Wilderness Systems Kayaks Review

Wilderness Systems can be a award-winning kayak brand which specializes in manufacturing some of those most useful kayaks available on the industry nowadays. They've received such awards since Manufacturer of the season, and therefore are the newest of choice for a lot of professional anglers.

Wilderness Systems frees themselves into producing layouts meant to appeal to the wants of activity that is acute. They've diversion kayaks, touring kayaks, tandem kayaks as well as their most-popular layouts--fishing kayaks. This organization it is constantly innovating new technologies such as their Helix MD engine -- the first engine built for kayaks and is looked upon among the finest from the business. Their devotion to quality substances, feature rich design and style, and advanced progress make Wilderness Systems among their best kayak brands available on the market nowadays, and produces a number of those most best fishing kayaks available on the market.

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Kayak

Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Kayak

Wilderness Systems offer such extensive features all through there kayaks it's tough to narrow down the many arousing minus writing daily. They offer chairs alternatives, integrated designs, rotomolded fabric alternatives, very modular hardware setup procedures, and life warranties for their products and solutions. If you are unable to discover the features your Wilderness Systems' product catalogue, odds are that you're going to have the ability to see them in their product catalog--and put these. Below, you will get a concise summary of a number of those most-popular and product features.

Composite Hull Design

Many kayaks have been made through the elimination of much of their resin by way of a manufacturing process that permits a design. This procedure is used by Wilderness Systems but additionally uses form of substances called ultra-lite, which really is just a combination of substances. This ends in a light design that keeps cost and the durability of layouts. Being more polished compared to the typical appearance of plastic materials often recognizes this design.

AirPro Seating System

Chairs can create all of the difference in a kayak's experiencefor all those intending on trips where long is going to be spent paddling in the seated posture. Wilderness Systems' AirPro Max chairs system provides a chairs layout assembled around a lasting aluminum framework that is tubed. These chairs removable are flexible and attach via rail systems that are attachment in the majority of these Wilderness Systems kayaks.

Helix MD Motor System

Anybody speaking about innovation is to comprehend this Helix MD Motor Drive system provided by Wilderness Systems' design. Which mayn't be further from the reality -- during theory it could seem much like a engine! The Helix MD can be effective at ranges upto twenty five miles, and also comes with a lithium ion battery! With maximum speeds of 6 miles in the engine weighing just 15 pounds, the Helix MD can be actually a nod to the energy of their Wilderness Systems engineering crew. This engine is attached via railing systems and is sold as an attachment -- costing too much as most kayaks . Complex designs such as these have lead a number of respect Wilderness Systems as manufacturers of their most best fishing kayaks available on the industry nowadays.

SlideTrax Accessory Rail System

Wilderness Systems has incorporated a unique rail system within several of the kayaks within their catalogue, allowing for a modular utilization of almost any accessory. The Helix MD engine system, seats systems, Rod holders, base hooks, as well as even electronics hardware can be attached via the SlideTrax system. This simplicity of capacity and feature expansion has lead by professional and serious adventurers such as those to a reception.

Hooded Storage Areas

Storage is a fantastic feature on virtually any kayak, and dedication of carrying supplies and gear to the aid can produce an adequate design great. Wilderness Systems has obtained this notion on lots of their own kayaks, in addition to cord systems to farther protect storage places providing storage options to center. A wonderful illustration of the way Wilderness Systems has obtained the notion of kayak to a different degree can be understood from the rectangular stern hatch system entirely about the A.T.A.K. collection of fishing kayaks. This hatch features storage for items like batteries and rods, and has an internet of cords at the the top for support.

Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 Fishing Kayak

Wilderness Systems ATAK 140 Fishing Kayak

Professional Grade Kayaks

Wilderness Systems has received awards for their services and products, and accessories utilized through the duration of their lineup of kayaks. They've been given the Coolest Product of both 2016, Product Debut of the Season, and other such awards because the YakAnglers.com Kayak Angler's Choice Award. To find the complete list of these goods and brand awards, then checkout the news department of these site.

What those awards mean is that Wilderness Systems has dedicated themselves to producing the quality kayaks available on the current market, which are suited for use as far as they truly are for use. By their railway system's integration, Wilderness Systems can offer you these layouts at a price that is really reasonable-- people searching more features to purchase components and put them after allowing.

In other words, these kayaks represent an exact extensible distinct merchandise which can be insured by lifetime guarantees, and are consequently thought by many to be a few of the very best kayak for fishing available now. Below you'll get a brief outline of a few of the services and products that are popular and best-reviewed while Wilderness Systems is promoting excellent services and products through time.

A.T.A.K 140 Fishing Kayak

ATAK 140 Fishing Kayak

ATAK 140 Fishing Kayak

This fishing kayak was designed from the bottom up to be in catering to the desires of anglers and cyclists, both efficient and stealthy. It's slick design allows to decrease through oceans with the best of ease, such as projecting -- while supplying an extremely stable platform to adapt position moves. The item comprises the AirPro Max chairs system--Wilderness Systems chairs solution that is top of the line--that is among the seating systems in the marketplace nowadays. This item adjusts the of this HelixMD Motor Drive propulsion system, also comprises the FlexPod OS electronics console. 

This fishing kayak is currently 14′ in span, 34″ in diameter, weighs 95 lbs, and has a maximum capacity of 550 lbs, and is regarded by most to be the finest fishing kayak to your cash in the marketplace now.

Tarpon 1300x Fishing Kayak

Tarpon 130X Fishing Kayak

Tarpon 130X Fishing Kayak

Still another Fishing Kayak, the Tarpon 130x can be really a marginally less-expensive variant of this A.T.A.K. version, many especially different in over all length. The Tarpon 130x includes Flex Pod OS for electronics mounting, the AirPro Lite system, and use of this Helix MD Motor Drive propulsion strategy. This design cuts through the water easily, and gives an superb platform to carry out such as projecting for cyclists standing actions. The Tarpon 130x is currently 13′ in span, 32″ in diameter, weighs 72 lbs, and has a maximum capacity of 375 lbs. This kayak delivers a feature rich set for hobbyists and amateurs .

Tarpon 100 Adventure Kayak

Tarpon 100 Kayak

Tarpon 100 Kayak

Even the Tarpon 100 is just another from the group of kayaks, that comes with a size well suited for anyone adventurers. The Tarpon 100 carries a Stage 3 AirPro system, Keepers XL foot bracing relaxation carry handles platform scupper holes, and also the SlideTrax rail system for feature expansion. This kayak includes ample storage space permitting secure and easy usage of three storage places. Also two hatches that are secured, and also A cable system ensure that every storage requirement is met.

This version can fit into the bed of a vehicle, and inside some bigger SUVs and vans -- and is ideal for those seeking to get to the water with little fuss. The Tarpon 100 is 10′ in span, 30″ in diameter, weighs 55 lbs, and has a maximum power of 325 lbs. This kayak is also an unbelievable easily-managed and lightweight design. Customer assurance is allowed by it's life time warranty, and also the SlideTrax system means throughout this product's life, you are going to have the ability to enlarge it functionality to best suits your requirements.

Where You Can Get

Wilderness Systems kayaks can be found from local traders plus some stores that are bigger. They are sold on line through several vendors. Buying through Amazon will be very likely to become the path for individuals seeking the very best bargain in the price. You are able to pay a visit to the Wilderness Systems trader locator page in their own site to help look for a nearby shop that may possibly possess some models out there.

Wilderness Systems provides an enormous number of features, which is added. With the lifetime warranty there are. There is such as these are no purchases, and also the many economical means an excellent Kayak the most useful after you've settled where version is most suitable for your requirements. For those it's suggested to get directly to find access to this lowest price that was available.


  • Sophisticated Design
  • Life Time Warranty
  • Featurerich Design
  • Easy Expansion using SlideTrax System
  • Affordably-Priced


  • Local Store Choice Restricted


Wilderness Systems provides a few of the very advanced kayak designs in the marketplace nowadays, served by a few of the strongest warranties. Their SlideTrax rail platform makes it possible for a intense amount of modularity and also professionals across the whole world us their own fishing kayaks.


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