Travelpro Marquis Review

​The Travelpro Marquis is a very affordable roller board, one of the few that comes with an impressive amount of expansion at this price point. Needless to mention, it’s also from one of the most trusted brands in the industry, so the quality and durability is probably never going to be a problem.

There are actually also many more features worth discussing in detail, so let us take a look at them below.

Travelpro Marquis 21 Inch Spinner

You would probably have a hard time finding a quality roller board in this price range that also offers enough storage for long trips. However, the Travelpro Marquis stands out by not only coming with a huge storage capacity but also quite a bit of expansion that further adds 2 inches to the overall size.

However, it’s important to note that you may not be able to use the extra storage during air travel (while using the product as a carry-on), as it may end up being too large to comply with the size restrictions at most major US airlines.

​Durable and Lightweight

Travelpro Marquis 21 Inch Spinner

The reason this is something worth discussing is that the combination of lightweight and durability is rather hard to find. However, pretty much every Travelpro product comes with this amazing combination, which is probably why customers don’t hesitate going with them.

The Travelpro Marquis, too, is very durable, coming with a very strong handle and strong, stable wheels, which is something that sometimes tends to be a major issue with many products in this price range.

It’s also made using a very tough material, and comes with a Honeycomb frame system that protects it from common damaging agents to a considerable extent.

Even if you’re a frequent traveler and heavy packer, you’re probably going to have no issues with this roller board for years to come. It’s also going to be very easy to carry around, thanks to being so lightweight.

​Very Functional

Functionality usually tends to be a weak spot of many large-sized roller boards, but not of the Marquis. Besides being very lightweight and easy to carry around, the stable, smooth wheels ensure that even the sudden turns are going to be a breeze.

Similarly, the zippers work great and are very smooth, and open and close pretty quickly, as well as don’t catch up on your stuff at all.

Finally, while some customers do mention about the roller board tipping over, you just need to be a little smart with the packing to avoid it. You simply need to put the heavy things at the bottom, and the rest on top of them. Also, avoid putting heavy things in the front pocket, and you wouldn’t have any such problem.

​Customer Reviews

​Most customers seem very happy with their purchase. They talk about how well the product holds up even on long trips, as well as the huge load it can carry. The strong wheels as well as the roller board not having any problems fitting in the overheads, despite being so large, too, are some of the things customers are very impressed with.

​Summing It Up

​If you’re looking for the most amount of storage in this price range, without compromising on the quality or durability on the slightest, the Travelpro Marquis is probably the product for you. However, just make sure its size meets the carry-on luggage requirements at the airlines you use the most.


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