Squirrel Hunting Tips: How To Kill Squirrels

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People intend to kill squirrels for two particular reasons. Because of how small these squirrels are, and how abundant and commonly found they are in and around the woods, and near hunter’s back yards, they are often a popular target among hunters.

For homes which are near the woods, squirrels have the tendency to invade these homes in search of food or places to hide, and are therefore considered as pests, therefore their presence is one which is unwanted. For both reasons, people are always interested and curious as to how do you kill squirrels, mess-free, efficiently, and effectively.

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Hunting Lessons

​As with other animals, if you have decided to hunt squirrels, you have to fully acquaint yourself with the basics of hunting first. While it may take time, having a thorough knowledge of hunting techniques, and the behavior of the animals you wish to hunt would allow for a more worthwhile hunting experience.

Behaviour of squirrels is something which is tricky and difficult to predict, and one also has to know the times of the day at which a lot of them would normally appear. Enrolling yourself in a school for hunting gives you the opportunity to learn about all these things and much more.

Knowledge of Regulations

​It’s the duty and responsibility of each and every state to take care of its environment and wildlife. In line with this, there are several regulations which have been set by local governments regarding the preservation of wildlife. While hunting is permitted by authorities, how much you can kill and hunt per day is limited, and this depends on the state you are in. Bag limits in Missouri are set at ten squirrels per day, while in New York, it is set at just six. As a hunter, it is your duty and responsibility to be wary of the Bag Limits set per state.

Hunting Weapons of Your Choice

​As hunters, you have up to four weapons of choice.

  • Air Rifles

​An effective hunter knows for sure that noise tends to startle whatever animal you wish to hunt. Those who wish to have higher chances of getting to kill more squirrels must use a weapon which is effective and silent. Air Rifles do the job. They are only very cheap. At just $50.00, you can avail of a .177 daisy pellet rifle. Determining the type of pellet rifle would also take time, as there are differences between the penetration and expansion of the pellets.

  • ​Arrow and Bow

​Just like Air Rifles, using Bows and Arrows are effective due to how silent they are. Furthermore, they are efficient because they are reusable, and can be reused simply by pulling the arrow out of the body of the squirrel, making sure that it is kept intact. The tips can also be re-sharpened after every few uses, to make sure that it is sharp enough to still hit. You also have a variety of arrows you can use, such as Re-curve, Straight limb, and Compound Bows. Uses of which, depend on your own skills, and personal preference.

  • Shotgun

​These are the type of ammo you need to choose should you wish to have a spread which is broader. While it may require you to get closer to the group of squirrels than would a .22, the recommended shotgun is at a 28” or 30” barrel length. If you decide to use the Shotgun, accuracy should be ensured, as the loud noise reduces your chances of getting more squirrels due to the noise which would startle the squirrels within the vicinity.

  • .22 caliber firearm

​The .22 Calibre is the most popular choice among hunters. The reason for this is because its small bullet size helps to preserve much of the meat in the squirrel. As with other firearms and weapons, the effective and efficient use of the .22 Calibre firearm takes the time to learn. Its ability to auto-load also allows for easier follow-up shots, should the targeted squirrel still be alive upon initial shooting.

​In a number of states, it’s illegal to kill squirrels other than for hunting reasons. There are no products in the market specifically designed and marketed to kill squirrels. They, however, are a rampant problem in a lot of homes, as they tend to invade attics and take food supply from people who live in them. One can also use rat killers to terminate squirrels. However, it would be difficult to actually trick the squirrel into consuming them.

To Kill Squirrels as Home Pests, You Will need:



​Of all the methods, Antifreeze, or Ethylene Glycol is the easiest and most popular. The reason for this is because it is readily available and is readily found in homes with vehicles. Antifreeze also has a sweet taste which squirrels are attracted to, and therefore it would not be a difficult job at all to have then drink up antifreeze.

Steps on How to Kill Squirrels

#Step 1: Equip Yourself with Proper Knowledge

​By proper knowledge, one has to acquaint his or herself with the basic rules and regulations the local government has when it comes to hunting. Whether or not you have been hunting for a long time, you have to make sure to properly observe what is asked of you to comply with as a hunter.

#Step 2: Avail of the Weapon of Choice

Once you already know the basics there are to hunting, the next thing you have to do is to avail of the weapon of your choice in killing squirrels. This can depend on your personal preference, whichever you find convenient, and of course, your allocated budget for the said hunting venture.

In the case of killing squirrels at home, position the antifreeze where the squirrels are known to hide, like the attic.

#Step 3: Go to Places known for having Squirrels

If you believe you are ready to begin hunting, then you may now go to places known for having a lot of squirrels. In some instances, you need not go far from the comfort of your own home. Squirrels are known to stay in forests and areas where seeds and trees are abundant.

The following video shows you more methods on how to kill squirrels:

Other Concerns

If you want to kill squirrels because they are already invading your home, you might as well try taking the necessary measures to repel them instead of directly killing them. You can also opt to use squirrel traps, eventually returning them to the woods once they get caught.

Remember that cleaning up dead bodies of squirrels in the attic or in the vicinity of your home can be a gruesome thing to do. Try driving them away or repelling them first before deciding to kill them. Furthermore, killing squirrels is a crime in other states, so you have to be more careful of this thing.


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