Empire Paintball Mini GS Review

Empire Mini GS is known as the trend maker in the world of paintballing. They are making a solid mark for themselves in the production of legendary paintball markers. The Empire Mini manufacturers took the model and improvised into a better and versatile marker and called it the Empire Paintball Mini GS. The Empire Paintball Mini is known for its conquest in the battlefield. The Empire Paintball Mini GS comes with a better fore grip for better comfort while conquering. In all honesty, the Empire Paintball Mini GS is one gun that you are going to find is very quiet unlike any other.

​Empire Mini GS Paintball Gun - Dust Black
  • Poppet Engine that is pressure controlled
  • Break mean anti-chop eyes integrated
  • Multiple firing modes
  • Increased Grip and wrap-around fore grip
  • Drop-in Redline OLED Boards accepted by fore grip
  • On/Off featured Venting ASA regulator
  • Micro-honed aluminium barrel
  • Hose less design
  • Clamping feed neck
  • Weighs 2 pounds


  • The superior performance and strength of the Empire Paintball Mini GS is attributed to its ASA and fore grip
  • Removal of the tank is easy with the On/Off button
  • There are no retreat issues with the removal of the tank because of the on/off ASA feature
  • The new design has a Redline OLED board drop-in without need for switching the fore-grip
  • There is no kick when using this marker
  • There are LED indicators on the board of the marker
  • The Empire Paintball Mini GS is very light and well balanced to be used by beginners and advanced players
  • The Empire Paintball Mini GS is bound to crush opponents on the field with its accuracy and strength
  • The price is less and the value for money in this marker is truly astounding
  • The Empire Paintball Mini GS also has the anti-chop integrated into it, to avoid paintballs being chopped inside the barrel
  • This gun is a good combination of the Empire Paintball Mini and the Empire Paintball Vanquish
  • Only 2 Allen keys are required to fit this marker together and strip it down
  • Different kinds of firing modes for different field kinds. These firing modes are semi, psp, ramp and full auto


  • 2 hex wrenches are needed for the screwing and unscrewing of all the screws
  • HPA might leak but can be avoided with proper maintenance

​Easy to Use

​Once you try the Empire Paintball Mini GS you will be able to vouch for its performance as one of the super guns. The Empire Paintball Mini is a favourite amongst many and the Empire Paintball Mini GS is a perfected version of it. The Empire Paintball Mini GS fits the hands of anyone who uses it.  The rubber grips are very comfortable to hold and use when you are running around the field. The sounds that emit from the Empire Paintball Mini GS are pleasing and different from the usual cracking sounds.  It takes all of 10 minutes to set up the Empire Paintball Mini GS and set the LED indicators to your desired settings. This is a gun that is sure to stun the opponent teams on your field with its performance.


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