Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

​Being On this water is a astonishing and relaxing adventure. Whether you're outside grabbing a fish or simply enjoying the waves and the weather, boats are your own favorite of countless. Odds are you desire the very best for the kayak or boat if you will spending some some time on the water. You want a motor battery that is excellent if you would like to do at your greatest potential. Your engine battery is also an equally significant part one's own water container.






12 V

35 AH

23.15 lbs


35 AH

25 lbs

12 V

55 AH

37 lbs

12 V

55 AH

43.5 lbs

12 V

100 AH

71.5 lbs

12 V

125 AH

75 lbs

Whether or not You are an informal fisher or perhaps a separate angler, you want to understand what exactly the best trolling motor battery is foryoupersonally. What works for me mightn't be precisely what you are searching for, and also because of this it's vital that you start looking in to the facts and know the positive aspects. Here is a post which may inform you that the fundamentals of deciding on a motor batterylife, while also showing you some of the ones available in the marketplace.

I Because they are all units, would suggest the trolling motor batteries all within this report. They differ in preferences and things you want them for.

How To Choose The Best Trolling Motor Battery

1. Types of Trolling Motor Batteries

Types of Trolling Motor Batteries

Because There are trolling motor batteries you might well be somewhat confused about which one you should receive. People believe since they're typical batteries they are exactly the same. Not only can this assumption employing a excellent battery can lower your motor's efficacyvehicle. Then I recommend you do too much research as you can if you would like to be ready to carry out in addition to potential on the sport.

Wet or Flooded Lead Acid (FLA):You will find 3 important Can be broken in to. The very first of them flooded batteries that are trolling, could be the lead acid batteries or, additionally. These batteries are intended to be made efficiently. They operate based upon the manufacturer and handle their particular. The average lead acid battery will probably endure for a remarkable two decades. They're also more economical to buy as these batteries tend to be more economical to fabricate.

They Are also very common and also this exact same technology which powers are available everywhere. Less and lead acid batteries have been produced and that means you will not find these. I suggest buying such a trolling engine battery in the event that you are prepared to keep it a extra and understand the gaps.

Absorbed Glass Mats (AGM):Trolling batteries Classified as the form of battery, absorbed glass mat, which usually are considered ending. AGM batteries have been created to extend a charge. AGMs go more a usage, also in have more life spans general.It is not indicative of for AGMs to possess a life span that's two times as long as the wet-cell counter parts. They are the more costly of these 2.

absorbed glass mats battery

Glass mats that are absorbed are going out more commonly And also their prices. Whether you're prepared to invest more for a livingbattery is your pick, also there are. These would be the most frequent trolling motor vehicles currently.I urge them to the normal angler as a result of their efficacy and also the simple fact that they truly are simple to look after. The sole disadvantage may be the budget. Are the most typical of those three; gelbatteries.

Knife:Gel pens really are, as the name suggests, full of a gel such as Fluid. This powers also will help protect it. Gelbatteries are discharging because of idleness and resistant to matters such as vibration. When you perform just a small amount of hunting on the internet you can get a wealth of those, although I do not find those in stores overly far.

The Thing concerning gelbatteries is that industry for these isn't huge, which means that you do not see. The niche is now dominated by AGM's, but it does not imply that you may not find a gel-type that is fantastic trolling motor batterylife.

2. Weight

Additional There are. It is essential to check at the motor battery's burdenlife. Broadly speaking, unless you is slowing down drastically the burden of one's own battery shouldn't cause trouble, that is improbable, or your car or truck's weight limitation is being approached by you.

Many Batteries are. Again, this is all dependent upon which your own weight power is, although the burden of this battery is the lower the higher. When you've got 500 pounds free it mightn't hurt much to find yourself a 50 pound battery based on the features it gives. Batteries which are below 30 pounds would be appreciated by anglers using kayaks.

3. Amp-Hour Rating

The Amphour Rating is among the facets to deciding on what trolling. Amphour Rating means the amount. As an instance, say you've a trolling motor battery is rated at 50 aH. This merely suggests that it may produce 2 coils to 25 hrs, 5 liter for 10 hrs, 10 amps for 5 hours per day etc..

Now you Split the evaluation by the range of amps and you're going to get that the battery could run using a single fee. Is that the greater the AHR, no longer your battery life could run, although it appears somewhat confusing. For boats under 16 feet such as kayaks that are small, I urge no less than 20 aH.

The Larger or heavier the boat is, the aH you'll need. This number will probably become lower and lower overtime as this battery's substances deteriorate, and this explains prior to making a buy, the reason you can not only look.

approximate trolling motor battery running times

4. Cold Cranking Amps

CCA, Or cold cranking amps, could be the number of amps that a battery discharges throughout the initial 30 minutes of electricity up in 0F. This feature is vital for starting batteries which have to discharge considerable quantities of energy. Reserve power is just how long a battery may discharge power (under 25 amps) before requiring a recharge. You will not run in to CCA starting your equipment; when taking a look at trolling motor specs unless it's really a specialization battery using 2 purposes, and keeping it working out.

5. Cycle Life

The Lifespan of your battery life is called bicycle life span. Regrettably most organizations are frightened to advertise their bicycle lifetime, and only assert that their product is profound cycle. The cycle life will probably vary between two in the event the company does not advertise it, and also also to find this info you are able to read product reviews.

Top 6 Trolling Motor Battery Reviews

1. Mighty Max Battery ML35-12

Mighty Max Battery ML35-12

The Mighty Max ML35 12 is an battery which is included with a price that is excellent. The ML35 12 could very well be the very affordable glass mat trolling. This battery is built to function as pumped evidence -- a feature that's for when you're trying to choose what orientation to put this up in and where you can mount your own own battery important. For applications along with usage trolling motors that are nominal, this battery life is the thing to do.

The ML35 12 is used for so on and kayak hunting motors, since it's a battery and also also a little stronger than the others. It's ranked at 3-5 aH, meaning it may run 5 amps to get 2 hrs, etc..

I have Found the rating isn't a issue to get boats, 14 footer, or even a kayak. The measurements are equally compact and nice, at 7.68" x 5.16" x 7.13". This battery weighs only more than 2-3 pounds. The most popular connection is to control, also bolt and nut relations are used by it.

I Simply because they make batteries, love Mighty Max. They've a 30 warranty on all the products, for those who should, and therefore do not be scared of using it. This can be just a good option if you desire a motor battery to get anything and under do not expect it to push against your creature of a boat for long. It's fitted to kayak and boats.

2. VMAX857 AGM Battery

VMAX857 AGM Battery

The VMAX857 TM is now a choice among anglers due to power and its versatility for a wonderful price. Though v max goes one step farther by stating their AGM's are better than the others due to the procedure this unit can be definitely an absorbed glass mat battery. As a trickle proof battery, that you won't have to be concerned about configuration. The VMAX857 can also be completely free.

V-max Boasts of an specialized crystal style and design, which makes it easier than salt. VMAX uses plates and also stronger material that's intended to raise the battery lifetime though for this reason it's a little heavier than other batteries with specifications, and also enhance resistance to vibrations and shocks. This 7.7" x 5" x 6.1" battery weighs approximately 25 pounds.

This Is a battery is ranked at 3-5 aH; a decent evaluation for boats and boats. A few anglers report that this battery is effective at closer to 42 Ah in good problems, despite the fact that they advertise at 3-5 aH. VMAXTANKS advertises though people have said that they have been comfortable with the battery to get as many as 50 pounds thrust that the system needs to be utilized for trolling motors together with 18 -- 40 pounds of thrust.

V-max Never disappoints, and also this particular battery is proof of the. This battery is priced and operates much better than advertised. Anglers are proud owners with the battery, plus it's good for ships. Not only can this battery survive more, your own wallet wont run dry. Cheap this battery is surely the best way to go if you would like a nice battery to get the boat that is small.

3. Mighty Max Battery ML55-12 SLA

Mighty Max Battery ML55-12 SLA

Still another Mighty Max battery worth is your ML55-12 SLA. This is really a 12 volt battery using absorbed glass mat technology. You wont need to bother about sustaining or cleaning that particular battery. The 9.02" x 5.43" x 9.13" battery weighs only 38.58 pounds. This really is somewhat heavy, and also a few folks note that the elevation with the particular unit is somewhat high, but this is made up for by the system.

As Per standard, the battery includes warranty and the may Max return policy. The battery can be returned by you and you've got a 1 yr 21, when it's a flaw. There are several reports saying that the bicycle life isn't quite as long as several competitors', although battery should live for approximately 2-4 weeks.

This Is an extremely reasonably priced battery as it's ranked at 55 aH. This battery was reported A30 pound thrust trolling motor. Its own weight may be a limitation for ships, although it's tailored to utilize moderate sized collars. This power packed battery is more admired by most and certainly will be around your own ship for a price that was great.

4. Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M

The First ending trolling could be your Optima 8016-103. You are going to hear about Optima alot if you're searching for a top quality battery. Personally, I adore this particular brandnew. They've exemplary craftsmanship and technology that is superior. Even the 8016-103 is engineered to ensure it is even more lastingstronger, more useful.

Optima Used their patented SpiralCell technology also boasts approximately using almost 100 percent pure lead and lead crystal to get his or her plates that were spiraled. This translates into dependable and consistent energy, together with durability. This is. Optima's batteries are crafted and reliable. The price tag is well worth it, although it's a high ending battery so that that it will cost a little more compared to other alternatives.

This Battery is A-55 Ah rated unit. This battery includes 750 cold cranking amps. Which usually means that's just a semi automatic and starting battery. This Optima's top indicates that it has a battery, along with the light case color tells us that it's a deep-cycling battery.

This Battery is found in moderate to large ships for a nice period of time as a result of its measurements. It has 10" x 6.75" x 7.8125 and weighs only a significant 43.5 pounds. These are fairly measurements.

5. Power-sonic UB121000

Power-sonic UB121000

The The UB121000 of Universal Battery can be still an intriguing item. The name Universal Battery is very true -- this deep cycle battery can be employed in a diverse assortment of applications including naturally, powering trolling motors, and also RV batteries end powered batteries.

This Battery can be recharged and definitely an AGM, designed to be emptied several times. This battery is special due to the simple fact that users are not confined by a single use. The cost is cheap, making a fantastic thing.

The UB121000 is really a 100 aH batterylife. This is an evaluation, and also the highest found within this report. That is an wonderful 10 amps for 10 hrsper day. This battery is large. Its measurements will be 12.17" x 6.61" x 8.30". This battery is most suitable to boats with trolling motors that were powerful or moderate sized ships with weight abilities. The battery can also be pretty heavy; roughly 60 pounds.

There Have been. The procedure is not anything special, however they truly are AGM batteries. Do not let this dissuade you by making a purchase. If your ship can adapt the size and weight, the more UB121000 is still an choice that is incredible. They are batteries at the portion of the price of ones.

6. Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM Deep Cycle

Vmaxtanks Vmaxslr125 AGM Deep Cycle

Last But surely not least is your VMAXTANKS VMAXSLR125. This monster of this battery universe has become easily the strongest among the. That is another unit produced a digital company which makes quality solutions that are top, by v max. Their manufacturing process produces batteries together with without any resistance. If you're currently utilizing the battery to power a engine, it's predicted to perform for 2 to ten decades. That really is striking, since there are batteries which will last you two in case you are blessed.

The SLR-125 is really a power house. With the capacity of producing 125 Ah, this 12 volt battery will deliver 5 amps for 25 hrs, 15 amps for 2 1/3 hour, 25 amps for 5 hours per day etc.. This really really is trolling motors and very good for ships. The battery weighed in. The measurements (6.8" x 12.9" x 8.7") are alleviating, though, and relatively streamlined.

It is Hard to conquer this particular unit, since it's powerful and durable, however then this isn't the alternative for you personally life, if you prefer not spend to a motor battery. While this wind unit could wind ready to go, buying this monster might help save you money at precisely the exact same period of time, you can replace a trolling engine 4 to five days.

The Weight could be somewhat offputting, also it could possibly be only a little over kill for smaller ships. Afterward your SLR-125 should be an applicant if you are in need of a powerful end battery.

Trolling Motor Battery Frequently Asked Questions – FAQ

Do I Need to Clean My Trolling Motor Battery?

​Thoroughly Clean? Not too much. Maintain? Definitely. I've come across Lots of batteries that were excellent destroyed by an absence of care. Dependent on how well you keep your battery lifelife, they'll perform their job. Batteries need maintenance.

You can wash your own battery should you detect That It's corroding, But aside from that keep other and dirt dirt from your own battery life. Wet lead acid batteries needs to be inspected, and have to be filled every once in awhile. Utilize tools such as a hydrometer to test the attention of this substance that is contaminated. Additionally you need to be mindful that the battery acid isn't currently over flowing. The labour intensive maintenance is required by these batteries.

Even though gel and AGM batteries are usually tagged as upkeep There are some steps which you need to have to guard your batteries. For you personally, see the fee. That you never want to over charge a battery life of any type. This can destroy its own function.

In addition you need to observe just how much energy you are drawing out of your Battery life. If your battery will deliver 5 amps for 10 hours, then you need ton't empty it dry. You ought to decide on an objective to use 75 percent of your own batteries charge. This could wind up doubling a few batteries' life span.

Where Should I Store My Batteries?

​You need to care for one's own batteries. Never combine Of ones that are different, and batteries. I always maintain batteries which are not in used in a place slightly. Cold is fine, but do not over do it as you wind up damaging your batteries.

Is My Trolling Motor Battery Bad?

​The Simplest way to tell if a battery cells have been taken would be always to Assess the specific gravity. This works for lead batteries that are wet. Basically, the gravity can allow you to determine the concentration of the acidity on your own water. Generally, if a cell is +/- 30 kg/m3 of some other cellphone, then a battery isn't good.

For Different Kinds of batteries, so you can just extract a Multi-meter. The multi meter should explain to you. Change out your batteries whenever you can prevent damagevehicle.


Trolling Motor batteries are an significant part one's ship. Do not overlook Them buy. In case your battery good Your motor good. Predicated in your along with your tastes Trolling the specifications of motor, do some research in order to find The ideal fit. It's going to save you plenty of money and time .


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