Travelpro Luggage Platinum Magna Review

​The Platinum Magna is probably one of the most expensive roller boards by Travelpro. However, it may be very well worth it if you’re a frequent traveler, heavy packer, and tend to go on a lot of long trips.

Travelpro Luggage Platinum 21

​(Sold on Amazon for under $​300)

​This is because it offers an amazing amount of storage, as well as is a pleasure to carry. That being said, here’s our detailed review on the product.

​Huge Amount of Storage

​As we just mentioned above, the storage the Platinum Magna offers is probably the best you can get without going for a product that doesn’t comply with most US airlines’ size restrictions. It has a suiter system that you can use for storing your suits or business casual while keeping them wrinkle-free. It helps save quite a bit of space as it doesn’t take up much space from the interior.

Furthermore, when you’re not using the clothes, you can also remove this thing and use it as a hanger, which is obviously very innovative and adds greatly to the overall versatility. Then there’s also the removable bag that you can use for storing your laundry or shoes.

Finally, the roller board is spacious enough to be the only luggage you need to carry while being on a long trips, including the ones that are well over a week. In fact, if you’re not a very heavy packer, you can probably travel twice as much with the storage it offers.

Travelpro Luggage Platinum Magna Roller Board

​Super Strong Construction

​The Platinum Magna is made of 100% nylon, and has cool nylon linings and a strong zipper closure. It looks like Travelpro has actually put in quite a bit of effort into the design, as all the corners are covered with strong plastic, as they are the parts most prone to damage.

The wheels are pleasantly smooth and sturdy, too. A particular customer even mentioned that they have used it for many trips over the last two years, and it has hold up perfectly well.

Super Strong Construction

​Some others, however, complain about the poor quality of the handle. Now, while it’s possible that the handle isn’t as strong as the rest of the parts, but it may very well be related to the way it’s being used as well.

Perhaps just making sure that you’re only locking it in the right positions, and don’t put it through a lot of rough use may help prevent all the problems those customers are pointing out. However, it’s also possible that only a few units had this problem, and it’s not going to be an issue with the unit that you will be delivered.

But even if you do come across a problem with it, you’re probably well covered with the lifetime warranty.

​Incredibly Lightweight

​Despite being so durable, sturdy and strong, as well as offering a great storage capacity, the Platinum Magna is amazingly lightweight too. This is something that you will be quite pleased with, as it usually turns out to be quite a hassle to carry a heavy luggage with a week’s worth of packing.

​Customer Reviews

​We have already covered what customers in general think about the product. One thing that we would like to add is that those who had problems with the product didn’t look too satisfied with the customer service.

That being said, most customers didn’t need to seek any customer support at all, and were very impressed with the product overall. However, if you have a bit of patience, dealing with the customer service may not be a problem as well.

​A Final Word

​The Platinum Magna probably has all the traits of being one of the best roller boards on the market. While it definitely does come with a hefty price tag, it can very well be worthy of it for most customers. This is because it’s simply well beyond ordinary on pretty much every front, ranging from the durability to the storage to even the functionality.

If you’re someone who travel very frequently, with much of your travel being fairly long trips, it may definitely fit the bill perfectly for you, especially if you don’t like carrying multiple luggage.


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