Empire Paintball Axe Marker Review

​It does not matter what  level of skill you possess, the Empire Axe is definitely a gun for you. Every player who has played paintball before look for certain features in his or her gun. The Empire Axe is a paintball marker that has reliability, power and is extremely effective as well. Empire is a popular paintball brand that manufactures paintball markers according to the expectations of the players. Any professional paintball player in the world has an Empire gun in their artillery.  A reputation of trust and effectiveness precedes the Empire Axe.

​Empire Paintball Empire Axe Marker, (Dust Black)
  • Relay ASA
  • 12 inch Aluminium Barrel
  • Magnetic Bearing Trigger
  • Integrated break beam
  • Low velocity firing
  • No tools required for cleaning
  • Lever action Empire Axe
  • Push button for bolt removal
  • Extended Grip Frame
  • 4 Firing Modes
  • Custom Slip Stream Solenoid
  • Break beam
Empire Paintball Axe Marker


  • Sleek and beautiful body design without any external projections
  • The Empire Axe is known for its smooth and accurate firing
  • The ability to use the extended grip on the frame enables the smooth and accurate use of the Empire Axe
  • The aluminium barrel ensures durability and light weight
  • The light weight of the barrel ensures that the gun can be moved with ease while moving around the field
  • The magnet bearing makes sure that the trigger returns to its original position for the next fire
  • The firing modes with the Empire Axe are PSP Ramp, Millennium Ramp, Semi and NXL
  • Integrated break beam ensures that the paintballs don’t get chopped off
  • Low pressure fire to ensure durability of the marker
  • The trigger works very smoothly and fires shots at unbelievable speeds
  • The Empire Axe is intended for use by both beginner and advanced players as it is not difficult to handle at all
  • The different firing modes ensure that depending on the kind of field you are playing in, you can alter your Empire Axe to adapt
  • There are several upgrades available for this marker that can be purchased separately


  • There are not loads of features available on the Empire Axe. However, for the price that it sells at and the value you get for it, it is definitely worth investing in
  • The edges around the front grip are not smoothed out
  • There is a screw that comes into the trigger guard which can cause a small injury if not handled with gloves

Easy to Use

​The Empire Axe is very easy to use and is apt for different skill levels. Be it a beginner or an advanced senior, the Empire Axe is a marker that they will feel comfortable with instantly. The price of the Empire Axe is also not as high as many of the high-end markers that are available in the market. It is a low cost, highly durable, incredibly accurate marker for WoodsBall and RecreationalBall. Maintaining the Empire Axe is done in a snap. To be able to remove the bolt on this marker is as simple as pushing a button.  The Relay ASA makes sure the airflow is initiated smoothly and the bottle is removed effortlessly.


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