Best Paintball Markers – Dangerous Power G5 Review

​The Dangerous Power brand is one which boasts on several years of experience in building the best paintball markers of immaculate craftsmanship and design. These paintball markers made by Dangerous Power come at an extremely reasonable price as well. The Dangerous Power G5 is a beautifully crafted paintball gun, which is simplified by precise engineering. Walking into a play field with a Dangerous Power G5 is sure to turn heads in your direction and give you the upper hand in your game play.

​Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker
  • Low profile clamping feed neck which is redesigned
  • Programming capabilities
  • Power button
  • Stealth profiles
  • Wave Trigger
  • Stinger Frame which is low-pressure and Unibody
  • Subsonic Bolt Engine
  • Riptide Regulator
  • Eye cover
  • 13” barrel
  • 4mm/493.4mm long
  • 8 pounds with battery
  • 290fps
Dangerous Power G5 Paintball gun


  • The Riptide Regulator is of a unique premium design while keeping the inside components compact and light.
  • The Riptide Regulator is also very durable and can sustain several years
  • The Riptide Regulator is engineered using premium technology and has only a 7 stationary O-ring build
  • The Dangerous Power G5 has a Unibody frame
  • The frame is made of milled aluminium and has a hose-free design reinforced into it
  • The technology that goes into the manufacture of the best paintball markers bears the unique stamp of authenticity by Dangerous Power
  • The clamping feed neck is unique to the Dangerous Power guns. It is also mastered in the Dangerous Power G5
  • The cushioned level lock is reinvented in the Dangerous Power G5 and helps in reducing major wear and tear
  • The subsonic bolt engine of the Dangerous Power G5 is built for high performance and efficiency
  • The bold and back cap components ensure a fluid motion with 200psi
  • The patented Dump Valve by Dangerous Power is well designed by the anti-bolt stick motion
  • The wave trigger of the Dangerous Power G5 is manufactured with bearings and motion for pivoting
  • There is a compression spring that helps the break away magnet to help with superior performance
  • There is provision for fine-tuning the trigger sensitivity on an adjustment plate which is 3-axis
  • The adjustable plate allows for extremely comfortable playing along with high performances
  • There are 5 different programmable modes on the Dangerous Power G5. They are tournament, semi-automatic, automatic, ramp and fire
Dangerous Power G5 Paintball Marker


  • Even though the Dangerous Power G5 is not very heavy there are several components and features that are not suitable for a beginner to play with
  • The Dangerous Power G5 needs to be maintained regularly by lubricating the bolts to avoid any sticking

Easy to Use

​The Dangerous Power G5 are the very the best paintball markers for medium and advanced players. Dangerous Power also makes the best paintball markers for beginners.  Therefore their G5 is designed to perfection as well. The Dangerous Power G5 has high firing rates and can shoot up to 20 paintballs every second. The maintenance of the Dangerous Power G5 is very easy but needs to be done ritualistically.


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