Most Accurate Paintball Gun [2019]

​Beginners who have just started paintballing realise that finding the most accurate paintball gun is a challenge. The list of factors that come into play while choosing the most accurate paintball gun can overwhelm a beginner. Here are some helpful tips that you can consider using when you look for the perfect gun for you. These tips can also help you if you already have a marker and you are looking to make it a lot more accurate than it already is.  Remember that, to be able to upgrade or customize your existing marker, you will probably need to have a marker that allows for customizations and upgrades.

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Re-evaluate Your Shooting Accuracy

Remember that you can have the most accurate paintball gun there is and still have trouble. Your skill needs to be evaluated in such circumstances. Being able to shoot accurately is not something that can be mastered in just one time of playing paintball. Give yourself some time and sufficient practice.

When you talk about accuracy and paintball, you have to understand a few things. To be accurate, you are going to need to hit your target with just one shot from wherever you are set. Improve your aim by practicing several times and getting used to the marker. Understand your gun properly so that you know exactly where your aim should originate. While the most accurate paintball gun might be necessary; there are also certain positions that have an advantage when you are on the field.

  • Prone Position

​One of the best positions to be able to shoot accurately from, is this position. This is a position that many beginners should learn to adopt as it not only hides you from your opponents but gives you enough of breathing space to concentrate and get your shots right. The best way to master a prone is to lie down completely on the ground and prop your elbows up. This position will also help you shoot accurately because your gun is stable in one position.

  • Standing

​This is a position that you can take up if you are feeling a little more confident after you have used your gun for sometime. While the prone is the best position to start with, you are going to need to stand at some point to move around. The standing position is also essential if you want to shoot targets that are far away.  When standing, making sure that your body is well hidden from the opposing teammates. When you stand you don’t have the advantage of setting your marker down for accuracy, therefore, use your body. Make sure your legs are bent and your feet a spread to balance the weight of your body along with the gun.

Choosing The Most Accurate Paintball Gun

The Most Accurate Paintball Gun

Now that we have covered the position that will help you gain advantage over your gun, you are certainly going to need the most accurate paintball gun for your mastered skills. When choosing the best paintball marker for your skills make sure you pick the ones that have more features and uses futuristic innovations in their design. You can also choose a customizable marker and make it the most accurate paintball marker for your skill. Some of these markers are expensive but completely worth the cost.

Here is a list for you to choose the most accurate paintball gun for you:

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​Make Your Existing Marker Work Like The Most Accurate Paintball Gun Ever

best paintball barrel

​There are few things you can do to better your accuracy. First you will need a customizable marker if you don’t have one. This is also what you should do if you do not want to invest in an expensive marker or if you already have a customizable marker, which has been working well for you.

Barrel Upgrades

The type of barrel that you have with your gun plays a very important role in the accuracy of the marker. You can choose to upgrade the existing barrel on your marker by choosing to buy a barrel alone and fitting it onto your marker. The pre-installed barrels might disperse excessive air than is required, which can interfere with the accuracy. Also, the length of the barrel can interfere with the accuracy of the shots. Players usually think that if the barrel is long then the shots will be accurate. This is a wrong notion because the most accurate paintball markers have small barrels that shoot accurately. A new barrel built for precision will be able to fix that.


Maintaining your marker properly will make it work effectively. If you think your accuracy has changed over a span of a few weeks, it is possibly because the marker is not oiled properly. All parts of the marker have to lubricated even if it is the best paintball marker in the world. Without proper maintenance you are sure to have issues with not just accuracy but a whole range of other problems.

Battery Life

​Sometimes you might not even be aware that your battery has started to lose its life. This can cause the maker to slow its velocity and this drop the accuracy of the paintballs. Quickly making sure that the batteries have been changed will fix the problem.

Get A High-Flow Regulator

​When you get a high-flow regulator you can turn your ordinary marker into a super marker. It does wonders to the performance of your marker as well as shoot extremely accurate shots. If a player says that he has the most accurate paintball gun, it is probably because of the regulator he has.

In Conclusion

​Your overall skill is what is important to determine if you have the accuracy. You might have the most accurate paintball gun but if you do not watch your position, and skill, you might not get your accuracy right.


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