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​Earlier, there was no such rule regarding the baseball bat’s size and length. The players could use any kind of bat as per their convenience and comfort level. In 1963, after the set up of League specification, it permitted only round woods bat with a thickness of only 2.5 inches. However there was no such rule regarding the length of the bat. But now, the modern rules of the game have restricted the length of the baseball bat to 42 inches with diameter 2.75 inches.

​Moreover, the bat must be made of wood and no other material is permitted. Generally the bats made of ash tree are used in baseball. Most of the best woods bats of baseball are made of the ash tree, found in Pennsylvania and New York. Manufacturing a baseball bat requires a long process.

1. Marucci Chase Utley Cu26 Pro Maple Black

Marucci Chase Utley Cu26 Pro Maple Black

Marucci is one of the best baseball bat manufacturers from Louisiana. Since its establishment it has been able to win the heart of the many baseball players because of its dedication towards the quality of its products. This baseball bat from the brand Marucci is produced from maple wood. It is manufactured in order to meet all the needs a professional baseball player would require.

The player will be able to deliver different shots with this bat, irrespective of the situations. So this bat is for versatile players who love to hit. The 33 inches Marucci’s bat is for a big league player of baseball, it means it is made for adults. It is durable, with a thin handle, a traditional knob, with large barrel, made from good quality maple wood. But one defect is that its color goes off quickly. Otherwise it’s an awesome bat from Marucci.

So in short some features of this bat are:

  • This Marucci bat is for versatile players.
  • This maple wood bat has a thin handle and a large barrel which comes with a knob.
  • This bat is for Big League players.
  • The only defect is that its color part gets discolored easily.

2. 141 High Density Wood Baseball Bat

141 High Density Wood Baseball Bat

Phoenix is one of the oldest baseball bat manufacturer companies from Ohio. This bat from the brand Phoenix is suitable for big league players of baseball. This wood bat is well balanced and durable with good quality pop. Moreover this bat is easy to swing as its barrel is not too heavy. Light weight barrel of the bat makes it convenient for the players who want to deliver a good number of shots. The bat has good speed and control over the ball which makes the player comfortable with the bat. 

Features of this bat are:

  • It has a cupped barrel with diameter 21/2 inch.
  • Very well balanced bat.
  • Suitable for big league players.

3. Easton Mako Ash Po​​​​wer Brigade Wood Bat

Easton Mako Ash Po​​​​wer Brigade Wood Bat

Easton is another leading baseball bat manufacturer company of the world. It headquarters is in Thousand Oaks. The company is very much known for the dedication towards the quality of the products. This 32-inch long wood bat from Easton is very balanced and easy to handle as the grip of this bat is small. It has 3 drops and hence suitable for adults. It has a cupped end and gives good balance to the player. It is suitable for training as well as for baseball tournaments.

Some features of this bat are:

  • It is an Ash wood bat.
  • The barrel size of the bat is 21/2 inch.
  • The handle of this bat is small so comfortable to play with.
  • The bright orange color of the bat gives another plus point to the bat.
  • The only negative point is that the orange part of the bat gets easily discolored after hitting the ball.

4. Rawlings Youth Velo Ash -7.5

Rawlings Youth Velo Ash -7.5

Rawlings is one of the leading sports equipment manufacturing companies from the USA. The company is well known for its different innovative techniques which are implemented in its products. This wood bat from Rawlings is highly praised by its customers. This bat is suitable for tournaments and easy to swing. This well-balanced bat with thin Tac- grip, gives extra comfort to the hands of the players. This 34 inch long Rawlings bat very light and hence comfortable for kids who like to play in tournaments of baseball. The barrel size of this bat is 21/4 inches with handle 7/8 inch.

Some features of the bats are:

  • The length of this bat is 34 inches.
  • The barrel diameter is 21/4 inch.
  • The bat has ultra thin tac grip which gives extra comfort to the players.
  • This highly balanced, lightly weighted bat is very much suitable for swing
  • The only problem of it is that it sounds odd after coming in contact with the ball.
  • It sounded as if it is cracked. Otherwise it’s a great bat for kids.

5. Mizuno 2014 Classic Bamboo

Mizuno 2014 Classic Bamboo

​Mizuno Corporation is one of the famous baseball bat manufacturing companies of the world. This Japan-based company produces different equipment of sports like hockey, baseball and softball. The company was established in the year 1906. This classic Bamboo wood bat of baseball from the brand Mizuno comes with 90 days of warranty.

​The bat is exceptionally durable having an extra life span. This sanded handle bat with a beautiful grip is suitable for training. This BBCOR certified and 33-inch long bat is for adult. The size of the barrel is 2 5/8. It’s really an awesome product of Mizuno which is truly durable.The price of this bat is also reasonable.

​Features of this product are:

  • It is a highly durable bat.
  • The handle of this bat is sanded, which provides a better grip to the players.
  • The bat BBCOR certified which comes with 90 days of warranty.
  • The barrel diameter of it is 21/2 inch with 3 drops. And hence the bat will be suitable for the high school tournaments.
  • The only problem is that it seems heavier than other bats of baseball.

6. Marucci Youth Pro Model Jose Bautista Maple

Marucci Youth Pro Model Jose Bautista Maple

Marucci is world’s No. 1 baseball bat manufacturing company. It manufactures the bat for Big Leagues. The company is known for its quality products in the field of baseball bat production. This model of Marucci is made for professional big Leagues players. It is highly balanced with a broad and bulky handle and with a traditional barrel. The barrel size is 21/4 and hence can be used in any tournament. The bat comes in a variety of length ranging from 26 inches to 31 inches. This wood bat is handcrafted from Maple. An ideal bat for those players who want to swing in speed.

​Some features of the bat are:

  • The bat comes with a thick handle and a traditional sized barrel.
  • The size of the barrel is 21/4 and it has 3drops.
  • Since this is a well-balanced bat so very easy to swing it.

7. Rawlings Adirondack Natural Ash

Rawlings Adirondack Natural Ash

​This USA based company is well known in the field of sports equipment production. The company is specialized in baseball equipment. This Ash Wood Rawlings bat looks very stylish with a natural finish. This bat is specialized for adult and comes with a large barrel. The barrel size of this is larger than 2.5 inch and hence any shot can be delivered easily. This 31-inch long baseball bat is great for Adult or Big Leagues players. It has a laser engraved knob too which is comfortable for both men and women.

​In short the features of the bat are:

  • The bat comes with a large barrel.
  • There is a laser engraved knob in the handle of the bat.
  • It is made of Ash wood and suitable for professional leagues.
  • Both men and women can play with this bat.
  • The only problem is that the barrel end of it is not cupped but rounded.

8. Easton S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo

Easton S1 Hybrid Maple/Bamboo

​Easton is another very renowned sports equipment manufacturing companies from California. It has a long history regarding its involvement in manufacturing and designing sports equipment including hockey, softball and baseball. This S1 hybrid bat from Easton is made for professional leagues players. This is a bamboo bat having a maple barrel in it. The barrel size is small in the bat. This composite hybrid bat comes with 90 days of warranty on its handle. This bat is extremely durable because of its bamboo core and the thick coating. Moreover it is not too heavy and hence easy to handle. 

So features of the bat are:

  • This is a hybrid bat made of composite material of bamboo and maple wood.
  • This is a highly durable bat because its core is of bamboo while the barrel is of maple wood.
  • The barrel of this bat is cupped and hence it is a highly balanced bat.
  • The handle of the bat comes with 90 days of warranty.
  • It is a BBCOR certified bat and hence suitable for Big Leagues.
  • The only problem with the bat is that the handle of it has no grip so there is a possibility of it getting a slip from the hand.

9. Mizuno 2014 Bamboo Elite

Mizuno 2014 Bamboo Elite

​Mizuno is a Japanese company which manufactures sportswear as well as the sports equipments. The company is well known for its quality products. This elite baseball bat is a product of both bamboo and glass fiber materials and hence the bat gives exceptional durability.

Some features of this bat are:

  • This composite bat is manufactured from the composite material of bamboo and glass fiber.
  • The barrel of this baseball bat is made of bamboo and the size of the barrel is 25/8.
  • One of the main features of this bat is its sanded handle which gives the player a nice and controlled grip over the bat.
  • Another specialty of this bat is that it gives a warranty period of 120 days with it.
  • This Mizuno bat is BBCOR certified and hence can be used in Big Leagues.
  • This 35 inches long bat is for women and is a highly balanced bat.

10. Rawlings Sporting Goods Adirondack Maple Wood Bat

Rawlings Sporting Goods Adirondack Maple Wood Bat

​Rawlings is a famous company of the USA which manufactures sports goods. Since its inception, the company has been producing different sports equipments of good quality. Their products are known for many innovative technologies they implement in their products. This baseball bat of Rawlings is manufactured from performance grade Maple wood known for durability and good performance.

Some features of this bat are:

  • The price of this bat is very reasonable.
  • It is a product of performance-grade maple wood which gives extended life span to the bat.
  • It has a glossy finish on the barrel with a natural handle.
  • The barrel size of the bat is medium with a handle of 1-inch diameter. So it has a good speed and swing as well. This bat is very comfortable for doing practice.
  • This bat is furnace dried for extreme moisture absorption
  • The barrel of this bat is cupped.

​So these are the specifications of some wooden baseball bats. These bats are highly appreciated by the customers and very popular among the baseball players. Almost all the brands are very popular all around the world.

Buying Guide For Baseball Bats And Other Considerations:

​Now a day many rules have been made regarding the bat size, bat length and bat material of baseball. Different leagues allow different bats made of different materials. If some leagues allow wooden bat while some other allow only aluminum or composite materials bat. Apart from the materials, now a day the designs of the baseball bat also matter for the players. The bats of the baseball may be of one piece or two pieces. The one piece bat may be of wood, aluminum or composite materials. These bats are very strong and rigid. However these bats are not for all.

On the other hand, the two pieces bats are made of two different pieces. Here the handle and the barrel of the bat are two different pieces which are joined together to produce the bat. These bats are more flexible and hence easy to swing.

​So the choice of the bats may differ from player to player. It is believed that some hitters including the contact hitter of baseball are benefited from the one piece bat while some other players or hitters are benefited from the two pieces bat. So it depends on the personality as well as the playing style of the player.​

Apart from these, there are also wood bats, Composite bats, Aluminum bats and Hybrid bats.

  • Wood bats: Earlier, there were no such options like composite or alloy bats except the wooden bats. But now a day different bats of different materials are available in the market. Wood bats are suitable for the beginners. Though these bats are less forgiving i.e, easily broken sometime, yet for training, wood bats are the best. Moreover one can jump from wood to composite or aluminum bat easily but it’s very difficult for a player to jump from alloy to wood bats.
  • ​Composite bats: Composite bats are made of fibers which are sometime evenly distributed in order to make a well-balanced bat and some time end loaded which means the weight is put in the end of the barrel. The composite bats are extremely durable and light in weight. So these bats are very comfortable for those who like to hit the ball. These bats are highly balanced and can absorb more vibrations so the hitter feels less vibration in his hands. These bats also provide good speed. But composite bats are expensive than any other bats of baseball. Moreover to composite bats need break in before playing with it in any real match.​
  • Aluminum Bats: Aluminum bats are also known as alloy bats. These bats do not need any break in. These are not so expensive and any one can afford these bats. Moreover the bats are durable, and these bats can be used even after getting damaged.​
  • ​Hybrid bats: There are also bats known as Hybrid bats. These bats are made of two materials. The handles of these bats are of composite material while the barrel is of aluminum or alloy. These bats give less vibration to the hands and because of the alloy barrel, these give a good performance.​

​So among these bats the type of bat suitable for a particular player depends on the hitting style of the player. Some bats are good for contact hitter while other type is better for a power hitter. So a player should choose his type of bat accordingly.​

Buying A Baseball Bat For A Kid:

Buying a baseball bat for a kid depends on different factors. It depends on the height, weight and most importantly the comfort level of the child. First of all any child with a height 3 feet to 3.4-inch height can use a 26-inch baseball bat easily. Then with every 4-5 inch increase in height, we may add one inch to the length of that particular bat. So in this way a perfect sized bat can be bought for a child.

Second way to buy a perfect sized bat for a child is to measure the length of the bat with the height of the child. In order to find out, first we need to stand the child with the bat placing it straightly near the child. If the knob of the baseball bat reaches the hip position of the child, then that baseball bat is perfect for that child.

Buying A Baseball Bat For A Youth:

Though different leagues have different rules regarding the length, weight and material of the baseball bat, yet in order to practice at least a player should know the perfect sized bat for him. There are three different methods to find out the right sized bat for a player. One method to find out the right sized bat for a baseball player is by keeping the bat parallel at the centre of his chest towards the finger tips when he stands straight with his arms stretched out. If in this position, the player can easily touch the end of the barrel with his hand, then any bat of that size is perfect for that player.

So in this way a right size bat can be found out for a player. Apart from these methods, there are many Chart guides available in the market which can be used to find out the perfect sized bat for a particular player.


​​So from the reviews of the wooden baseball bats given above it can be said that these all bats are from different world class brand of baseball bat companies. Different customers have different experiences with these bats. If some customers have good experiences with a particular brand then that same brand may not be found good by some other customers or players of baseball. So it is not so easy to find out the best baseball brand among these above-mentioned brands of bat.

​​However after going through all the specifications and pros and cons of these bats, it can be concluded that, Mizuno 2014 Bamboo Elite Wood Baseball Bat is the best baseball bats among these bats. This baseball bat is a product of the composite material of fiber and bamboo. So this bat is more durable than other bats. Moreover this bat offers a warranty of 120 days. Generally wood bats do not come with any warranty period. So this warranty period gives extra life span to the bat.


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