Best Crossbow Fishing Kit – Bowfishing With A Crossbow

If I could select only one cross bow fishing apparel right now, I'd get
Parker STINGRAY OPEN SIGHT kit. This all-purpose kit provides all of the necessary qualities you'll need.

Every thing out of a top quality reel and also a mount to 25 metres of 200-pound line, crossbow fishing arrow and a number of different accessories. The combination of this price and quality makes it the most best crossbow fishing kit which I tried in 2019.

Crossbow Fishing Kit

Crossbow fishing is growing hugely popular nowadays. Deciding the right one out of so many crossbow fishing kits may frequently make difference between a grab and a miss. If you love fishing and shooting a crossbow appears to be an enjoyable activity for your requirements.

Crossbow fishing may be the greatest fun you had in a number of years. I really have a blast every time I go fishing together with it. I needed to help you build or find the very best one from crossbow fishing kit we analyzed. Once you reel in a number of first shots, then I am positive you are likely to love it.

If you just happen to already have a crossbow, then you're already one step closer to crossbow fishing. So as to get the best kit possible, you will need:

  • A fantastic bowfishing reel,
  • A crossbow bracket,
  • and special fishing arrows, designed to easier penetrate water.

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The Best Crossbow Fishing Kit For 201​9

Crossbow Fishing Kit

With the activity still on the rise, a crossbow fishing kit can be tough to see if you do not know where to check. I shall demonstrate some great parts of equipment that'll contribute to a fantastic crossbow fishing kit. If you are just beginning, I'd counsel you to acquire an entire crossbow fishing apparel if you're able to.

Many folks even choose DIY solutions and attach a classic fishing encounter to a crossbow. However, bowfishing needs a substantially heavier, thicker line therefore proper bowfishing reel is likely to create a huge difference with your bowfishing kit. In my own reviews below, you'll have the ability to find both individual items for the best crossbow fishing kit and the comprehensive kit too.

 1. AMSBowfishing M109 Sleek-X Machined Crossbow Mount

AMSBowfishing M109 Sleek-X Machined Crossbow Mount

Imagine how ridiculous do you feel if you bought a crossbow fishing face and a crossbow but then realized you also need a mount to connect the two. Actually, this happens more often than you'd think, particularly with the uninformed beginners.

The safest bet is to get yourself a universal mount just like the AMS M109 Sleek-X version. This cross bow fishing bracket fits most popular models and is compatible with any AMS crossbow fishing reel available on the industry.

This 3-piece mounting system by AMS will suit you perfectly, whether you're left or right handed. It weighs 3.2 ounces and its dimensions are 14.8" x 5.2" x22". This really is exactly what you need in the event you already have a crossbow and a reel and would like to start shooting as quickly as possible.


  • Universal for hands
  • Fits with all AMS reels
  • Simple and rugged design


  • Doesn't match all crossbows

 2. AMS Bowfishing 610 Retriever – Crossbow Fishing Kit Reel

AMS Bowfishing 610 Retriever

Even though this mythical retriever from AMS is intended for bowfishing, with an excellent mount it will make an excellent addition to your crossbow fishing apparel. It has a neat telescopic clamp for easier adjustment and a built in crossbow fishing arrow holder.

The Retriever 610 is just a fast and simple to use a version that provides zero drag, enabling much deeper shots. It provides amazing lineup controller and also a quick reel, without the need to publish the bond or press on the button before shooting.

This reel includes an extended grip providing you with greater torque and allows 27 inches online recovery per its revolution. Its UV rated, the unbreakable bottle holds 25 yards of high quality 200 pounds orange Dacron line as it pertains with AMS trigger shield preventing the line to grab on the cause.

This remarkable reel may take you a couple of minutes to master and it will provide you a lot of fun together with your kit.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to utilize
  • 35 years of reputation
  • Great for all


  • Not suitable for professionals

 3. AMS Tournament Retriever Pro Crossbow Fishing Reel

AMS Tournament Retriever Pro Crossbow Fishing Reel

Next on the list is another incredible bit of crossbow fishing equipment by AMS. Originally a bowfishing reel, even Tournament Retriever Guru is one of the best professional reels you can get for the crossbow.

This Tournament series model comes with an improved, exceptionally quick "4.3 to at least one" gear ratio, along with a lengthy handle for greater torque and leverage. This crossbow fishing reel also comes with a unbreakable bottle with 25 yards of "Hi-Vis" yellow Dacron line.

The reel comes with the documentation and mounting hardware, so you will not waste time gathering this piece of crossbow fishing equipment. Its lightning speed causes it to be one of the greatest choices among professional crossbow sailors, it even has a 4.9-star rating on Amazon to prove that.

AMS is a company that's been making amazing fishing equipment for 35 year and this reel is among the very best services and products.


  • 4.9 evaluation on Amazon
  • Lightning fast
  • Extended handle


  • Should have an arrow break

 4. AMS Bowfishing Crossbow Carp Kit

AMS Bowfishing Crossbow Carp Kit

This crossbow fishing apparel might be the most suitable choice for you if you previously own a crossbow. Via a company that makes awesome crossbow fishing equipment, it is possible to be sure this kit will not let you.

AMS crossbow kit comprises Sleek-X crossbow mount, 610 Retriever Pro with 25" yards of 200-pound lineup and three AX 503 crossbow bolts with Chaos points. Additionally you receive an AMS bowfishing DVD with tons of exciting crossbow fishing action.

When it comes to the bracket and also the reel, you could already good they have been in the preceding reviews. With three extra crossbow bolts included, the purchase price of this kit is a steal in the event you already have a crossbow at disposal.

Just like all of these additional services and products, AMS provides you with free delivery with this particular 3 in 1 kit too.


  • Top Quality items
  • Extra DVD
  • Affordable cost
  • Suitable for most crossbows


  • Mount a bit overly flexible

 5. Parker STINGRAY OPEN SIGHT crossbow fishing kit

Parker STINGRAY OPEN SIGHT crossbow fishing kit

Now let's imagine that you're a beginner who does not possess some bits for a crossbow fishing kit. You only want to get a nice and trustworthy kit and start shooting fish whenever possible.

In this case, Parker STINGRAY OPEN SIGHT must be the number1 choice for the crossbow fishing needs. This one-piece kit involves a Parker StingRay crossbow with open sight, AMS Bowfishing Reel, 25 metres of 200 pounds braided Dacron line and 1 bowfishing arrow with a Muzzy Gator Getter point.

Additionally, it offers a few neat accessories like mounting hardware, two AMS safety slip kits. By having this kit you will most likely create for your subsequent crossbow fishing experience. The sting ray crossbow has a flexible limb weight range between 100 to 125 lbs.

It has a 10.5" power stroke with Auto-engage safety and anti dry-fire system. The crossbow is 23" wide from axle to axle and it weighs seven 1/2 pounds.

The cost for this particular kit is very good when you consider just how much all of the individual bits would cost, specially when you yourself have in mind the way great every bit of equipment is. I whole heartedly recommend this to anybody that wishes to enjoy this exciting and growing sport.


  • All-in-one bundle
  • High Quality Cross-bow
  • Plenty of accessories


  • Right Hand just reel

What Crossbows Can You Use for Crossbow Fishing

Generally speaking, any decent crossbow is going to do if you have proper crossbow fishing equipment available. Crossbows usually are much slower compared to bows. However, they compensate this using their shooting ability, letting you choose bigger prey.

This also depends on a lot in your own equipment. A distinctive crossbow fishing bolt attaches into a solid line and allows you to catch big fish at close variety. The rule of the thumb is, the stronger the crossbow, the bigger the fish. However, the remaining part of the apparel plays a huge part and the best crossbow fishing kit will allow you to capture fish too big as rays or bees.

Crossbow fishing kit can be considered a source of fun, food, as well as income. Therefore it is imperative that you're happy with your own acquisition. Take my advice and assess closely when buying one, at times it's even better to bring an extra buck to get all you can need.

Feel free to reread my reviews whenever you want them. I am positive you will pick the best crossbow fishing kit for your self.


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