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I've tried a lot of models, but if I had been buying a set for somebody right now, I would most definitely go with CORRAL Men's Pirarucu Fish Cowboy Boot. This western appearing version is handcrafted with the finest cognac colored pirarucu skin with a number of the most useful Texan craftsmen. It includes the exceptionally comfortable square toe soles and striking shaft pattern, offering excellent durability, comfort and looks at the same time.

If you are interested in luxury and unique boots which will stand out in any audience than pirarucu boots are the just the right thing for you. Lurking in the heavy waters of Amazon river, pirarucu may be the biggest fish in South America. Due to its size, durability and great looks, pirarucu skin is wonderful for various clothing items.

Pirarucu leather boots are among the very best looking and most luxurious cowboy boots as a result of this distinctive scales composing of just two layers. The delicate inner layer offers comfort and absorption, even while the armor-like outer coating contributes to durability and durability.

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Top 5 Best Pirarucu Boots Reviews ​

Pirarucu Boots

However, pirarucu boots may reach high prices, so it's crucial that you understand what exactly are you really currently paying for. I have made a decision to review and decide to try several models as a way to think of an exclusive collection of most useful pirarucu boots.

I have taken as many things as I could in to consideration, including the standard and the direction that they're made together with, relaxation, design and the cost. Therefore before you go and invest your hard-won money, you will know exactly what are you really paying and when it's well worth it.

 1. Boulet Men's Pirarucu Fish Western Boot

Boulet Men's Pirarucu Fish Western Boot

Regardless of what you have in your attire, great pirarucu leather boots would always turn heads that the maximum, and also in a fantastic way ofcourse.

These stunningly appearing cowboy boots out of Boulet are made out of 100% genuine pirarucu leather. Attractive, three piece vamp was handcrafted from the top-quality pirarucu skin.

Fashionable black pirarucu skin with colorful, faded green rectangle provides these boots vibrant, yet elegant look.

The popular stockman or walking heel provide more stability and relaxation to your every measure. Carefully double-stitched Goodyear welt and leather outsoles help for this too.

These Boulet boots come with black leather pulls well as two additional finger holes on all sides of the boot, so which bring about their visual appearance. This square foot Cable model includes free shipping and is shipped by a dependable Amazon provider.

 2. Boulet Women’s Pirarucu Leather Boot

Boulet Women’s Pirarucu Leather Boot

I didn't forget cowgirls either, that could possibly find yourself a excellent couple of pirarucu leather boots by exactly the same seller.

Even though look is quite like the price is precisely the same just like the men's version, there are always a few noteworthy differences, aside from the size.

Handcrafted with high quality pirarucu skin, the most genuine leather outsole is in conventional cowboy or cowgirl brownish and it also comes with a stockman form of heels.

One of the gaps is that the faded seal magenta shaft on these women's pirarucu boots has no finger holes however only pulls.

These colors and also the fashionable pattern will easily fit in perfectly with a great pair of underwear. Double stitched Goodyear welt and leather bottoms will ensure that cowgirls secure both design and comfort.

Women's models come with square foot design plus it's really available with free shipping from a dependable provider too.

 3. CORRAL Men's Pirarucu Fish Cowboy Boot

CORRAL Men's Pirarucu Fish Cowboy Boot

Corral is possibly the very best manufacturer to attend when it comes to more traditional looking pirarucu cowboy boots. They specialized in making a blend of nice exotic leathers and traditional western designs.

These top notch pirarucu boots are handcrafted with the finest skins and leather by some of their most proficient craftsmen from Mexico.

The classic cowboy design will come in three attractive colors, chocolate, classic saddle and black, matching amazingly with both jeans and suits.

The extremely comfortable leather soles on these boots are double stitched and come with the stockman heel.

Moving up, the rotating features trendy western layout, achieved with unique easy sewing. If you want great quality exotic boots which still don't stand out too much, subsequently Corral is probably the brand to visit for many of you cowboys on the market.

 4. Men’s Chocolate Brooks Lucchese Pirarucu Boots

Men’s Chocolate Brooks Lucchese Pirarucu Boots

Aside from the other company which makes top quality traditional boots out of exotic skins, these Lucchese pirarucu boots are among their finest pieces.

These Brooks cowboy boots are traditionally handmade with a striking dark brown pirarucu skin. This material is extremely durable and comfortable at the identical time.

It's worth noting they are handmade in Texas, the state that's synonymous with cowboys and their own boots.

Their comfortable leather sole is stitched and also will come with cushioned insoles for additional comfort. The soles have a wonderful little symbol on the other side plus they have stockman heels along with square foot design.

The shaft comes in somewhat lighter brown leather plus it's patterned using a detailed western stitch pattern, designed for turning heads. If you like athletic suit or jeans with them, Lucchese pirarucu boots will force you to look both stylish and bad ass.

 5. Men’s Cognac Murphy Lucchese Pirarucu Boots

Men’s Cognac Murphy Lucchese Pirarucu Boots

It had been hard to select the favorite on account of every one of those wonderful models, but if you'd like the best combination of price and quality then those Lucchese pirarucu boots are the ones for you personally.

These trendy western boots arrive with the best exotic cognac color pirarucu fish V Amp, making a perfect combination of style and tradition.

Handmade by the ideal Texan Builders, those Murphy Lucchese pirarucu boots also have dual stitched leather soles with cushioned insoles.

Thanks to this, you get maximum comfort with every cowboy measure you require. The square toe soles also arrive with the logo on the bottom and stockman heel for stability.

Darker brown beam comes with a sensational stitch layout, traditional to this Texas cowboy boots. The shaft also includes a leather pull each side for easier wear.

With the purchase price that you pay for all these boots, you will get a durable, attractive pair which will last you for years with appropriate care. Out of all the pirarucu boots I have tried, this pair looks and feels that the best.

How To Take Proper Care For Pirarucu Boots?

Pirarucu boots are known as very springy, but appropriate care will significantly extend the life of this luxurious product. Cleaning and employing a conditioner are obligatory for every kind of leather shoes, especially for such exotic kinds. Here are the measures that you should take to properly care for your pirarucu cowboy boots:

  • Sterile dust and dirt with a damp cloth. Make certain you wash underneath the scales. A great deal of dust can collect there and damage the leather. After completing, run down the scales the grain with a light cloth.
  • Apply a thin layer of quality, water-based conditioner.
  • Polish skin together with fitting the color or neutral polish and then coating it with a stain and water shield if needed.

Where to Find Pirarucu Boots for Sale?

Pirarucu leather boots are quite rare and not that easy to find a high-quality pirarucu boots for sale. It is possible to look up these boots at local shoe stores, however a number of them will already ask them to.

The ideal place to receive boots manufactured from the Amazon forest's fish skin is Amazon onlinestore. There exists a wonderful selection of pirarucu leather boots plus you also can assess the adventures of others receive a return if not pleased with your own.

In my frank opinion, you can not go wrong with any of these pirarucu boots out of the list. It all boils down to a preference, although I would suggest the #1 model. You also have all the info you need to simply take appropriate care of these therefore I trust you can relish the pirarucu boots you decide on for years to come!


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