates.

But, unlike LilSmasher which has rectangular press dishes, Mr.Rosin IDAB uses cylindrical blasting plates. These plates measure 3.5 inches in diameter. The heater controller box modulates the warmth of those press plates.

This rosin press may generate pressures of up to 1,140 psi (pounds per square inch). This pressure rating is lower compared to that of those LilSmasher press.

Still, this can be a high pressure that could squish just about all of the cannabis oil from the cannabis material set between your press plates.

The raw cannabis has to be set in a parchment paper, which is then brushed until it is set on underneath press plate. This enables oil free of particulate impurities to flow out of the squished cannabis.

The return of cannabis oil is dependent on how long the squished cannabis has been stored in put under questionable between your smash plates.

Exactly like the LilSmasher, Mr.Rosin IDAB can press each of the oil out of the cannabis within 1 minute or so.

Like wise, using parchment paper allows for its production food-grade cannabis oil which can be consumed impresstely.


  • Simple to Use.
  • Characteristics heated crush plates.
  • Made of high-quality substance.
  • Easy to preserve.


  • Pressure limited to 1140psi.

Bottom line

Mr.Rosin IDAB Edition is a high-quality pneumatic rosin extraction system purposely built for production of high quality cannabis concentrates. It has heated circular smash plates which improve the return of hash oil. Highly suggested.

4. Honey Habit-Electric Hydraulic Rosin Press

Honey Habit-Electric Hydraulic Rosin Press

This really is an electrically-powered hydraulic rosin press purposely assembled for production of high quality cannabis concentrates. It's made, manufactured, and tested with Honey Habit, also a U.S-based manufacturer of rosin presses.

Just enjoy the LilSmasher and Mr.Rosin IDAB rosin presses, this U.S-made rosin press is constructed from high quality materials, and the manufacturers also offer after-sales services.

This hydraulic press is constructed from highgrade corrosion-resistant materials, and includes high-grade steel components. It is therefore a durable, high-quality machine with a lengthy life-span. Likewise, it is designed to maximize the yield and quality of cannabis concentrates.

It has a C-shaped framework which holds the press plates. It measures 17.5 inches wide and 18.7 inches long. Its height is 20.5 inches.

This electric press weighs about 77 pounds, and this also may make it a relatively mobile rosin press.

Just like another presses reviewed previously, the Honey-Habit rosin press was created for personal in-house use and for this reason it's built as a semi automatic machine.

This usually means it comes fully-assembled at a ready-to-use state. The user simply has to plug it in to an electric outlet, and the pressure preferences corrected before the raw cannabis might be defeated.

Its compact design and easy-to-use features give it a feature of simplicity that transports it to home users that hope to make high-grade cannabis concentrates.

The Honey Habit rosin press may generate pressures of upto 15,000psi. Despite the fact that a hydraulic rosin press can generate higher pressure as compared to some pneumatic rosin press, additionally, it is affected with one primary disadvantage.

Honey Habit-Electric Hydraulic Rosin Press

This relates to its hydraulic system. The hydraulic fluid within the machine may seep out whether or not there is breakage in all the components which compose this particular system.

The fluid which seeps not just causes the system to get rid of its pressure and lessen the total amount of pressure that drive the plates, however also the cannabis material risk being contaminated by aerosolized particles coming from the seeping machine acrylic.

Even so the Honey Habit hydraulic press has attempted to deal with this dilemma by eliminating the compressor.

This means that if there's a flow inside the machine, the machine acrylic can't seep out in massive quantities as it insufficient a compressor that may have otherwise proceeded to pump pressurized fluid no matter any escapes.

This hydraulic press includes rectangular press plates, each measuring 6 inches. Its press dishes are so larger than people of LilSmasher and Mr.Rosin IDAB presses.

Even so, its press dishes are heated just like those of LilSmasher along with Mr.Rosin IDAB presses. The operating temperature assortment of its own smash plates is between inch and 485 degrees Fahrenheit.

The rather higher pressure rating with this hydraulic press lets it squish all of the cannabis oil from the cannabis material placed between the press plates.

Still, the raw cannabis needs to be placed in a parchment paper, which is subsequently folded before it's placed on the bottom press plate. This enables particulate-free oil to stream from the squished cannabis.

The use of parchment paper also allows for that production food-grade cannabis concentrates.


  • Generates strain of Upto 15,000psi.
  • Simple to Use.
  • Characteristics heated press plates.
  • Made of Top Quality substance.


  • Prone-to hydraulic leaks.
  • Quite pricey

Bottom line

Even the Honey-Habit hydraulic rosin press is a electrically-powered complete rosin extraction system purposely built for extraction of high speed cannabis concentrates. It might generate pressures of up to 15,000psi utilising sensory power. If may be how you wish to go, it is the machine to buy.

5. Tuopuke Quick Clamps Dual Heat Plates Digital Temperature Control Box Rosin Press

Tuopuke Quick Clamps Dual Heat Plates Digital Temperature Control Box Rosin Press

The Quick Clamps is a clam shell heat press that includes a simple skeletal style. It is intended to extract cannabis concentrate from raw cannabis. Its skeletal layout features two heated plates, a digital temperature control, and a manual.

This extractor pressure system also comes with a easy-to-follow instruction guidebook. It is designed, fabricated, and tested by Tuopuke, also a U.S-based manufacturer of rosin presses.

Just as with other U.S-made rosin presses, the Tuopuke Quick Clamps consists from premium quality materials, and Tuopuke provides after-sales services.

The essential addresses are supplied to the users that they are easily able to get into the manufacturer if necessary.

This clam shell heat press is constructed from high-grade stain-resistant materials, and also includes high quality components.

Tuopuke Quick Clamps Dual Heat Plates Digital Temperature Control Box Rosin Press

This black-colored extractor machine weighs only approximately 33.8 lbs. It's therefore lighter than the LilSmasher rosin press, and this also makes it a mobile machine.

Its streamlined design also allows it to be utilized a jelqing cannabis oil extractor. But, unlike most of the 4 rosin presses analyzed previously, the Quick Clamps is sold with square press dishes.

Its smash plates measure 5 inches by 5 inches, and are coated using non-stick material. That is necessary as square discs tend to get stained by slow-flowing cannabis extract.

These discs are heated, and their temperature is tightly governed by the electronic temperature control that is housed in the controller box. The usable temperature assortment of those plates will be 1 to 415 degrees Fahrenheit.

Quick Clamps also will come with an electronic digital automatic timer. This timer will help to ensure that the cannabis stuff do not stay for long between your clamped press dishes.

This is because cannabis oil flows badly onto square discs, and it may solidify while the press plates are clamped. Because of this, the digital timer automatic engages a release mechanism that disengages the clamp so the bottom press plate can melt.

The press was created to work with 110-120 volts power sources. In addition, it comes with a time control which indicates if a established press cycle is intact.

Power ranges are fine with the press having the ability to build pressures of up to 1200psi. This pressure evaluation is nearly comparable to that of Mr.Rosin IDAB.

The raw cannabis needs to be placed in a parchment paper since this lets particulate-free oil to flow from the squished cannabis.

The yield of cannabis oil is determined by the length of time the squished cannabis has been stored in place under high pressure between your burst plates. Ordinarily, 60 -- 90 minutes will do.

Tuopuke Quick Clamps Dual Heat Plates Digital Temperature Control Box Rosin Press


  • Easy to use.
  • Characteristics heated crush plates.
  • Made from High Quality substance.
  • Easy to keep.


  • Pressure limited to 1200psi.

Bottom line

The Tuopuke Quick Clamps is a clamshell manually-operated heat press with a simple skeletal layout. That features double heat plates, digital temperature control, and a manual arm pump. It is intended to extract cannabis concentrate from raw cannabis.

Best Rosin Press Buyer’s Guide

The rosin press has evolved with a blend of innovation and the adaptation of technology from different industries. This has led to a competitive market of some very good brands and solutions.

This will make purchasing a rosin press a bit of a mine field. In the subsequent guide we will look at a number of matters you ought to consider while buying a brand new rosin press.

The different types of Rosin Press

To start with, a dab enthusiast should know there are 4 distinct kinds of rosin presses. These will be the DIY rosin press, modified hat press, pneumatic press and hydraulic press.

The DIY Rosin Press

The DIY rosin press employs a clamped hair straightener to generate pressure, but that also causes it to heat up fast hence creating some quite dull (flavor-less) cannabis concentrate.

Modified T-Shirt Press

The modified t-shirt press employs exactly the ordinary press plates of a normal t-shirt press, however top and bottom press plates are all heated.

Sometimes the press dishes need to become heated to such a high level that they degrade the terpenes in the cannabis concentrate, hence causing it to get rid of some of its odor and tastes.

The Pneumatic Press

The technology has evolved to a stage were that the pneumatic rosin press is currently streamlined and more very affordable. Such a press has proven tremendously popular.

Naturally, the press gets its own pressure out of compressed air. A good unit will allow you to reaching over 2000 psi (pound per square inch).

You also have a great deal of control with a pneumatic press on. Heat levels can be selected easily with the correct settings you may make quality extracts in mere seconds.

The fee of a good pneumatic press can be very high, however the high level technology and effective performance will make for very reliable extraction.

If you'd like no fuss resin production to your home that is the kind to go for.

Hydraulic Rosin Press

Another alternative is your hydraulic rosin press. This kind is advised once you want higher quantities of psi. Also known as H-frame presses, a component of this style is powered with a hydraulic cylinder.

Another benefit of this hydraulic press is that the bigger area designed for pressing. What this means is more product may be produced at exactly the identical moment.

They're often more affordable than the analog options also. This is because the hydraulic press is generally created from readily available components.

The DIY installation involves investing in a small 1-2 ton shop press, (designed for as little as $150) and adding a few additional parts to produce the necessary heating system.

Both the components and also the plans are easily available on the web.

Our recommendation

Our recommendation

In our opinion that the best rosin press to buy will be your analog kind. The higher pricepoint translates in to a far more reliable system that works more efficiently and yields high quality results.

The homemade hydraulic press can offer a affordable means of beginning production, but they are prone to wearing, they still work efficiently and in certain instances trace amounts of equipment oil can be released which is going to wind up contaminating your resin.

Yes you may save yourself a few dollars to begin with, but it will wind up costing you in the long term.

The type of heat plate

Long, narrow heating plates would be the best kind to get. This kind will help ensure you get the maximum yield possible from each manufacturing run.

This contour usually means your rosin oil is able to quickly escape your heating plates. Every press is efficiently maximized in order for the concentrate is maintained with a fully terpene-rich aroma.

We recommend that you keep an eye out for aluminium plates too. These permit for better heat distribution compared to Metal

(We also suggest that you pay the pates in using parchment paper and that means you're your product can meet FDA food-grade standards).

Overall construct quality

There are several USA built rosin presses that are worth the price. Not only have you been really helping home-grown company, you'll also profit from high quality components from the build of their press.

Purchasing the best rosin press is an investment. Don't be tricked by a cheap Chinese machine that's nothing greater than a modified tshirt press, (which are available on industry).

Just do the math. The extra, high quality resin you will obtain using a more complex pneumatic press actually makes them the more cost effective option over time.

Quality and yield is exactly what it really is all about when rosin pressing. Cutting corners on these two factors is simply shooting your self in the foot.


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