Dye Proto Rail MaXXed Paintball Guns Review

​The DYE brand is one of the best paintball brands there is. The DYE brand created another brand called Proto, which specialise in producing paintball guns that are less expensive. The Dye Proto Rail is as great as the original DYE paintball guns such as the DM8. The entire packaging and design of the Dye Proto Rail is impeccable as are all the DYE branded paintball guns.

​Proto Rail MaXXed Paintball Gun
  • The sleek black design stands out in the Dye Proto Rail
  • A single piece construction
  • Anodized and light weight
  • 18 balls per second shots
  • Durable
  • Composite 4S frame
  • LED status markers
  • 6-micron mirror finish to boom stick barrels
  • Eye pipe wiped clean by the top of the O-ring every time a cycle is fired
  • Shim stack is found to be quicker in its response and reacts quick to pressure differences
Dye Proto Rail MaXXed Paintball Guns


  • Every element of design and engineering put into the Dye Proto Rail is perfection to a T
  • Being a master of building beginner guns, the Dye Proto Rail is by far one of the best guns made for new players
  • Being able to shoot 18 balls per second is a cool feature that many medium and advanced players would like
  • The ability to control the gun easily without having to worry about difficult toggles and switches makes it a reliable gun for WoodsBall or even SpeedBall
  • The velocity with which every shot is fired is consistent
  • The parts of the Dye Proto Rail are durable and this marker is a good investment for serious players
  • There are LED indicators on the gun to show you the status of the Dye Proto Rail
  • The eye pipe system helps shield the system from any dirt or broken paint
  • The low pressure fuse bolt system works at 140psi for optimal use
  • The consistent accuracy, little recoil and the smooth cycle is what makes the Dye Proto Rail stand out amongst the other paintball guns available
  • Comes with an excellent type of battery


  • Other batteries and parts cannot be used with the Dye Proto Rail
  • The gun is known to gas hog and a bigger tank will be suitable for interested players

Easy to Use

​Once the hoses and barrel are fit to the gun it’s very easy to use the Dye Proto Rail.  A few dry rounds might need to be shot through to release some gas and grease the gun before use. The paintball gun is effective and accurate in its use. The consistency of the shots is also something that can be admired about this gun. The velocity being consistent is a good thing as this can help in avoiding any penalties. The Dye Proto Rail is fast to use and accurate even after years of use. The Dye Proto Rail is as good as the older guns. The Dye Proto Rail is recommended for anyone who is willing to venture out as beginners. Advanced players also like this marker as it is not expensive and can work as a good backup gun.


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