Traveler’s Choice Birmingham (21”) Roller Board Review

The Traveler’s Choice Birmingham is one of the more affordable roller boards on the market. However, the low price doesn’t mean having to compromise on the quality or durability, as it’s very well built, too.

While it’s not one of the most popular products out there, it can certainly turn out to be a hidden gem, especially if you’re on a tight budget. With that being said, let’s take a look at some of its main features.

Traveler’s Choice Birmingham Lightweight Expandable Rugged Rollaboard Rolling Luggage

​(Sold on Amazon for under $100)

​The material it’s made of is also water-resistant, and the EVA foam construction ensures a very high level of durability, which all Traveler’s Choice products are very well known for. That said, you can definitely expect this product, too, to hold up quite well even after a good few years of use.

Traveler’s Choice Birmingham Lightweight Expandable Rugged Rollaboard Rolling Luggage

​​As mentioned above, it’s surprisingly sturdy and durable for the price. The overall look, too, doesn’t give any hint of a low-price product. In fact, many customers were really pleased with its look and design, especially the orange color highlights that help it stand out, as all you see everywhere around you are pure black luggage bags.

​Very Functional

​This roller board comes in one of the largest sizes out there, but is still very functional and helps you get even more out of the storage it offers, which is something not very common with other bags coming in similar sizes.

Traveler’s Choice Birmingham Lightweight

​This product measures 21 inches in height, 14 inches in width, and 8.5 inches in depth, which is a very safe size when it comes to most airlines’ size restrictions.

 Traveler’s Choice Birmingham Lightweight Expandable Rugged Rollaboard Rolling Luggage - Black

​Now, talking about the functionality, unlike most other roller boards, this product allows you to choose from multiple heights. Then there are also a few pockets on the outside, which make it very convenient for storing small stuff that you would need frequently. There’s even a key clip in the top one.

There are similar small pockets on the inside as well, so there’s plenty of storage for conveniently storing small things. The zippers, too, work pretty smoothly, which is sometimes a rather annoying problem in this price range.

Traveler’s Choice Birmingham Lightweight Expandable Rugged Rollaboard Rolling Luggage

Finally, there are even a couple of other handles for more convenient handling, as well as protective rubber covering on the outside. We doubt if you can get anything better on this front even if you’re willing to pay considerably more, let alone in this price range.

​Lot of Storage

​This roller board also allows for a fair bit of expansion, meaning that you can actually get a lot out of the already huge compartment space. A particular customer mentioned in their review that the storage is going to be enough for them for over a week of travel.

And with all the extremely well though-out small and big compartments, the storage you get with this product is easily comparable to many of the premium Briggs and Riley and Samsonite roller boards that cost a few hundred dollars.

​Customer Reviews

​Most customers are nothing but all praise for the product. Most of them talk about the amazing value for money it offers in their reviews, as well as how they think it’s easily going to last them a few years without even getting damaged in any way.

Some of them also point out a few things that could have been slightly better, but also add that they aren’t important enough to influence the usability of the product much.

​A Final Word

​After everything that has been discussed above, we can easily conclude that the Traveler’s Choice Birmingham (21”) may very well turn out to be the best you can get if you’re on a tight budget.


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