Tippmann Cronus Review

​The Tippmann Cronus is a very basic paintball gun that has a combination of performance and durability. The look and feel of the body of this marker makes it a perfect one to intimidate your opponents with. The weight of the Cronus is very light and is perfect for your gameplay. These are one of the guns that tend to last for several years when maintained and looked after properly making it a perfect gun for any beginner to want. Most beginners look for a gun that they can use for many years with small upgrades and enough of features. People who love the other Tippmann guns will love this one without a shadow of doubt

​Tippmann Cronus Paintball Marker Gun
  • The Cronus comes in two colors
  • It has a proven in-bolt design
  • Internal Gas line
  • Composite body with is high impact
  • Ported Barrel which is high performance
  • Vertical Grip
  • .68 caliber
  • Front and rear fixed sights
Tippmann Cronus Tactical


  • The accuracy of this gun is not just plausible but exemplary for the price
  • The reliability of this marker is very high and there is no need to worry about constant refills of the tank
  • The CO2 tanks fire about 3000 balls in one game play which is more than what is needed for a good game of paintball
  • This gun allows for modifications to be made on the gun which makes it a nice gun to buy as a beginner and grow with it
  • The boxing of the Cronus is very classy and is very easy to assemble as well
  • The pods and the pod holder look nice and good for use
  • The Cronus is good for a gift option for kinds who are interested in paintballing
  • The build and design of the Tippmann Cronus does not allow for balls to be chopped inside the chamber before it is released making it a breeze to clean
  • Upgrades are easy with the Pictanny rails that are installed on the top of the gun
  • The Cronus is a good WoodsBall gun and feels great to hold and run around with. It has the right amount of weight that makes it feel like a real gun as well.
  • The fact that all of these features are available at a very small price is definitely another important selling point


  • ​The only downside to this gun is that you will not be able to attach a cyclone feed to it. Otherwise, the gun is perfect for different kinds of scenario games and serves it purpose and more

Easy to use

​This gun is one of the most reliable beginner guns that can be used for a good game of WoodsBall with the family or with friends. It is a reliable gun that is sure to last a few years without any trouble. The cleaning of the gun is fairly easy, as the balls do not tend to break inside the chamber. The number of misfires is never a problem. Taking the marker out of the box, it takes all of 10min to put it together before you are ready to go out and conquer.


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