Briggs & Riley Baseline Roller Board Review

​The very first thing we would like to say is that the Briggs & Riley Baseline is a truly premium-quality product. And that’s only putting it mildly.

It actually comes with a very long list of features, but we will only be going into some of the most important ones below, which, we think, would be enough for you to figure out whether it’s worth the price for you.

Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable

​No, that’s not exaggerating it in the slightest. It’s indeed very likely to last a lifetime, and that’s what you would even find the customers saying in their reviews.

It’s very strong and tough. Yet, it’s so lightweight that it would simply blow you away. Briggs and Riley is known to offer a level of durability that’s second to none, and the Baseline is far from an exception.

A particular customer mentioned how they tend to be very rough on it by dragging it down full flights on stairs, and it still holds up well. It’s also worth noting that they have used it for flying around 400k (miles) international already, meaning that it had no problem handling everything they threw at it.

Finally, it’s worth noting that the manufacturer is quite confident about their product’s durability, too, which reflects in the fact that they are offering a lifetime warranty.

​Very Spacious and Easy to Pack

Briggs & Riley Baseline Domestic Expandable Carry-On 22"

We know you would expect a roller board so expensive to come with a huge amount of storage. However, it would still exceed your expectations, as it’s probably nothing like what you have ever seen before.

It comes with a ratchet system that you can use for storing some clothes and a lot of other small stuff without actually using much space at all. That, coupled with its flat interior box, means that you can store a lot more in this roller board than most other considerably larger ones.

Similarly, it comes with an extremely well thought-out design, that simply translates to more functionality for you, including being able to pack surprisingly easily and quickly. Furthermore, the suiter even does a great job of preventing the clothes you store in it from wrinkling, so that’s definitely something that you save you quite a bit of money or time on ironing your clothes over time.

​Customer Reviews

​Now, we would like to basically talk about two types of reviews that most customers have left on this product. First, the customers who absolutely love it have left detailed reviews about how they like every single thing about this beast, ranging from the storage to the super strong construction to the great functionality.

However, the other type of reviews are from those customers who do love everything about the product, except one thing – the size mismatch.

Some mention in their reviews that it actually measures more than what is stated by the seller (22 x 14 x 9 inches), and this results in running into problems with some particular airlines, especially international ones.

However, another customer mentioned that they have used it on many international travels and haven’t come across any such problem. So perhaps it eventually boils down to what airlines you tend to use most of the time.

​The Final Takeaway

If you can just put in a little effort into making sure that the product’s size would be fine with the airlines you usually use, and are willing to pay more for something that meets your serious travel needs, then the Briggs & Riley Baseline can turn out to be an absolutely amazing buy for you.

After all, it’s better to spend more on an expensive, quality roller board than finding yourself with a broken handle in the middle of the night in an unknown city.


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