Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker / Gun Review

​It is almost impossible to get a high-end paintball marker which professionals prefer for a price, which is mid-level.  The fact that the ETEK​5 – Planet Eclipse Etek5 is available at a midlevel price range with all the high-end features, is a steal that any player would want to avail. The gun itself is extremely reliable and very hi-tech in its functions. The features that are present in this marker are sure to give you an edge over others on the battlefield. This marker can be used even right up to tournament levels without a problem. Planet Eclipse has been bringing out a series of markers that are well received by professional players. There are certain outstanding features of the ETEK​5 – Planet Eclipse Etek ​5 that makes it different from the other Planet Eclipse markers.

​Planet Eclipse Etek5 Paintball Marker/Gun
  • One piece marker
  • Deftek offset feed
  • SL​4 Regulator
  • The rear bore is honed to.963” diameter
  • New Zick​3 Rammer Kit
  • Cure5 Bolt
  • 2-piece Shaft4 Barrel
  • Led Board
  • OOPS
  • Soft Grip
  • Direct Mounted Solenoid
  • 85psi LPR which is Adjustable
  • Break Beam Sensor System
  • Firing Modes which are programmable
  • Angled inline Reg Swivel
  • Trigger that adjusts completely
  • 537 mm length
  • Weighs 2.22 pounds with barrel, battery and feed
Planet Eclipse ETEK 5


  • The frame is glass reinforced and impact resistant
  • The eye cover, feed tube and OOPS knob present in the ETEK​5 – Planet Eclipse Etek ​5 makes it sturdy and reliable
  • The SL​4 regulator and the angled inline reg swivel, which is found in the other Planet Eclipse guns are also present in this one. This makes you a fierce opponent on the field
  • The ETEK​5 – Planet Eclipse Etek ​5 also has a high performing barrel which is a 2 piece
  • The external machining of the barrel is simpler than what is found in the high end models
  • Is comfortable and soft to grip and operate
  • Any type of fields and games can be played with the ​Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker / Gun - ETEK 5
  • There are different colours that the markers come in. They are red, blue, black and HDE forest
Planet Eclipse ETEK5


  • ​The external machining of the barrel is simpler than what is found in the high end models

Easy to Use

​The ETEK​5 – Planet Eclipse Etek ​5 does not have any kick as the usual poppets have. The players who use the ​Planet Eclipse ETEK5 ​are highly impressed with its capabilities. This marker handles paint really well and is easy to use. It takes about 3 hours to run out a case of paint with the this marker. Even if you spend hours ramping with the ​Planet Eclipse ETEK5 Paintball Marker, you will be surprised to find that it shoots consistently and straight without any trouble whatsoever.


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