Best Hybrid Bikes To Buy In 2017-2018

    Best Hybrid Bikes 2018

    ​Wondering what to look for when buying best hybrid bikes? People may not focus on some of the few basic things that make the hybrid bikes so special for most of the cycling enthusiast and users. Hybrid bikes are the latest examples of the traditionally styled bicycle having all the features of a mountain bike so that you stay easy, your back stays upright and you will be able to roam around on any kind of ground or terrains.


    Top 10 Best Sellers The Best Hybrid Bike 2017

    To know this unique kind of bikes, you should be going through its features in details. It would let you understand how the perfect blend of features of mountain bikes and traditional bikes have benefitted the users so far.

    For your convenience, here are some basic yet very important facts you should know about the best hybrid bikes:​

    #1. ​New Montague Urban Folding 700c Pavement - Best Hybrid Bikes Under $1000


    ​For people having a height around 5.11 to 6.4 ft. this hybrid bike works best to provide an easy cycling experience with a little effort on it. The bike is designed in a way that is perfect to keep your back straight while riding on it and makes sure your legs are comfortably placed to give maximum power with least effort at your end. Due to the design and the features, the cycle can take you anywhere on any kind roads or trails where a traditional bike might pose you to a number of bumps, this one takes it easy and moves stable.

    The bike comes folded and you need to assemble it. The front fending bar is also not attached and you need to work it out on your own. You may also take it to a bicycle shop to get it fixed properly. After some tweaks and settings, the bike would not be an issue to handle. The stand over height is about 29”. The bicycle frame size is 21 in with a 700c wheel size to give you a speed around 21. The folding time for the bike is just 20 sec so you are going to have a super easy super-fast bike that is easy to handle without any hassle.​


    • Well-designed and easy to ride on.
    • Works perfectly on any kind of road or trails.
    • Easy folding.
    • Perfect for people having the height around 5.11 to 6.4 ft.


    • Need a little support from bicycle shop to assemble and tweak for the first time only.
    • No sufficient warranty.

    #2. Tommaso La Forma Lightweight Aluminum Hybrid Bike


    Tommaso La Forma bicycle is an excellent example of sturdy and lightweight bikes that offers a durable frame made of aluminum which is light in weight and added durability to the structure of the bike. In addition to it, the fork is made of HCT carbon materials that assure an added shock absorbing and dampening quality so that the rider will stay easy and will not have to bear with all the bumpy bumps on the road or uneven trails.

    ​For easy traction and ride, the tires are made to provide a wide surface on which the cycle stay easy and support a stable ride. The frame is well suited for a wide range of fenders and racks so you don’t have to worry about its design at all.

    As a hybrid bike, this one offers an easy bike structure while a perfect mountain bike gearing system is there having a Shimano Acera 3X9 group set that works with 11/32 T cassette with the crankset of 48,36 and 26T. This group set offers a fully customizable gear set for easy transition during the ride and for handling all kinds of roads without getting tired.

    The gears are easy and shift properly with no extra efforts. This quick and easy shifting of the gear makes it easy for the rider to handle the speed on the road while riding.

    The cycle comes with a design that matches a perfect traditional bike while incorporating some of the best features of a mountain bike where the front handle is straight giving the shoulders a balanced support and keeps the back easy and straight while the gears allow easy transition of the speed on varying road conditions.Though the bike is perfectly designed, you should only assembly it by a professional to ensure safety and durability of the bicycle.​


    • Perfect design and easy handling.
    • Has 9 speed at rear derailleur and 3 speeds in front derailleur giving a total of 27 speeds.
    • It comes with a lifetime warranty on frame.
    • Tires are 700X 32 C.
    • The stand over height ranges from 670 – 820 mm depending on the size selected from extra small to extra-large whichever suits you.


    • You may not be able to assemble it on your own, rather you need a professional assembly for your own safety and your bike as well.

    #3. Diamondback Trace Street Hybrid Bike - 2016 Performance Exclusive​


    Diamondback Trace street hybrid bicycle is a structure you can trust for effect steering and durable finish that will make your cycling fun even more exciting. Due to its unique structure built of aluminum, and the fork using steel, it offers an easy handling of any kind of uneven trails. Due to the fact, it is a hybrid bike, you can experience the form and structure of a traditional bike whereas the overall features and comfort match the highest quality of a mountain bike so you get the best from both types.

    The specialty lies in using the Tektro Aries disc brakes that brake in on 160mm rotors and not the rim which is a feature you may find in mountain bikes ensuring high-end brake power. This hybrid bike comes with a Shimano drivetrain with 21 speed and easy fire shifting elements which are capable of shifting cable tension in combination with the Altus derailleur at the rear end. The tires are dual sports 700cc which provide excellent traction and smooth rolling on any surface.

    The whole structure makes it easy to ride the bike on any kind of path and keep the bike going smoothly with easy gear transitions.​


    • The bike is made of aluminum frame and steel fork for a durable structure and safe use.
    • It is light in weight so maneuvering would not be a hassle.
    • There are 21-speed options so you can easily transit your bike while you are on any kind of uneven surface.
    • Tracks well on uneven surfaces without giving your enough stress.

    ​#4. Giordano G7 Men's Hybrid Bike - Best Hybrid Bikes Under $500


    Giordano Men’s hybrid bike is another high-quality hybrid bike that incorporates the best features from mountain bike formation as well as from the traditional bike accent. It gives a durable structure that makes use of an aluminum frame supplemented with a 50mm alloy crown fork to form a durable suspension for an easy ride.

    Another features that allows more comfort and ease of use is its adjustable riser stem to make sure you can adjust the height for your own custom use. There are 21-speed options backed by Shimano shifter and derailing system.


    • The bike comes with an adjustable stem rise for custom height adjustment of the rider that ensures ease of use and custom setup for a straight back and shoulder positioning.
    • The bike is durable and still light in weight and can give you a long lasting performance without any issues.
    • The tires track well on any kind of ground so you don’t need to worry about the trails you are driving on.


    • The assembly instructions are not there and you need to consult an expert for that.

    ​#5. Kent Avondale Men's Hybrid Bicycle with Sure Stop Brakes


    ​This Kent Avondale hybrid bike comes with a 6061 aluminum frame forming a durable and well-formed structure to support the rider like a sturdy rise and gives enough strength to resist bumps and shocks. Overall designs work best to support the body posture in a comfortable manner. In addition to the design, the features also reflect a high-end functionality format including the sure stop brakes that feature One Lever anti-lock braking system for safe and quick brakes.

    The rear derailleur is made up of Shimano Tourney with 7-speed options and the Shimano shifter consists of RevoShift that makes the transition between gears easy and smooth so that you don’t have to worry about getting into troubles.The bike is super easy to ride on and will let you ride on it easily while posing no issues and is comfortable.​


    • The structure is well-designed to provide maximum ease for the riders.
    • It di sturdy and durable when assembled carefully.


    • The parts may come off easily if not properly assembled and may get loosened.

    ​#6. Schwinn Men's Network 3.0 - Best Hybrid Bikes For Men


    Schwinn Men’s Network come with the most advanced hybrid features to make sure you get the speed of the traditional road bike while you may also experience the bump-free experience as you get it while riding on a mountain bike. The bike comes with a suspension fork that gives an added advantage for the rider to stay safe when riding on an uneven road.

    There is 21 speed rear derailleur paired expertly with EZ fire shifters to enable the rider shift through the gear plate when riding on the bike with no resistance at all.The alloy rims make the bike lightweight without compromising on its sturdiness and durability. The suspension seat is padded enough to give comfort and style just like it is on a mountain bike. To assure the back and the shoulders of the rider stay in their best position, the handlebar is designed perfectly so that the rider may not bend forward.​


    • Good looking and well-designed to give a decent look of the mountain bike.
    • Gives perfect support to the back and the shoulders through swept back handlebars.
    • The gear transition is easy and allows to enjoy the 21 speeds while riding on any kind of roads.
    • Lightweight and durable.
    • 700c tires give enough support and easy tracking on the road.


    • May seem a bit flimsy and sometimes not so tough for heavy or tall users.

    ​#7. Schwinn Discover Women's - Best Hybrid Bikes Under $300


    ​For women, it's best to ride on an easy going and comfortable bike to make sure they stay safe all the way on the road from any issues that are there. This Schwinn hybrid bike for women comes with the easy gear change, smooth drive, and well-designed structure that allows the rider to stay in the best posture to avoid extra fatigue and pressure on the shoulder and back muscles. The suspension fork and the swept back handlebar with an upright positioning gives enough support to the shoulders and keep the back straight and allows the rider to ride easily as if sitting comfortably on a seat.

    It is made up of the Aluminum frame that gives a lightweight feel and is sturdy enough to support you in any condition on the road. The suspension fork and the alloy crank gives the best comfort without giving the rider any bumpy feel no matter how rough the road is. It has 21-speed options and SRAM shifters with rear Shimano derailleur.

    The alloy pull brakes and gear carrier makes it easier for the rider to control the speed and apply the brakes without extra power. The padded saddle and upright handlebar give a comfortable positioning for better and longer fatigue free ride.​


    • The cycle is well-structured with the best mountain bike features paired with the traditional bike qualities.
    • It provides the rider a smooth feel no matter how much pebbles are there on the road.
    • It also offers a fatigue-free ride with the help of the perfectly positioned handlebars and the comfortable seat.
    • Gives enough speed to commute anywhere you need.
    • The 700c tires offer a stable ride and easy tracking.


    • May need a little help after some time and it may show some issues with the assembly and fix the parts together.

    ​#8. Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Women's - Best Value Hybrid Bike


    ​To make sure you have a sturdy bike that will support your body like a traditional bike while utilizing the features of a mountain bike with perfect gearing system and suspension features, you need to know more about the Diamondback hybrid bike. It has a well-designed and durable structure with an upright positioning to keep the body comfortable and relaxed.

    The comfort suspension allows riding on rough roads and tracks. The steel made handlebar gives strength to the front part for better handling with the DB Kraton made grips for perfect absorption of the bumps so that your body stay safe from getting bumps and shocks.

    The 21 gearing and speed options let the rider decide the speed easily. Additionally, the double tunnel aluminum structure works perfectly to keep the bike stable on the road and a wide range of pavements. Further, Kenda Tires works perfectly on uneven roads.​


    • Stable and durable structure with all the useful features of a mountain bike to make sure you stay confident when riding on it.
    • Keeps the bumps and shocks away from having enough suspension to take care of it.
    • It tracks well on any kind of pavement and bumpy roads.
    • The speed options are acquired easily with a quick and smooth selection of the gears.

    ​#9. Northwoods Springdale Women's 21 - Speed Hybrid Bicycle - Best Hybrid Bikes Under $200


    ​For comfort and style, Northwoods offer a perfectly designed hybrid bike with 21-speed options and easy to handle structure for better and comfortable commuting. The bike offers an easy going structure that comes with an upright design keeping the rider easy and reduces the fatigue factor.

    Along with the 700c tires, the lightweight and sturdy aluminum frame give a durable structure that keeps you going for as long as you need. The Shimano Tourney derailleur paired with 32-speed options works great to ride on it smoothly and handle uneven roads easily with a controlled speed.

    In addition to that, the perfectly designed alloy rims make it feel sturdy yet light in weight. The liners pull brakes work perfectly for better control over the speed and the bike on the road.​


    • Perfectly designed with a sturdy lightweight structure so that you can ride on it confidently and easily.
    • The speed control and brakes are well under control so you can transit easily.
    • It tracks well on any kind of roads and surfaces.

    ​#10. Schwinn Capitol Women's - Budget Hybrid Bike


    ​For women, it is better to have a step thru structure on the bike as it offers more ease and more convenience to get on it. The aluminum frame offers durability and keeps the bile light weight for better handling.

    In addition to that, the Shimano EZ fire shifter with 21-speed options and real derailleur for each, quick and precise gear selection works perfectly for a smooth speed handling on any kind of road. The brakes are made of allow materials and provide a strong yet easy stopping and braking system for better control over the bike movements.

    The alloy rims also give the most durable structure without increasing the weight and keep it easy for the rider to handle the bike and the well-structured upright positioning of the handlebars and the seat make it sure that the rider will stay easy and comfortable.


    • Easy and comfortable in use while having a durable structure.
    • Keeps the rider ready to transition the speeds easily.
    • It is perfectly designed for lesser fatigue and higher performance and speed.

    ​Best Hybrid Bikes Buying Guide

    There are many aspects of a bike that needs to be focused on when you are selecting a hybrid a city bike. Definitely when you are opting to invest in a hybrid bike you surely have a little extra needs to fulfill through this bike that ordinary bikes are unable to do so. You may have to commute to your office daily or to your college or workplace. You may have to ride on your bike while on a bumpy or uneven road and a traditional bike may give you lots of shocks on your muscles so you need to have a more comfortable and easy going bike that offers enough speed and comfort at the same time.

    In such a situation, you need to make sure that you have a hybrid bike that is capable of keeping you safe and easy going while on the road as you have expected.

    ​Here Are A Few Things You Have To Answer Yourself Before Going To Buy A Hybrid Bike:

    ​What is your budget?

    Which size do you need?

    How much speed do you need?

    What kind of road or pathways that come in your way on a regular basis?

    Why you need a hybrid back rather than a mountain bike or traditional road bike?

    ​Things To Look For On Your Hybrid Bike

    Things to look for on your hybrid bike

    ​After you have decided on the basic things and have made your mind for buying a hybrid bike, you may look into the various features that you may get in the hybrid bikes. So make sure to have a list of them that you need or at least keep the difference in mind to compare the available products better.

    The materials and frame structure

    The handlebars and seat positioning

    Brakes, derailleurs, and gears

    The shifter performance

    ​Front Suspension

    The tires

    The presence of the fenders

    Assembly time and needs

    ​Final Words

    ​Regardless of the fact that there are numerous styles and types of best hybrid bikes that are available on the market, when you need to find the best one for your own use, you may find the best of the best and for this you need to go into the detailed version of the features, the sizing the various functional aspects of the bikes you love the most and then choose the one that is perfectly good for your use.

    You may consider the style, the tracking and braking power, the gear handling and the body comfort while riding on the bike. But when you compare you should only focus the quality of the bike along with its features that you are looking for. Lightweight bikes with suspension feature and easy as well as precise gear handling are always good and safe.​

    We have made an effort here to put forth a list of 10 of the best hybrid bikes you can find on the market so that you may save your time while still finding the most appropriate bike for you. in these 10, each of them are carefully analyzed and offer a good set of features that are considered great in hybrid bikes. Though we can say that Schwinn hybrid bikes for men and women and diamond back hybrid bikes are good for many reasons in providing comfort and control to the rider and tracks well on a wide range of roads. New Montague Urban Folding 700c Pavement Hybrid Bike is a great one but has a higher price tag. So it could be a good fit if you have more money to invest in your hybrid bike needs.

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