The Best Tactical Pens For Self Defense (Top 10 Reviews & Ratings)

Most folks Will take a pen using them when visiting and from work or only in your own everyday tasks. They make life simpler and also you discover how it usually goes...once you want a pen you can not find one.

Were you aware that pens are also a Fantastic self indulgent Weapon with in many of fighting styles such as Krav Maga? But lots of pens are Terrible parts of plastic which do not possess a lot of use besides writing (when they are able to do that in all). Fortunately, tactical pens exist, plus they truly are a ideal multi purpose tool for everybody searching for multi function and simple to hide items for people "just in case" moments.

Here we examine our high 5 best Tactical Pens, farther down The webpage you will discover individual product critiques for the whole


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So What Is a Tactical Pen?

Well, it is a pen first and foremost, however the "tactical" Area of this name stems from the simple fact you could make use of the pen to shield your self! That is correct, all these are the kinds of pens you'd usually find in a James Bond picture.

And if they do not possess a Hand-grenade attribute, Tactical pens may pack a punch. Like ordinary pens, tactical pens possess changeable features, qualities, colors, and prices. That will assist you to locate the perfect one for you personally, we've constructed our set of the finest tactical pens available on the industry at the moment.

Each pen is completely analyzed and Features a Set of specs for simple comparison. Additionally, a brief guide are seen in the close of the list that explains things to consider while purchasing a tactical pen.

The Tactical Pen: Buyers Guide Budget ($25 and under)

​All these are strong pens, however they do not have all of the Features of those people that you'll find in high prices ranges. Inside this range, be prepared to view metal bodies (with a couple exceptions), and ink cartridges which vary from ordinary to pressurized ball-points. A number of those pens are widely used from both the authorities and military because of their usefulness and very low price.

 1. ​Cold Steel Black Pocket Shark 91SPB Permanent Marker and Self Defense Equipment Knife

Cold Steel Black Pocket Shark 91SPB Permanent Marker and Self Defense Equipment Knife

Even the "Pocket Shark" is among the least expensive pens with this List, which may possibly be since it isn't a really pen in any way. In reality, it's a lot more just like a permanent mark, which is purposely built to appear just like you.

But at more than half a foot in length, the disguise Will likely only mislead somebody who hasn't seen that a lasting mark before. Nevertheless this really is an superb self indulgent tool. It can readily be applied like a Yawara rod, also a weapon from Western fighting styles.

Though manufactured from vinyl, the partitions of this human anatomy are just four Times thicker than the usual normal mark's, which makes it rather tricky to break. Additionally, the cap screws this that it wont fly if getting useful for self. In reality, it's so demanding it may be properly used to crack cinderblocks and open doors!

If You'd like a Fantastic value self indulgent instrument more than the usual Useable pen, then you definitely need to think about that the "Pocket Shark", for those who do not obey how big course!

 2. UZI UZI-TACPEN2-BK Aircraft Aluminum with Glassbreaker

UZI UZI-TACPEN2-BK Aircraft Aluminum with Glassbreaker

If You'd like the capability to split glass, then possibly to get the Auto injury or even a construction flame? If this is so, this may be actually the pen for you personally!

This pen comes with a carbide tip glass breaker, and it will be Ideal for crisis situations, motor vehicle collisions particularly. Additionally, this is a great looking pen. It will come in a dark grey color that fits perfectly with all the pointed design of their human anatomy, which causes a very intimidating pen.

Caution: if utilized like a glass breaker, then the end will come off The trick. The pen is really a ball point and works with just about any cartridge. The capsule does not pop; rather it spins, meaning there isn't any spring or cap mechanism to be concerned about.

We believe that this army pen one of their greatest values on The current market, plus it surely stands up to scrutiny. If you should be searching to find what the fuss concerning tactical pens is all approximately, this really is a wonderful bit which wont burn a hole into your pocket!

 3. ProMag Archangel Defense Pen

ProMag Archangel Defense Pen

Even the "Archangel" has been Intended to be utilized by Military and police employees, and that means that you may make sure it's going to maintain in rough problems. It works great because being a Kubaton rod (a Western selfdefense tool), which means that it is easy to get a handle on a predicament when it erupts in to handtohand combat.

Made from high-density vinyl, breakage should not be an Difficulty for this particular pen. Even though it will break, it includes a lifetime replacement warranty, therefore do not worry, you are always going to have an operating pen around. The capsule is pressurized ink, so providing a simple and comfortable writing experience and replacements can be found out of ProMag.

This pen looks like a slick, black obelisk, that appears Good at the workplace or out doors. The cap screws, so as to keep in place once useful for securityas well as the clip is manufactured from and secured with stainless steel. A slick self indulgent tool, the ProMag "Archangel" is still really a fantastic tactical pen for virtually any environment or price range.

 4. SCHPENG-BRK Tactical Defense Pen Gray

SCHPENG-BRK Tactical Defense Pen Gray

This pen looks like a bullet, so as a Result of this Incredibly trendy design by the famed German pen craftsmen in Schrade. The appearance is done by the matte gray finish of this air craft aluminum.

This pen does not only appear cool, however; additionally, it writes Really well. Schrade creates their pens marginally thicker than ordinary, which can help to decrease fatigue when writing usually. Nevertheless, the pen only will come with a typical Parker-style cartridge; so to receive the very best writing experience possible for this pen, we'd recommend switching into some Fisher space-pen or gel capsule when possible.

The cover has been a screw-on, screw-off version, making Shield simpler. It will not fit on the rear of the pen, however that will really be beneficial: when some one requests to "borrow" your pen (which could happen very frequently), maintain the cap on your own hand. This way you are always going to make sure you acquire your pen back!

The clasp is carved in to the aluminum and provides to the Intimidating appearance of this pen. If you'd like a little bit of dangerous Deutschland on your pocket, then this really could be an excellent pen for you personally.

The Tactical Pen: Buyers Guide Budget ($60 and under)

In this variety, you can expect a marked growth in Caliber, in addition to numerous more cool features which you can not find on more economical pens. Aluminum, if air craft or anodized, could be the regular material, however there certainly are a couple stainlesssteel pens to keep a look out for.

Additionally, the Cadillac of ink cartridges, the Fisher Space-pen, is fairly common with pens within this particular range. If you should be eager to devote slightly bit more money to receive much more quality, then this could be the scope for you personally.

 5. Smith & Wesson Military & Police Tactical Pen Aluminum

Smith & Wesson Military & Police Tactical Pen Aluminum

It is not very often you Find a pen that is Made by means of a gun manufacturer, however, that is true! Smith and Wesson, the mythical American gunmakers, chose to use their hands in building a tactical pen, and it is really a real beaut.

Machined from aircraft aluminum, so it could double as a Rock solid Kubaton rod, ideal for carrying a person with a debilitating jab to some tension point. Do not worry, even however, the purpose isn't sharp enough to purify your skin.

This pen was Intended to be utilized by army or authorities Employees, and it really looks the part. The slick black finish ties perfectly with the total expression of the pen and contributes into the intimidation element. What's better, is the fact that the purpose (maybe not the writing end) might be applied as a stylus to get a touchscreen apparatus!

The clip is Intended to be Utilized like a lanyard, and Could be mounted on your keys. Afterall, what's the idea of owning a defensive tool in case you never own it together with you at a life circumstance?

1 disadvantage would be that the cartridge that the pen ships; a Fisher Space-pen or gel capsule could greatly increase the look of the pen. Fortunately, these capsules match in this pen,

 6. Boker Plus Tactical Pen Cid Cal .45 (Black)

Boker Plus Tactical Pen Cid Cal .45 (Black)

As the Previous pen with this particular list was created with a Gun maker, this pen goes a lot more in to gun land, as a result of its bolt action mechanism which expands the pen tip. Even though it may look as a gimmick, it is proven to work great and can be incredibly exciting to play when drilled at a workplace atmosphere.

1 issue you've got with this particular pen is that the stiffness Of this spring up, as they is too strong for many people's liking. But it's readily replaceable in the event the need comes up. The mechanism appears trendy also, fitting in beautifully with other pen.

All the Sections of the pen fit together superbly, with No noticeable pits on any component of the human anatomy. It writes amazing also, and it is always wonderful. Regrettably, it can not simply take Fisher space-pen re-fills, however there are different choices, such as many LAMY new cartridges, that can continue to work great with this pen.

In case You Are Looking for a pen that has got novelty, caliber, And craftsmanship at a affordable package, here you can go.

 7. Columbia River Knife and Tool TPENAK Elishewitz Tao Pen Tactical Pen

Columbia River Knife and Tool TPENAK Elishewitz Tao Pen Tactical Pen

Selfdefense seekers, look no more! This pen Was created by awardwinning knife programmer Allen Elishewitz, also includes 3 distinct self choices.

The very first is that the effect crown to the cover of the pen, That may be utilized against a person's eyebrow to incapacitate them.

The 2nd is that the pointed end of this pen, which is Push behind your ears to strike a disabling pressure-point.

The 3rd is that the (possibly) lethally sharp pen point, That may quickly permeate the skin of a person who keeps assaulting. Obviously, the pen can write too, and that one includes the Fisher space-pen cartridge, so the very most effective in the marketplace!

It may write in almost any temperatures, submerged, and in any given Angle upsidedown! The pen is quite weighty, which offers extra force whenever using its self explanatory capacities. Additionally, the cap has been really a screw-on, that will keep it secured in place in every situations.

The human body consists of aluminum and contains flawlessly Positioned grooves which offer great traction, which makes the pen a joy to create with.

 8. Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

Gerber Impromptu Tactical Pen

The Gerber "Impromptu" is really a metal pen with a Ease of a price! The machined steel frame includes a dark finish, also it has a rocky, intimidating appearance that cries "do not mess with me". It ships with a Rite in the Rain ink cartridge, letting you write in virtually any weather, also onto any other material.

There is no limit to Be Concerned about as the trick of the pen Deploys with a pushbutton mechanism. Additionally, the trick has a glass-breaker, ideal for a crisis situation which needs a window to become busted (car wreck).

Even in the Event That You don't have to split a window, then the Glass-breaker may nevertheless be applied as a rather effective self indulgent weapon. It's fairly significant, being made from steel, therefore it could just take some getting used to if writing together with it. But it writes exceptionally well, using conventional pen measurements, it wont feel odd on mind as soon as you become adjusted to the pounds loss.

The Tactical Pen: Buyers Guide Budget High-end ($60 and up)

So what do you expect in the luxury tactical pen? Well, You'll start to find layouts in this range which can be extremely much like mid sized pens, so the gap is being that the luxury pens are produced from a high grade stuff. If money's no object, and you also would like among the maximum quality tactical pens, this could be the scope for you personally.

 9. Boker Plus 09BO079 Micarta Tactical Pen, Black

Boker Plus 09BO079 Micarta Tactical Pen, Black

Titanium is among the most powerful alloys at the World, which is exactly what this exceptionally tough tactical pen is constructed from. It's quite rare to observe that a ceramic tactical pen, but causes this pen stick out of the audience more.

Such as another Boker version with this listing, it Has a Bolt action mechanism to set up the pen tip, that will be a great deal of fun to play. Though it may appear to be a habit, it works surprisingly well, even though you may like to displace the spring, as it could be too strong for many people's liking.

1 difficulty with this pen would be that the horrible Ink-cartridge It ships, which regularly runs dry without any apparent reason, however may suddenly begin working after a number of hours. But it's readily replaceable; almost any LAMY brand cartridge will fit perfectly.

The ceramic itself may be a little tough round the Borders; when that is some thing that your focused on, this could well not be the pen for you personally. Otherwise, this demanding, ceramic, and also brilliant Boker Plus model tactical pen is ideal for people that need that extra amount of strength inside their tactical pen

 10. PK-TPE-BK Tactical Pen

PK-TPE-BK Tactical Pen

Designed with a pioneer at the tactical pen Industry, industrial engineer Paul Kim, this pen is a masterpiece of design. It seriously seems like an alien palaces, using curved grooves and ridges which offer it an uncanny ambiance. Besides having an artistic statement, even though, this pen is a badly challenging defense weapon.

The human body consists of aircraft aluminum, which makes this Pen light and simple to take care of, while using the strength that you will need in a defense position. The principal defense mechanism would be actually a blunt point by the close of the pen, that may be paid for by the cap after writing.

The cover itself is really a screw-on, screw-off version that works Great in almost virtually any self respecting situation as it wont come off should unexpectedly put through gforces. One other fantastic point about this pen is that it includes a Fisher space-pen cartridge. This means that you may write with this pen in virtually any sport, temperature, and also in any given angle.

For whatever reason, it'll also compose at 250 levels Fahrenheit, therefore if you are considering boiling yourself, then worry not! An actual luxury pen, the PK-TPE-BK won't disappoint.

Meaning you can write on this pen in almost any respect, Temperature, and in any given angle. For some cause, it's going also write at 250 degrees Fahrenheit, therefore if you are considering boiling yourself, then worry not! An actual luxury pen, the PK-TPE-BK won't disappoint.

Military Tactical Pen Buyers Guide

Things to look for when Purchasing

Human Body Material: Tactical pens Should be hardy, hence the Material that the pen is constructed from is vitally essential. There are a Couple of substances to Watch out for:

  • High-Impact Plastic: Yup it's plastic, but it may absolutely have a beating. But in regards to durability, it surely doesn't compare to aluminum.This is just seen on economical tactical pens.
  • Aircraft Aluminum: This really is a fantastic metal. Aircraft aluminum can be a very demanding, but light weight alloy that's commonly utilised by jet fighters, and thus the "air craft" a portion of their name. If your pen is constructed with the, you are able to be sure it is dependable. Here is the most common tactical pen
  • Stainlesssteel: In case you are trying to find a thicker pen stainlesssteel will provide you more and that. Even rougher compared to the aluminum, this really is a severe material to get a severe pen.

Weight: The burden of this pen is quite crucial. Some individuals Like a meaty pen, but many tactical pens are all intended to be light weight. Both have their own benefits; meaty pens feel stronger, and offer a milder attack. But they're frequently simpler to more expensive than their lighter counterparts. In cases like this, it truly depends upon your own personal taste and defense mode.

Concealment: Tactical Pens possess the benefit of appearing like a typical pen at first, which provides you the element of surprise should you will need to make use of it to get self help. Some pens are purposely built to look as a regular writing utensil (Sharpie, BIC) while some others are somewhat less subtle (Smith & Wesson, we're looking at you). That is just another kind that actually depends upon your own personal taste.

Ink-cartridge: Would you need your tactical pen to write well? In that case, you Should look closely at this ink cartridge. Listed below are several Different Kinds of ink cartridges to Watch out for:

  • Parker-style ball-point: Employed at roughly 90 percent of most ball point pens, this really occurs more frequently in more economical tactical pens, as it is perhaps not the very comfortable to compose, also does not last well in extreme states. Still, it may write, which is super easy (and economical) to displace if it works out of ink.
  • Parker-style gel ball point: This capsule resembles the last one, but includes gel ink, which then drains much smoother, giving an even convenient writing experience. The cartridge drains faster than just one with glue ink, however, is quite simple to displace.
  • Fischer Space Pen: This really is an wonderful cartridge which is employed in virtually any atmosphere, even distance! Due to the cartridge currently being compacted, you're able to write on many surfaces, in any given angle, and in temperatures from -30 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit (for whatever reason)!​

These are not the only Kinds of capsules Used, however These would be definitely the most usual. Many businesses make similar capsules under different titles, and that's some thing to remember. Though rare, you will find a few tactical fountain pensthat possess a different manner of ink dispersal.

How to Make Use of a Tactile Pen For Self-defense

Defending Your Self

A Tactile Pen may include some Fantastic attributes and Something Of those attributes will be the sharp, pointed hints. Just about all these make use of this feature to get a fantastic utilization of crime if you interact with an attacker.


A use when protecting yourself using a tactical pen is stabbing. Let us imagine some one is coming to you personally and you also think your arm length is more compared to theirs.

This usage can be quite effective for you personally. When traumatic Employing the pen, make an effort to target for stains that may produce the attacker trapped. Your eyes really are a excellent spot to target because it's going to blind the hive and also lead them to eventually become disabled for a time period to flee.

The Adam's apple is also quite a critical place to Puncture since in the event that you fail to breathe are you really going to struggle?

  • Hint: Simply because it's the title "pen" does Perhaps not signify every pen may do those things. Attempting to crack up a glass window using a grim ballpoint pen won't operate.


Using the apparatus for a knife is also quite a Fantastic way to protect you. If you lean or twist down the pen down and then jab your attacker at a tender tissue area, you may hurt/wound them for one to operate.

Make Sure You just wound them and attempt to not target places That may cause long-term problems.


​Still another Fantastic way to use is your swiping/slashing method. Though the pen doesn't have a very blade to accomplish serious damage, the sharp point to the cover of the pen can induce some kind of damage.

Place the end of this pen in a motion that is spectacular. When You are taking place, put more force to it to allow it to be even more powerful.

  • Hint: A sharp poke might not even disable the attacker. Use multiple attacks as a much better way to guarantee success.

Pressure Point Striking

That really is a strategy that many Police Force utilizes because It usually takes an enemy down in moments. It's possible for you to access certain pressure points however only pressing or pressing onto them.

Should you understand and comprehend that your attacker's weak areas you Could get a plus. Should they limp, afterward the sensitive pressure tip is from your legs.


When You have recognized that you have the upper hand, then you Must organize your own escape. The quicker, the better. First, find out what exactly is the very best method to trap the goal.

As Soon as You have it in head, perform the strategy and Follow along with After the attacker is trapped create your own escape.

Car Troubles

This really is the point where the tactical pen gets, more, admire. It includes a glass breaker. Let us imagine you can't secure your car unlocked fast , the pen can divide the window of the automobile so it is simple to open up the doors with the button and also get in the vehicle.


A number of the tactical pens include a DNA collector. The End cap of the pen may be employed to get a blood sample of this attacker.

Therefore, if by some means, you are feeling like they could return or you also Want to learn that they're, you're able to goto law enforcement and get a few replies.

Which Tactical Pen Should I Buy?

Now You Have the basics of how to protect yourself Employing the pen, it's the perfect time for you to buy one. However, that pen is ideal for you personally? Listed here is everything you ought to look for when choosing a tactical pen.

Point-of this Pen

You don't need a dull pen. You'll Need a pen that includes a Sharp and nice tip for a number of these self-defensive uses.


A pen you could take with a strong grip is vital. We Don't want to have the pen to slide out of the hands at the centre of an altercation.


Not everybody that sells tactical pens are all great at creating them. The caliber of the pen will ascertain whether the purpose is sharp, that the burden is correct, and also the quantity of force required to sew is great enough for you personally.


This really is definitely an extra bonus based on your own taste. Even though I think that each the tactical pens includes a glass breaker quality which goes beyond and above expectations some might not.

Simply search If the attributes it will Support are matters which you're enthusiastic about.


Lots of Police Force units utilize tactical pens within their daily life To day obligation to safeguard them. Sure they still do have more than this and so if you.

Possessing a tactical pen is a Excellent tool for crises Whenever you don't need any other kind of equipment to guard yourself. Selfdefense is sticking up for your self which is the things you need to do some times.

Thus, use these tips on How Best to use a tactical pen for Selfdefense and apply them into a own life now.


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