Best Waterproof Backpacks

Tote bag that is dry or A waterproof backpack is an essential piece of gear for people that find their fun. Whether you own a rainy increase in to a area, or just need to take your lunch, camera, and also further gear with you while you wade a flow, a good pack is a necessary fishing tool.

There is a selection of waterproof backpacks on the market today, with quality and prices equally that run from high to low.

First thing you ought to know about before exploring this issue is fabric denier. This is a measure of material durability and strength that is universally used when assessing exterior cloth gear, and we post the denier rating. The next issue is degree of waterproofness. We used the simple rating as published by the Waterproof Store.

​9 Best Waterproof Backpacks​ - Reviews

You will realize that all fins and dry bags speed at a Class C -- waterproof so tight they either float or can handle quick submersions. With all these two pieces of info in your mind, let's good look at some of the best waterproof backpacks out there.

 1. Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack

Sea To Summit Hydraulic Dry Pack

Sea To Summit is fabled for serious outdoor gear, and the Hydraulic Dry Bundle is an expedition-grade waterproof backpack/haul sack. This package is available in 90, 65, 35, and sizes. After we got our hands to the 35-liter version, the very first thought was "That really is overkill for such a thing but Alaska bush plane trips."

This is true! This tote is outside tough and includes a detachable harness system for days when you have to drag up the pack a waterfall, throw it off the boat and float in with it, or toss it out from this plane to cut weight for a short-field landing.

Made from 600 denier TPU laminated high quality water proof fabric, this is one of those couple waterproof packs that is PVC-free. The roll-top closure is created from non-wicking fabric and it has a system that joins a fold-over and a zip lock. This works to create the bag fully waterproof under extreme states.

The pack is streamlined like bags that were true, however it can have a carry handle and unwanted loop attachment points. The use is designed for carrying real weight and will be padded with EVA foam reduction. While the 35 battery uses a webbing strap the bags arrive with a padded waist belt.

The thing about Sea To Summit packs is that that their aluminum buckles. Here is something that you do not see. If you need the best, there's absolutely not any question that this waterproof backpack is professional standard.


  • Expedition-grade caliber and focus on detail
  • Innovative closure system
  • Aluminum buckles
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Waist-belt may elongate when the package it hauled around
  • Price runs at the large range

 2. Sea To Summit Flow Drypack

Sea To Summit Flow Drypack

The Flow is 35-liter hiker-friendly Sea To Summit pack that's built with a number of the expedition top features of this Hydraulic.

The Flow is created from the exact same waterproof, abrasion resistant, and TPU laminated 420 denier nylon fabric that Sea To Summit uses for his or her Big River lineup of rafting dry bags, but it's got the functions necessary to encourage that the excursion or over night hiker.

The attention to detail on the stunt as well as its cousins the Rapid and Carve is impressive. The package features seam-sealed construction and a room using a white interior which makes it more easy to get things inside. An inside zippered extend pocket keeps small items dry, and an outside zippered pocket provides 2 liters of storage space.

The zipper quality appears good, however we note it's really a down-pull zipper which may come open beneath the rebounding forces put to a bunch when walking. The shoulder strap/waist belt process is quickdrying and made to carry serious weight in relaxation, and the waist buckle is removed when not being used. Integral water bladder storage is located behind the tap.

The exterior of the pack has a variety of loops and attachment points, and unwanted load-compression straps may be utilized to take items. The 7075-T6 anodized aluminum buckles are bomb proof and one of the nicest touches.

Really all about a lightweight, that is at under 3 pounds for a 35-liter waterproof package as it receives. There's not any question the ranks the most effective waterproof backpacks for the cost, and it would make a superb fishing backpack.


  • The expedition-grade caliber and attention to detail
  • Lots of helpful outside attachment points
  • The aluminium buckles
  • The lifetime warranty


  • The down-pull zipper
  • The price runs in the high variety

 3. OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Backpack

OverBoard Waterproof Pro-Sport Backpack

The over board Waterproof Pro-Sport Backpack is offered in 20- and - capacities. The 30-liter version is 19.5 by 13.5 by 6.5 inches in a square kind and weighs in at 3.4 pounds.

This is on the other hand for a small backpack, but might be explained by the use of 600 denier PVC-coated tarpaulin nylon at the structure.

The bag has a very sturdy rubbery texture for this, and with fully welded seams and also a roll-top seal that can be utilised at a side or top buckle manner, it will certainly provide Class C water security. The overall construction quality on this pack is very good considering the midrange prices. The tap system fortified with heavy-duty plastic and is ergonomically designed.

That's good overall, but we find that such reinforced straps may feel stiff and sometimes uncomfortable depending on the way they fit on particular human body styles. They are certainly strong, and the lower strap attachments on this package are. The use system features torso and waist straps together side several d rings for hanging gear on.

A mesh zippered front pocket with 2 extend mesh waterbottle pockets plus webbing offer outside storage. The over board is a well made waterproof backpack which offers a great feature set for a affordable price and a lot of storage.


  • Very Hard substance and also a quality build
  • Two option buckle closed system
  • Strong reinforcement on strap attachment points
  • Great cost


  • List Stiff straps may well not fit any customersElement
  • No Protracted guarantee

 4. Rockagator GEN3 RG-25 Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Rockagator GEN3 RG-25 Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Even the Rockagator RG25 is actually a challenging 40-liter backpack/dry bag made for wet misuse, however it includes more features compared to most technical waterproof packs.

The 600 denier waterproof nylon material is very strong; in fact it is like the material used to create heavyduty truck tarps, and all connection points onto the pack are reinforced with 1000 denier material.

Rockagator markets the back as quick submersion waterproof (Class 3). All seams are welded and recorded and the closure system can be really a dry bag style. The only weak point for full submersion will be leading pouch zipper, plus one slight criticism with this pack may be the absence of a rain-flap over that zipper, but users should know that only the major dry tote area of the pack gives full security. Pack so and your gear will probably be fine.

The Rockagator measures about 17 weighs 3 pounds, and when empty. The straps are rated into 20 kg, and there's really a top rated rubber-reinforced transport handle. You can find nylon loop attachment points on front and top of the tote, drings on the band, along with an exterior bungee for outside thing transport.

The interior comes with a removable notebook pouch, a zipper pocket for small items, and also an interior loop strip to secure what across both sides of the tote. The only real weak points we found on this package were the absence of a waist buckle and the questionable strength of this mesh material utilized for the medial side water bottle pockets. The Rockagator RG25 rankings as a top choice among waterproof backpacks.


  • Heavy PVC tarp fabric is super-tough
  • Complete dry bag closed system
  • Lots of attachment points
  • Broad, cushioned, ergonomically-shaped straps


  • No waist-belt means your shoulders take all of the weight
  • No rain-flap on the outside zipper
  • Negative pocket mesh is lightduty compared to the others of the pack

 5. BackSak Waterproof Backpack

BackSak Waterproof Backpack

Even the BackSak Waterproof Backpack fits the classic dry bag profile and is excellent for tasks which will involve more hours on water compared to land.

This 19 by 12 by 6 inch package gets got the triple-fold buckle-down top closure found on the dry bags applied by professional river rafters, also this Class 3-rated bag looks like it can keep wet daily with no leakage.

Choose it for biking, rafting, canyoneering, or trips that involve major river crossings. The 500 Denier PVC material comes with a tough, rubbery texture for this, and all shingles and attachment points have been welded and reinforced. The straps are cushioned and wide to provide comfort whilst hauling the bag's 35-liter loading capacity, and although it lacks a waist buckle, it does have a cushioned mesh back support panel along with torso strap.

The BackSak includes an outside zippered pocket in addition to an inside one within the waterproof main compartment. We did not care for the zippers used as they have they exceptionally fine teeth which tend to not survive long. That said zippers tend not to provide up to water tightness, so there's a tradeoff in this aspect.

Yet another thing experienced backpackers will find about the external zipper is it opens downward, making it vulnerable to yanking deep under the force of jolts and bounces on the road. All these are small information within an tote. Be aware that this bag has no external attachment points apart from D-rings on the closure straps.

As it makes the bag easy to stow under the seat of a canoe or airplane, for the intended use of this package, we enjoyed the slick form variable. Even the Backsak is a excellent alternative for heavy use that is on-water and it comes at a price point .


  • Material is strong and smooth
  • Easy-access dry-bag closure system
  • High-visibility colors
  • Sleek profile causes for easy stowage


  • No waist-belt restricts the weightbearing capacity
  • Downward-pulling outside zipper
  • Lower shoulder strap attachment points demand reinforcing

 6. Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Backpack

Phantom Aquatics Walrus 25 Backpack

Phantom Aquatics can be a wetsuit and dive accessory company that produces this entry waterproof backpack. It's a 25-liter tote that measures 18 x 11 x 2 inches and weighs in at 2.8 pounds.

We assume that the weight savings come from using a denier PVC fabric in the bathtub part of the pack, which might compromise durability with time.

However, the price level and standard form variable reveal package is intended for lighter-duty utilize as a waterresistant backback or gear bag instead of in extreme, professional-level software. We enjoyed the dual-closure roll-top system which includes the standard dry bag side straps and a top strap which produces an excellent grip manage. No outside pockets or other penetration points combined side pliers make sure that the bag will certainly meet the intended Class 3 rating.

The band are well-padded, and there's just a padded lumber support panel as well as a removable lightduty waist strap. A zig-zagbungy strand plus a large bit of webbing that runs over the cover of the tote to your Velcro attachment tip offer some options for outside carry of lighting items, and there's a big zippered internal pocket.

The rectangular type of this tote makes than what you find with the standard bag packs for easier access. In our view, this is what gives the Phantom Aquatics bag potential for a fishing bunch as boxes are of a similar shape.

The two negatives we found on this backpack are the significantly bulky outline which might not fit users, and possible problems with seam quality since the strengthening will not seem strong. That said, the Walrus will feature a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, and it's a lot of backpack for a bit of money.


  • Rectangular shape makes for easy loading and access
  • Well-padded shoulder straps with waist belt and chest strap


  • Potential weakness in the seams along with lower strap attachment points

 7. Vitchelo Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

Vitchelo Waterproof Dry Bag Backpack

This waterproof backpack has a dry bag design having a dual-lock roll closed system which seals well under immersion conditions.

Structure is 500-denier rubberized PVC tarpaulin fabric, also it seems very tough and durable to your touch. As always with this kind of backpack, the quality of the seam welding produces all of the difference, plus it looks pretty good on the Vitchelo Dry Bag Backpack.

The bag has a small 20 by 3 inch from 1 1 square profile that may make it easy to pack and store. The band are wide and shaped, and there is a webbing chest strap but overall quality here looks to become typical day pack level. You will find no pockets apart from the medial side water bottle holders, which are constructed of flimsy mesh.

There's a zig-zag bungee cord which could be acceptable for stuffing a jacket under. The backpack does come with a phone storage instance that is on a convenient detachable lanyard. Our general impression of this pack is that it will continue to work very well when employed as a basic dry bag, and it comes in a reasonable price, however the bag's capability to handle cross country transport and protracted abuse might be questionable.


  • Good price point
  • heavy duty material
  • The detachable phone pouch


  • no external pockets or attachment points
  • Bad mesh water bottle pockets

 8. Chaos Ready Kenai Waterproof Backpack

Chaos Ready Kenai Waterproof Backpack

The Chaos Ready Kenai waterproof backpack is actually a afternoon pack-sized tote that's offered by the end of the price range.

This bag is made from 500 denier PVC tarpaulin material, which makes it tough enough for everyone but the most extreme use whilst keeping a comfortable feel. The main storage compartment gives 100% percentage Class 3 water proofing, also has a capacity in a 12 by 24 inch form.

As with waterproof dry bag style packs, the correct closure is required to stop water permeation, and also the Chaos Ready Kenai employs the triple-fold over and buckle method that's been proven to work. Welded seams finish that the equation and add strength. Is that the absence of attachment points.

The pack gets got the mesh water bottle pockets and a leading pouch, but nothing besides that. We discovered that the band for somewhat narrow and the sections overly short. The pack doesn't have waist belt.

However, this pack's usage profile leans to the woods or the beach, and maybe not load carrying. In efficacy of the Kenai and consideration of the entire build quality, for all these purposes, we presume it offers the best value.


  • Material is enough demanding for a day pack
  • Full dry-bag closed system
  • Compact form factor advantageous to users


  • No waist-belt and thin straps
  • No outside attachment points
  • Velcro utilized front external pouch

 9. Phantom Aquatics Walrus Waterproof Dry Camping

Phantom Aquatics Walrus Waterproof Dry Camping

Do not let the name on this waterproof backpack fool you -- it is not by any way a swimming backpack. It is just a dry bag with shoulder straps and a luggage handle, and that plus the good deal is exactly that which we enjoyed about the tote.

Dirt cheap and dead simple, it's made with thick reinforcing stains in all attachment points and welded seams of 500 denier PVC material that feels bulletproof.

With a roll and buckle closed no pockets or zippers, there is absolutely no way for water to enter so this bag might hold up to lengthy submersion when closed precisely. This will be the bag you will need for storing that extra couple of waders or pair of warm clothing supporting the seat of your automobile or at the back of your vehicle.

Whenever you decide going to another hole that is really a bit further back from the 29, or only maintain the bag itself at the automobile for jarring assignments. It's also great for protecting your car seats out of gear on the way home. This watertight backpack is really cheap that it is easy to own a few on hand when needed so you can groom a buddy.

Because of its price and purpose, the downsides we see with this particular bunch are the powerful, weatherproof smell which is going to take a while to wear off, and the propensity to mildew if the tote dried correctly after use and isn't turned inside out. We recommend that every home have a couple of these bags for just about any unexpected emergency that is wet.


  • Very Straightforward
  • Very Affordable
  • Heavyduty substance
  • Carry as a bunch or a duffle


  • Smells such as rubberized along with your clothes will too
  • Easy to mildew


Hopefully you enjoyed this listing of waterproof backpacks. There truly is something for everyone that can be found on the market now, and also the materials that are new promise great durability along with waterproofing qualities. Now it's upto you while the consumer to rate needs and your situation and pick personally.


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