The Best Commuter Bike Under $500

Looking for the best commuter bike under 500? You need to understand what commuter bike is, how you can choose a commuter bike according to your needs and what kind of bikes are perfect for commuting.

​So, what is a commuter bike? A bike that is used for commuting, when going to the everyday workplace or for a short travel nearby could be termed as a commuter bike. This may be a hybrid bike, a mountain bike in case if you have to go through a fussy terrain or bumpy roads, a city bike, specialty bike or a road bike.

​Now, if you need the best commuter bike within a limited budget around 500​ dollars, you must be careful enough to choose from the available options. Be wise to choose the right kind, features, size, and style of the bike that suits your commuting needs and the terrains you will be used to ride on your bike.

​What is a commuter bike?

​A commuter bike is different from racing or recreational bicycles. It is designed to provide ease and comfort for everyday use for commuting purposes. It is a bike that helps in commuting from one’s home to the workplace and is not meant for sporting or recreational activities.

​What kind of bikes can we use as a commuter bike?

​In most cases, commuter bikes are chosen based on the terrains and roadways on which the bike will be used. So, we can say that mountain bikes, single speed bikes, city bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes can be used as commuter bikes. The specific type of bike you may need depends on where and how it will be used.

Which things should you consider before buying a commuter bike

​For choosing the best commuter bike you need to look for the durability, speed system, brakes, wheel strength, handlebar and saddle comfort, control over speed and over performance. In addition to that, the size, and weight of the bike also matters a lot. You may select the correct bike size depending on your body height.

​Can we use a hybrid bike for commuting?

​Hybrid bikes are a mix of mountain and road bikes so you can expect both features in it. It will offer a cushy ride with suspensions, will offer low gears yet better control over the speed. So it could be a good option to use hybrid bikes for commuting.

​The 5 ​Best ​Commuter ​Bikes ​Under $500

bike commuter

​​Here, we have enlisted the top 5 bikes which can be used as commuter bikes and are priced below or around 500​ dollars so that you may get what you need without emptying your pocket:

1. ​Vilano Aluminum Road Bike - ​Best commuter bikes under 300

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

​Vilano Bikes have been in the industry for a decade so far, as they provide top quality bikes for commuters and sports lovers. The brand prides itself in the design of durable, lightweight and road efficient bikes on different terrains.

If you are just starting out your first rides, this aluminum Road bike will be just right for you. Vilano will also be great for riders looking to improve their cycling skills. It is ideal for group rides, touring, daily commutes, and fitness.

The bike is perfect for the commuter with 21 speeds, stable wheels and well-positioned saddle and handlebar for reduced fatigue and increased performance.

It is very affordable and has simple features that can enable anyone to learn faster. The commuter bike has 6061 patented aluminum frame with handlebar shifters and integrated headset.

As it weighs 24lbs, it is certainly one of the lightest you can get among its peers. You will also get free pedals added to the package on the purchase of the bike.

Vilano Comes with assembly manuals and videos that can help a newbie easily get the bike ready for the ride. The overall design of this commuter bike shows that the manufacturer seriously did a lot to come up with this impressive bike. The 700c threadless fork and 700c machined sides on wheelset assure durability and strong
The bike is ideal for both professional and entry-level riders. It is properly designed to withstand difficult terrains.

​2. ​​Mongoose Boy's Legion Mag Bicycle

Mongoose Legion Mag 20" Wheel Freestyle Bike, Orange, One Size

Schwinn commuter hybrid bicycle is another top quality bike for the taking. Although the bike has been in the market only recently, its popularity has grown enormously. This is because of the comfort and total riding balance it gives the rider.

It comes with alloy pull brakes that allow you to stay safe on the road. In addition, it has an alloy crank, suspension fork, and back handlebar for more riding convenience.

Schwinn is also very durable. The aluminum frame makes it durable and solid on the road. This bike can give you many years or thousands of miles without any noticeable depreciable factor.

The best commuter bikes are designed with safety and comfort in mind. That is exactly what you will get from this model. The Schwinn bike has dual sensory design and automatic grip system to keep you comfortable and safe on the road.

It may not be the lightest in terms of weight, but the bike has a great balance that beats most of its rivals. If you are looking for a safe and comfortable bike for your cycling needs, buying this bike will be a good investment. It comes with 21-speed grip shifter than makes pedaling on the hill very easy. Moreover, there is a lifetime warranty provided for the components and frame.

​​3. ​​​sixthreezero Men's Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle - best value commuter bike

 sixthreezero EVRYjourney Men's 7-Speed Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle

​Sixthreezero is a one-size-fits-all commuter bike that gets the nod of enthusiastic cyclers. It is designed with a 19-inch frame which keeps the rider in an upright position. This reduces stress and aches from your back when having long distance rides.

The bike has foot forward design that keeps your legs comfortable on the road. The bike is completely a hybrid ride with a saddle and rear rack. This makes it easy to add accessories you may need when you arrive at your destination. It’s the ideal kind of bike to use on roads, cities, or even your neighborhood.

The grips and double spring saddle makes it ideal for long distance commutes and leisure rides. Those who are riding to keep fit will also find it very comfortable.

This bike comes with 7-speed external hub by Shimano that makes sure you ride the bicycle on different terrains with ease. The overall comfort, stability of the wheels, and riding convenience makes it a great option for both experienced and new riders.

The dual-spring saddle offers better comfort when riding. In addition to that, the stand-over position keeps riders comfortable even for a long distance. Also, this bike has wide tires that ensure proper balance and stability on different terrains.

​​​4. ​​​​Royce Union Mountain Bike - best budget commuter bike

Royce Union RMA Mens 21-Speed All-Terrain Mountain Bike

​If you are fashionable and love your bikes to always have a touch of class, it could be the right commute bike for you. This 21-speed bike is lightweight and stylishly designed to meet the demands of fashion oriented individuals.

It is ideal for commuting, leisure ride, and for keeping fit. The slim build of the bike makes it the right choice for those who want to maneuver their way in a busy street.

Easy assembly with all tool provided with the bike makes sure you will not be in trouble when getting started with the bike. Overall, it is the right commuter bike for your movement on the streets, road, or other environments.

As an all-terrain bike, the bike assures easier handling on gravel, trails, paved surfaces and on any kind of roads you may need for commuting easily.

The smooth and easy to shift Shimano fire plus trigger with the perfect Altus rear by Shimano derailleur make sure you can shift the 21 speeds with ease and smooth transitioning for higher efficiency and greater control.

The saddle and the handlebar are adjusted for better comfort and relaxed experience no matter how long you have to ride on it. It also offers 10-year limited warranty for the frame.

Overall the bike offers control, grip, efficiency, and power to ride on it easily and let you enjoy your commuting time.

​​​​5. ​​​​​Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

Takara Kabuto Single Speed Road Bike

​For those looking to take their riding skills to the next level, they will certainly need a complimentary bike to assist them. Takara Road bike is as good as any other quality bike you can get. The only difference is you are paying lesser for this one.

The bike has a top-notch design that allows riders to have the best riding experience on the road. Whether you are a routine cycler, a commuter, or riding to keep fit, this commuter bike is the real deal.

It comes with alloy side brake, hub, and allow rims. This makes it rust resistant, as it can stand the test of time. It’s a single-speed road bike, which makes things easier for new riders who are still learning. But despite its simple design for a newbie, this thing maintains a top speed on the road.

It comes with side flip-flop hub for freewheel and fixed gear. The wheels are solidly designed and the bike is silent on the road. It doesn’t make any low or squeaky sound that is common with most low-quality bikes.

Takara Kabuto bike is solidly designed to withstand tough landing. This provides a cushioning effect for riders. The bike is ideal for both experienced and new riders.

​Now that we have discussed the top 5 best commuter bikes that come under $500 you can now surely find what you need without breaking your budget. Just make sure you choose the one that fits your commuting needs so that you stay comfortable when riding on the bike.


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