Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 Review

​The Maxlite 3 is probably the most popular roller board in Travelpro’s Maxlite series. And it’s also what most customers have found to be one the most impressive Travelpro roller boards.

That’s definitely something that makes it worthy of a detailed review, so here we go.

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 22 Inch

​(Sold on Amazon for under $100)

​The Maxlite 3 is surprisingly lightweight, even to Travelpro’s own standards. This is probably the reason some customers say that they were pleasantly surprised with how lightweight the product was, especially for what they paid.

This allows you to carry a lot of stuff, without actually having to lift a lot of weight. This can be great for frequent travelers who need a permanent solution that reduces their weight burden quite a bit.

​Highly Durable

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 22 Inch Expandable Rollaboard

Again, we would like to refer to some reviews left by customers who are heavy travelers. They said that they have been using this roller board on many trips, and have been carrying a lot of stuff. However, they didn’t come across any problems as far as the durability is concerned, or even on any other fronts for that matter.

But it’s probably important to point out that it may not allow you to pack for a couple weeks or anything like that, especially if you’re a heavy traveler. That being said, it’s probably a much better option for heavy business travelers than heavy casual ones, as the latter tend to pack very heavy.

​Comparing with Other Versions

Travelpro Luggage Maxlite3 22

​Some customers who have been comparing the Maxlite 3 to some other popular versions have a few things to say. First, it’s probably an inch shorter than Maxlite 2. Secondly, while it’s very similar to the latter in many ways, it tips forward a bit, while the Maxlite 2 doesn’t.

However, while the first difference may actually be a better thing for some, the second can be slightly disappointing. But considering the fact that it’s not something that affects the usability of the product in any way, it’s something that can easily be ignored.

On the positive side, Maxlite 3 seems to be stronger and more lightweight than the Maxlite 2, though the difference may not be very noticeable. Similarly, its zippers, too, are probably better than the latter, which is definitely something worth considering as well while comparing the two.

​Perfect Size and Fits Everywhere Easily

​This product measures 21 x 14 x 9 inches, which is just perfect for air travel. You would also be able to fit it in very easily in all types of overheads, as well as find it pretty comfortable to put it in and out of taxis, as some customers mention in their reviews.

​Customer Reviews

​While we have already mentioned what many customers think about this product, there’s a bit more to it.

First, going by the customer reviews, the most impressive feature of the Maxlite 3 is probably how lightweight it is, which also makes it very easy and comfortable to carry around.

Secondly, it seems durable enough to last a good few years, even with some rough use, thanks to coming with some features that protect the areas of the product that are most prone to damage. Finally, ranging from the wheels to the zippers, pretty much everything about the product seems to be very well thought-out.

​A Final Word

​There isn’t really much to say as we have already covered most of the important details about the product. However, if you’re still confused, let us tell you that it may fit the bill pretty well for pretty much everyone, except those who expect to be able to carry a lot of stuff on very long trips, as the Maxlite 3 isn’t the roller board that offers the most storage.

Apart from that, however, there’s probably no reason why you shouldn’t be considering it.


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