What Is A Safe Way To Unload A Muzzleloader ?

​Is your flintlock problematic to reload?

​Are you having hardships using the push rod to get the sabot down the barrel?

Is unloading your rifle that complicated?

If you’re having these problems, you probably own a muzzleloader rifle. Most marksmen complain about this rifle being difficult to unload and load again. So many hunters have failed miserably just because their target was able to escape when they spent a long time unloading and reloading their rifle. This issue made me want to show you guys the easiest and safest ways to unload your muzzleloader rifle. First, what is a muzzleloader?

Know About the Muzzleloader

A muzzleloader is a variety of any firearm in which the shell or the bullet is loaded from the muzzle of the gun. If you have no idea what a muzzle is, it’s the open end of a gun's barrel. It's called muzzleloaders because you load it on the muzzle itself and not use any form of a cartridge.

Muzzleloaders are one of the first ever variety for firearms, developed around the 1700’s. They were formerly used as weapons for war. Today, muzzleloaders have been produced as hunting guns. Muzzleloaders are very powerful weapons, they may be slow but they can pack a punch in terms of inflicting serious damage to a target. Which is why they are perfect for hunting since a shot that hits is an instant kill.

When you fire a shot, the shell of that bullet will remain on your muzzleloader. Professionals can unload and reload a muzzleloader at an average of just under 20 seconds. The most important thing that you should know is that there are actually three known ways to unload a muzzleloader.

Unloading a muzzleloader isn’t complicated as rocket science is, so don’t fret. Some terms might be unfamiliar to your, so its best that you read some terminologies about some certain parts of the muzzle loader as well as some equipment used to unload it before proceeding.

​If have problems with unloading your muzzleloader, these tips might come in handy for you:

Method #1: Discharging at a backstop

​You can safely unload a muzzleloader rifle by carefully discharging it into a suitable backstop. You can try a wall or a long range. Just don’t to fire into the air or into the ground on your feet (hello?). The projectile might in ricochets and hit you back. You wouldn't want that to happen, would you?

Method #2: Using a CO2 discharger to clear the barrel.

RYDON Muzzleloader CO2 Discharger

Clearing the barrel of your muzzleloader is quite a lot of work for someone not used to doing it. But with the use of a CO2 discharger, this task will be made a lot simpler.

A CO2 discharger lets you eject a charge by utilizing a standard CO2 cartridge. You then slip it over the percussion nipple or against the flash hole of a flintlock. By utilizing a CO2 discharger, your barrel will be cleared in an instant.

A CO2 discharger can be utilized by these two muzzleloader types:

Method #3: Remove the breech plug and push the shell and powder out the back of the barrel.

​At the point when a muzzleloader is emptied, place your ramrod or stacking bar in the barrel before inclining the gun to a decent angle for unloading. This will keep some debris from falling down the barrel and blocking the touchhole. This is proved to be the simplest way to safely unload a muzzleloader since you will simply just let the shell drop along with the gunpowder out through the rear end of your rifle.


​So those are the easy steps in safely unloading your muzzleloader. Keep in mind that you are able to choose up to three ways to properly unload your muzzleloader.

It's very simple, really. Just don't be scared to do it. It won't ricochet and fire back at you. Unless you did something that is not among the mentioned three, though, that would be a problem. Also remember that in the event of you using your muzzleloader, if your rifle has not fired in 30 seconds, re-prime the flash pan and attempt once more. Wait for another 30 seconds. In the event that the muzzleloader still won’t fire, unload the shell using the methods above. 

Here's a quick tip: When you purchase you muzzleloader, it would always come with a manual. A page there is dedicated to educating you on how to properly unload your rifle. Reading that will also be useful and informative. Stay Safe!


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