Pirarucu Fish Facts

Also known because the Arapaima, the Pirarucu is amongst the largest, although not the greatest, freshwater fish on earth. It's native to the Amazonian rainforest and it lurks in its river, lakes, and swamps. In these states, mature Pirarucu fish may reach up to 3m long and may weigh over 200kg.

This interesting looking fish is torpedo-shaped from the profile, with the long and narrow front and also the flat and wide rear. The outer layer of their scales with all the challenging internal collagen layers give their skin great both amazing strength and strength. This really is among the reasons why their leather is in such demand.

The Pirarucu is a air-breather, so it comes to the surface to inhale air having its own mouth. As a result of the ability, it could overtake in oxygen-poor waters preying on bass. However, the fact they often come to the surface also makes Pirarucu vulnerable to anglers who can't wait to spend the possibility.

Pirarucu fish diet

pirarucu fishs

When it comes to the diet, the Pirarucu are carnivorous and their diet is composed of other fish and compact animals that that are near the top. They have bony tongues studded with teeth which let them crush prey. The tongue of this Pirarucu also conveys some form of a puzzle with it. Locals in South America believe it to have medical outcomes, especially with intestinal worms.

The species has been becoming compromised due to its taste and strong and beautiful leather. Nevertheless Brazil implemented regulations to control the fishing for this particular fish. With the system of community-based schemes, the inhabitants grew up to 50 percent yearly. Using this method, the Pirarucu remains maintained and there is still room to benefit from fishing it under regulations.

The Pirarucu can also be an inhabitant of many aquariums. It's great to observe that the bass of this scale out of its natural habitat.


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