Spyder Fenix Electronic Marker Review

​The Spyder Fenix Electronic is a good beginner’s paintball marker that spruce up the competition. While being an extremely affordable marker, the Spyder Fenix Electronic is easy to use and plays a crucial part in the game. Being a reliable marker, most beginners and medium level players find this marker to be ideal for their level of skill. There is no need to worry about a stalling gun when you are engrossed at gunpoint; the Spyder is a marker that you will fall in love with.

Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker
  • A state of the art EKO Valve System
  • Break beam eye Anti-chop
  • LEAP II Circuit Board
  • Dual Ball Detents with Aluminium Eye Covers
  • 11” Micro Ported Valve
  • Aluminium Clamping Feed Neck
  • Trigger – 3-way adjustable
Spyder Fenix Electronic Paintball Marker


  • The greatest feature in the Spyder Fenix Electronic is the EKO valve system as it has the best air source efficiency than any other marker available
  • A standard 20oz CO2 tank can fire up to 1600 shots on the Spyder Fenix because of the EVO valve system that is integrated
  • The ability to play longer without using much air is a big feature on this marker
  • The gameplay can be seamless while saving money on frequent tank refills
  • The anti-chop system in place works with a break-beam eye. This ensures that the marker does not chop any of the paintballs while firing; so as to reduce any mess
  • The consistent performance of the Spyder Fenix Electronic on the playfield is noteworthy
  • The velocity adjustments are an important feature in a marker, the Spyder has external adjustment features for the velocity without having to open up the marker
  • The cleaning process of the Spyder Fenix is easy without having to use tools to open up the unit. The bolt once released allows for a thorough cleaning
  • This marker works effectively with both CO2 as well as HPA


  • ​The marker does not come with batteries included. However, these batteries can be bought separately and standard batteries do not work effectively on the Spyder Fenix. The manufacturers suggest using the rechargeable Spyder battery for optimal performance.

​Easy to Use

The Spyder Fenix Electronic can shoot at an accuracy range of 30-40 yards. If you want to use regular batteries with your marker, you can easily install them into your marker as well. The ability to clean the marker by done by simply releasing a bolt, which makes the Spyder Fenix a preferred marker for any beginner. This marker is easy to use for a newbie who is starting to venture into the paintballing adventure.

The affordability of the Spyder Fenix Electronic is one, which most beginners find easy on their pockets, while providing value for money. The basic electronic options on this marker is just what a beginner needs to start with before upgrading to high-end expensive guns with innumerable features. The spare parts for the Spyder are extremely cheap. Overall this is a gun that is affordable, easy to maintain while providing a wholesome paintballing experience.


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