Daiwa Lexa 300-Series Baitcasting Reels

Daiwa's 300 Series Lexa baitcasting reels are lightweight powerhouses that unite low size, powerful carbon and folding fiber drags which will prevent the tough runs of the majority of coastal game fish within their own tracks.

Special Features: Daiwa Lexa 300

Holding 240 metres of 40-pound Samurai braid with a 22-pound maximum drag, Daiwa's six fresh Lexa 300-series bait casting reels are made for strong traces and enormous fish. Whether a favorite match is stripers, bluefish, steelhead, tarpon, drum, salmon, or muskie, you name it and whether you're using big swim baits, then doing some precision apartments projecting or for almost every other inshore salt water activities

Lexa 300 sized slots may handle all of it with the complete selection of high ability and higher speed regain ratios. Frequent features on most Lexa 300s incorporate a totally new mold design that fits on your handle comfortably; an oversize "Swept Manage" using weight-reducing cut-outs which usually do not impact its general strength or grip; a aluminum frame and side dish (on the side); a "Ultimate Tournament Carbon Drag" (UTD) which will be dialed down to a maximum of 22 pounds; a seven-bearing support platform for optimum durability and durability; a Magforce throw controller to permit anglers to dial in just the correct quantity of immunity to minimize any undesired "bird's nests"; yet an unlimited anti-reverse for favorable lockups; and also a brilliant light weight, added powerful A7075 aluminum spool.

Daiwa Lexa 300

Other Exceptional Features

Other exceptional features available on the Lexa 300s consist of additional line convenience of thicker evaluation braided lines which may weather the runs of both stronger and more potent fish along with also an oversize counter balanced Power Manage 300 Hyper Rate models.

Daiwa's Exclusive CRBB bearings are specially treated metal and continue around 12 times more than conventional metal bearings at a sterile salt water environment. They're sealed to safeguard dirt, fine grained, salt as well as different abrasives.

Ordinary "rust resistant" bearings are usually ready to accept salt water and self explanatory, which can very quickly undermine their functionality. Daiwa's exclusive "Swept Manage" moves the paddles nearer into the pole's center line. The outcome is not as wobble of this pole and reel on your hand since you twist, which translates into less wasted energy and also a far more powerful recover. The complex carbon substances of Daiwa's six-piece UTD (supreme championship haul) ensure smooth, fade-free quitting capacity to restrain hardrunning fish. 

Each of Lexa 300 baitcasters have aluminum spools which can be "braid ready", with a through-spool tie-off to protect against the braided line out of "spinning" round the spool and then losing grip. No more mono backing material is necessary under the braid. You're able to tie directly direct to the spool without any the worries.

The very low profile design and lesser thumb remainder offers anglers a much better grasp to the reel and also greater "palming" relaxation throughout retrieves.

Daiwa's brand new Lexa 300 Series baitcasters are extended in a halfdozen diverse models that increases likelihood there was just one outthere who "your own" name about it, adding a trio of all "lefties" from the mixture. Listed below is a brief overview of each


7.1:1 gear ratio; 32.4 feet retrieve per turn; Power Handle; 11.3-oz; right-hand.


7.1:1 gear ratio; 32.4 feet retrieve per turn; Power Handle; 110.9oz; left-hand.


7.1:1 gear ratio; 32.4 feet retrieve per turn; paddle handle; 10.5-oz; right-hand.


6.3:1 gear ratio; 28.8 feet retrieve per turn; paddle handle; 10.5-oz; right-hand.


All Daiwa Lexa 300 could be spooled along with your selection of 240 metres of 12-pound mono; 190 metres of 14-pound mono; 120 metres of 20-pound mono; 240 metres of 40-pound Super braid; or 180 metres of 55-pound superb braid. The road price for all these Brand new Lexa 300s is $199.95 plus so they can be obtained throughout the local tackle shop ​or by an assortment of stores that are online.

If You like the Task along with Control of battling with a sizable aquatic game fish with a bait casting reel just like that I really do, Then among these brilliant Lexa 300s might be precisely what you're searching for to enhance Your own rod-bending time onto the water.


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