The Best Utility Trailer On The Market Today – Top 5 Pick

A utility trailer does a lot more than drag the items; it absolutely maintains their form and ensures that your equipment arrives in tip top shape.

Whether it's transporting that heavy generator in the garage to your business or moving a piece of furniture that will otherwise unfit in your automobile, utility trailers are the perfect way to all mode of hauling demands.

So what's your best utility trailer in the market place now? We answer that very question using all our high 5 review around up. For the findings in a glance, take a look at the table below. For in depth information about each of our selections, and a passionate buyer's guide, continue on reading.


Product Name

Out rating


Size: 136"L x 76"W
Capacity: 1715lb.
Tires: 5.30-12in

Size: 60"L x 31"W
Capacity: 1,250lb
Tires: 18" float

Size: 40" x 48"
Road ready
with lights

Size: 4 x 6 1/2'
Capacity: 1,000 lbs
Tires: 12", 6-ply

Size: 109" x 47"
Capacity: 1100 lbs
Tires: 25" Float
Power RAM lift

Utility Trailer Buyer's Guide

Utility Trailer

When setting out to buy a utility trailer there are a couple of things which you want to consider before making your ultimate option.

Let's have a closer look at what people are:

The Towing Vehicle

One of the very significant regions to clarify is that the potential for your towing vehicle. Whether the usefulness trailer is always to be uninstalled along with your car, a 4×4 or an ATV, then you should always check any potential compatibility problems and be certain that you won't overload the search engine.

The important stat to consider when discovering your vehicle's towing capacity would be to inspect the gross combined weight rating (GCWR).

This is fundamentally the most towing capacity weight and you will find a way to find it by taking a look at the manufacturing details online, or by simply consulting with the owner's manual.

Additionally you will need to fit a hitch into a towing vehicle. Hitches are categorized from class. A hitch with high quality will provide increased towing capacity.

However, it could be that the car or truck can only take a specific hitch (you also should make sure it matches with your vehicle's towing capacity), or some certain trailer type. Knowing all these details before you begin your hunt for a utility trailer may help save you lots of potential wasted time.

Other considerations contain braking and electrics. In case the trailer you would like to buy doesn't need brakes, your towing vehicle will have to take the extra weight but still brake safely and economically.

This is a quick listing of issues to consider regarding towing:

  • What vehicle will you be using?
  • What's the vehicle's towing capacity?
  • Does the vehicle have a hitch? (If not, you need to buy one that with a class that matches or exceeds your vehicle's towing capacity)
  • What's the elevation of the cost point?
  • Want needs to happen for braking, electrics and hydraulic mechanisms to work safely and efficiently?

Purchasing The Best Utility Trailer To Your Needs

Utility Trailer To Your Needs

The question is both personal and will differ from individual to individual. However, there are numerous considerations which may help you limit your choice.

For instance, what sort of equipment are you going to be towing? Can a open trailer work, or will you require using an entirely enclosed towing solution?

How thick will your ordinary tows be? If large, bulky equipment is being transported, you will clearly require a high power trailer and may even wish to think about a tandem axle, (however this can take you out from the domain of the utility trailer to something larger).

Will you want ramps to stock the equipment up? Maybe you want a hydraulic lift system that freight might be emptied?

If you select that an entirely enclosed trailer is demanded, could be your loading door large enough that you use?

The questions covered in the towing vehicle also come in to play will your chosen trailer require braking and electrics? What's the hitch size and general towing capacity?

You need to take a seat and make sure each one of these problems are definitely answered on your face, before you part with your funds. Just then do you want to have the ability to buy the best utility trailer for the needs.

What to look for when buying a utility trailer

Now it's time for you to check at the specific qualities you'll discover on a utility trailer, as well as the build quality you ought to plan for.

Let's have a closer look...

Build quality and the frame

Build quality and the frame

Paying more upfront to buy something which will satisfactorily meet your preferences is highly recommended. Wasting time on a cheap build option is only going to cause headaches later on.

The essential issue here may be the way and with what stuff the framework was constructed. Steel is actually the visit choice for the majority of manufacturers; it really is strong, lasting and economical.

However, there are three chief methods used to design the steel you will see in consumer tier usefulness trailers.

One of the most powerful types is box tube. It resists bending and bending much better than other types of steel shape and can be significantly more lasting as a outcome. Channel Iron and angle-iron steel shapes are also being used, but these are somewhat more inclined to flex under strain, which with time will weaken weld joints in addition to other stress points onto the frame.

The most important thing is to select the strongest steel frame utility trailer that your funding will allow. Study the reviews in addition to the tiny print on your own specifications to help determine this.

Length of the tongue

Length of the tongue

The tongue may be the region of the trailer which extends out of the carrying section towards the hitch of their tow vehicle.

It worth considering the tongue span of this trailer as this can impact on overall stability. A trailer with a tongue that is longer will be simpler to get a grip on via the towing vehicle; essentially the manoeuvrability is better and you will discover that it is a lot easier to reverse.

On a shorter tongue more of this weight is held on the ball and hitch (up to 15% of the trailer weight), this means a larger concentration of burden exerted on the rear of your car.

Axle configuration

We have already mentioned the dual axle build previously; this really is a worthy addition if large and heavy loads should be carried.

You should also keep an eye out to get an axle that's attached to a suspension method. All these are recommended within cheaper utility trailers where the axle is just welded into the frame.

The spindles must be well lubricated, and this is an area you will need to stay maintained during the life of the trailer.

Wheels & Tires

The brakes are an essential element which should not be dismissed. They should likewise equal the general capacity of the trailer. (You need to make certain that the tires and wheels have been rated at a combined capacity equal or even more compared to the GVWR of the trailer.)

The wheels should be hard-wearing, with thick side walls and plenty of tread.

Complete Fit and Finish

The overall fit and finish of this trailer will help lead you towards the quality throughout. Sloppy finishing touches like exposed sharp corners, lack-lustre paint work or components not fitting as closely as they need to is going to soon be enough to have the alarm bells ringing.

If the maker is not able to finish these problems poorly there is not much chance that overall quality is any benefit.

Best Utility Trailer Reviews

We've tried to own a broad approach in our selected utility trailers therefore that different demands are covered.

Once we've already mentioned, you should work within the constraints of one's own budget to choose and choose exactly the most perfect utility trailer that is most appropriate for your requirements.

Based on the above rating criteria, 5 of those very best utility trailers are identified and chosen for review.

 1. Ironton Heavy-Duty Trailer Kit - 5ft. x 8ft., 5.30-12in. Tires

Ironton Heavy-Duty Trailer Kit

Boasting a 1715 pound maximum payload and an ensuing 1980 pound maximum gross weight of the automobile, Ironton heavy-duty utility trailer significantly more than drags its own weight!

This 5ft by 8ft trailer is very designed to accommodate heavier freight and can be marginally wider in contrast to trailers.

It's built with exclusive fenders that protect your bag from rocks and debris and wide and large tires (12 inch) which boost its equilibrium on the road no matter their condition of this terrain. Moreover, it is fully built to perfectly meet your requirements.

How? To begin with , it includes axle kit, complete light collection seen as an wiring, a 2inch coupler, protective fenders , safety chains and also a tow bar all designed to safeguard you bag and smoothen your driving experience.

For anyone focused on road regulations and safety, you'll be very happy to remember that Ironton meets all DOT conditions and road specifications and will soon be up and running to a 45mph maximum rate right after assembly.

Pros of the ironton heavy-duty trailer kit - 5ft. X 8ft., 5.30-12in. Tires

  • Deck region that may be tailored to accommodate huge loads.
  • Meets DOT requirements and meets every road-ready specification.
  • Equipped with fenders for safeguarding the heaps contrary to debris and rock.
  • Accompanied by light kit and convenience chains which usually means it is possible to instantly be on transit.
  • Wiring harness and also 2. Inch coupler that link to a own car to make sure trailer safety while in transit.


  • Demands gathering

Bottom line

Hit the road with no worries concerning the safety or their condition of one's load together with the Ironton heavy duty utility trailer.

As soon as it's absolutely normal to worry about the quality, reliability and sometimes the safety of your trailer, this 5ft x 8 feet trailer leaves no rock unturned as it concerns guaranteeing quality and safety.

Fully equipped with most of the relevant components and minding a large and wide carrying capacity, it is the perfect match for all your transporting tasks. It meets allroad security requirements and can be DOT certified therefore that you can be sure you're striving for the perfect trailer.

 2. Yutrax TX158 Trail Warrior X2 ATV Utility Trailer - For Off-Road Use

Yutrax TX158 Trail Warrior X2 ATV Utility Trailer

Yutrax have now released a popular ATV utility trailer with an TX 158.

Let us take a good look at why...

For a beginning, the high-tech structure is distinguished with a durable framework produced from steel, strong wheel bearings and also above all adequately-sized floatation tires which aid the trailer's equilibrium even if it moves through rough and uneven terrain.

Another wonderful feature is that the tilting bed. This works to efficiently maximize unloading performance.

The generous measurements additionally help overall loading efficacy; the impressive 60 (l) x 3 1 (w) x 20(h) size that also comes with rails will have a wide variety of equipment.

The Yutrax Warrior utility trailer has a maximum carrying capacity of 1250 pounds that may be corrected owing to the removable rails and tailgate.

It comes equipped with two wheels and a single axle. Even the floatation tires have a dimension of 18 x 9 x 8 inches.

Pros of the Yutrax tx158 black/red trail warrior x2 atv utility trailer

  • Easy loading as inspired by its Removable tailgate and rails
  • Tilting mattress for dumping loads
  • heavy-duty Durable steel frame
  • Removable tailgate and railings
  • Flotation tires which enhance the stability of the Yutrax ATV trailer especially when on uneven or rough terrain


  • It requires assembly that requires up between 30 and 45 minutes of your time

Bottom line

If you're a camper and sometimes even a hunter, this could be the ideal fit for you personally. Its solid steel assemble, considerable carrying capacity and following rate provisions make this kind of amazing product worth checking out.

Moreover, for it to give you a continued long period of service, greasing its bearings on a frequent basis may be the only significant action you will have to try.

 3. The northern industrial utility trailer

The northern industrial utility trailer

Whatever private need that you have that will require hauling and secure movement, this utility record will surely help.

It's an excellent transport solution that's designed specifically for hauling dirt, machinery and even compost. Besides coming in with the full road-ready kit with fenders included, it's an instant to assemble type of equipment which needs no specific expertise.

It is characterized by means of a steel frame coated with red-powder which houses its own rear lights and orange-coloured unwanted markers.

With its fenders, you are sure of safety for your freight against both debris and stone.

More over, safety chains together with light seen as an wiring use link perfectly to your car ensuring the security of one's trailer on road notwithstanding if any weather conditions like rain or moment of this day like night time.

It's further promoted by the presence of signs (both turn and tail), safety chains, slippery springs, high-speed wheels and tires along with side running lights.


  • Easy assembly
  • Clear and concise guidelines
  • Adaptive
  • Pulls perfectly without swaying
  • comes equipped with high speed easy rolling wheels
  • Total wiring
  • Slippery springs which inspire a smooth ride


  • Its wheels and bearings assembly blankets for lengthy buffing and polishing.

Bottom line

Excessively convenient is your best method to introduce any trailer that has northern industrial utility trailer because its own name.

Besides offering a solution to your hauling anxieties, it is well-equipped with fenders to make sure the safety of one's bag.

Moreover, in the event that you are concerned with the ability throughout the course of your travel, then the springs and also high speed rolling wheels will immediately change your mindset.

In general, it is a fantastic little bit of transporting machines.

 4. North Star Trailer Sportstar I Utility Trailer Kit - 4ft. x 6ft.

North Star Trailer Sportstar I Utility Trailer Kit

When shopping for a utility trailer, small size might be among the matters that could immediately turn away your attention from the models out there.

Nonetheless, for North Star utility trailer, small size is not a drawback however a genuine advantage to its overall functionality.

This trailer doubles in as a typical ATV trailer and eases the transporting of long heaps. Besides its normal deck dimensions measuring 50 by 75 inches, this little trailer features a black powder-coat type of finish.

It is designed with ramps and characteristic lights for safety and hint.

Similar to a bunch of other utility trailers, it is designed with fenders that boost the security of one's load and keep it from getting damaged by debris and stones.

Moreover, additionally, it comes with an extra tire which for advantage is welded in the bottom to free up space because of its own jack and following gas may.

Pros of the north star trailer sportster, utility trailer kit - 4FT. X 6FT

  • Doubles as a trailer (ATV) and allows carrying of long loads
  • Built using fenders for load protection
  • Includes a spare tire located underneath the trailer


  • It has no rakes
  • Meeting is demanded

Bottom Line

Small is the newest large' and there is no greater way to show that than to own the Northstar utility trailer.

Despite many viewing its size as a draw back, it's been built to double as a typical ATV trailer and ease hauling of long heaps, a accomplishment that overshadows a lot of its lager counter parts.

If you're interested in a marginally smaller trailer that could absolutely help you execute your job, then do not hesitate to divert your funds and resources to this remarkable small-sized usefulness trailer.

 5. 1600al ATV Wagon Trailer

1600al ATV Wagon Trailer

If you're keen on the number of items hitting industry on a regular basis, you then know that most of these items seldom completely match all their said promises; but that isn't the event the 1600al ATV Wagon Trailer!

An item of Bosski, this saddle trailer is one of the best rated ATV utility trailers the market place has to offer you.

It comes equipped with an exclusive ram lift system (electric powered) that readily empties its contents off its 1.10 pounds load power provision.

These 2 noteworthy faculties are among the many important things which make it a top selling trailer.

Its bed is conveniently large and spacious with all measurements of 7 3(l) x45(w) x 12 (h) inches left from thick, heavy and durable materials.

This specific trailer features an overall total of 4 wheels and an resultant separate suspension all which combine to ensure it is a very handy and dependable machine.

It's further enriched by quite large (25 inch) tires which raise the firmness of this wagon even when it passes along rocky, rough and uneven terrains.

What's more, besides coming with exclusive thick axles that are designed to adapt and manage great and heavy loads, it is also built with distinctively designed wheels (electric) that provide a fantastic stopping power which will allow you've got full control when driving.

On arriving at your destination, only press a button located near your driver chair as a way to induce the ram lift platform and leave every thing to take its program.

Moreover, it is also essential to highlight that the 1600al ATV Wagon Trailer is composed of a useful light brake and tail kit.

Pros of the 1600al ATV Wagon Trailer

  • Designed with heavy duty axles that provide you with a 1100 lb carrying capacity.
  • Designed with electric brakes which boost safety and offer you full control especially at which force is very good.
  • Combined with a tail/brake light for security.
  • Made of durable and heavy material that boosts its own lifetime.
  • Exclusive ram lift system that eases the unloading of luggage.


  • Quite Expensive

Bottom line

Take whole control of your car or truck in addition to the saddle together with the only designed brakes (electric) that afford you with exceptional stopping power.

More over, facilitate your unloading job with the specialized ram lift system which allows you to unload your luggage and items by the simple pressing a button.

And even if you're concerned about the burden of your luggage, this trailer has got your back using its 1.10 lb carrying capacity. Therefore for anyone asking why they will need to buy this top-seller preview rather than every other, now you understand why!

Wrapping it Up

If the idea of buying a utility trailer for purpose of hauling and moving various items together your home, business or off road is ringing on mind, then you want to go for the most useful ones available.

With the market flocked with a wide-ranging collection of makes and models, it could be an intimidating task to single out a good trailer.

But with this particular review of the very best five available trailers on the industry and a set of considerations you need to take, should help lead you to the best fit for you.


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